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  1. VOTE OF DISCLOSURE FAILS! ALL PARTIES OUTRAGED! AHEM MISSING! This morning, an emergency vote was called by the Free Tajaran People's Party on the nature of the crashed object. Due to the extremely volatile nature of the event, there were nearly no absentees, with the exception of Ahem Kah’nrir who has been refusing all calls since the discovery of the crashed satellite. The vote? Declassify all known information about the recently crashed PRA satellite. The fighting started almost immediately, as a member of the Free Tajaran People’s Party physically shoved a member of the Blue Party after a heated debate before the building. When the proceedings arrived to the Assembly itself, the situation was no calmer, individual voices were nearly inaudible due to the heated discussion. The room, however, quieted down once Supreme Commander Nated stepped up to the podium to speak. The speaking order followed as usual, however, little attention was paid to the speakers as they were continuously interrupted by shouting and arguing from the other seats. The proceedings had to be halted multiple times before the National Assembly finally moved to the voting. In the end the motion to DO NOT DECLASSIFY won out. Denied by a majority vote which was only achievable by the Adhomai Blue Party switching at the last minute, when they were promised the farmers and land which was damaged by the satellite would be recompensed. The minority supporting the disclosure primarily consisted of Free Tajaran Party and multiple Junta leaders. Ahem Kah’nrir was absent. However, it appeared that the vote was divisive within the parties themselves, as many members of the denying majority stormed out angry, seemingly displeased with their own party’s decision. A peculiar sight was the quiet Commander Kahan Hro’rammhad who had voted “Yes” on the disclosure, he seemed to be particularly upset, shaking his head fervently as he exited the building. Readers will note, Commander Hro’rammhad had previously unanimously supported decisions made by Supreme Commander Nated. While it is too early for predictions, experts and political analysts state that this could mark a shift in the political climate and that the current approach has gained the anti-war tent “many more enemies than they anticipated”.
  2. A New Era of Negotiations! President Hadii Deftly Resolves Dispute with One Call! 20.10.2463 Horrible tragedy struck two weeks ago when all contact with the newly created satellite, nicknamed “Tajani”, ceased! While the kosmostrelki response was swift, they could do very little without a signal to locate said satellite. After days of anticipation, the satellite's emergency beacon re-activated, reporting from the DPRA territory before being lost, forever. In the Republic, Tajara are taught that mistakes are acceptable, but what happened next was not! Both Ilvyat Kraschym and his wife Vladya Kraschym refused to report to the government what exactly happened! While Chief Naval Commander Samirro Qarrarhaz repeatedly messaging the scientific team behind the endeavor, he received only vague and nonspecific answers as to what exactly had happened. Only after days, when Qi-Xon Tri independently contacted the Chief Naval Commander, was the failure revealed. Both Ilvyat and Vladya Karschym have in the meantime fled from Hadii Institute of Orbital research and are being actively pursued. If the readers or any of their loved ones have seen those two Tajara, please contact their local authorities. As it was much too late to respond with a swift rescue operation, which the illegitimate state of DPRA would have surely taken as unwanted aggression. President Hadii instead arranged for a call between himself and “President” Almrah Harlala. While the specifics of this negotiation were not disclosed, the President called a press meeting to explain what exactly had happened. President Hadii finished his speech, as a roar of applause swept the room. The president then left, before anyone could raise any questions, Minister Zhuldyz Hadii stepped up in his stead on the podium. The room performed a standing ovation as Minister Hadii exited the room, ending the conference.
  3. Critical Information Stolen; Deserters to Blame?! A bright flash lit up the sky of the Din'akk mountain a two weeks ago as horrified villagers reported to the local authorities. At first, it was a suspected meteor hit, and the junta troops immediately responded to relieve the villages that were impacted by the shockwave. However, when they arrived at the scene, instead they were greeted by a large satellite with the flag of the traitorous PRA printed onto its side. Immediately, government scientists were contacted to properly dismantle and dispose of the object. Yet, when central government researchers arrived at the scene, they found absolutely nothing besides an alloy skeleton and a few meandering villagers, curious about the crash site. Both the local authorities and government military investigators were called to the scene. After questioning and extensive use of the Liberation Army Air Brigades, pieces of the satellite were re-discovered and safely secured, however, a majority had been lost, perhaps forever. explained Chief Inspector Vladim Radic. he further added. The local junta leader, Alexeii K’marr has been embroiled in a variety of scandals, including misappropriating captured equipment for personal gain in the past, he refused to comment on the behavior of his troops. While chief inspector Radic does not confirm any allegations, many have pointed fingers that the deed was done either under direct orders of K’marr, or with his agreement. With the precious little that was recovered, the science team has declared that they cannot make an official statement on the nature of the satellite and will not be attempting to disclose any theories on the inner workings of the satellite publicly without government consensus.
