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  1. As said in the title, make the permit fit the actual permit template. Maybe have the HoS' signature be the overall NT Chief of Security?
  2. One would think the 1909 original was, though I need to check.. I'll look into that, for now. Edit: Songs published before 1925 are in the public domain and do not require licensing for any use. Therefore, the 1909 original should be free to use.
  3. Something unique about ponchos, and before Skull decided fun wasn't allowed and removed them from loadout, cloaks was: They fit in both the suit slot and as an accessory. This leads to them being used both as standalone clothing and something to be worn over voidsuits/armor/coats, etc.. A bit of extra flavor. I'd like to see this feature come to the hide mantle as well. It'd make it so that even Unathi in Security, Engineering, and Mining can rep their clan/guild even when wearing voidsuits/armor/etc..
  4. To clarify, I was a bit peeved that the Mk. 43 was changed so heavily, making it a bullpup and giving it a grenade launcher, to make it into a worse Z8 Bulldog. I had originally released my own sprites, then Amory picked that up and modified it to be a bit better, and then Geeves picked the actual suggestion up and PR'd it. From there I was mostly disconnected and assumed it was going as expected, some balancing being discussed, and after some time I check the code dungeon and see what it's become. I expressed some concerns that it was getting a ways away from the original suggestion, and eventually they decided it was irrelevant and hopped into Paradox's boat of "Remove Sec ballistics, replace with lasers only." Essentially sealing the fate of the suggestion.
  5. I like wood. Sec Blue was fun, but wood is best if that's no option.
  6. I am heavily opposed to the rifle being plain horizontal. The only reason I made the icelance that was was because my lack of skill then, all rifles should be diagonal like the merc rifle.
  7. The ability to empty the contents of a bag into the floor is maddeningly gone without individually emptying a bag by hand, so instead I propose allowing people to just dump the contents out into the floor by clicking and dragging the bag to the tile you stand on, or an adjacent tile. This will add a whole new level of RP, by allowing Sec to be an asshole while searching people by dumping their shit in the floor, or allowing antags to be major assholes by dumping a bag full of bombs or other things into the floor. Maybe even just let Cargo dump a bunch of stuff out of their bags to make it faster to fulfill the bounty quotas. The potential is infinite. The reason I don't want it to be like an ore satchel or sheet snatcher where it's just use in-hand to dump it out is because I feel like that makes it far too easy to accidentally dump everything out, which would be a tragedy for an antag or sec main trying to reach for stuff.. That and since they lack the capacity to take everything on the tile, it'd be a pain to fill it back up again.
  8. Baystation has merged holsters and belts in a way that allows you to press 'h' to holster and un-holster your gun if it's in a belt. I can see this working for our code as well, though I can also see some flaws like accidentally unholstering your tazer and gun akimbo if the code is wonky. I'm as far from a coder as one can get, but considering putting your gun in your belt gives it the same sprite as the hip holster, it's implied that the belt has a holster for guns in it. It'd make sense, and lead the way for regular Sec Officers/Cadets to no longer need holsters outside their duty belt, other than aesthetic or just utilizing their own belt chemistry.
  9. I'm gonna make a thread about porting the holster-belts now, for great justice.
  10. Ah. The placement still disgusts me, as a mag pouch on the belt guy, but it's understandable still. However, I have considered making a thread to suggest porting the holster belt functionality from Baystation so we won't need holsters stand-alone for Sec anymore.
  11. Well, mechanically you can't use a storage item with a holster, because clicking on your uniform uses the holster. Most people don't realize this because they use hotkeys, but it is indeed a thing. That on top of the placement, which is right on the shoulder. A terrible place to put it for left handed shooters, and an awkward position to open a pouch at.
  12. After thinking on this more, I still say it'd be a good idea to take our little P.A. Luty gun and add it to the craftables roster. Otherwise it's just bloat.
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