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  1. So I'm shooting the shit on Discord about ingame engines (the ones that power the station), and figured I'd toss some of the ideas here for notation's sake. First, engine needs to be more dynamic. Both inherently and control wise. Right now, from an automation engineer's point of view, the SM engine is very easy to control. There's no downside to overcooling it. So it's just a matter of generating a cooling force that's equal to or larger than the heat output of the rock. The system is completely static after that, minus the negligible decay in the output energy of the SM over time. This, however, is a slow enough process to be handled manually, if at all. All of this leads to an engine with surprisingly little depth to explore. It's literally a question how, "How will I generate a cooling force stronger than the heat I want out of the system?" How could we improve upon this? The main idea would be to give negative effects to overcooling the engine. The simplest form of this would be, if you overcool it, the reaction slows down and you generate less energy. This would require that you start balancing the heat input of the system with the heat output of the system, this making you think more about the actual process and how to get exactly the desired effects you're looking for. The issue that's following straight on the tailcoats of this is the lack of control. Basically, there's not enough fine grain control over both the output heat that's generated (emitter is a very large static offset function generator) and the cooling input of the system. Sooo that'd have to be addressed. But once it's done, it'd be possible to explore a lot deeper of a system than what we currently have, since you'd need to start figuring out cooling-to-heat ratios. To make the last point more fun, we could mess with the heat generation curve. At the moment it's likely somewhere between linear and an exponential continuous function. If we really wanted to have fun with it, we could make it a non-continuous function, or a highly complex function. This would permit us to create safe regions and not-so-safe regions. In the latter case, the heat generation would be very difficult to control and require a lot of work to stabilize. But in return, we could make it give off a lot more heat. This brings me to the final point. Automation. If we make the system inherently dynamic (the heat output can change over time without anything touching it), then we should also have a way to automate the control over the cooling output of the SM. Otherwise, you'd need to monitor the engine CONSTANTLY. And that'd be a bitch. In reality, this is where you'd apply a standard P(ID) controller. PID control itself is also a very deep topic, and a lot of fun could be had with this for those who are interested, I feel. This also wouldn't be the first time a mechanic solely relying on a deeper understanding of maths would enter the game. For simple setups, we could make an autotuning algorithm that can handle stable regions of the SM. That way, if you're new or whatever, you can follow basic instructions to set it up. But it'd result in less than optimal power output. For those who are interested, give them a full PID controller to tune and enough measuring equipment to figure out what's going on. There also exist two minor comments that I can't be arsed to figure out right now, as I'm tossing this idea into the void. First is that power generation is largely irrelevant right now. Not only is the powernet demand very static, it's very easy to overmatch it. And no one wants to deal with an undermatched powernet either, because that'd mean some departments not having access to the tools they need, or whatever. I guess a basic way to address this would be to have a power generation level which keeps everything running, then the next one which also charges the SMES ontop of this, and then the final one be an overmatched powernet. The next ideas would be to generate downsides from overmatching the powernet, either immediately or over time. (Also make these issues appear elsewhere on the station, so you're not always stuck staring at the engine as you try to fix them.) And the last one, likely most difficult, would be to make the demand more dynamic. Power usage of devices is completely unbalanced and nonsensical, is the other issue. The only way to really address this is similar to how we'd have to address the currency issue. Literally chase down EVERYTHING using power, put it into an excel sheet, categorize, and then normalize. BUT THAT'S A LOT OF WORK. The second matter is that I'd like there to be more lore-specific nods from engine fuck-ups. The fact that the only thing the SM engine does is explode is a complete waste of potential. It's a magical rock tied to bluespace or something. And the only two exciting things it does is... Generate heat and explode? Come on... This concludes my morning write-up. Please share with me your thoughts and opinions on the matter of making the in-game engine more FUN and DEEP.
  2. Thots. Don't do the "!!!" thing, it's a bad way to grab attention. Red is already fine, bolded letters can be used on top of the colour red. Another point. One colour per line. Or to phrase it another way, there should not be a line which has two non-standard colours. Example being your handheld scanner mock-up. Duplication information is also a step towards bad design. If you have 3 pieces of information, in the handheld scanner mock-up again, being the number, the colour of the number, and then an assessment. Then one of them is unnecessary. Either remove the number or the verbal assessment. The player is able to understand the colour coding just fine. Mixing colours is also bad. Implying critical oxygen with the colour blue, instead of red, is suspicious. Though I kinda understand the reasoning for it: to avoid confusion with the rest. But it should hopefully be clear enough? Or maybe change the wording of the line instead. There's also the thought of having too much colour. IMO having the report of "No limb injuries" be standard black is fine. It's not meant to grab attention, so slamming green there is unnecessary.
