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  1. Matter of protocol: complaint was originally lodged as confidential but was made public after both parties agreed to it.
  2. Admin note: moved out of questions because questions is really meant to be for questions, not debates or discussions. Carry on otherwise, tho.
  3. I can help with that. The official policy, currently, is that indeed, the relay is not an official community discord and that's that. They don't have the same staff, don't follow the same procedure, and aren't a part of what we consider the official "Community" or whatever have you. This also means that staff aren't required to participate or moderate there: they're not being told to, ergo, they won't go there to do their thing. That is literally how the current system works and is meant to work. The original reason behind this decision was to simply conserve manpower back in the day
  4. Are you using a proxy, by chance?
  5. IF MY MEMORY SERVES, antag and crew selection is done in the following phases: Off-site antag selection. Externals like nukies get selected here. Crew selection. On-site antag selection. This pays respect to job restrictions, ala antags not being able to be heads of staff. This entire system is kind of horribly fragile because it's ancient shit code, badly documented, and can spiral into weird bugs. However, the best way to try to fix this would be by swapping steps 2 and 3. However, this would cause trouble because certain antags (like AI) need to
  6. Please post your discord user ID as well. You can get this by going to "User Settings" -> "My Account", and clicking the three dots right of your avatar and username, accessible via "Copy ID". Alternatively, follow this tutorial.
  7. š¯•­š¯–”š¯–ˇrealisBOT 01/17/2018 ACTION: PLACED BAN | Length: -1 | Reason: spammer. AUTHOR: Skull132/84559773487353856 SUBJECT: ArAtSkUll/368546126959345675 It's a vintage one.
  8. Considering your suggestion for a new name was verbatim that of another high ranking gestapo officer's, your "Defence is thin". Appeal denied.
  9. Regarding the claims of plagiarism that are floating around: No one's posted credible evidence yet here, soo those go unjudged for the time being. (Chaz, I actually did try looking at your claim, but maybe I'm just fuckin' stupid, but that PR only contains edits to the marine carbine which isn't involved here...? At least per icondiffbot.) But your time on the server appears to be relatively short thus far: only 3 - 4 days per connection logs. We'd like at least about 1 month of regular activity within the community and on the server, that way we're all a bit more confident that you aren'
  10. While we apologize for Garn's outburst, your ban will remain in place. We will ask Garn to better control himself in the future. Participating in a group which is "joking" about swatting and doxxing someone falls well into a category of activities for which we apply cross-server bans. Attempting to shrug it off as a joke, despite the nature of the "joke", is also incredibly poor taste. As such, the leadership of this server wants absolutely nothing further to do with you, as a player, on our server.
  11. Swatting is an illegal activity which has resulted in literal people getting killed. It is not a joking matter. Attempting to defend it as "It's just a joke!" does nothing but undermine the fact that people who participate in, or advocate for swatting are acting in a manner which can lead to real people being killed.
  12. To be clear, any one of the items I listed is something we issue warnings for. Not sure why Shadow didn't hide the post tho, might have forgotten?
  13. Rules relevant to the warning from the suggestions forums: Do not derail the topic. Developers will delete all posts that violate any of these rules or are not contributing to the discussion in a suggestion. Rules relevant to the warning from the general board rules: Don't be a dick. We're all here to have fun, not fight and argue with assholes. Don't ruin the game for everyone else, and use common sense. This includes anything from attacking other people, starting arguments over nothing, etcetera.
  14. I lifted the mirrors. You should be fine to reconnect for now.
  15. A point of consideration. Mercs became "More roleplay friendly" after we removed direct syndicate affiliation from them and removed the availability of nukes. Cult still has the standard "You're absolutely evil" aesthetic plus they have a very clear end goal: which is murdering everyone with or without Nur'sie. If those two could be laxed a bit, without completely removing the cult-y aspect of cult, maybe that'd help? But you'd need something to fill the void with.
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