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  1. I do think a hivebot incursion round would be interesting. Where a hivebot base spawns somewhere and the players have to deal with it accordingly. Or maybe just make it so the away site can sometimes leak onto the main station via escape pods or even shuttles.
  2. Except the language is uncivilized. It's the language of frontiersmen, lower class, and generally people who aren't prim and proper. It's the language of the 'uncivilized' frontier, of the 'uncivilized' ghettos. It was changed from 'gutter' to break from the criminality, not from the uncivilized nature.
  3. Bumping this back up. Include it or remove it.
  4. For this specifically, I usually put Pun-Pun in that glass piano display so he can see and be seen without being a danger to himself. When I play Bartender, at least. Rarely do anymore.
  5. Ah, you were at my side all along.. My true mentor, my guiding moonlight..
  6. I've interacted with some of Joe's characters and they seem solid enough for me, and RP wise you're pretty good too. I'm just gonna give this a big 'ol +1
  7. Coalition crate gets the mateba/autorevolver, not the Zavod one iirc.
  8. Station antags are lacking in ranged weapon solutions. As far as I'm aware, they're unable to get any long-ranged weapons, because the antag sniper costs more than the TC of your average station antag, and there is no longer TC in the vault to make up for it. So, to remedy this, I've come up with an alternative: the hunting revolver. A five-shot revolver that's single-action. To simulate the single action means, it'll use a bolt-action style where you have to "cycle the bolt" to cock it, so it can't do fast successive shots. It must be loaded and unloaded by hand, and doesn't have any speedlo
  9. I couldn't agree more. I once walked in on a vampire draining someone and couldn't tell they were actually drinking because it looked like they were just doing the mutual grab slow dance. I only knew it was vampirism shenanigans when they had a lackey block the exit.
  10. Ouerea is a well-established and lore important colony for the Izweski Hegemony, having been featured in multiple news articles and most importantly the expansion of the Izweski nation from an area on Moghes to the spacefaring civilization it is now. However, it's often overlooked that many Humans and Skrell still reside on Ouerea. There are even Human or Skrell Mayors, periodically. This is in part due to the fact that Ouerea holds a special status in the Hegemony as its only colony not ruled by an Overlord, but by democratically elected elders. I've recently been talking about adding the
  11. Silver could work, yeah. So long as it's visually distinct from Cargo's current colors.
  12. When on dark/black mode for goonchat, Cargo and Entertainment channels have the same color. This is largely because Cargo becomes lighter but Entertainment stays the same. I suggest we change Cargo to remain dark brown even on the darker background, or change Entertainment's colors altogether to become a green color like Common or Service chat. Maybe a yellow-green or spring green. Here's an image for your consideration:
  13. I'm not a fan of the white plastic-y feel, and I think the sprites seem a bit too wide compared to how long they are, but it is a marked improvement. Overly bulky/unwieldy guns is a sci-fi troupe that always bugs me, even in my favorite games.
  14. I'll see about making one, based loosely* on the mining hat from RDR2. Just with a battery and electric lamp instead of an open flame.
  15. This will also open the helmets for non-IPCs. Which, they won't need it. It's just a cool aesthetic thing so your miner can look more like a real miner. Another thing that could be done is a soft cap mining lamp like they had in the like.. 1800s/1900s.
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