  3. For the record. I'll be handling this one unless Mofo shows an interest. Will review it Thursday or Friday, as I have time. Until then, discuss if there's anything left to discuss.
  4. Can I just. > Man claims real judicial system works by public naming and shaming. > Alberyk, who's a recently graduated law student now, links real legal practice as evidence to the contrary. > "I'm sorry not relevant". Excuse me, wut. Also, @ordinal, what you cite is the media blowing things up. Which is a practice that has lately gotten a lot of scrutiny, with the practice of not naming violent offenders in the media becoming more and more noteworthy: https://money.cnn.com/2015/10/02/media/media-decisions-naming-showing-killers/index.html https://www.livescience.com/60595-stop-naming-mass-shooters-say-scientists.html (I found more links, but because I live in the EU, the US sites aren't too kind to me on being accessible.) Also note that the public record is kept public for the sake of transparency. There's a trade-off between the personal privacy of the individual, and keeping the legal processes of the judicial system transparent. It is a matter that has little to do with "Naming and shaming" and more to do with keeping the judicial branch accountable before the public. None of this is really applicable here, though. Because there is no social contract between us and our playerbase that comes even close to being equatable to the one that exists between a state, its judicial system, and its people. We're a private (semi-corporate) entity offering a service. We offer it on our terms and with respect to the local legal system. Finally, again on the OP. Requiring a compulsory "Anything else?" feels like you're missing the forest for the trees. If the exchange was courteous and the admin solved the problem he was initially contacted about, is it really a bad deal if he closes the ticket to soon? Is it really that much of a bother to simply open another and go, "Woupsie, there's also this"? Requiring a script (effectively) for handling ahelps feels like way too much effort for something which is ultimately a non-issue, IMO, and can be solved with further communication (adminhelping again).
  5. @Garnascus First sentence. Must not. The rest is worded as you described, tho.
  6. Sometimes certain accommodation must be made. I outlined the one required for borer to exist as an enjoyable game mode at all. If we permit characters to completely lose their shit and rat out a borer the first chance they get (round start or otherwise), then the gamemode is a relatively worthless addition. Imma invoke @Garnascus on this one. The policy as written might indeed be a bit too strict. Generally speaking, the borer has tools with which they can influence the host one way or another, and as said, borer v host conflict is expected to be a part of the round. However, a balance must be struck between that and not "ruining the round". And the proposal in this thread is basically the other end of the extreme.
  7. But when playing a borer host, your character is still your character. Being put into an unfortunate (or perhaps not so) situation. The only request that we have is that you go along with it, for the sake of the round. Easiest method to do that, IMO, would be to simply establish that the infection happened way before, and so your character is kinda gotten to grips with having a slug in their brain. So you're still your character, just in a curious situation. You don't even have to be a mindless slave, just don't be completely lame and rat the bugger out the first chance you get. Host v borer conflict is an important part of gameplay, and this applies to round start hosts as well, the borer even has tools to deal with it. Just. Don't be a dick about it and :ree: the first chance you get. Also, I just spotted this. What is being a borer host than not being manipulated? The entire point of being a borer host is that your character is being manipulated by the slug in their cranium. You aren't a mindless slave, until you get your brain nommed anyways.
  8. It already does, @DanseMacabre. For the n-th time, have a think about conversion game modes for a moment, and count the generic situations where you actually have a choice in. Not doing something while under threat of violence will generally get you bwoinked. You have some freedom in how you respond, but you will be bwoinked for trying to rambo (or for trying to escape, depending on circumstance). Again, when we view cultists or the rev's posing the question of "Hey, wanna rev it up?" the proper application of violence can engineer a situation where your character is forced to comply, and failure to do so will violate our roleplay guidelines (your character valuing their life). While the point of "Not forcing people to do what they don't want" seems noble. It has a shortcoming. See, beyond being subjected to antagonists, this game has many components that an individual might not want have happen to their character. Why would I want to participate in a scene where my character dies? Why would I want to participate in a scene where my character loses? Why would I want to participate in a scene where my character is forced to kill his best friend? All of these are possible scenarios for IC interaction, played through many times. Following the credo of "Let's let the players choose what they want have happen to their character" would remove the entire game from here. The entire idea behind multiplayer story driven games like SS13 is to build something together. Even on a smaller scale, like pen and paper games, your fellow mates can (and arguably, the better ones do) stab your character in the back or have other fun memes on their expense. And that makes the games good. Because it's a dynamic environment, the only bounds set are the ones of general decency and expected content. The rest is up to the players to create and react to. @AmoryBlaine Bad idea. What happens when the borer leaves his host. You're left with a body you can't clean-up easily and that is useless.
