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  1. When are we going to talk about the fact that the HoS section is just the Station Dads and the HoP section is just the Station Mums
  2. +1 as Emily Cress is a certified rude girl with a mysterious past. I demand to know this past.
  3. No your point is you never did anything wrong in the first place. Your original statement on the situation was just 'oh all I did was tell Snake God couldn't be proven' when that was profoundly not the case. Here's a tip champ, try not to lie about stuff that happened earlier in this thread.
  4. > I just told Snake you couldn't mathematically prove God exists. No you didn't, you insisted on insulting religion and faith whilst mustering up no real charity to the discussion. (this is my favorite one) the last quote sums up his entire position in this thread as well.
  5. As a powerful valid hunter and power game extraordinaire who has never really suffered this issue I think the real crux of the problem is: Clarification. It's sort of in the realm of what Contextual was saying. The Head of Security is the most necessary force in Security for the very simple reason of he is the only person in the department who can actually order someone to do something. As a result he is also the person in the department who will eat the most shit if something goes wrong. Security generally doesn't mess around with crew on extended because a lot of officers might be scared of confrontation, scared of ruining their reputation or just might be uncertain on how to proceed. People lie to Security all the time and even a small bit of doubt can paralyse any bit of action taken because the Officers feel they either lack the authority or the resources to get a conclusion. The only times I ever truly have to handle brig processing as a HoS is because its an arrest based on a he said she said situation and I trust myself to be smart enough to catch someone out in a lie. Most officers do not trust themselves to do this and aren't really willing to risk brigging the wrong dude and being treated as an asshole. Antags don't suffer from this grey confusion though because antags are usually really loud and really blatant in their regulation violations (it also isn't canon). Simply put? Security doesn't like to get aggressive on canon rounds because HRPers care about their reputation. However the moment there is a Head of Security that will happily eat the bullet for arresting the popular person? Then the entire security team will annihilate the dirty regulation breaker. No questions asked.
  6. Reporting Personnel: Vance Khan Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: b4I-ahyE Personnel Involved: - Tzarka Ssarzi - Victim - Rako Azkazainar – Offender Secondary Witnesses: (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed) - Zihuki Rehiohks – Arresting Officer/Witness - Jaquelyn Roberts – Responding Paramedic/Witness Time of Incident: 17:00 Station Time Approximate. Real Time: 13:30 GMT+10:30 South aussie time. 15/12/19 Location of Incident: Cargo Lobby and Maintenance Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ X ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: Due to the lack of primary witnesses in the following case it is difficult to diagnose the reality of this attack, all that is known is that it was violent, barbaric and unfitting. The following shift lacked a Detective. We do not know if the attack was provoked by a third party or by the victim. What we do know is as follows. At approximately 16:50 to 17:00 I received a report from the Chief Medical Officer Stephen Webb that someone had been brutally assaulted. Naturally I dispatched an Officer to gather further information from the victim. I set out personally with my CSI at the time, Kipuloon Quumq, to pursue the scene of the crime. Cargo was reported as barren of employees by Officer Elise Taylor, something I confirmed personally and asked a member of cargo to come to their department. Due to the overwhelming silence from any employee after the first request, I let myself in and discovered a security headset lay on their desk. The reality of this confirmed that a member of my own team may be compromised, and my channels were. A series of complicated manoeuvres were enacted to probe the security breach my department had suffered. I will not list them however as they are not directly related to the report at hand. At Approximately 17:20 and 17:22 both the responding medic, Miss Roberts and the Victim, Miss Ssarzi were interviewed by myself and Officer Rehiohks. I will attach their contents. The extent of the damage that Miss Ssarzi had suffered correlated with attempted murder, as such I issued a warrant for Rako’s immediate arrest the moment his name was confirmed by the victim, PDA conversations and my CSI. His arrest was however significantly delayed due to a massive migration of carp. I shifted priorities to put down the Carp menace that threatened the crew and station far more directly before resuming the hunt for Rako. Rako was found approximately an hour later, SSD, in the rafts above the pool by Officer Rehiohks during a camera sweep. He was detained and charged for attempted murder due to the details that were present at the time. I personally searched his belongings and failed to find the device described in the victims interview. No contraband was found either. Due to a crew transfer in progress at the time of his detainment nothing more could be done. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The Captain at the time was aware of the developments. Actions taken: The Subject Rako was detained but he was SSD at the time. He was charged for Attempted Murder and sparking a manhunt given the circumstances. Additional Notes:
  7. +1 as I have continuously dealt with his Research Director as the Head of Security. I have no clue how good he is at the science department but he is constantly active on Command radio, responds to requests in a timely manner and does an overall pretty good job at handling the logistics of faxing, alerts and beacon button smashing. He's also the most consistent RD I've seen on dead hours which is pretty important as we always need more command members on during those times.
  8. Ioraks and my character once were in a wizard round where the only way to pacify the Wizard's bloodlust was by taking on medieval Feudal political structures. Naturally as the only other command member I had Ioraks assume Captaincy (King) in which I then roleplayed as his human son (Duke/HoS). We spent a good hour and thirty minutes roleplaying this new dynamic family and organizing the entire crew to take part in the Wizard's 14th century skulduggery of which ended with me throwing the wizard in a pool and hoping they would drown (witches can't swim according to the Malleus Maleficarium). Not that this has any direct influence on the item request it does however show that not only is Geeves a High RPer but Ioraks is also capable of High RP standards. As such I expect Ioraks LARPing as an important member of his clan will go well. I say this as a man who had to RP as his son, so no doubt the rest of engineering will have to do something similar too. +1
  9. Uaine is a very powerful roleplayer and channels potent noodle arm energy. They're also pretty cool person to interact with OOCly and have been v encouraging. +1
  10. Sentiment is precious and their dad has given them an allowance to go out and buy the flowers +1
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