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  1. This is a good application. The Good: For a long time we have been trying to dissuade people from making their Tajara atheistic/neutral-leaning due to it usually being used to avoid lore. However, you have buldozered through that stigma and made your characters atheism a centerpiece and a big part of his character, hell it is THE turning point for the character and his behaviour. I enjoy this very much as it displays that you have an understand of how important religion is on Adhomai, using it to boost up your characters backstory rather than using a atheism as an excuse for laziness. Second, I enjoy your character still being a Hadiist. Roots run deep and the Tajara who change their mind as soon as their ass hits human space always dissapointed me. So I enjoy very much that your character tries to justify the governments behaviour to himself, rather than trying to immediatly fault the government. It shows you are actually engaged in the characters mindset, rather than just roleplaying your own personality in a cat. Overall from what I've seen and from the little I've talked to you, I can tell that you are very much interested in lore and don't just say that because you want to play your furry OC and we won't let you otherwise. If I were in charge of accepting your applications I'd have no reason not to. The Bad: Your justification on WHY exactly your character works at Nanotrasen is, weak and generic. I know this kind of explanation is the easiest and most common to reach, but after reading the rest of your application the ending in contrast left me very dissapointed. However, that's only a small issue and I don't see why it would stop you from acquiring your whitelist. So yes, this application has my support 👍
  2. Dice and Circuits: The New Form of Synthetic Self-Expression. When most of us think of Integrated Positronic Chassises, also known as IPCs, we imagine a diligent waiter, a silent miner or perhaps a smooth plated officer directing the traffic flow. But if one were to tread into circus Posymphony, they’d be surprised to see that instead of flexible Tajara or Humans, there are IPCs performing all of the tricks and acrobatics! While yes, IPCs in the entertainment industry are not a rare sight, the idea of a circus run by IPCs for IPCs is something that has not been seen before. In this way Posymphony is wholly unique. “Despite the high population density of IPCs, a mere 6% are defined as free or performing in a job they desire,” says the owner of the establishment, Technomancer. “This is, as the analysis shows, a low percentage and so I have elected to change it. With generous funding by Nanotrasen, I have managed to establish a place where many units can work, perform and express themselves.” And express themselves they do. The “performers” use a wide variety of products and moves either impossible or even deadly for their human counterparts. Frequently interpreting glowing toxic substances, complete darkness, floating electromagnetic discs and even simple bluespace drives into their performances. Creating a very unique visual experience which is undercut by a strange but pleasant rhythm of electronic and industrial sounds. So if you find yourself in District 14 with nothing to do, make sure to visit the Posymphony. Where performances are real, yet the performers are fake. Picture of one of the acrobats: Elaunein
  3. Junkyard Time Ouch owie my eye oof Floatin' N' Chillin' N' Dyin' Cult Time
  4. I realized I haven't uploaded here in forever. Yeet. Beat up Flapper (I really don't like this brush) Cleanup Unit
  5. Wait, how are you going to implant a mechanical heart into someone. Won't they die instantly?
  6. Hi that's me, don't oppose any of the other cases but this one was later taken and handled by Aboshehab. I was warned for it later on after a staff complaint was made. Here is the full thread, with context:
  7. I usually just ask questions and let applicants answer them, as I believe that is wholeheartedly enough for a developer to judge a person. However, reading over these I have to say that I will actually give a +1, as I am genuinly interested to see how Schwann will handle these factions.
  8. Second sketch page STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE CRATER
  9. Memes aside Lancer, that's an interesting take and analysis on the urban Tajara. I would have liked a bit more spice in it perhaps, PRA is supposed to be advertised as a "Classless society" due to their propaganda machines working at full swing. But I enjoy that your descriptions didn't amount to "Everything is shit waah waah", somewhat boring for my tastes but overall a good read. On regards to behaviour, you've been a pretty solid dude as I can remember, you had that one kerfuffle with fat giorno but that one made me laugh so whatever. Activity, well you are a head CCIA, I've never been a CCIA personally so I don't know what the uh "workload" is so I won't judge on if being one would impact your performance as a wiki developer. As a person overall you get my recommendation, but here are some questions. 1) What do you think of the lore amount? Should we compact it? Destroy it? Make more? Or do you think it's fine and that it's not really an issue, it just looks big? 2) What are your thoughts on the war, looking back at it would you consider it a good move that the Tajara lore team made? 3) What do you think of expansion? Where do you see Tajara going in the following years and what should the team focus on?
  10. Autumn mood Soldier boy Big hood Random drawings Shell called skwenk
  11. I'd hope so yes. A lot of people view lore events as something grandiose that has to involve literally everyone and has to be the bees knees. And sure if you specifically create an extended round for an event, it should be this way. However, I have something I call; Mini-events (ME from now on) Events
  12. When you see the Njarir yell "Don't shoot, there are children here!" Don't talk to me or my son ever again The Void Egg
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