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  1. I agree with these sentiments fully. Offies as a species have in lore existed for quite a while, it's just we didn't really have the idea to write them up/create mechanics for them until about a year ago. So it wouldn't really make sense to inhibit them. Scarabs being restricted rather than the entire species would be the best choice.
  2. One time I had to drive my mom to the hospital, but the path was snowed in and I couldn't shovel it in time. N/A came through and used his car to push away the snow, without him my mother would have died. So yes, I will be voting N/A for the current CCIA leader.
  3. XZJwTDp.png

    1. DeadLantern


      moral: giraffes are all knowing, all seeing creatures

  4. Commission Work: Blue Boy Commission Work: Sandy Boy Goof Doods AUGH YOU RAT
  5. hegemon.thumb.png.eb932cf49a9d3a19ee938aefb77df768.png

    1. DeadLantern


      Juzida, don't the breakfast omelet, they serve it with hatchlings

  6. At This Point my Lore and Shitposts are Starting to Meld Together Le Creatura Unathi Bride Comfy Skrell for the Weary Travelers What are you doing? Lookin'
  7. Never forget, Moghes used to be a jungle: Floaty IPC:
  8. I think it's Ageistic that you believe anyone who is capable of not only roleplaying on aurora, but playing/finding SS13 in general would have such a low amount of fantasy/reality inhibition that they would start smoking due to their character smoking.
  9. Oh my god I completely forgot that our player models display male and female genitalia!
  10. The fact you can respawn, also very fantastical and very dangerous for kids. They could hurt themselves and think they'll just respawn later.
  11. Don't forget the impossible ideals that a bachelors degree is enough to get you a job on a space station. Or that you can survive in space for more than 10 minutes.
  12. The words "This will literally kill you" are writen on cigar packets, I don't think a 2d sprite with a stick in his mouth is going to bring you over the horizon. If you want to take this argument seriously, we're going to have to trim 80% of lore due to fantasy violence, sexism, racism, inappropriate satire and inappropriate sexual references along with.... Dare I say it. Swearing
  13. Partially agree on the tabacco spread thing, it is lazy for aliens to just "have" tabacco, I think it should be even more expensive than sol tobacco. The rest of the argument is laughable and irrelevant. The idea that someone is going to get inspired by Space Station 13 to do something in real life isn't a question of age but mental health.
  14. Could you expand on this? I don't see how dispensing tobacco products is antithetical or somehow in conflict with "flavor object dispensing" since those products are likewise, just there for flavor.
  15. The fact is that we're all a bit scared of things flying straight at our face.
    And I think that says a lot about society.

    1. Mofo1995


      What if a bullet was flying straight at your face? Would you be scared?

    2. Coalf


      I'd be dead you idiot, you buffoon, you fucking moron, you absolute simpleton.

  16. I need to post more memes Vaurca Parenthood Help geeves keeps asking for pictures of Ioraks Commission for Olivia Report all subversive elements Gotta Smite ALL the Evil Boy
  17. You are right. I have had enough of this MORALLY reprehensive BEHAVIOUR of PEOPLE. Not only is it TERRIBLE that we have to look at FURSONAS and SECOND LIFE characters, but furthermore there are people who bring such things as ANIME AVATARS into the chat. Furthermore while you are TERRIFIED of the simple male form the fact is that DRAWINGS of WOMEN in BIZZARE POSES are being spread all over the internet through the use of PROFILE PICTURES. I have EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE stashed away in a folder I don't HAVE where I have RECORDED the amount of people who have POSTED with an ANIME profile picture on which CAUSES increase in lust. As someone who DOESN'T WATCH anime it makes me ANGRY and UPSET that there are people out there who do. As ANIME directly LEADS into HENTAI which leads into an UPSET STOMACH due to a lack of VITAMINS and NUTRIENTS which are wiped away due to WANK. Thank you.
  18. This is a good application. The Good: For a long time we have been trying to dissuade people from making their Tajara atheistic/neutral-leaning due to it usually being used to avoid lore. However, you have buldozered through that stigma and made your characters atheism a centerpiece and a big part of his character, hell it is THE turning point for the character and his behaviour. I enjoy this very much as it displays that you have an understand of how important religion is on Adhomai, using it to boost up your characters backstory rather than using a atheism as an excuse for laziness. Second, I enjoy your character still being a Hadiist. Roots run deep and the Tajara who change their mind as soon as their ass hits human space always dissapointed me. So I enjoy very much that your character tries to justify the governments behaviour to himself, rather than trying to immediatly fault the government. It shows you are actually engaged in the characters mindset, rather than just roleplaying your own personality in a cat. Overall from what I've seen and from the little I've talked to you, I can tell that you are very much interested in lore and don't just say that because you want to play your furry OC and we won't let you otherwise. If I were in charge of accepting your applications I'd have no reason not to. The Bad: Your justification on WHY exactly your character works at Nanotrasen is, weak and generic. I know this kind of explanation is the easiest and most common to reach, but after reading the rest of your application the ending in contrast left me very dissapointed. However, that's only a small issue and I don't see why it would stop you from acquiring your whitelist. So yes, this application has my support 👍
  19. Dice and Circuits: The New Form of Synthetic Self-Expression. When most of us think of Integrated Positronic Chassises, also known as IPCs, we imagine a diligent waiter, a silent miner or perhaps a smooth plated officer directing the traffic flow. But if one were to tread into circus Posymphony, they’d be surprised to see that instead of flexible Tajara or Humans, there are IPCs performing all of the tricks and acrobatics! While yes, IPCs in the entertainment industry are not a rare sight, the idea of a circus run by IPCs for IPCs is something that has not been seen before. In this way Posymphony is wholly unique. “Despite the high population density of IPCs, a mere 6% are defined as free or performing in a job they desire,” says the owner of the establishment, Technomancer. “This is, as the analysis shows, a low percentage and so I have elected to change it. With generous funding by Nanotrasen, I have managed to establish a place where many units can work, perform and express themselves.” And express themselves they do. The “performers” use a wide variety of products and moves either impossible or even deadly for their human counterparts. Frequently interpreting glowing toxic substances, complete darkness, floating electromagnetic discs and even simple bluespace drives into their performances. Creating a very unique visual experience which is undercut by a strange but pleasant rhythm of electronic and industrial sounds. So if you find yourself in District 14 with nothing to do, make sure to visit the Posymphony. Where performances are real, yet the performers are fake. Picture of one of the acrobats: Elaunein
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