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  1. WELL. It's not that simple. All sprites to SS13 are typically contributed under a specific form of the Creative Commons license, this means that using them for another project is perfectly fine, provided that the source of the sprites is credited somewhere (typically in the PR or changelog or both). If the artist does not agree with this, then they absolutely should not have licensed the sprites under said license in the first place! But the reason why we're not outright stopping sprite ports is due to our own lack of sprot manpower, realistically. We'll just be more selective, specially so with loadout items.
  2. As answered, TL;DR: yes. Exceptions will exist as is necessary but no more dumps of random bland or out-of-place looking clothing from other servers, please and thank you. Or in general.
  3. Recent events have spurred the creation of this policy in order to clarify and direct future efforts in this specific field. Looking forward, newly added non-generic loadout items are required to be associated with a specific in-lore culture. Direct ports from other servers are highly discouraged and will face higher scrutiny. Further, no new alternative crew working/duty uniforms are to be introduced until the present situation with them has been unfucked and unified for NBT. Elaborations below: What's a non-generic loadout item? We consider minor and generally unimportant accessories to be generic loadout items. These include items such as gloves, canes, watches, etcetera. What does it mean for an item to be associated with a specific in-lore culture? Simple: the item in question must fit into, visually and thematically, into one of the many cultures represented in our lore. When in doubt, consult a lore writer/master. It is highly recommended that you highlight this on the PR yourself, instead of leaving it up to us to figure it out. And a slightly longer elaboration on why this policy exists in the first place. Loadout items have been a surprisingly hot topic of debate over the years, with view points ranging from absolute and total player control, over to the idea that literally everything should be the same forever and ever. Well there's a golden road somewhere there, but there are things to be kept in mind when finding this. Outside of the memetastic argument of bloat, there's another common MO in the process of adding new loadouts which is what the staff are looking to target: ports from other servers. As time progresses, it would be nice for Aurora to slowly and consistently develop its own style both visually and content wise. What directly undermines this goal is the porting, recently en-masse, of loadout and generally accessible gear from other servers. Loadouts and what people wear and use are a great way to further represent our lore ingame with, so make use of it. Similar scrutiny is slowly being applied to the porting of resprites from other servers, with ones from very visually distinct servers (like Eris) already being forbidden/denied. This policy is primarily forward looking. However, as always, the developers reserve the right to review and adjust the currently available options of loadout items.
  4. The various "grades" of RP on SS13 are a shorthand. A mnemonic to communicate intent and expectations without getting into the nitty gritty of it.

    As long as we remain more concerned with enforcing RP standards than most of the MRP and LRP servers, we can easily be classed as HRP.

    Because it's all relative.

    Also due to this, there's no real check list or requirements list for a server to be HRP, even relatively. Which is how you end up with all HRP servers being different flavours and experiences of HRP: they focus on different aspects of roleplay, and accomplish roleplay in different ways.

    Aurora's main focus is to be a roleplay server with antags. Roleplay in our context means roleplaying as a person within our universe. And our universe is pretty whacky and zany at times.

    And summarily. Any debate debate about us not being heavy RP enough to call ourselves HRP is kinda moot. As long as we focus more on RP than Bee and Tg's Manuel, we're good. The focus of any such debate should instead be shifted onto whether or not we're focusing on roleplay aspects that interest our community and playerbase.

    DND games are roleplaying games: you play a role. Set in a weird ass medieval-type setting. No one expects to roleplay as a medieval peasant trying not to die of famin as he's forced to give his last grain away to his lord. Everyone wants to be a mystical knight or some other interesting character. Per this, in our setting, you're a (perhaps not the most typical) employee on a station where crazy and stupid shit happens, in a universe where crazy and stupid shit definitely happens.


    Thank you for coming to my TEDx talk.

