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  1. Why do people never respect the parking sign. Skrell, just a skrell Everything the sun touches belongs to me, don't you dare think about touching it Grrr Rawr angeery >:I Veteran Big Suit
  2. Borya has been a recent addittion to the lore team, but a great one. I have found myself working with him again and again, even talking about lore which neither of us are responsible for simply because he's a great person to bounce ideas off of. His personality is nice and fresh and his view on the lore are nice, although I'd consider them naive to some degree. I do have a few questions I want to ask about: 1) The human race is fucking gigantic compared to every other species. How do you plan to tackle this hugeness, since I believe it is physically impossible to give every faction "the same" coverage. 2) Would you ever consider seperating corporation lore responsibility from the human developer position? 3) Which species would you like to see cooperate with human developers more? 4) As both a developer and a moderator, if the circumstances came about where you would be unable to do one or the other. Would you rather continue being a developer or a moderator?
  3. Thank you Marlon, very cool.
  4. Adhomai Celebrates Peace: You Can Join Too! As our readers may know, it has been 3 months since the armistice between Adhomai nations was established, ending a terrible conflict that had claimed countless lives. While the wounds may never truly heal, the nations of Adhomai are working diligently to mend the divides between them. Now with the help of the Interstellar Aid Corps, the nations of NKA, PRA and DPRA are building bridges between Tajara, with a project called, “Stories of War and Peace”. This ambitious project seeks to find and publish any work related to the Adhomai civil conflict, life before it or the relief that came after it. Applicants may submit their work over Extranet, mail, or directly, as a group of representatives will be traveling all over known space to directly talk to and understand the pain those not present on Adhomai during the conflict might have felt. “They arrre simply hoping that everryone who wrrites will wrrite in good spirit and that they’ll have fun doing it,” says Kasha Orlova, one of the representatives and a co-lead of the project. So do you have a story, song or poem about the war? Write now, and win the chance to be published in one of the official articles with millions of readers!
  5. Tajara Clothes of all Kinds More Tajara Walkity Walk (reference used)
  6. The question is also how you define "enough people" Is a 29 to 23 majority valid or not? Should the gamemode be blocked after that? It's still a very high number of people who don't want it. Is a 30 to 20 too much? Too little? Why? What did those extra 4 people achieve besides an arbitrary increase in pleased to displased people? 20 is still a lot of players in this case. How about deadrounds? 9 to 4? 9 to 3? or even a bit more normal like 20 10? What is the exact number of people needed to be upset in order to cancel a round? Plus what about the people that DO want a gamemode? Antag cross-over events and borers are largely unique to Aurora, isn't it a bit unfair that someone who really likes this gameode and has literally no other server to find it on, has to basically suck his thumb because the minority wants to play the Xth round of wizard? In this system good gameodes don't get passed, just the ones that are the least offensive to most people. What other system should we use? Condorcet method? Well this wouldn't solve the issue, if voting was based on numbers that people assign to their gamemodes from favorite to least favorite, we'd just keep getting secret and extended. Two round voting? Where people vote for their favorite gamemode and then the 2 with the most votes have a second voting? Technically the fairest vote, but also bound to get the most people upset as they might get stuck choosing between two things they don't want. Electoral College? Give the admins a stronger vote so they can sway public votes in whatever direction they deem is best for the round? Seperate players into voting blocks and give each block a single vote like in ancient rome? The issue is our gamemode selection, we can't MAKE a fair vote because there is so many choices that all votes always get split up, so people HAVE to vote in a way to counter their LEAST favorite gamemode. Or vote for what they want and possibly get disregarded for picking the 3rd party. 45 vote Traitor > Extended > Borer 40 votes Extended > Borer > Traitor 30 votes Borer > Traitor > Extended I.e If Traitor has the most votes, it would be the winner. However, if Extended was not in rotation, Borer would be the winner, as more people prefer Borer over Traitor. Same goes for us, the less choices people have the more they'll be upset they couldn't pick their favorite, but the more choices there are the stronger the bigger the split and possibility of a gamemode that the majority REALLY doesn't want, being picked. Which is why secret is so popular, regardless of how unpopular your favorite gamemode is, you still might get it. Further it rids you of the moral choice of having to pick something that other people are going to hate, picking you want and weakening a vote, or having to pick between two things you hate. tl;dr there is no "fair" way to do voting on server, revealing the gamemode is going to be convenient for the few people who just cannot stand a gamemode so much they have to leave the game every time its voted, but very inconvenient in terms of actually inspiring slight paranoia those 20 minutes before the first kill appears Which servers don't use the voting system we do?
  7. On a serious/longer note, tajara were in a civil war for about 7 IRL years, are the most technologically regressed faction, the smallest/least expansionist faction and are the further away from the system where the setting takes place. Basically we were the most screwed in terms of in-setting relevance, outside of the playerbase having a large playercount. But now the war has ended, and while we are still going to continue the echo of the Tajara conflict we plan to do more "open" events in the future. To answer a bit longer than I had before. There is a lot of tying up loose ends and trying to actually finish some story arcs we began on our own. The Tajara species has never had a good track record of interacting with other species, even way back when, due to its ass end of nowhere location, little relevance to the universe at large and internal conflict. This year we've finally had the chance to start wrapping that up and shifting our focus outwards into space and towards Aurora. Further there was a huge amount of restructuring happening in the team with people leaving and coming in. Human team has two new deputies, Vaurca team is new with Jam taking the lead, Dionaea team is essentially completely new, Unathi team got new deputies, New Lore Masters were selected, Tajara team was shuffled around, IPC team is completely brand new. People are right now more interested in fixing the holes that previous developers left either due to some obscure piece of lore somewhere in the ass end of the wiki or working on their own ideas. Recently Aut'akh saw a rework, Tajara wiki was shuffled around and some content was cut down to include the more important bits, we fleshed out the notable persons part of the wiki, fixed a few inconsistencies regarding dating/time etc. Lastly I wouldn't even say cross-species arcs are that important, sure they are nice but Unathi haven't really had a cross-species arc in a while and they saw one of the biggest rises in playerbase recently, same goes for Skrell whose warbling event was majorly skrell based but still got people interested in playing skrell and the universe as a whole.
  8. Also aren't there Vaurca involved in the Unathi civil war? K'Lax play a pretty major role as far as I know.
  9. Both valid complaints I didn't really have a good answer for. Scrapped the idea mechanical implementation document I suggested.
  10. Here is a document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XMSXhNECc2dfd8jkvtYHmRQTarcuErQ8LRTCv7aq-Bg/edit?usp=sharing EDIT: Reworded it because Geeves said that calling it an agreed upon document was malicious. EDIT EDIT: My whole suggestion was kinda shit, scrapping it. It was mine not Jackboots or anyone elses BTW SO DON'T BLAME THEM
  11. I agree with these sentiments fully. Offies as a species have in lore existed for quite a while, it's just we didn't really have the idea to write them up/create mechanics for them until about a year ago. So it wouldn't really make sense to inhibit them. Scarabs being restricted rather than the entire species would be the best choice.
  12. One time I had to drive my mom to the hospital, but the path was snowed in and I couldn't shovel it in time. N/A came through and used his car to push away the snow, without him my mother would have died. So yes, I will be voting N/A for the current CCIA leader.
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