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  1. Perhaps add the other SCC company voidsuits? Hephaestus' Caiman suit: /obj/item/clothing/head/helmet/space/void/hephaestus /obj/item/clothing/suit/space/void/hephaestus EPMC Cruiser suit: /obj/item/clothing/head/helmet/space/void/cruiser /obj/item/clothing/suit/space/void/cruiser Zavodskoi Revenant Suit: /obj/item/clothing/head/helmet/space/void/zavodskoi /obj/item/clothing/suit/space/void/zavodskoi Zeng-Hu Dragon Suit: /obj/item/clothing/head/helmet/space/void/zenghu /obj/item/clothing/suit/space/void/zenghu
  2. I do not like the mechanical skill system, and do not want it. However, if it does come, the skill should be linked to the character and not the job.
  3. Please.. Reintroduce Brazil as just plain old lore. I miss Rioliantrio, I miss the Amazon. For context, there used to be an Earth Provinces page that was forever a WIP. Brazil was one that was actually fleshed out, with this being all I saved before removal:
  4. I agree that we need to go to a more industrial and less 'smooth surfaces' aesthetic, at least for Engineering and Cargo. Leave the smooth and sleek to the nerds in science and the bricks in Security. The ol' Silver CE should come back to, much more identifiable than "slightly different yellow/orange" as we have now.
  5. Much like in real life, using it to wrap food, make cheap/flimsy fast food bowls, and to be used in baking is a good idea.
  6. As you all may or may not know, tin foil is used in cooking. Primarily in baking, though it does have other uses like being able to make cheap although flimsy bowls, and tinfoil hats.. However, tinfoil is also able to block psionics. Tired of getting caught by Skrell doing psi ping or getting the mental equivalent to shitposting and "post this frog" beamed directly to your skull? Then simply make a tinfoil hat. You're not crazy, you're chic! You're not a "Conspiracy theorist" you're a truthseeker in a world of lies, damned lies, and statistics.
  7. I've enjoyed interactions with Murdoch's characters before, and after reading about the character I can say I'm sure that you'll make a good addition to the lizard community. Getting a nice fat +1 from me. +1
  8. I do think a hivebot incursion round would be interesting. Where a hivebot base spawns somewhere and the players have to deal with it accordingly. Or maybe just make it so the away site can sometimes leak onto the main station via escape pods or even shuttles.
  9. Except the language is uncivilized. It's the language of frontiersmen, lower class, and generally people who aren't prim and proper. It's the language of the 'uncivilized' frontier, of the 'uncivilized' ghettos. It was changed from 'gutter' to break from the criminality, not from the uncivilized nature.
  10. Bumping this back up. Include it or remove it.
  11. For this specifically, I usually put Pun-Pun in that glass piano display so he can see and be seen without being a danger to himself. When I play Bartender, at least. Rarely do anymore.
  12. Ah, you were at my side all along.. My true mentor, my guiding moonlight..
  13. I've interacted with some of Joe's characters and they seem solid enough for me, and RP wise you're pretty good too. I'm just gonna give this a big 'ol +1
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