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  1. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    I don't have too much time at the moment, but in order to help you gain some perspective, let me say that no, they absolutely do not. This has been a discussion over at the host chat and most admin teams choose to keep this rule lax. And occasionally pair it with a rule 0 of, "We can ban you for whatever". The most notable exception is CM, where Apophis chose to go the way of writing every encountered clause into the rules. Which is absurd, in my opinion, since it makes moderators somewhat powerless in the case of an event outside of the numerated items. For reference: tg rules, see rules 0 and 1 Baystation rules, see rules 0 and 1 Paradise rules, see rule 0 Goon rules, note that despite a clear rule against bigotry, other forms of ass-hatery are described as they are elsewhere. So really, our rules match what is common for other well aged servers.
  2. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    Addendum. And excuse me for being too on the nose with this. But the status quo is comfortable enough for most people here, both players and staff that I have spoken to. At least as far as the development processes are concerned. And again, I say this with full confidence because all of these issues have been thoroughly discussed and reviewed in dev staff meetings, and some discussed with the community. Perhaps you're expecting something we are unable to provide for you?
  3. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    False. Most reports on the feedback forum get addressed and tend to result in post removal and or warning if valid. The key point is, you need to report that shit. We will not actively read every post on the forums because that is an obscene amount of work. Administrative issue first and foremost. Vitriol is vitriol is vitriol. Adminhelp it and move on with your day. As for people not posting on the forums, this is the norm which has existed for years and pretty much everywhere. It is easy to complain. It is hard to complain in a manner that's constructive. Humans tend to pick the easy way out. The solutions are simple, we ban those who cross the line, and listen to those who actually choose to format their thoughts. There could perhaps be more propaganda done about linking relevant feedback topics, but at the present, I am at a loss as to how to automate that process without it being a pain for those involved. And for bugs, registering on Github is a major hurdle. However, automating bug reporting by presenting an ingame interface for it might result in a flood of duplicates. These options were weighed with the dev team at large, and it was decided that how it works now is good enough. Not ideal, but good enough. So again, unless you have specific suggestions. And ye, you're free to say that I am too dismissive about these issues and that this somehow shows that I do not care, but consider. I have had five years to test and work on these issues. And trust me, I have. What you see today as the status quo is the natural evolution of this community and its active contributor base. Whether you enjoy it or not is up to you to decide, but I assure you, things are not this way due to a lack of trying. Further. All of these issues I have discussed with the dev team before. We have tried other solutions, we have reviewed other options. The other solutions have not survived due to, for example, being too draining on the developers, or being too complex for the player base. So you cannot in good heart land this all at my door step and say, "Hah, he doesn't care."
  4. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    Beyond this subject, is there anything more for us to discuss here?
  5. Skull132

    Medicine Side Effects

    Arguably medical really is not all that complicated. And the dominance of chemicals over other forms of treatment is a somewhat interesting of a point to tackle.
  6. Skull132

    Hair Tugging

    Balance. Or some such.
  7. Skull132

    Hair Tugging

    As suggested in private. I would recommend making this a boolean matter, and just another wrestling move. Introducing a length variable may make this overly complex in a space where such complexity cannot be achieved. This is to say, without making having a FLB a death sentence.
  8. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    There are standards for both. The former can be observed by going here. The latter can be found by reading the forum rules here.
  9. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    I am a practical man, and energy is a finite resource. That's all there is to it. A complaint is a list of issues to sort out. The last two were the clearest matters to sort out, and make up roughly 20% of the complaint's length. Ergo, they are a "footnote". Not the primary meat of the complaint. If you wish to dance around them, then so be it, but I have now twice outlined my response to them and I really do not have anything to add on that count. Of further note is this whole caring business. First, yadda, rules do not require me to care. Rules require me to act in a certain way, to enforce certain things within my purview, etcetera. They require me to address and to deal with certain issues. With this put out there for consideration, allow me to elaborate a bit on the meat of the complaint: the private chat we had over memes and getting angry at them. Allow me to represent my thesis, in perhaps less charged language: we cannot protect you from community interaction. We cannot do that specially if you go out of your way to interact back in a manner which a considerable amount of the community considers underhanded, stupid, assholeish. This refers to your memes over Reddit, and your general quickness to dismiss feedback if you did not find it fitting a certain mold. Despite your claims that you've had nary a player complaint about it, trust me, there is a decently sized list of people who felt relatively touched by your shenanigans over Reddit and over feedback that they submitted. And yes, said list was longer than the list of extremely loud people with opinions. The community will make memes of you. Specially if you make memes back. Specially as you transcend the ranks and become a figure of perceived authority. Most of them are unable to understand the compounding effect of a million little voices gnawing away at you, I will grant you; but it is equally expected that you are able to deal with it to a reasonable degree. Specially if you conduct yourself as you have, and shit post back. Shit posting back is usually a communication that you're attempting to roll with the joke, ergo, no one thinks twice about continuing. Staff MO on this count is to usually try to educate the victim, perhaps I failed at that a bit; and to pick off those who take it too far. Though, the latter is done by the actual mods/administrators and is beyond my purview. Specially considering the time zone differences between you and I. To tie all of this back to the PMs: I asked you to stop caring about the memes and jokes people had. As I stated, there's literally hundreds of them as staff come and stay and go. You need to be able to recognize them and simply assign them no worth. I asked you to listen to and take into consideration feedback. To stop wielding your status as a contributor as a cudgel. Even if the feedback of certain individuals is less than intelligible, the sheer mass of it can be taken into account at times. I never said that your work is worthless, that is a misinterpretation on your part.
  10. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Garnacus

