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  1. > When you want to do something fun for a weekend and someone takes it waaaaaaaaaaay too serious. Fuck me, am I right?
  2. Go fucking read this: https://forum.ss13.co/showthread.php?tid=5175&pid=60279#pid60279 Popecrunch's thought experiment should be mandatory reading to anyone who thinks threads like this are ever a fucking good idea.
  3. So it would be an alt-title of psych?
  4. For the n-th time. Most of these duties do not exist at this time. To use your own DLC model: once the content to support more explorers is in, we can add more explorers. Creating job titles and descriptions is trivial as fuck. Adding a slot to an already existent role simply requires you edit a single number in a single file.
  5. There are mechanics that come with prerequisites, and mechanics that build without having immense prerequisites. This falls into the former bin. There is nothing stopping us from implementing new exploration mechanics as it stands: the station has most of the equipment necessary to conduct away missions, and whatever new equipment is added can be given to RnD until a dedicated wing is created. However, again, you propose the creation of an entire sub department (I cannot get around the fact that it's 5 fucking people you're asking for) who would be relying on mechanics that do not exist. That is absurd and retarded. End of. Allow me to be extra-ordinarily clear. If an entire sub-department of 5 people and a separate chain of command is not a major expansion pack, then whatever definitions you are using are horribly out of touch with reality. Your general principle is correct. But this is not a small chunk. This chunk has prerequisites. Prerequisites that would be turned into promises. Promises are absolutely fucking unreliable in our development eco-system. Prerequisites not being fulfilled is the reason why NBT is being pivoted. The difference between the items that I outlined, and your suggestion, is that mine do not have prerequisites. We do not need the scouts to add new xenoflora and xenofauna to away missions. We do not need the scouts to add equipment to build away-bases. We do not need the scouts to add more interesting and intricate away missions that require further exploration and break up the "Loot and scoot" idea. What's more. All of the items that I listed are small, self-contained ideas that build upon a whole. The small chunks you present. The only thing in this entire topic that is not a small chunk is your idea of shoving 5 new jobs onto the server with no supporting mechanics. First. You missed Paramedic from that chart. Y'know, the person who is specifically given a RIG to conduct asteroid search and rescue. Second. You entirely missed the point I was making. The counting of roles was not a critique, it was an address used to set up the playing field for the actual point within that paragraph. Which you've thus failed to address. The point of that wasn't that "Oh noes they do so much," it was that "None of these skills are useful in away missions with our present mechanics." In general, your views are correct. And yet you failed to see where they run into actual issues as far as their application is concerned. Yes. Of assistants. The role that is meant to be used as a general purpose multitool to do whatever with. The job which has no responsibilities, no access, etcetera. And yes, it is a min-max-y way to look at it. Because points 6 - 8 are fucking bullshit and you know it. With these changes, instead of adding a functional sub-department with fuck all to do, you're proposing to add a non-functional sub-department with fuck all to do, one that's going to be a fucking direct and inevitable burden for the RD to address every round. 4 is not small, either. And the keeping of the cadet role is really dumb until their place has locked in via gameplay. The only way I would even remotely consider adding this shit is if we do actual flip of what you just proposed. We add 1 or 2 explorers, so that there is an active push to keeping away-missions active. But again, without new content being added to away-missions, those roles will become worthless as well. While the playerbase can be pretty inventive with ideas even if you give them an empty space to fill, I was hoping that said effect would be invoked already. It was not. So gambling even harder on that is a tough ass sale.
