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  1. Yes but no. They're had a long test merging period and vairous fixes/adjustments over the course of that time.
  2. A topic of great debate. Of great achievement by Myazaki. Of great strife within the community. Of great disappointment by the elitist old. Of ultimately inconsequential significance. We have decided to give vision cones a fair shake. They will be merged for a period of 1 month. After which we'll hold a voterino to see whether we should keep them or not. The 1 month playtime is to let everyone get used to the fee-fee's of the new game. Enjoy! And do report bugs on Github!
  3. This. Events is one of those systems that I would not remove without a better option being PR-d, due to the effect they have on gameplay.
  4. lmao. Their huge-ass weakness to lasers is another symptom of them not having any pain/stamina/paralysis mechanics. The reason why IPCs are so horribly fragile is that they exist outside of the normal combat tools, ergo, to not make them into huge ass powering trains, we've made them horribly fragile when confronted with the right tools. If and when we can add some analogy to pain to the IPCs, only then can we consider making them less horribly fragile. Otherwise they just end up being super fucking strong.
  5. The whole reason why ions are strong is because there's no pain/stun/cripple mechanics on synths. That is it. Either we add those, or we don't change a thing.
  6. YAAASSSS GAGA YAAAAAAAAS. On a serious note, yes. Gimmicks, whether successful or not, tend to be in dire need of an "End". This is one of the reasons why I really like nuke and malf: they have an end. The story has a natural end which can be achieved. Without it, all that'll happen is that security will keep running around the station, eventually arrest the person, and it'll be horribly anticlimatic.
  7. Firesuits can't be trivially fixed, I'm afraid. Ingame fires have a dumbass steep temperature curve, for one. So that any fire proof item must protect against incredibly high temperatures. But what's more, fires generate an incredibly large amount of pressure. Which means that any firesuit must also be a pseudo spacesuit. I'd rather we just. Not use firesuits. At all. And have RIGs for this.
  8. Just as an update. The PR isn't dead and nor am I. My week's just busy. I'll get into reading the new feedback and uploading a tweak next week, promise!
  9. Ye but. "Med Tech" sounds sci-fi as hell. While not being draggy or otherwise eough. "Go see the med tech when you're done." It has a good mouthfeel.
  10. https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/14668-fuse-medical-roles-and-detach-medical-from-the-real-job-of-medical-doctor/?do=findComment&comment=139044
  11. Because I really don't care for the difference and "Intern" makes the purpose of the role as a learning one more clear. Addendum: also because "Medical Resident" was born out of one of the arguments that we're trying to avoid. There was a spiel about how medical interns don't exist or should be reclassified as resident yadda, which is the entire reason for why we got the title in the first place. "Medical Intern" was actually the first learner role we implemented.
  12. Okay so. I did some thunking and thinking. It was pointed out to me that a use-case for some of the alt-titles was to play a doctor character that would have no responsibility to touch surgery ever. Sooo. I removed surgery access from "Medical Technician", which used to be "Medical Doctor". Basically: the Med Tech would be your general doctor-type-person, who's responsible for healing a stubbed toe and whatever else can be done with cryo and drugs and bandaids. And surgeon is the guy who goes around diddling your internal organs, should the Med Tech be unable to help. This does still leave us with the issue of Surgeon being akin to a super-doctor, buuuuuut. There's no solid answer to this, unfortunately. Re: triage technician. Eh. The connotation attached to the word "Triage" typically implies a really bad situation***. Plus, it leaves it unclear that the dude's primary job is to get out there and help people in a dire situation. A rescue tech helping inside the medbay should make sense no matter how you look at it, specially when push comes to shove. *** Yes, I know that every patient that enters a hospital is triaged regardless of the actual severity of the situation around them. But not many people know this factoid.
  13. I did some word-play around the titles to rid ourselves of everyone being a technician or a specialist. The PR itself is here. Still listening to suggestions if anyone has anything better to offer.
  14. An epiphany to be had. The amount of "master" roles in medical wouldn't actually change with these changes, if you go with surgeon remaining as a separate entity. The issue arises from the fact that medical is by far, the only department where alternate titles, which are meant to be just flavourful, now have a meaningful impact on gameplay. I guess this is a good example of when a tool is used for a purpose it wasn't intended for, huh?
  15. Except. Homogenizing will is very likely to fix the issue, because you stop a scenario where multiple roles could do the same thing...? Further, to make the other roles useful, or mechanically necessary would be to undertake a journey much more complicated and likely to end in failure. We already tried to make mental traumas a mechanic, a lot of people moaned about it. We had chemical side-effects, things which made chemistry more difficult to use a "Get out of jail free" card, it was reverted because people moaned about it (though I will grant that in that case, it was a mildly lazy implementation). If you try to make, for example, hospitality staff necessary, you are setting yourself out to create mechanics which mandate that a player spends 15+ minutes in the medical bay. Who is going to enjoy a game like that? Same for mental traumas: the moment you try to add mechanics to those, you're gonna have a large set of people in uproar because we should trust the playerbase to roleplay those out properly or whatever the dicks. My point is that there is a certain limit of depth we can allow for medical, or any department, really; without it detracting from the general gameplay experience. And the depth required to justify some of our specializations likely is beyond that point.
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