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Do hydrogen engines exist in Aurora universe?

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello! Sorry for the late response. I don't know what hydrogen engines are. Currently our energy production starts with fusion (which is not as efficient as we need in the 25th century) and worked up to phoron and singularities.

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More like any vehicular engine that runs on hydrogen. I was thinking more for vehicles than ships and the like.


Hydrogen combustion engines aren't really made for generating power, since you need to first of all separate hydrogen from other molecules, which takes more energy to do than it generates by burning.

Example: Water hydrolisis.

For vehicles, this is attractive due to 100% clean burn and no pollution, but you still waste more energy than you generate in the grand scheme of things.

So the energy has to come from somewhere else, usually from solar, hydro, or coal powerplants that generate electricity to power watever device separates molecules into pure substances.

A caveat to this would be if you found pockets of pure hydrogen gas in the asteroid. Then all you would need to do is burn it like a normal thermoelectric power station does with liquified natural gas.

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