  6. Before I read and address the proposal in-depth, allow me to present my opinion on the abstract of the idea. An initial mouthfeel, as it were. The concept of adding a whole new sub-department in support of a mechanic which is, currently, horribly under developed is an absolutely abhorrent idea. There are not enough away mission maps currently for the away missions to happen regularly, there is no major replay value to them, there is nothing to be done with them after they've been explored in a round (no good supporting mechanics). Jackboot proposed to me that the addition of the scouts is a foot in the door, and that they can be expanded upon later. Well, no, the addition of away missions was the foot in the door; adding 5 scouts to the mix, at present time, is like trying to shove a large dresser through it. Now, about the suggestion in-depth. First, to touch on their origins. I would prefer they not be from a TC/Government based group. While yes, Jackboot has attempted to counter this argument with, "Lol they're just scouts, they have no authority," I would heavily prefer to keep government organizations the heck away from gameplay. The reason for this is that it's going to clash rather morbidly with our goal of pursuit a corporate dystopian setting. Even if they "are just scouts", having government backed scouts present opens up the idea of, say, having the government want special control over some items discovered. While yes, it might be an interesting story thread to unravel, the issue with incorporate the government into this is that they tend to have the last say on matters. Even if not in practice (in our lore), then that will be the opinion that the players will take. In the past, for example and in the same vain, people have tried invoking TC law to override corp regs while playing sec; have tried to sway legalese while playing IAA or alternative roles. It is effectively a poison, a loaded gun, that I would prefer to keep the heck away from. Keep it corporate, keep it on the same level as everything else. About their actual duties and gameplay now. As already highlighted in my opening statement, there are not enough mechanics or gameplay material to support a 5 whole new jobs. The wiki pages mention things like xenoflora, ferrying messages, SAR, exploration, advanced/outpost construction. Not many of these are possible or are activities of worth (yet). There's no new xenoflora or fauna to investigate, the exploration is minimal, there are no specific mechanics for setting up advanced labs. None of these items exist, and yet we should be dedicated a whole new sub-department to these things? Really? No. When I asked Jackboot about this, and pointed this out in conversation, he proceeded to say that the scouts could then assist with matters already ingame (station matters, specifically). Here is the list of activities he provided, verbatim: Away missions. Going to other Z-levels and building outposts or dropping beacons to mess around in them. Helping miners find resource deposits. Culling cave dwellers and carp. Looking for locations of interest. Ferrying messages during comms outages. Helping cargo carry crates around if they ask. Help botany if they ask. The items that I struck out are items which I already addressed in the previous paragraph, they're centered around away missions and mechanics which do not exist yet or do not have enough depth or replay value. The rest of them, however, are. Far fetched. 6 - 8 are useless busywork already fulfilled by other departments in a manner where those departments are more than capable of handling them. Further, those mechanics would require power-creep levels of access to be granted to the scouts. Which is a bad idea in and of itself. 3 - 4 are kinda there but again, the mechanics of random cave exploration aren't too fleshed out to dedicate an entire sub-department of 5 people to. That tone should be getting very familiar by this point. I would also touch upon the literal park ranger aesthetic and how daft it is, but I did that above. Summa summarum, this is way too much way too early. There are no good mechanics to support the idea of an entire sub-department, and it shows. We should first implement more away missions, implement better mechanics to support them, and add more shit for people to investigate or do there. As it stands, most of them are a very basic loop of, "Go through everything, loot it, done." There's nothing much to investigate, no deeper mysteries to unravel, no point in staying for longer. All of these are matters that need to be addressed before we start shoving this cabinet through the barely-open door.
  7. @Marlon Phoenix This is what I had in mind (the white on it is white, if you use different lighting): Also, lmao: They're not going on camping trips tho. They're being deployed to explore the frontier and derelict sites. In space. Something which one would assume is a regular thing they do, ergo, they would have clothing for this. Your fixation on having literal park rangers in this role is daft. An anecdote on this matter:
  8. Now they look like boy scouts mixed with park rangers. At best, you're trying to hit a retro-future vibe which we've basically drawn and quartered on this server. At worst, you're sticking with essentially American imagery and getting something which looks horribly out of place on a space station in the year 2456. As I have stated before, I will state again. I would prefer a sleek jumpsuit set ala Mass Effect: Andromeda. Something which actually facilitates the regular usage of a space suit, as opposed to something you're expected to wear as is most of the time.
