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  1. In general, I like this. But. I think that a tagging system for monkeys, slimes, other animals used in science would be necessary. Otherwise, keeping track of your "experiments" becomes 110 times more painful than it really needs to be. Realistically, you can think of it as a collar tag or something.
  2. As someone who uses the, "I'm blunt about shit," line on a few occasions. There is a difference: Between being blunt about things and not knowing when to compromise. Between being blunt about things and not knowing when to back out. Between being blunt about things and being unreasonable to an excess. The general experience from the development team has been that you are all of the items listed above. While yes, "It might all be about opinions [on how to do development, which is rarely objective]," and, "It might only be development," it's an amazing showcase of character none the less. What's more, I do believe that even with those excuses, your attempts to work with other developers have well demonstrated your lack of capacity for basic teamwork.
  3. Can someone remind me why we removed mutiny in the first place? 🤔 Just bringing it back with no change, or at least, without understanding why we removed it, doesn't seem wise. Lest we let history repeat itself. The pits of my memory are saying that one of the reasons why mutiny was removed was because the directives issued to the crew were way too hyperbolic or nonsensical. Also, they were limited in number.
  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebut. The entire point of non-NT ERT is to make the situations generated through them being called more dynamic. That doesn't work when we pigeonhole them into being just reskins of ERT. Though I do also understand that if it ends up being that they completely fuck the station 9/10 times, then the player base will, rightfully, simply stop calling them. So some steps should be taken to curb merc-ERT from outright fucking the station if it ends up being a consistent issue. Ultimately it's a balancing act. But knee jerking after a week, at most, of the update being live is something I would rather nooot do. Though I will grant that we should try to differentiate the two merc entities thematically. As to slightly break the correlation the player base might have, and thus allow them more flexibility in how they want to approach dealing with the station.
  5. A quick lesson that I have discovered while studying engineering and working as an engineer. In colloquial English, as far as I've noted, the difference between the professions of "engineer" and "technician" is often disregarded, and the latter is commonly referred to as an "engineer" as well. Which is technically incorrect. An engineer is typically someone who designs and oversees: a white collar job, usually, with minor field work. An engineer typically has a university degree (undergraduate or graduate level), and is very much concerned with knowing the principles of how something works, and how to design things. A technician is someone who is typically subordinate to an engineer, in the grand scheme of things. They are responsible for realizing the plans of an engineer, or maintaining them, or whatever. Depending on the field, technicians might have anything from a vocational education to an graduate degree. They're the blue collars who stick around to make sure everything that is in the plans actually ends up working and running. Both fields do have a lot of variance. Once we get into really specific shit, like nuclear (or super matter) engines, the technicians required to operate these things might be very highly educated. But they would likely still be classed as technicians, since most of their latter training would revolve around specific equipment, and not necessarily the background knowledge required to design new equipment. They both have to know the working principles, and a good chunk of maths. But the angle and nuances of their education would be different. On the Aurora, probably the only engineer in the engineering department would be the CE. Funnily enough though, a good chunk of the science staff would fit the bill of engineers. Addendum. What I posted is still an oversimplification/technically incorrect. Depending on field, engineers need very specific mentorship and certifications before they can be referred to as engineers. However, with the way education and employment has gone over the past few years, a bachelor's or master's in sciences is typically enough for most things. Or at least a prerequisite to certification.
  6. Well. Alberyk requested that I read the complaint and provide input. So here I am. Regarding your comments on Garn's gameplay. I cannot say whether or not his conduct is within the rules, since I've not been privy to it firsthand, and not enough specifics have been dropped to describe it. But I can comment on your method of phrasing it: To say this requires you to make a call on Garn's intent. In two parts, actually. First, it requires you to say that, "Garn is doing this in order to pretend that he's a new player," and secondly, it requires you to say that, "He is doing it to be malicious." This requires you to disregard any other explanation for these actions and to be fully convinced that he's doing it to be a jackass. Which is not usually a judgement call that the administration makes, or makes easily. Specially when there are more common explanations to describe the actions in question (playing unknown characters is a known trend among server leadership here and abroad; Garn's play style could just be what it is, there does not need to be malice behind it; etc). That said. There is also the mechanic of too much borderline stupid IC behaviour resulting in a cumulative punishment. Which can be reviewed if necessary. Regarding the matter of Garn's posting on Discord. These are largely to be determined by context. Most of the time, it's fine, until an actually legitimate issue comes up for discussion. The devs and contributors go, "Fuck the playerbase" every once in a while, or smirkingly tell players to code shit themselves. The admins moan about complaints. Etcetera. This, IMO, is all fine, as long as the context isn't serious about a specific issue. At which point, it should be reeled in and a more professional tone assumed while addressing the matter. What's more, out of your screenshot compendium, most if not all had a non-serious context to them. Aand in the ones where the context was serious, Garn was talking shop. I also find it difficult to believe that we've banned or otherwise punished people for lighthearted comments akin to those situations. You're free to cite evidence that I can look up to the contrary, but it takes a lot of sword clashing to get punished for OOC/Discord conduct. As was the case with Nanako, you, a good few other names. And the rope extended is sometimes pretty long (funnily enough, mostly due to the first principle I outlined above). We do occasionally police the tone of discussions, which you might interpret as "Getting in trouble", but that's highly context dependent. The main objective there is to stop a discussion that is about to get heated, or has already gotten heated.
  7. Skull man plays to win. A set of tactics learned after years of play on Goon.
  8. Remember. If anyone pushes past the 1 empty tile of safety distance. They want to kill you. You should run.
  9. I was gonna write something which mentioned something very much like this. The main difference IMO, comes from the person and not from the server he's trying out. If you're humble and have a good sense for surroundings (or ability to socially adapt), then going head first into HRP won't be an issue. Even if you don't read the rules, you'll instinctively keep your head down and it'll be fine. If you're forceful, and want to interject your own ideas into the game, then LRP servers are going to be more forgiving than HRP ones.
  10. Quick clarification here. Literally 30 seconds after saying he ahealed himself, he corrected himself: Posting this since I handled a tangential issue with Moondancer on this incident, and I have the logs on hand.
  11. I modified ninja probability to 1, let's see what happens. If that doesn't fix it, I'll :ree:vert the PR and we'll see if that fixes it. Unfortunately, it appears that the gamemode selection code is an arcane black box. Any diddling, as our brave lizard coderman tried to do, appears to result in non-sensical and unfortunate side-effects.
  12. I was gonna make a long post about this, but you already covered this yourself. Why would someone with a low investment contribute something meaningful to the round? Or more specifically, what stops them from running amok, as they already do sometimes with mice/rats.
  13. In my holy onion. Something like cold is nice to have. Maybe not the exact colour as it was, but, y'know. It's nice. Making warm default is a good idea, tho.
  14. Ethnicities are already in the game.
  15. There's a system in place to remedy this. We are introducing ethnicities.
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