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  1. Any arguments towards "Over powered" are kinda pointless. Once a scientist knows what they're doing, they can get access to whatever the materials available to them already allow them. So why not just. Remove the minigame, since the kewl stuff is hidden behind materials anyways? And if anything is out of whack, just balance it with the item cost itself. Like, as far as gateways go, RnD is a very shitty one. So to be clear. This wouldn't remove mechanical balance. We can still do that by adjusting mining yields and item material costs.
  2. Right. I did a more thorough cleansing. Hopefully that will put a stop to this repeating. Should be lifted now.
  3. In one form or another, this is definitely something we'll be discussing in the meeting in 2 week's time.
  4. Eh. Main reasons for this was from Kyres burning out and in general a lot of us getting busy with finishing the school year and shit. Also the past year hasn't really been kind to any of us, I don't think.
  5. Status update time! The past few months have been slow, and there's been some funny rumors going around. So let's dispel a few and clarify what we're working on. First off, to address the butt of the matter: nothing which doesn't directly require the new map in all of its glory has been postponed or halted. In fact, one core idea of the NBT was to gradually introduce new mechanics from it until It Is Ready:tm:. This is why you saw the gamemodes PR tested in January, for example: while it's a part of NBT (as an idea), it doesn't require the NBT map and as such, will likely be implemented prior to the map being ready. This means that we have some things in the near future to look forward to. Major things include: A new lore arc is being worked on by the lore team. The SCC transformation will be taken up as the next major hurdle. Most of the mechanics for it should already be in place, so it's just coordination exercise to get it done. The gamemodes rework will be restarted as well, with the old PR getting dusted off. All of these items should manifest themselves over the course of the summer easily enough. And perhaps with a few more added bonuses. But what about the map? Well. Progress on the map has been halted for the time being. The development team is gathering for a meeting at the end of this month to plan out an exact course of action on how to restart the progress. More news after this. Any questions and feedback welcome, as always.
  6. Matter of protocol: complaint was originally lodged as confidential but was made public after both parties agreed to it.
  7. Admin note: moved out of questions because questions is really meant to be for questions, not debates or discussions. Carry on otherwise, tho.
  8. I can help with that. The official policy, currently, is that indeed, the relay is not an official community discord and that's that. They don't have the same staff, don't follow the same procedure, and aren't a part of what we consider the official "Community" or whatever have you. This also means that staff aren't required to participate or moderate there: they're not being told to, ergo, they won't go there to do their thing. That is literally how the current system works and is meant to work. The original reason behind this decision was to simply conserve manpower back in the day. We had a good dozen "affiliate" discords pop up, and it was decided to create a sort of a "weak bond" system so we could monitor the discords that our community members are bound to congregate in, but at the same time, without outright burdening the staff with a requirement for active moderation. However, over time, it has become apparent that the relay is quite important to our community. And our staff would like to make further use of it in events and whatever else. However, if we continue to funnel official activity there (such as integration with our lore arcs), then we start becoming more and more tied to its upkeep. Which is roughly where we are now: we would like to expand upon the idea of the relay, by integrating it more with official events, maybe also broadcast it in more places, and whatever else we can think of; but should that happen, we come into issues of quality assurance, moderation procedures, etcetera. Stuff which our "Community" has established, but don't yet apply to the relay discord. If you raise the complaint that mods and admins have shown a disinterest in the Discord, then that's easy to answer: they haven't been told to go and staff there. If the decision is made to the contrary, that will be fixed. Other manpower issues can be handled with deputized volunteers, new teams, or whatever else. (If anyone remembers the Forum Mod shit back in the day, we can get creative if needed.)
  9. Are you using a proxy, by chance?
  10. IF MY MEMORY SERVES, antag and crew selection is done in the following phases: Off-site antag selection. Externals like nukies get selected here. Crew selection. On-site antag selection. This pays respect to job restrictions, ala antags not being able to be heads of staff. This entire system is kind of horribly fragile because it's ancient shit code, badly documented, and can spiral into weird bugs. However, the best way to try to fix this would be by swapping steps 2 and 3. However, this would cause trouble because certain antags (like AI) need to know who gets selected as AI to work. It's kind of a weird catch-22 at play.
  11. Please post your discord user ID as well. You can get this by going to "User Settings" -> "My Account", and clicking the three dots right of your avatar and username, accessible via "Copy ID". Alternatively, follow this tutorial.
  12. ???realisBOT 01/17/2018 ACTION: PLACED BAN | Length: -1 | Reason: spammer. AUTHOR: Skull132/84559773487353856 SUBJECT: ArAtSkUll/368546126959345675 It's a vintage one.
  13. Considering your suggestion for a new name was verbatim that of another high ranking gestapo officer's, your "Defence is thin". Appeal denied.
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