  9. I have a brand new expose of myself doing mundane things: https://cloud.skullnet.me/s/xxror5mCsYJrsdp
  10. I would highly suggest you think your decisions through to their logical consequences. What you just said is, again, completely oblivious to the concepts that define a Chain of Command. "Any head of staff should be able to determine whether you've screwed up," is the claim you present. Why should a CE have any say about how Doctors carry out their duties? Again, he has no direct responsibilities before the other department's staff, ergo, he is not in a position to evaluate their performance like this. Now, when voted into Acting Captaincy, he accepts said responsibility, and with it, gains the authority necessary to conduct himself as he describes. Sure, reality will have its own rules that do not always overlap with the written ones. If shits starts happening fast enough, then it is possible that an acting captain isn't elected and the heads of staff present start carrying out general leadership duties. But. It is important that the de jure definition of the chain of command remain as clear and as simple to understand as possible. The way myself and Arrow present it does this: the responsibility and authority of each head of staff is very clearly defined. The mechanics to elevate it are very clearly defined. There's no need for flow charts on who to listen to: you just listen to whoever is directly above you, gaps skipped. Further, without pillaging the captain's equipment, no head of staff even gets access to the security channel to do the micromanaging required. And once you're already pillaging the captain's equipment (or I guess if you're the HoP), then you might as well assume Acting Captaincy.
  11. A work order is defined well enough. See my original post, I even highlighted it where I defined it. To use more simple words: a work order is an order that doesn't pertain to adhering to SOP, regulation, or directives. It is an order that directly concerns your duties as X job. The ones only your head of staff can issue. Further. Only the HoS (and whoever is above him in the CoC) should have direct control over officers. To propose anything else is to permit dumb shit. If you, as another head of staff, want a person arrested, then flag security about him violating a regulation. It is up to the HoS, though, to manage the resources used to carry out this arrest. Imagine a scenario where the HoS would prefer to keep a few officers in reserve during an emergency. Imagine the CMO seeing one of those reserve/loitering officers and ordering him to deal with/arrest a doctor that is ignoring orders. The order, in your world, would be legitimate, and the officer would have to comply. Voila, that reserve officer is now gone, the HoS has to deal with a new inmate (which might take more than 1 officer, depending), and best of all, he's not immediately aware of this! What joy. Instead, how it should go, is that the CMO reports the violation of regulations to security/the HoS, and then the HoS will allocate resources to handle it when and as he can. If he has a good reason to not prioritize this arrest, then now he can do so. If this results in damage to medical, then it's the HoS's responsibility and he will pay for it. Regarding the Command Staff decisions deal. It's not like there exists a mechanic in the Directive to bypass the need to vote. A mechanic which arguably should be employed once the station turns to shit enough that rapid captain level decisions are necessary. If only the command staff could post up a singular person to act as the captain. An acting captain, of sorts. Oh, wait. Snide aside, both models have specific uses. The voting deal works best if you have most heads of staff present, but no captain. In that case, most departments can function fine, CoC wise, and the only things that require the vote are major decisions/conflicts. If most heads of staff are absent, or if the situation is picking up speed, then an Acting Captain is arguably more efficient to use. When a directive provides multiple tools, then there is usually a good reason for this. Oh and, regarding the word "Arbitrary". Considering that I was able to describe and demonstrate the presence of a cohesive system, when it comes to the CoC and my interpretation of it, it is anything but arbitrary. Consider consulting a dictionary, and actually trying to analyze the thoughts you were presented with. Officers are expected to follow regulation. Ergo should be able to arrest each other when a regulation violation is identified. Obviously this is a difficult case, but permitting the other heads of staff to step into the lane of the HoS for this case sounds a bit arbitrary, all things considered. Ultimately, it's not (hopefully) a standard situation that an officer breaks regs, ergo, invoking acting captaincy to deal with it is probably fine. This would start infringing on the HoP's line. The QM is not qualified enough to deal with managing the station's funds. He's responsible for fulfilling orders, not managing the funds for them (at least not directly). If the system was more complex, he'd be responsible for making sure that the items can be ordered for said amount of money and so on, but ye. He's also charged with managing the day-to-day life at the cargo bay, which is a role still necessary due to the HoP also being responsible for service.
