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  1. Ioraks and my character once were in a wizard round where the only way to pacify the Wizard's bloodlust was by taking on medieval Feudal political structures. Naturally as the only other command member I had Ioraks assume Captaincy (King) in which I then roleplayed as his human son (Duke/HoS). We spent a good hour and thirty minutes roleplaying this new dynamic family and organizing the entire crew to take part in the Wizard's 14th century skulduggery of which ended with me throwing the wizard in a pool and hoping they would drown (witches can't swim according to the Malleus Maleficarium). Not that this has any direct influence on the item request it does however show that not only is Geeves a High RPer but Ioraks is also capable of High RP standards. As such I expect Ioraks LARPing as an important member of his clan will go well. I say this as a man who had to RP as his son, so no doubt the rest of engineering will have to do something similar too. +1
  2. Uaine is a very powerful roleplayer and channels potent noodle arm energy. They're also pretty cool person to interact with OOCly and have been v encouraging. +1
  3. Sentiment is precious and their dad has given them an allowance to go out and buy the flowers +1
  4. Let me just be a certified rude boy and summarise the impending responses of men unironically defending this. 'Ah but you see there are a number of things you can do to step around such predicaments that if were actually real options would simply mean we made the change for no reason.'
  5. Probably the worst offence that is yet to be spoken of is this will force the Head of Security to be way more of a frontline trooper. Its hard enough to resist the temptations of personally overseeing all major incidents as it is but in the event there is a pursuit, the HoS will always now have to be on the scene in case they rush maintenance. This is a gameplay change that has absolutely no positive as antags will now more often than not have to deal with the HoS on their tail instead of bumbling officer #302
  6. Brutishcrab beat me up and took my lunch money. He said the only way to get it back was leaving a +1 real talk its pretty good +1
  7. I have mainly interacted with Francois as the Head of Security. This business concerning 'doesn't obey orders' is not actually true, she is quick to question orders she doesn't understand but the moment you raise your voice she complies as you would expect of any Officer. How this even translates to -1 on a command app I have no idea. My character (Khan) has specifically addressed this ICly and I have never had a problem with her questioning his orders since. As it turns out the man in charge has to earn respect before he wields authority like a baton. Security's response to the 'goat cultists' was frankly inadequate, I was there as well as Francois in the Chapel and the entire round they were broadcasting heinous nonsense, for whatever reason Security never dealt with. We however all remained in the bar and out of the way, not wishing to engage in whatever satanic musings the Chaplain was up to. The line was crossed when Feufer called out for help (everyone in the bar knew them) and so the local bar patrons, stood up, decisively outnumbered the 'goat cultists' and took Feufer back and so one of the 'goat cultists' decided to get stabby. This naturally ended in a brawl and somehow despite the fight lasting for several minutes, Security only turned up once two people were dead and the wounded were escorted out. I'm not sure what was going on in the background but its silly to try to -1 an app because people had to intervene due to how overly loud and comically evil you were. As for Peppermint's actual play as a command character it has been swell. I have mainly interacted with their CMO who has displayed an advanced knowledge of medical, has always facilitated RP interactions and I have witnessed her teaching new people how to play which is frankly the principle existence of Heads of Staff (at least OOCly) +1
  8. Ignore the calls for Christianity to get communion wafers and wine. It is canon that any unleavened bread (or leavened bread in the case of extraordinray circumstances, a space station would qualify) can be used as the Eucharist, same with any Wine can be used as the blood of Christ. Simply giving it to Chaplains will stop them from actually going out of their way to cooperate with the Bar and the kitchen to produce these items. The true addition to Christianity would be more and better outfits, especially for Requiem services. Also big hats. Also a book called the 'Code of Canon Law' that just redirects to http://www.vatican.va/archive/cod-iuris-canonici/cic_index_en.html that hosts the Laws so people who claim to be Christian actually realise there are rules concerning the religion. I have always held the opinion that any Christian Chaplain should be the corporate liaison of the Church and run around to those affiliated with him and ensure they aren't being bullied. If they catch a single offence punishable by Canonical Penalty then they should be able to fax the local Bishop with his signature to excommunicate the big loser. If you really want to be 300 IQ big brained make it so that anyone who eats a consecrated host as a non-christian immediately suffers 200 Toxic damage and is rendered uncloneable as his soul is torn apart by demons.