  9. This isn't the only case where such a problem exists, however. Pretty much the only case (outside of round-start borer) where you can jettison yourself from the round without making it lame for people is when you somehow discover the round "while passing by". For example, when mercs start blowing shit up and you realize this over comms. In any other situation, like a rev/cult kidnapping or an antag forcing you to do something; if you nope away from it, then it's going to be lame for a whole bunch of more people than just you. Generally I'd expect people to be tolerant towards being the subject for such events. There's an ass tonne of players on the server, the chances of you being a borer host two rounds in a row are slim to none. So just bare and grin it, try to find some enjoyment and engagement in it. The same applies for when a vamp dominates you, when you're forced to do something at gunpoint, etcetera. This is a matter where I think the principle is as important as pragmatism.
  10. If going along with a borer is breaking character, then honest to god, what point is there in a borer gamemode in general? Because we would have people just rat out borers because they don't like going along with it. A part of roleplay is to figure out why your character would want to do something. So if you get brain-slugged, find that one part of him which would go along with it for whatever reason and roll with that. Following through with this mode of thought will lead to all antags which involve mind-fuckery or otherwise exerting control over a character (like vamp, among others) to be slated for removal. Because it's going to force you to do things you don't want to do. Why is this a bad first experience...? Go check reddit for threads that go along the lines of, "My first round was like X, holy crap I'm looking forward for the next one!" Most of them include really drastic shit happening, because it's engaging and thus memorable. Having a good brain-slug in your cranium, whispering you to do shit should be no different. Also, this is one of the cases where an admin could probably interject and transfer the host. But it's a rare enough case to be left as a unicorn. Re: importance. Ye okay, I kinda have to hand you that one. Though a compromise on this count would be to make it prefer those with the antag option enabled. Because it's equally important that the round actually starts. Re: converting antag types. Yes and no. As I explained in my long-post, at least half of those choices are lies. If we want to insist on heavy roleplay, then there's no chance in hell that you wouldn't join the cult during conversion. The only question would be how mentally deranged your character would be by the time he gives in. Rev is probably the most escapable, tho this is highly circumstantial, and saying "No" to a bunch of dudes with guns is generally a bad idea, if they engineer the situation well enough. But this brings me back to two points. First is that conversion and going along with antags is necessary for a healthy environment. Giving people the ability to directly nope away from being converted is awful, since it starts generating an attitude of, "If I'm not in control of what's happening to my character, I don't want to play at all." Again, the entire point of this game is to roll with the punches it serves you. If it means being a cultist, then so be it. If it means getting brain-slugged, then so be it. Yes, it is granted that you won't enjoy every single round, but do you enjoy every match of your favourite shooter? Or every episode of your favourite TV show? I will grant that this is erring on the side of a false dichotomy, because the expenditure of time is different, but the core idea is similar: even with your favourite activities, you tend to participate in the moments that you don't necessarily enjoy.
