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  1. We could do both by keeping the normal glasses we have now as 'holo-glasses' that project a hologram appropriate to the drink. Then you can have both boring swill in a glass and the normal, better glasses that look unique.
  2. Because I suggested this two years ago and that amount of time can change perspectives.
  3. What's the point in wasting a spell slot if it's just one-and-done, then? It isn't comparable to using it to get armor or clothes because those are indefinitely useful. You can't reclaim the cuffs because they disappear when someone breaks out. If they don't recharge, or become reclaimable, the stuncuff spell is more than useless. It's nothing but a noob trap for people who think it'll aid their less-than-lethal gimmick, or a quick stop for murder-rampage-necro to get like five ez kills for skeleton army.
  4. Bump. Did this go anywhere?
  5. I am heavily against this because it means the more unique drinks will just be another colored swill in the rectangular glass.
  6. Hard agree, needs more ceiling goblin potential.
  7. I support this purely because of the amount of cool gimmicks you could do with the entire repertoire of costumes in the chameleon kits.
  8. The holodeck has many uses. Training, entertainment, listening to the BattleMonsters song because nobody plays the buggy and broken card game.. But it's not really used often, in spite of it's central point in the station. I think adding a bar simulation to be a social area could remedy this. Or at least provide an interesting backdrop for security training. Think about it, most people socialize in the bar, most fights happen in the bar. The bar is an important place, not for the station, but for the roleplay. Being able to simulate one even though there are no Bartenders would give a familiar place to go to and socialize. It'd also work good for a security training program, since they're often responding to barfights with varying degrees of violence. To top it all off, the holo-bar could also provide a bit of fun by adding a holo-jukebox to make the inevitable party a little more fun.
  9. I understand that xenobio is supposed to be a high-risk field, but isn't it also supposed to be profitable? I suggest we add more interesting and positive effects to slimes, be it by adding a way to refine the jelly or simply by adding more color slimes. Some ideas I've had for effects: Limb regeneration(Slow and painful), organ regeneration(RiDangerous, risk of organ rejection), shock generation(Just one bolt of weak lightning, like a tesla cannon that only does pain damage. Risk of backfire.), and/or weak telepathy(Temporary effect, fades in and out.)
  10. Porting over Bay's stamina system has had the unfortunate side effect of making it so pressing shift causes you to sprint. While this is useful in some situations, it's been more of a burden for people who like to examine people and things as they go through the halls. Instead of simply looking at things, now we're just randomly jolting forwards and missing what we intended to see. Not only this, but for some people who use shift+button for a macro, it can also prove disastrous. For example, I can't even use shift to sprint when I want to because on another server, I have shift+W/S/A/D to dodge roll.
  11. Maybe have it drain some stamina so it's not a 100% perfect block every time?
  12. The Aut'akh literally buried themselves in snow to ambush the crusaders who went after them. From page 4 of the Sinta Articles:
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