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  1. I agree with these sentiments fully. Offies as a species have in lore existed for quite a while, it's just we didn't really have the idea to write them up/create mechanics for them until about a year ago. So it wouldn't really make sense to inhibit them. Scarabs being restricted rather than the entire species would be the best choice.
  2. One time I had to drive my mom to the hospital, but the path was snowed in and I couldn't shovel it in time. N/A came through and used his car to push away the snow, without him my mother would have died. So yes, I will be voting N/A for the current CCIA leader.
  3. XZJwTDp.png

    1. DeadLantern


      moral: giraffes are all knowing, all seeing creatures

  4. Commission Work: Blue Boy Commission Work: Sandy Boy Goof Doods AUGH YOU RAT
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      Juzida, don't the breakfast omelet, they serve it with hatchlings

  6. At This Point my Lore and Shitposts are Starting to Meld Together Le Creatura Unathi Bride Comfy Skrell for the Weary Travelers What are you doing? Lookin'
  7. Never forget, Moghes used to be a jungle: Floaty IPC:
  8. I think it's Ageistic that you believe anyone who is capable of not only roleplaying on aurora, but playing/finding SS13 in general would have such a low amount of fantasy/reality inhibition that they would start smoking due to their character smoking.
  9. Oh my god I completely forgot that our player models display male and female genitalia!
  10. The fact you can respawn, also very fantastical and very dangerous for kids. They could hurt themselves and think they'll just respawn later.
  11. Don't forget the impossible ideals that a bachelors degree is enough to get you a job on a space station. Or that you can survive in space for more than 10 minutes.
  12. The words "This will literally kill you" are writen on cigar packets, I don't think a 2d sprite with a stick in his mouth is going to bring you over the horizon. If you want to take this argument seriously, we're going to have to trim 80% of lore due to fantasy violence, sexism, racism, inappropriate satire and inappropriate sexual references along with.... Dare I say it. Swearing
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