  4. Look to the Suns, Free People of Adhomai! A New Satellite Unveiled! 07.10.2463 Today the Adhomai Chronicle is proud to announce a new groundbreaking discovery breaching through the stratosphere of ingenuity. A brand new and cutting-edge satellite has been unveiled by Hadii Institute of Orbital Research. This new piece of technology is sure to put to sleep any doubts about the technical ability of the PRA and its unified Hadiist ideals. The satellite, ironically nicknamed "Tajani-IV", is a feat of ingenuity and a true behemoth. Standing at 20 feet tall and 5 feet wide this giant promises a new outlook on both Adhomai and its surrounding space. Ilvyat Kraschym and his wife Vladya Kraschym, lead researcher director and lead assistant researcher respectively, have both stated that the “Tajani-IV” will be able to simultaneously observe the surface of Adhomai and activity on distant planets. "While the design is controversial and unusual, we promise great things to come from our ‘Tajani.’" - said Qi-Xon Tri, secondary research director, federation advisor, and the central mind behind many of the critical components used in the satellite’s construction. "They consider it very much a prototype." - director Kraschym added. As this article is published, the “Tajani-IV” is already being deployed into orbit, as its launch has been kept secret to prevent any potential of sabotage or third party interventions. Here at the Adhomai Chronicle they wish the “Tajani” a good start and hope it brings glory to the Republic! [Attached, photo of the sattelite "Tajani-IV", alongside Ilvyat Kraschym and his wife.]
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  8. New Curriculums Drafted; Parents And Children Rejoice! (Attached: Photo from event as Minister Khazdar recites his speech.) 20.06.2463 This late spring sunny morning the population of Nal’tor was awoken with a parade of bright red flags and uniforms, as groups of young Tajara marched through the streets, to take part in today’s ceremonial declaration of a new teaching curriculum. This curriculum will be distributed to all relevant triviums, intermediate schools, trade schools, gymnasiums, and universities. It comes in the wake of the resignation of the old school rector, Jamison Knight, and the introduction of the new school rector, Irryavga Jrruzhani. She and the Minister of Education, Kalim Khazdar have both worked to create modern and party-appropriate lesson distribution and teaching methods. As the podium was being prepared, a car carrying our dear leader, Njadrasanukii Hadii, arrived. The crowds burst into cheers as the president stepped out alongside his armed guard and took a seat behind the podium, next to the minister. The bright skies illuminated the main hall of the Nal’Tor College of Excellence as lector Jrruzhani began her speech: A silent pause fell over the crowd until our dear leader started to clap, at which point the crowd went into roaring celebrations. While the crowd celebrated, Jrruzhani took a seat further away from the delegation next to the other professors present and Minister Khazdar stepped up to the podium, waiting for the crowd to calm down before beginning his speech. The minister took a pause at this point, most likely remembering his time in D6 as a few early claps roared and quieted in the audience, after flipping his notes he began again. As the speech concluded, all present started their revelry. Thousands of flags created a sea of pulsating red in the celebration of this glorious moment. As of today, classes such as Economy, NanoTrasen Training Course, Low-Wage Living and others, have been removed from the curriculum. Instead being replaced by People’s Economy, People’s Political Sciences, Tesla Industry Research, and more. All students enrolled in canceled courses are eligible for the credit score for those classes if they or their parents are loyal party members.
  9. Made these sprites, but all the effort of actually putting them in belongs to cael and casper:
  10. Commission Rates: 15 - 20 for a sketch depending on complexity, you can choose if you want it coloured or not. + 50% of base price, for another character in the picture.
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