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  1. Please restrict your posting to genuine feedback. Thank you.
  2. Coalf

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    So can non-factioneers "win" the event? Are players going to be rewarded for reporting them? What is security going to do about all this? Isn't this technically corporate espionage? Something I believe we already have laws for?
  3. Sorry for the delay, locking and archiving.
  4. Accepted, locking and archiving.
  5. Locking and marking as processed.
  6. So recently Burger brought up that he has an issue with the three Nanopastes down in sub-level of science. As seen here: As he said it's been rushed basically every round by IPCs and IPC antags alike to be snatched and used in self-healing. So the suggestion was brought up that instead of changing the nanopaste itself the machines could be made fixable by other means so they could be deleted from that level. Burger didn't want to do it so I am making a suggestion thread that some other developer or someone with at least a passable ability of coding will see this and pick it up. Yes, xenoarchaeology isn't the most used department but outright removing the Nanopastes without substituting could cause some fatal mishaps, as they're pretty fucking dangerous since they let out radiation and explode when they overheat too much.
  7. Due to the resolution of the other suggestion I'll be archiving this one. Locking and archiving.
  8. Coalf

    Player awards results!

    I humbly accept the most important award.
  9. Coalf

    About the complaints system

    It's a bit weird that in your thread where you try to reinforce the trust in staff and non-public communication you present two examples of staff being biased or making mistakes as main points. Perplexing boast, yet alas. Now don't get me wrong I get where you're coming from, the issue is this is going to have some serious unintended consequences which Bay has felt when they censored their own complaint threads. Paranoia. Let's say a thread appears, Character A killed Character B, your Character C saw it happen. You know that Character A did not kill Character B. An Admin accepts this complaint. A week later the admin concludes Character A is guilty and closes the complaint. Do you see what I mean? While it's admirable you trust us enough, as is demonstrated in this thread plenty of people don't. And I do understand where you're coming from in removal of toxicity, but this cannot be done by throwing a blanket over said toxicity. People are still going to be toxic, they'll just use every other medium available to express their opinion. Development is a perfect example, we have feedback threads, we have GitHub feedback threads, we have polls and we have the github log on discord. Yet with EVERY change the discord, private PM's, OOC and LOOC erupts into the discussion about this and that and how it's wrong and I am right. Imagine this happening with literally every single complaint thread and unlike the forums, discord is MUCH harder to administrate. In short, while I do admire this attempt I don't believe it's the right thing to do. I think it's the equivalent of putting a rug on the stain rather than cleaning it up. You are right in that change of character, a true change can only happen through discipline and learning. This is why the warning system exists if people do not learn, they get banned. So I'd rather see a person being reported for using history to call someone out, rather than holding my fingers crossed that the admin really did interview literally everyone possible.
  10. Application denied by Jackboot. It is not in our vision to have Changelings organized in a government; they are a mysterious force we do not understand. Locking and archiving.
  11. Notice @ben10083 you've played a HoS once and an IAA twice at the complete end of your trial. We and other players cannot measure your ability to play this way and thus will be extending your trial for a week to give you more time to play heads of personnel.
  12. To clarify voting values on how well equipped your character will be in the gauntlet: 0-1 - Due to this being an SFW environment they'll be getting a loincloth. No weapons. 2-4 - Wool clothing along with stone daggers. 5-10 - Leather armor, Bronze Weapons of varying shapes and sizes depending on how high they are. 11-15 - Bronze Armor and Bronze Weapons of varying shapes and sizes. 16-19 - Iron Armor and Iron Weapons of varying shapes and sizes. 20< - Steel Armor and Steel Weapons of varying shapes and sizes. All characters will be AMATEUR practitioners of a weapon they're wielding. If you donate 300 dollars to my paypal I will give a character of your choosing adamantine.
  13. The votes have been counted, the people have been heard and the waifus have been, well you know. SO LET'S GET ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIGHT INTO THE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS FIRST PLACE #1 LOOCing loudly into first place, it's none other than the squeaky cleany, skrell talkiny, spider huginy. Ava Hazel SECOND PLACE #2 Who is holly, jolly, round ball of fun and securing a second place? (this is literally a fucking ball people wtf your tastes are getting worse) ORB THIRD PLACE #3 Eridani born and HoP heading, give it up for our paper pushing, paper drowning, paper papering girl! Amaya Stone There are a lot of others and I'd like to say. You all suck, you don't matter, if you're under this 3 system ranking you're useless and unimportant. BUT STAY TUNED, SINCE ALL THE SUCKERS WILL BE CAPABLE OF FIGHTING A FIRST PLACE IN THE GAUNTLET OF DWARF FORTRESS The waifu wars will return after messages from our sponsors:
  14. Coalf

    LOOC White/Blacklists

    I'd support this, for ghosts/observers only. I've seen players help each other, clarify things or ask for voiding or "going AFK". Ghosting and observing shouldn't be encouraged, this is exactly what ghost LOOC does. Not only that but it encourages people to start dumb peanut galleries and constantly chip in with dumb and frankly unfunny commentary to pretty much every situation no matter how serious it gets, it's nothing but annoying when people are dying and you're struggling to spot tiny black text between the fat, bolded, light-blue letters going "LMAO XDDDDDD" "XDD REKT" "GET REKT SHOTGUN LOOOL". Now you can go, "Just mute it", well that doesn't work either. First off I'm muting everyone in-game as well, second off I cannot influence other people in turning it off and of course they react to the shit that gets posted LOOCly. I've seen entire conversations stall because someone ghosting wanted to be hilarious. If people want to use LOOCly so badly, they should at least be in the game. Addendum: Didn't talk about selective blocking in-game because there doesn't seem to be an actual negative to it. Well maybe besides someone LOOCly saying they're AFK and you not seeing it.