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Incident Report - 17/07/2460

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Reporting Personnel: Jack McJacko

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Chaplain

Game ID: bVo-aQHl

Personnel Involved: (Name, Rank: Offender/Witness/Other (Ckey))

- Daniel Carmichael, Security Officer - Offender - (AmoryBlaine)

- Cassian Graves, Security Officer - Offender - (Unknown)

- Frank Chaplin, Chief Medical Officer - Witness/Offender ( Unknown)

- Naomi Ray, Medical Doctor - Witness (Zaeperry99)

- Grace Fitzgerald, Security Officer - Witness (Unknown)

Time of Incident: Around 07:40 or a bit later

Real time: 15:50 GMT +9:30

Location of Incident: Medbay Lobby

Nature of Incident:

[]Workplace Hazard


[]Destruction of Property

[]Neglect of Duty




[]Other _____

Overview of the Incident: The shift started rather simply, I met up with Naomi Ray in the medbay lobby to discuss urgent pastoral matters concerning both her and a close friend of hers (details of which I will obviously withhold) and while our brief discussion persisted we overheard the Chief Medical Officer failing to inform a patient had to be cloned and willfully kept them ignorant. Naomi immediately rebuked him on this matter and when he persisted to defend his illegal actions, I informed him he was, 'a silly cunt' indeed I admit I could of worded it better but as Chaplain I was naturally outraged by these grave legal and spiritual violations of the human dignity. To which the CMO demanded I leave the medbay if I wasn't a 'patient', both exclaiming that I had no respect for his authority given the obvious illegal activity and the fact that I had actually developed a sort of flu I refused to depart from the medbay. As such he called Security and I informed him I will be filing a report against him for this breach of patient trust.

As three Security officers arrived however I was given no opportunity to speak as Daniel immediately lay hands on me and tried to throw me out while Graves shouted at me to depart. Naturally, since I was sick with the flu and didn't wish to spread the illness, I shoved the struggling Carmichael back and asked them to let me explain the situation. They refused to listen and Carmichael tried for a second round against me (he failed) and only stopped once they too had caught the illness I suffered from my constant sneezing and when Naomi shouted them down for attempting to remove a contagious man from the medbay. At this point the CMO offered to have me quarantined to which I accepted his offer, however before any such could happen Daniel threatened me with, and I quote 'I'm very liable to smash something before I'm fired at the end of this shift. I suggest you keep yourself in fucking check, friend.' To which I said I would report him to his superiors for this veiled threat and attempting to forcefully remove a contagious man from the Medbay. To this he lost his temper and attempted to grab and tackle me to the ground (he failed). What stunned me the most was not Daniel however but his fellow officers, they simply stood there, Graves with a baton drawn but they made no move against me or the raging Carmichael, very content to see who would come out on top. The fight was only broken up once the CMO flashed me (and I didn't see who) someone had forcefully separated us.

Once separated and calm, we were all given our injections by Doctor Ray and Daniel was escorted off the scene, I and others remained in the medbay as I still felt the symptoms to which Graves turned to me and said not to be too hard on Daniel as he suffered something traumatic, to which I said there was no excuse for his behavior, if he was suffering mentally why did his fellow officers let him work? To which Graves replied and I quote, "It's actually an excuse for me to look the other way if he wants to club you in. If we come back, it won't be a gentle urging to get you out." To which I informed him he would be reported to his superiors for such a blatant admittance to corruption.

I will clarify that the two quotes of Daniel and Cassian are from my memory as I wrote them down not long after the incident, they may not be precise words but they more or less demonstrate their intent. I am positive the other witnesses can testify as to the accuracy however.

To recap my main complaint is with Daniel's overaggressiveness, his refusal to listen compromised not only his health but his fellow officers and could of compromised the entire stations had I not been wise enough to reassert myself, he is clearly not mentally up to the task of being an officer for once informed I would report this failure, he became violent once more. Another major failure was Cassian's refusal to defuse the situation in favor of his friend, this misconduct was to the point he put others at risk as well and then threatened me once I had pointed it out. It is clear that not even Grace Fitzgerald actually knew what to do in this situation though I am willing to overlook her failure to act as honest confusion rather than corruption or malevolence.


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: None were available.

Actions taken: I attempted to contact the Head of Personnel, Faysal Al-Shennwai but he was already in the cryo tubes by the time I got to him. For obvious reasons I kept my distance from Security once leaving the medbay.

Additional notes: for more details concerning the CMO, consult Naomi Ray's IR of the same day.

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