  11. Indulge me a long-post. First, lemme pose a question. What difference does it make whether you get brain-slugged at round start, 5 minutes into the round, or 50 minutes into the round? My immediate response would be, "Well I can potentially avoid it in the latter two cases," but is this really true? A good antagonist will concoct a situation where you pretty much have no escape from, and are forced to submit. So this response rings a bit hollow. The way I see it, unless it's voted extended, you should be joining with the expectation of having antags mess with you. This includes being turned into a cultist, a revolutionary, with traitors setting you up to do their bidding, or with getting a brain-slug in your head. There is no "timeout" before this can happen, there is no preference to stop this from happening. You are expected to roll with it, you are expected to roleplay around it. A few notes about the above. First, in a previous discussion, the fact that cultists no longer insta-convert was brought up, thus giving you a theoretical "out" if you don't want to be a cultist. However, consider that this actually kinda works the other way around: the expected conduct of a "normal" character having his soul torn to pieces would be to submit and give in. Thus, all it is is a hamfisted attempt at flavour. Whether you like it or not is one thing, but do not misconstrue it for what it is not. Second, about roleplay. The argumentum ad-extremum of "Well we can no longer call ourselves HRP if we expect people to go along with antagonists!" is fucking bullshit. It has been bullshit since myself and YeahChris first encountered it in 2014, it will continue to remain bullshit. "Roleplay" is about playing a role in whatever setting you're plopped into it. If our setting requires to be receptive towards antag shenanigans, then that's how it is. Much like roleplaying a character in DnD would expect you to be receptive towards mystical fucking dungeons littering the landscape, and the unbelievable fact that your character is about to be the centre of a relatively large happening. But hey, it's the setting of the game, ergo, you roll with it. Much the same, in our game, you are expected to be somewhat receptive towards all the nine levels of hell that our antagonists can represent, and going along with it for a bit. Finally, I agree with Burger in that this shit is down to player expectations. Though my view on it is very simple: you are playing on a server with antags enabled. Close to 50 % of our rounds played each year are antag rounds. You will have to face them. You will have to interact with them. You are expected to get along with them and at worst, to play along with them to a certain degree. Theoretically the "realistic" way to handle most antag action would be to report it to sec and hide. This leads me to pointing out the fact that the people who say that they cryo when they figure out the mode and think they dislike it are ultimately toxic with respect to the game and expectations established before the antagonists. And for the record, before anyone starts bringing up stupid points about prior enforcement. We have warned and banned people for the following before, and are likely to do it again: regularly cryoing at round start when you don't get antag; regularly cryoing at round start when you do get antag; constantly asking to be de-antagged; regularly cryoing after being converted. And I would enjoy seeing all of these policies continued. And please don't throw stupid shit like, "Oh so real life has to be put on hold while I play the game?" as someone did in Discord earlier. The key word here is "Regularly". Once or twice, no one will even notice or care. Specially if you're also courteous about this by informing relevant entities over LOOC/AOOC/adminhelp.
  12. I'm going to be very short on this matter. I've told Matt to "unconfirm" it as a bug. The antagonist is the borer. The borer selection adheres to default rules established by our gameplay model, so everything Works As Intended:tm:. The fact that you can spawn with a brain slug in your head at round start is the consequence of you playing on a server that has antagonists enabled. Expect antagonists to fuck with you. A traitor can pull you up within the first 5 minutes of the round with a gun if he wants you, so why shouldn't a borer be allowed to inhabit your skull? It's one of the many punches you roll with for that round. And let me remind you, that rolling with the punches is the entire point of RP. There should be no ahelping of borers for removal. Should you also ahelp cultists that want to convert you? Fuck that. Only if the antagonists is a grade A 'tard should you ahelp them (like if the borer instanoms your brain 4noraisins). Otherwise, you should be rolling with the punches and playing along in a goodhearted manner.
  13. Skull132

    Absolute State

    To add. There is a reason why we insist on complaint threads and it's likely very close to the reason you made this thread. They are visible. Staff do not communicate with each other over isolated decisions, it'd be a great waste of energy to. So the argument of "I spoke to 3 different staff about it," is a bit iffy, specially if raised as an alternate to the established and required policy of going by the forums. See, because individual decisions are made in isolation, there is not necessarily a review of them. The last staff member you ask might have no clue what you spoke about with the other 2, and management might be completely unaware of something even being spoken. Complaints raise decisions clearly for review. There is no real way to get around them, and they will be heard.
  14. Skull132

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    On the flip side, burger. Your mode of reporting things, as presented here, makes a lot of this unactionable. You submitted a staff complaint against Alb and Prate over a complex and misconstrued discussion, and the end result is that staff still don't have the ckey of the original poster via LOOC. (At least I don't remember seeing it and I've been tracking that complaint.) This thread also had the issue of both being a policy discussion thread and a player complaint. Or player complaints, I guess, with multiple instances wrapped into one. For us to do anything specific, we'd need to do a metric ass of unmangling, most of which could have been avoided by individual complaint threads.