  5. On SOME use-cases, it'd be pretty simple. Simple have the completion action of a radial invoke a verb. But it's not something you can do in every usecase. So short answer: no.
  6. What you said is all well and good but. I have very concrete evidence here to link you to TwoTales, the originally banned key, dating back to 16JUN2020. As such, the appeal is denied, have a nice try next time.
  7. As much as I hate deadhour back-to-back extended, and have actively combated against this in my novel year of having adminbus powers. I am uncertain if this is a Good Idea:tm:. As a general tool, it doesn't really solve a general issue. Rounds getting voted back to back in general is a bit lame, ye sure, but it's a temporary issue and will tie down once the players get bored again. Or get tired of whatever mode they ran. But for dealing with back-to-back extended, it's a bit overkill (due to what I mentioned earlier) while remaining somewhat insufficient at addressing the issues at hand. If the problem is specifically too much extended at specific times, then this can be addressed directly by admin staff intervention, as has been done before; or by affecting other changes. Like more aggressive/dynamic random events, or undoing with the whole concept of gamemodes to begin with :^)
  8. I'll put this on record. Instead of spamming schlorgos everywhere, let's think of MORE critters to replace common animals with.
  9. Lag wasn't the issue*. And we don't want to remove Zs. We were kinda just forced to. Ergo, there's no argument presently for removing another Z.
  10. (^ Aurora server's hardware.) Ye I don't think that's the issue here boss.
  11. Well I mean. The decision is already made. People are free to map solars onto the surface or interstitial level. Or onto the bottom space level, actually. 🤔
  12. As some of you may have noticed, over the past few weeks the server has been experiencing episodes where you can move around, but absolutely nothing functions. To include IC chat for the most part. This is typically what happens when the server gets close to or exceeds its memory capacity of 1.8 gigabytes. (This limit is INTERNAL to BYOND. We cannot modify this. We are stuck with it.) Why are we suddenly getting close to this limit? Who knows. Profiling the memory usage of the server is incredibly difficult and the tooling for it (up until recently) very poor. Though I suspect some of the newer features being memory intensive. And even if we did locate the culprit, we would have to weigh whether or not we actually can do anything about it, without outright removing the feature(s) responsible. So as a semi-permanent stop-gap. We nuked a Z-level for about 100 megabytes of more headroom. Which appears to have worked and calmed down the crashing. The Z-level that was removed was the roof, since it was the most superfluous one, in terms of mapping. Stuff from it can easily be slapped onto the surface or interstitial, if someone wants to have a go at it. so ye. no more roof.
  13. The only other mechanic cited here that does similar damage is headbutting. Minus very large weapons I guess, like fire axes, that can deal a maximum of 25 brute per attack. But those are slooow, and take up your other hand. See the problem is that this is power creep. "Look we have a 20 damage attack so we might as well get the 25 one!" No, we might as well not. If head butting becomes an issue, then we'll nerf that as well. But it has yet to be proven as such. If you say that bug bite is useless as it stands then maybe simply accept that the idea behind such an attack isn't what you want it to be (widely useful), and come up with another idea on how to make combat as a bug interesting. Again: a 25 damage no-penalties fast-attack is not it. There's technically a way but the mandibles are still too stronk according to other factors. ADDENDUM: Alb pointed out that we could make the mandibling drop the grab, to make it impossible to chain head buts and mandibles. Though this still leaves us in a situation where mandibling is a straight upgrade from 20 damage and 10 self-inflicted damage to 25 damage and 0 self-inflicted damage.
  14. A 25 damage insta-attack is not the way to go about buffing them. At all. High damage attacks should require some form of commit and come with a way to dodge or other penalties. Bugbite was removed due to it missing all of these characteristics and just being a really strong special attack with no downsides. Free real-estate, as it were. Other attacks being more convenient in fast moving environments is not necessarily a bad thing: as noted in the PR, the change made the bugbite into a finisher or into a very specific kill-move. So other attacks being more usable makes sense and is intended.
  15. What if we. Don't? Because I'm pretty sure we don't.
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