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  1. After thinking on this more, I still say it'd be a good idea to take our little P.A. Luty gun and add it to the craftables roster. Otherwise it's just bloat.
  2. Allow us to push the janicart like one would a wheelchair. Please, it'd be so much better to move that way.
  3. I'd like to add a third apron, other than the big square butcher's apron and the obnoxious blue one that hydroponics gets. Instead, this one will be color-selectable so you can have it be whatever color fits your aesthetic. Be it green for a starbucks knockoff barista or blue to go with your Iridis warrior chef. Attached it a .dmi I've made for such an apron. Apron Icon.dmi Apron.dmi
  4. I actually like this. It's easier to manage than a cloned patient and keeps you out of the game for less time than as a bad cloning. That and there's no more brain damage fuckery. +1
  5. Upon thinking about this, I had an idea of how it could go. Somewhat similar to Cargo, with a Ranger mirroring the QM and 2-3 slots for Scouts mirroring Cargo Techs
  6. From what I've noticed in the news and on the wiki, Unathi really don't use blunt weapons. They're never mentioned, though I would be glad to see a mace or warhammer. I had an idea for a Kataphract weapon.. Force-Multiplied Warhammer (FMW Hammer) - A warhammer utilizing the same technology as experimental force gloves. Does the same damage as a kneebreaker hammer, but has a chance to send foes flying.
  7. Why didn't I think of that? Time to change the recipe.
  8. Then you'd have to add an entirely new part for this one crafting recipe, something I'd like to avoid doing. The improv pistol works just fine without it, and the code technically calls it a 'machine pistol' because proper SMGs are for some reason rare.
  9. iirc the steps to make a pistol go as such: Carve the rifle stock with a hatchet to make a pistol grip -> Add a receiver to a curved pipe and add that -> add a long pipe -> Weld it to cut the barrel down
  10. For shame, it exists but it is not a recipe. Alas, I've finally cracked and said it, it needst be craftable. And I have an idea of how. Carve the stock to a pistol grip, add the curved pipe/receiver, screwdriver to modify the receiver to be fully automatic, then add a rod for the bolt, then you add a pipe, add another rod for the grip, weld it, then it's done.
  11. Looking through this, it's certainly interesting. I like the ideas of it, but it seems as though there's some things that could use a bit of refinement. Introducing government influence onto the station adds a new layer of complexity, and has the chance to be extremely detrimental. That being said, I feel like we can handle it with nuance, like we do the Consular position.
  12. I agree that you should be able to red text a gun to someone's head to stop an unga rush.
  13. A lot of the good things are missing from it, like the improvised guns, but I can tell you a cheap and easy welder bombing style. Take an empty bottle, fill it with welder fuel, throw it on harm intent and toss a cigarette/lighter there. You can make a Molotov Cocktail my soaking a rag in welder fuel so you don't have to toss a cigarette/lighter to burn, just light it and toss.
  14. 30 damage iirc, I can't remember off the top of my head.
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