  12. Also, as an addendum to my post, after getting initial reactions on Discord. A legitimate cargo order is an order authorized by the respective head of staff. Specially if department specific equipment (medical equipment, weapons, etc. etc. etc.) or department funds are concerned. When in doubt, get the department head to sign off on it, verbally or non-verbally. The problem with the current system is that anyone can put in orders, and there's no specific form to fill out, I will grant. But this should be the operating principle. With regards to the matter of ordering weapons at round start. ICly, this is an order that a QM should not question. The procurement of weapons and stocking the armoury is not his responsibility, ergo, he does not have authority over it. Only the Captain can question the HoS's conduct on this count. So attempting to restrict this is absolutely a failure to perform. However, it should be considered powergaming per OOC rules. Sometimes, IC and OOC rules do not match, that's how it is.
  13. Okay so, as Arrow said, we discussed this in the server leadership channels. Lemme highlight a few things which appear to have been misconstrued, debunk a few myths, and then finally address the role and purpose of the QM. First, The Quote which caused The Outcry: Emphasis mine. Some backstory. In discussing this, we did research into what the current actual policy around the QM's authority is. This is done because history has shown that at least 50% of policy suggestions suggest items which are already implemented, but overshadowed by public myth and misconception. Well, besides discovered this to be partially the case here (more on this in later paragraphs), we also discovered that there exists a wiki page that's attempting to describe the chain of command. And said page says some really interesting things. Specifically, it indicates that any head of staff is able to issue orders to any personnel on the station. Or perhaps said page can be construed as such. The specific quote is as follows: This has one major ramification. All crew have to listen to any head of staff orders. Even if your present head of staff is active; even if said orders are outside of the lane of the head of staff issuing them. And this is a problem. A chain of command has a few specific points: make the flow of legitimate orders clear and simple to follow; ensure in the presence of clear accountability of legitimate orders; ensure in the traceability of legitimate orders. All of which are directly undermined by the capacity of any head of staff to issue working orders to any crew. More definitions real quick. A working order is an order issued that pertains directly to the specific duties of assigned personnel. This isn't a general, "Stop yapping your lips on general net you dipshits!" type of affair, this is a, "Hey, inject this person with this drug, I order it," type of deal. For orders like this, there should only be a direct, linear way these commands can flow. And that flow should be established by the chain of command. The situation, as presented in this wiki page, would allow for all sorts of weird shit. Like a Head of Staff other than the HoP or Captain authorizing the transfer of materiel without legitimate signatures being present; or the Chief Medical Officer signing a search warrant of the engineering department on grounds of suspicious conduct, instead of the HoS or Captain (or CE, I forget the form). This is completely and utterly unacceptable. It creates orders which are untraceable, creates conflict between the heads of staff, creates confusion among the crew (when the external head of staff's orders conflict with their own), and is overall an unbelievable practice. (As in, I cannot believe something like this even got through.) Someone said on this thread that removal of this policy will see the Acting Captain role assumed more often. Good, because it should be. (And it was, regularly.) The assuming of the Acting Captain position is necessary to maintain the chain of accountability, and to keep the chain of command clearly defined. It was also said that this would mean that the CMO has to authorize forensics into medical bay. This is false. We have warrants for a reason. Warrants have fields which describe exactly whose permission is needed, and what for. Lack of compliance with a warrant (obstructing a search covered under a warrant) is against regulation. Corporate regulation stands above orders. Further, it could be argued that the conduct of such an order is within the domain of the HoS, but regs already take care of this bit. FURTHER. To address how directives play into this. I would wager heavily that the directives support the view presented by me and Arrow. To quote directive 2: This means that, in the absence of a Captain or Acting Captain, the voted