  15. Skull132

    Absolute State

    As a preface. I'm going to wildly disagree with you on one count, and will be agreeing with you on a few others. But hey, such is life, you can't make everyone agree with you. Re: First paragraph. Trying to negate a call-out by stating it's not a call-out doesn't really work. But more to the point. The general policy here is, starting from the era of the Apartment Server incident, to absolutely not give a fuck about what other RP (or ERP, in the specific case of the Apartment Server) people get up to elsewhere or in their private messages. This is under two conditions: laws are respected and all individuals are okay with the interactions. In your call-out, it seems like the episode ended when you noped the fuck away from the situation (which is fine), ergo there was no harassment. There were also no laws broken, unless you care to enlighten me. This policy exists because otherwise, we would have the untenable task of dealing with "this guy was degenerate elsewhere" reports. We do not care. We should not care. Our house is our server, as long as the person adheres to our rules while in our house, that is fine. Again, with exception given to instances where actual common western law is broken, or where there is a relatively serious case of harassment/non-consensual shit. Your opening statement does nothing but incite a witch hunt, as would the policy required to enforce the rules the way you want them enforced. Because there is no better witch hunt than a case of, "He plays on vore and he likes to ERP there!" To continue. A surprising amount of people, for example, ERP in their private RP or on other servers. Which is fine as long as: all characters depicted and individuals involved are over the age of consent and everyone has given their consent to be involved in it. It might not be your cup to tea, but this is common and it's best not to judge at times. (Or technically, judge to your heart's content. But don't try to go seeking your own justice against them, specially not here.) As for getting involved in such groupings, as long as you can leave when you wish, which you did per your description, it's fine. Not your cup of tea, but you were able to nope away without the other party acting out against you in a hostile manner. Now. With this said. As I said, our house, our rules. The rest of your post addresses our rules and player's conduct on our server. Which is actually a valid ground for us to rule on, as per what I established before. You're effectively reiterating your complaint against Alb and Prate here, but since Garn has other complaints to manage, he has yet to get around to putting his current opinion down on writing there. I can reiterate what we've mulled over though, and at least the opinion that I would lean on. For the lack of a better word, "Degenerate" conduct here has a line and tummy rubs fall beyond that line. Along with a whole slew of other shit. This is my opinion. Fine on vore, I really don't give a crap. Might be fine on tg to rub behind the ears of a ca/tg/rille, but don't do it here. Also any clearly sexual conduct or references fall beyond that line. Also Zundy's shirtposting IMO, but we'll leave that shit for another day. And yes, I do agree with you that the metric of, "Well I'm okay with it, so should you be," is retarded and really bad. (And I'm not saying it's used by staff.) This is roughly why rules exist. As for the actual enforcement of the rules. Technically the rule to be cited here would be the one about keeping content largely PG. This is why that rule exists and where it has been used previously. Otherwise you have it fall under rule 0: always listen to staff. How effective it is. I'll have to leave answering this question up to the staff. Generally speaking, there are two things to make note of. Regardless of how much noise you make, running off on a crusade just because of what one person said is not too smart (been there, done that, don't want to repeat). Time needs to be taken to assess the situation and to actually figure out the extent of the damages. The second thing is that, when a specific policy has been let too lax, we usually write a staff memo about it and sometimes an address to the general playerbase to hash out the issue. Typically this has worked, but it's a slow process and will not see people getting the bannu. And you might still be left with cases that you disagree with (like the first one). However, it should more clearly communicate the policy and the staff's interpretation behind it. Will any of that happen? Well, we'll see starting with your staff complaint. Tho this is primarily in the court of the Head Admins, and I will not step into their lane unless absolutely all hope has been lost. Post closing, I have two more notes to make. I couldn't well think of a way to intertwine them into the rest of the post. Note that we're a heavy roleplay server. And we have lore. Lore is going to dictate certain things and certain attitudes, such as in Unathi culture the women being commonly held in lower regard as men. Which is, quite frankly, gonna result in certain roleplay instances where female Unathi characters are gonna be put down over male ones. This should, however, not be clearly sexual in nature, per my note above, and shouldn't really be a case of sexual harassment (I think our previous record with regards to IC sexual harassment taken too far is to nuke the player, at least one case comes to mind, though I'd have to research more to find the details). Second note, just to cover my ass legally, really, is that we do have an age limit on the server. US law establishes a few things regarding data processing and online registration consent that we have to adhere to. With it comes an age limit of 13 years. Anyone reported to be younger than that we need to ban and remove the account details of. Roughly.
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