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  1. Bands, Bots and Break ups; Where are they now? It’s an obvious fact that the freer the market, the freer the people. And with such large markets, it is no wonder that Tau Ceti houses talent after talent after talent. Be they musicians, circus performers, racers or gamers. In this article, we’ll disclose the lives of these living legends walking among us. The ClockWorks are one of the most prolific bands, coming onto the scene as one of the first “recognized” synthetic bands rather than musical equipment. They are well known not only for their musical talent, but also their chemistry on-s
  2. Alrighty, finally I wrangled my ADHD riddled brain long enough to read this. Anyways cheers for applying, glad to see more applicants.
  3. Hello possible future co-worker, I have some questions Finally, thank you for applying.
  4. I think "LRP" rounds are a net benefit to the server IF done sparingly. As a player I've enjoyed going gung-ho with friends, acquintances and people I frequently talk with, as an admin it's helped alleviate stress and event experiment with some of the "wilder" verbs we have. It makes the server more of an all around experience for those people who don't enjoy the kinds of people that hang out on servers like /tg/ /vg/ /goon/ /bee/ etc. but still want to have a bit of mindless fun. But to re-iterate These events should be done sparingly, no, 3 times a monht is not sparingly. They should be
  5. Calzones are just folded pizzas why the fuck is this even a food.

    1. wowzewow


      Radical Structural Anarchism, Ingredient Purist

    2. Haydizzle


      A calzone is a sandwich



      Bottom text

  6. Propaganda Posters Title Card Religion Title Card Tajara Child being Scolded Cat Racism? On my planet? More likely than you think.
  7. Good answers in all regards, and I'm glad you took some time to think about them. I don't see a reason not to support this application, as all my aspects are more of a matter of opinion on how to handle lore, rather than something a person can confirm as bad or wrong in on itself.
  8. The white version of the uniform is overly-shaded, looks metallic. The blue version looks okay. Better than the current uniform we have.
  9. Hay is hard working, approachable and friendly. I've gotten feedback and given feedback on multiple points and each time it's been a good learning interaction. Although there are still a few things to consider for me before I give an endorsement. But, I still have a few questions, spoilered to keep the thread short: Outside of those questions, I have nothing but positive things to say about Hay. They've been a good influence on the team in general and have been a capable writer up to this point.
  10. Commission for Myphicbowser Commissions are open. 5-15 Euro for Sketch (depending on complexity) 30 Euro for lineart 40 Euro for Painted Lineart 50 Euro for fully rendered/shaded
  11. The questions I was going to ask were asked, I've talked to people and overall there is no problem and you seem to have a healthy attitude. I don't really see a reason why I shouldn't accept you. Application Accepted.
  12. Hello, just posting here that I am aware of this application and will review it fully during the weekend.
  13. The Vow of Silence that impacts all Sun Sister character's has been specified and put onto the wiki. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=S'rendarr_and_Messa#The_Parivara
  14. Walid Al'Qat Dies and a New Father is Elected 18.08.2462 We regretfully announce that, on 16.08 2462*, Father Walid Al'qat suddenly but peacefully died in his sleep. His body was discovered the next day by one of the Seedlings who was tasked with attending to the Father's morning routines, he is as of now hospitalized due to stress. The upper levels of the Parivara refused to permit an autopsy of the body, but the attending physician theorized that an undiagnosed heart condition may have been the cause of the Father's abrupt passing. This tragic news only arrives to the ears of our
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