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Replace Non-Stylized Borgs


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Now we all know those borgs that exist, you now the ones.

That weird long-armed one which plagues about 4 departments but nobody uses, the weird egg-janitor bot or maybe the weird cubic bar robot.

Well fear no more for there are legitimate solutions, importing actually robots that are made with the SS13 style in mind.




[mention]PoZe[/mention] is already working on turning the reddies into blues.

However since there have also been concerned cries of:

"But the inconsistency!"

"But the style!"

"But the ripping from open source games which we have done many times before and quite few our our updates consist of just us taking a system from another codebase and importing it into ours!"

But I'm a good guy, I know our developers work hard and play hard so I don't want to burden them with having to create entire new sprites from scratch based on the pre-existing styles or re-spriting the already existing ones.

I'd say we can use this thread to compile the "inconsistent" borg sprites and maybe as a community work on improving them and giving them a general theme so they fit together like fried butter and sausage-bacon wraps.




I mean does anyone even USE this freaky thing? I know it's in a few departments but it has absolutely zero difference and minimal color variance so nobody can tell what borg it is.

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