upon order of all heads of staff is the equivalent of a Captain's order. Not that the absence of a head of staff means you have to listen to any head of staff. Directive 3: Again. With responsibility comes the authority to issue commands. Or, to phrase it in reverse, you can only issue commands on matters that you are responsible for. As per my initial points about the Chain of Command. Understand that THIS is what Arrow's second post was made with regards to. But motherfucker, wait, that's not all. I've been now writing this for 20 minutes, trying to extinguish shit that a few malformed ideas can cause. Let's now address the actual subject of this thread. As I said before, we did a bit of digging into what the in-game texts say about the authority of the QM, same for Directives. And we uncovered the following: all CTs and miners that join are said that they must listen to the QM; directive 3 directly indicates that the QM is responsible for (and has the authority to command) all cargo technicians and asteroid mining staff. In addition to this, per the actual job outline of the QM, the QM has the authority to deny illegitimate cargo orders. He does not, however, have the ability to deny legitimate orders. And as per our forms, a legitimate order is an order signed off by the specific head of staff. To put more bluntly, it is the job of the QM to make sure that the paperwork for everything is in order, and that the orders get fulfilled to a reasonable standard. The proposal to give the QM any authority over legitimate cargo orders is bad. Extremely bad. Because the QM has no reasonable mechanic by which to evaluate whether the ordering head of staff actually has a valid need for the equipment or not. The QM has no responsibility before the funds being used. The only thing the QM must ensure in is that the order's paperwork is fine, and that the order doesn't pose a risk to the cargo staff handling it (and that it's not outright illegal). Should we ever give the QM authority to deny legitimate orders, then hoh boy, are we opening another can of worms. Again, authority comes with responsibility; or to flip it, with responsibility comes authority. The QM has no responsibility to maintain the functionality of other departments, he has no responsibility to ensure in the proper spending of station funds. Thus, he cannot be given the authority over deciding what materiel is required to fulfill those demands. He only has the responsibility to ensure in the proper function of the cargo bay, the proper handling of cargo, the proper management of station logistics (when to send orders, how long to wait for for a bulk shipment, etc.). None of those give him the ability to outright deny an order, unless of course, the paperwork filled is not legitimate, or the item is illegal or dangerous to the cargo bay. FIN. I lied. Read the addendum a few posts below.
  14. @furrycactus is potentially going to help with updating it a bit.
  15. Welcome Back, Back To Where It All Began So. It has been roughly 6 years the start of this server. Over half a fucking decade of 2d farty spessman roleplay on this server of ours. The fact that the server is still alive is neat. The fact that we're the most populated* roleplay server on SS13 is also very neat. The fact that we have active development, a persistent and fun** player base and server that continues to grow enough to not fall into decline is astounding. Truly, a few of those are things that I could only dream of with YeahChris back when we took over server management at the start of 2014. SO. In order to commemorate this event. We'll be hosting an entire weekend of gameplay on the first*** station used on this server: the Aurora (as based on Exodus). For those who are new to the game, the Exodus station was the station design in 2013, with most SS13 servers using it. Aurora ran it until, I think, 2017? Something like that. Granted, we had many revisions. We'll be playing one of the later ones. Unfortunately, digging out an earlier revision is a bit too much work. And for those who are around since then, I hope that this will serve as a fun trip down memory lane. The event will last a weekend, starting from Friday, 20SEP2019, and ending on Monday, 23SEP2019. Nothing explicitly special is currently planned for that time span, outside of the map change. So, I hope you'll join us on the Öld Mäp! * Aurora regularly ranks as the top publicly listed SS13 RP server, as per stats. ** Your mileage may vary :^) But we've not had a drama meltdown for years now. *** There were many iterations of the Exodus that were used, as said. This is the last one, which takes a few Bay-isms, specially with the medbay design. I was hoping to see the design with the central bar design, but alas, no such luck.
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