  9. I play HoS and I have seen them consistently and adequately address all logistical issues the department faces. Coordination with all other command members has been good as well and thats all I really need in a Captain. +1
  10. BYOND key: Snake2512 Character names: Jack McKinley (formerly McJacko) and Vance Khan. How long have you been playing on Aurora?: I first joined in early 2018 and took a bit of a break towards November of that same year. I recently returned to play regularly in August of 2019 so I think a solid eight months of consistent play. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I wish to explore a Head of Security character instead of my usual Chaplain routine. Mainly because during the dead hours I play I see 1 million sec officers and no head of security. (Yes, I am perfectly aware we have too many security players and I apologize.) Why did you come to Aurora?: A friend from another hrp server invited me. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes I have. Vance is over 30, ten years between being a Police Officer and working for the Court Administration Authority in Sol and acquired a Diploma of Crime and Justice Studies from St. John’s Luna University. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I have received a few adminpms in the past, the most dire one was warning me not to be so eager to go toe to toe with a Cultist as the Chaplain. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay in the truest sense of the word is a collaborative story telling effort where each 'player' assumes the role of a main character of some description. These players drive the story onward through their various interactions with the world and all form various integral parts of the overarching plot. Roleplay in the context of ss13 can as a result be hard to perfect as there is technically 30 main characters at any given time and not all of them agree on how the story should proceed. However, fundamentally it should be about a group of people collaborating as various characters to produce an enjoyable and quality story. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Heads of Staff are an integral part of the ss13 experience, especially if you are new to the game. No matter the character design of the head of staff, they should always be looking to include and drive all players of the game together, ideally through continuous interaction with those who are new to the game itself. They should be experienced in the department, adequate social skills and of an above average roleplay quality all with the principle focus of engaging and entertaining the fresh blood. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I sort of touched on this in the above paragraph but their principle responsibility is to provide an example and encouragement to those under them. They are the first line of defence against bad roleplay habits, griefers and other elements that may detract from the overall roleplay experience. They have a responsibility especially to the new players, that they may be given a chance to integrate themselves in the wider culture and learn from the most experienced men. In short, the OOC responsibilities to other players is to provide an ideal example and inclusive roleplay. A fundamental principle in acting this out is being familiar with the wider lore and IC regulations so your interactions with Central Command, aliens, antags etc can set a standard. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Vance Khan himself would actually have emigrated from Sol due to a political scandal concerning his employment in the public sector. Tau Ceti's main impact on his career as he would of recently shifted citizenship is not only the culture shock of a new planet to live on but the culture shock of a corporate workplace vs the public sector he is used to. A policeman turned corporate security is by far and wide nothing unique but in combination with various other quirks I hope to entertain other players with the juxtaposition. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Head of Security. Perhaps Captain later down the line when I am more familiar with a command role. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Vance Khan, Head of Security How would you rate your own roleplaying?:Above average, my emotes suck, my grammar sucks but I like to think I do a really good job at finding the new people on the server and entertaining them. As a Chaplain main Jack's entire job has been completely roleplay fuelled and I believe many have enjoyed their interactions with Jack McKinley. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I do. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? I have. Extra notes: JMJ
  11. I roleplayed as his stepdad and there were many good times.
  12. +1 a man who actually dedicates his work to fleshing out the existing setting instead of creating irrelevant war hero #4005
  13. I got asked to fire off some hot opinions so here it goes. I will start off by saying the more I have been exposed to Security mains the more I fundamentally do not like to interact with them (with some exceptions of course), not because of lack of roleplay ability (they are technically roleplaying) but because the dominant culture is one in which promotes the exact same archetype in each character. I can't say why this is the case because I've never made a Security character on this server but it becomes increasingly apparent that only a certain kind of Character appears to be rewarded or at least encouraged, that being the tough security officer who takes no shit, has anger issues and of course willingly ignores the corruption of his buddies because they're his buddies. Now is this a legitimate character? Yeah sure but its sort of tiring to see the same man copy and pasted, especially when these issues are most apparent during non-canonical antag or event rounds when it becomes incredibly difficult to file an actual IR against these characters because their 'attitudes rely on external non-canon factors' regardless if the interaction was as an antag or not. Obviously an OOC complaint doesn't work either because its not actually against the rules to rp a Security officer who was clearly bullied in school. My greatest insight into this was when I was lucky enough to be awarded Security channel access as a 'Brig Chaplain' to which I will give the necessary credit to that Head of Security who went out of their way to involve me in the otherwise shut off catacombs that is the brig. As I said, there are exceptions to this but there is a very serious and pretty terrible Security culture of circle jerking. Now, does this exist for other departments? Oh sweet Jesus yes but none are ever so horrifically interfering in event/antag rounds when its from Security. All I am asking is for some more Security players to use their heads a tad bit more. Nothing was funnier to me when an Officer threatened to arrest my character because he was trying to teach an off duty cadet how to box because we weren't in the holodeck, despite the fact that the holodeck had been hacked and was not at all safe. In truth, I do rarely try and get the attention of Security but the more I am forced into situations where I have to deal with them, the more and more I am not liking anyone in the department, either due to laziness, unneeded malevolence or just bland characters in general. Whats the solution to all of this? Couldn't tell you, maybe a different kind of HoS needs to step up to the plate or an old one needs to play more often and really crack hard on the culture of it. Maybe new players need to play Security in general. I will confess as a new player I don't have all the answers to an issue of culture but i definitely have been exposed to some annoying elements and can share them. Now, secondly I got asked to talk about what my experience has been like as a new guy thats stuck around for a bit. I can say pretty confidently its been good, initially it was hard to find my place but how much that is due to my own character design choices and how much that is 'the culture of aurora' is really hard to say. I play a character that is naturally antagonistic in his nature not because he breaks into places and breaks corporate law but because he has a lot of opinions and likes to force them on unwilling people. This is naturally a character that will initially be written off OOCly or disliked ICly and sometimes with good reason. I can say however that once continually persisting into shifts on Aurora he found his corner of the server not because one clique opened up to him but because many people from many groups responded pretty well. In particular the staff were the first to really receive me into the server then many other notable people came forward and its been good times. As for my interaction with events since then? I play a Chaplain so I tend to do really well at being involved in the long story driven lore events but terribly at the on station action events for the very simple reason is the only people who would need a Chaplain during such events are characters who hold key positions and therefore really can't take the time away from their positions to come and speak to me. Does character design have a significant impact on this? Absolutely, however I like to think I am pretty good at entertaining myself but the simple reality is when shit hits the fan the civilian sector is just a burden that needs to be kept safe, there is no incentive for them to interact beyond fear rp which is rarely engaging. tl;dr character design is a pretty important thing to consider here and hard to regulate, I found Aurora welcoming for the simple reason I had obvious goals to achieve and once people realized that my character was a vehicle for change, they gladly interacted with him and welcomed him to the community.
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