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  1. All Security issue armors have badges built in. Right click it and toggle the badge.
  2. I must say it.. I don't like how short the blasters are. Unless they're meant to be concealable, they need to have full-sized barrels instead of the shorter, stubbier ones. This is generally the complaint I have for all the pistols, they look like something you could fit into your jacket pocket or hide in your waistband with only a little difficulty. Unless they're meant to be wide/fat instead of long, in which case the ergonomics are probably gonna be off.
  3. IPCs can also be Odin guards, but still a good point.
  4. Have Research make you some blob-killer KAs. Unless they nerfed KAs against blobs while I've been taking a break from Mining.
  5. Materials got removed from mining, so good luck getting them back for xenoarch.
  6. I made a suggestion thread about this a while back that didn't gain traction, but it does have some useful information about how crawling works. The thing that makes crawling useless is the fact that if you can't walk, you can't crawl.
  7. I know it's anecdotal, but I've had rounds with 20-30 people on but only 5-10 people actually in the game playing. The rest were AFK or observing, after voting.
  8. I've been RPing with Ati on the station more often recently and I've come to say that I support this. With how they've done making Unathi, I can't wait to see how they do IPCs. Beep Boop +1
  9. Byond key: DronzTheWolf Discord key: Dronz#2441 Character Name: Amos Zhujian Item name: Ouerean Vest Item function(s): Like a poncho or cloak, it will function as both a suit slot item or accessory. Item description: A thin vest made of separate colors, this one is brown and turquoise, with something written in Sinta'Unathi on the right breast. While this is a traditional cut vest, it's made of modern machine-woven fabrics as is commonly done on Ouerea, and sized to fit a human. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: This was a gift from a Kataphract, Saa Sszehaak
  10. Use the crayon to make securitea and sell the lipstick. Maybe to Central, maybe to some Eridani with more money than common sense.
  11. That's reasonable. It's been busy but I'll try to get on more often for this one.
  12. I agree. This is a good thread, so I'll contribute my latest characters. Akhss Asosi Amos Zhujian Khunrrayar Enkherrava
  13. Add the beer keg /obj/structure/reagent_dispensers/keg/beerkeg Messa's mead keg /obj/structure/reagent_dispensers/keg/mead and xuizi juice keg /obj/structure/reagent_dispensers/keg/xuizikeg to Cargo ordering
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