    Tbf. If you're interested in making more of these, you probably really should consider using the format. It is courtesy, after all.
  11. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    I fail to understand your issue. If both parties in a complaint have violated the rules, then yes, we will apply disciplinary action against both parties. You are not an exception to this. In the present case, take into consideration that you may have been instigating the response with your acclaimed shit posting. Further take into consideration that charges of pedophilia can carry real consequences, similarly to jokes over suicide. They are both quite serious matters. Though, if you wish to claim that the issue was mishandled, then it might be wise to open a complaint specifically about that, since we are, again, discussing an incident which appears to be a mere footnote in this complaint.
  12. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    In the present case, the situation was handled and warnings issued by @ShameOnTurtles, and I already explained my inaction in the given situation. I was not invested enough in the situation, did not see what I would consider immediate alarm, with the act itself was quite absurd, and there appeared to be a lack of violent debate after that, so I thought everything was settled. And, again, I did not have time to investigate past that; nor any motive to, due to the lack of an outright report. Ultimately, As for the more generalized issue. Staff complaints are necessary to actually confirm the validity of the issue, for one. Writing one mammoth post does not assist, since we need actual specifics to handle (beyond this present case, since this case was: solved, and is now logged). Thus far this is the only staff complaint you've submitted against staff inaction, and if your claim was to be valid, then we would expect quite a few more. I cannot emphasize the following point enough: cases of failure to handle reports must be report explicitly and once they occur. Because they often boil down to talking with individual mods and admins, as opposed to handling a systematic issue. In fact, it cannot be handled as a systematic issue, since you still need to individually make sure all mods and mins are handling issues properly. For two, and this is going to seem like a cop-out but I will explain shortly, attempting to write this larger issue into a staff complaint against me will most likely have little practical worth, unless Garn or Shame wish to accept it in this manner. This is due to the fact that I do not handle administrative policy nor enforcement of said policy. I cannot discipline mods and admins on how they enforce or do not enforce the rules. It is outside of my lane. And even if I wanted to do something about it, I do not have the energy to. So to double back. The current situation has been: handled, with warnings issued by Shame; I have elaborated upon my failure to take action, acknowledged my error, and will attempt to do better in the future; I have elaborated upon why in the present case, reporting the matter clearly would have seen better handling of the situation. ------ To also point out a few things Delta highlighted, yes there is administrative policy to inform the reporter of punishment issued. However, a lot of Discord shit ends with no reports to staff and being resolved on the spot or in another manner where there is no clear "reporter". Which is the reason why we do not inform people of punishments issued there. And this is not that said policy was even ignored at this point. Again, the issue was handled by Shame, so he has the information on how he was alerted to it and how he handled it. The policy is to only inform the creator of the report and affected parties if immediate action is required from them. If this event passed without a clear report, then shucks, but policy was followed. This is, again, up to Shame to clarify, since he was the one who actually addressed the situation. My involvement was simply to not handle it, as per my explanation. There might well be issues with policy enforcement and rule violations on our public Discord. However, some other platform might be worth for discussing this. Since this matter is literally a foot note on this complaint that I expected to address relatively quickly.
  13. Skull132

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    I will respond to the simple things first. The announcement was stalled because I elected to wait until Drago's application was complete and I could announce both her being hired and you retiring. Bygone elected to step out of line and announce your dismissal without coordinating with anyone else fooor whatever reason, but I assure you, I was planning on announcing it. I even told Bygone as such right after he committed this faux pas: I apologize if this made you feel like left out, but there was no greater motive behind that one. And re: the Ziy incident. I kinda forget the nuances of timing here, but: The matter was handled by Shame (eventually). My general point of view is to not bother myself getting involved in administrating the Discord if I am certain that there are active mods/mins around who have seen the incident, purely because administrative work like that is draining. I was not fully aware of the context of the chat, having come in right about the end there; so to be frank, edgy jokes happen with some regularity, and it is hard to discern between legitimate attacks and generic shit posting. Unless the target actually reports the issue. Which you did not, at least not to me. Further, over the next few minutes the chat appeared to simmer and my attention was brought elsewhere (if I recall, it happened at late/very early American times, which means I was nominally at school or at work, and my ability to actually do shit is limited. Again, unless you report it and I can look at it once I am free.) All that considered, I might have still fucked up on this incident. And a quick addendum here: Paradox's question was, "is it possible to strike here?" to which my answer was yes, because strikes do work in the general channel. Again, I was preoccupied with other stuff to actually read into the question in any way other than the superfluous one. As for the rest, I will do a little of consultation with my peers before I address it.
  14. Skull132

    Revert Bucklecuffing taking two resists

    Implementation merged. Leaving for feedback for a week or two.
  15. Skull132

    Drago's Developer App

    January has ended, so has this trial. Drago is now an official developer. Application accepted and archived.