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  1. DronzTheWolf

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    I can and will, and if I get banned for it, damned be me for daring to improve shitbird murderboner attitude to something with RP standards.
  2. DronzTheWolf

    Better TCFL Access

    I remember there was something like this for Security in Apollo code a while ago, and I support it. There used to be three in the vault, so you can have three doors forced open at a time, and then you'd have to take them off and move them, not so many that they can get through a whole department but enough that they can get around and maneuver well enough for a plan to work.
  3. DronzTheWolf

    Better TCFL Access

    This is called asking the Captain for a guest pass with whatever access you need. As a TCFL member, you'll probably have your job done in less than half an hour, the max time for a guest pass.
  4. DronzTheWolf

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    If you want to enforce the Inviolate, play a Vox and punish shitbirds by removing their stacks. If admins try to get you, quote the lore at them and they'll get off your tail. They'll still be around, but they'll learn eventually or exist in perpetual punishment.
  5. I half hope this happens so I can play a Chinese QM and every time someone who isn't an Head of Staff gets kidnapped, I can yell over the radio that Cargo won't be helping because their social score was too low.
  6. DronzTheWolf

    Alternate Wizard Garb

    Kaed, or some say, Kaedm. The nightmare must continue. After all, it has only just been birthed.
  7. DronzTheWolf

    Improvised/Custom shotgun loads

    Yes, shrapnel is going to be picked up from maint/broken tables/created from other broken things.
  8. I would like the ability to add shrapnel to a blank round to make an improvised/custom shotgun load. Only shrapnel to make it a shotgun shell, because improvised slugs would be very, very powerful. Too much so. It would obviously not be a blank shell any more at that point, so "Improvised shotgun shell" would fit as a name, but the shell would keep the white "Blank" shell look. It'd make a good addition for improvised shotguns, given that the main problem is getting ammunition.
  9. DronzTheWolf

    Clothes rework - modular, recolorable clothing

    We have yet to get modular pants.
  10. DronzTheWolf

    Baseball bats do what they're made to do

    You throw your tear gas grenade into the crowd of Revs but it gets knocked back and gasses your riot squad? +1
  11. DronzTheWolf

    Nerf the .357 revolver

    I know this will start arguments due to it's nature, but I have had enough. The .357/Traitor revolver is ridiculous. It can remove limbs in one shot, or take someone entirely out of the round if you target the head. It's a pistol that does more damage than any rifle in the game, and shotguns too. It can be hidden in a holster or in a bag, and it's pretty cheap to get ammo for if you hack an autolathe or just visit Cargo for their inevitably hacked lathe. The revolver seems like a cheap fallback for bad traitors to use if their gimmick goes sideways, just grab it and start disabling all of Security with hand/foot gibbing. Overall, I think that it shouldn't be powerful enough to break bones/gib limbs in one shot, if you want to do that it should be a weapon too large to fit in a bag. The hand cannon should be no more.
  12. DronzTheWolf

    The NT Mk43 Semi-Automatic Rifle

    Thus is life.
  13. DronzTheWolf

    Specialist Request System

    I like the idea, and Paradox's shameless suggestion just because I can imagine @Supply Get some miners here ASAP Science needs their materials you filthy animals.
  14. DronzTheWolf

    Re-add the new gasmasks to emergency kits

    -1 I can't run a no-bag character with the gas masks. They were meant to just be new sprites for our current gas masks but the coders had different ideas. Either have the devs make the masks smaller, or keep it as-is imo.
  15. We already have this if you get hit in the head iirc. I've definitely been cut off trying to speak on Aurora.