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  1. Bump update, I added even more stuff.
  2. Behind the Mask: Fareeda Del Nova, Entertainer with a Deadly Background! - Writen by Sceeter Heldin, a Journalist Mayor from the College of Biesel - Edited by Tumar Kor Fareeda Del Nova (Nova) Dangers are ever present on the frontier, be it hazardous flora, fauna or pirates and the lack of a truly united government is the most evident in these cases. This opens the way for third parties, looking to gain a money and win some good reputation for themselves too. The Colonial Protection Service also known as CPS, stood out among these as they also provided a live-feed from the cabins of their pilots, turning their danger into peoples entertainment. Eventually as tensions settled the CPS took on safer and safer jobs, basically becoming a reality TV show rather than a protection firm. This resulted in them hiring less and less qualified mech pilots, instead focusing on entertainers and influencers instead. Fareeda Del Nova, going by the nickname Nova online, was always a very prominent influencer. Her Spacetube channel entertained thousands with both her looks and her knowledge of cars. She joined the CPS as soon as she could, as she reckoned that cars were not that far from Mechs in terms of driving. However, soon afterwards the Unathi Hegemony had decided to expand and CPS was required to adhere to its contracts and protect colonies which had signed an agreement with them. This forced many , pilots which had no real prior combat experience into, deadly situations, one of these pilots was miss Nova herself. Many pilots were wounded or killed in action, said to behave like headless chickens. In an attempt to protect their reputation, the CPS decided to broadcast "Edited" streams of these mech pilots, intertwining dangerous and lethal situations with canned laughter and humorous captions. This did not go well with the general public and the CPS was disbanded shortly after. As of now miss Nova helps raise charity for the society of "Soldiers without Banners", a solidary group that helps veterans coming from private millitary backgrounds or security firms which were dispanded. Despite her popularity, miss Nova lives in squalid conditions, divulging on camera that her days on the field made her "get used to it" and that she "preffers it this way". Further her popularity has proven a deadly trap, as a stunt pilot in her mech dubbed "Hopper" she is required to keep her neural arm implants, leaving her with the growing chance that one day she might wake up with inoperable arms. If you want to help folks like miss Fareeda Del Nova, please donate to one of the many charities or help raise awareness by sharing this article. Hopper ( Cossack Mark. IV) The Cossack Mark. IV combines high speed and powerful energy shielding into a deadly combination. Often reffered to as "Frontier's Doorknockers", these mechs are best utilized in urban situations, cave-systems and speedy scouts. Nothing is perfect, and the Cossack is no exception. Its speed and shielding drains the battery very quickly and it also has, what at the time could be considered a boast, an arm neural interface. While this interface provides perfect feedback and hand-to-eye coordination, it also means that the pilot can take 5-6 minutes of unplugging before he can safely leave the suit. This naturally conflicts with the safety system, which is a simple ejection system that automatically activates if the mech is compromised, shooting the pilot out of the mech immediatly. Further, the sensitivity sensors implemented into these machines that provide feedback to the pilot are told to give off an "unpleasant feeling" when the arms are damaged, and as studies show pilots with such implants run the risk of losing feeling in their hands and fingers. This one is modified by the pilot to feature red cushioning and a spray painted symbols specific to the pilot.
  3. what Could you elaborate, do you mean like players don't play the species so other players don't play the species? Wouldn't be that the result of the lore/idea of it being un-interesting because there is not even that initial spark of interest from curious people on the server? Also do you ever plan on expanding on the idea of how Dionaea actually integrate into society, get doctorates and who like funs their colleges and stuff? That whole subject has been mostly avoided and as a result a lot of dionaea backstories end up with "And then he did a thing and was in NT because a reason". Which is really hard to from a command/security/medical perspective.
  4. Sleepy is a very exciting person to work with, they're capable of taking very barebones ideas and ping-ponging them around with others until they take a full shape which everyone is satisfied with. While I've worked minimally with sleepy on the official lore team, I've talked to sleepy in private multiple times and can attest that they're a very good person when it comes to understanding themes and establishing story structures/overarching ideas. However, if I remember correctly, Sleepy has a bit of a habit of jumping into lore and jumping out every so often. So I'd like to ask, can we expect that here or is this a more mainstay application? Second, suppose that right now some mysterious skeleton appears and says that all of your mechanical proposals are outright denied right here and now due to would you continue with your application or would that be a deal breaker?
  5. Pigface, skrell and assortment of various images At a loss for words: Chieftain Thunderbolt:
  6. An interesting essay, short sweet and to the point I like it. But I have a question. Over time I have noticed that the idea of a "Frontier Alliance" as an entity isn't really existant. Sure people are from there, but they'll usually state they're from the individual parts/colonies rather than support the alliance as a whole. Do you think this is good, bad, do you have different experiences and would you fix this?
  7. I know my own intentions and feelings and I'd like to disagree with your assesment as they're not, in any way geared towards controversy. HOWEVER, I cannot. In the past I have spoken out against hiring of controversial developers and while I do really want to be a developer, I still hold that sentiment and I recognize my own controversiality. Thus, I couldn't disagree with your assesment Mofo without labeling myself as a hypocrite, essentially proving that I have not changed at all. Thank you for the overall feedback and support. tl;dr
  8. I have been doing my best to fix it. I can't really send gift baskets with a "Sorry for shitting on you tee hee ;p" because I don't know your addresses, but I've been doing my best to offer council, respond to people in a civil fashion and keep my work and my private opinions seperated. If you have a guide on a non-shitty apology I will heartily give it to you. But right now, I am genuinly sorry, is all that I can offer you in regards to what I wrote about you and others. Also "apperantly got", I've been on the team for nearly two months, hell I pinged you last Sunday about the Aut'akh images that were unsourced. You can dislike me all you want, after all I am not entitled to forgiveness but it is unfair to label my addittion to the team as "secret club behaviour", mainly towards Chada and others. Everyone who judged my first application, which was rejected, judged my second application which was accepted. This gives me hope that I have actually improved, I don't believe it is their fault you did not notice me being a staff member for nearly two months now. Lastly, anyone on Aurora will tell you that literally everyone gets a second chance. There is plenty of people both on/off staff who have been banned, or even permabanned for their actions and/or behaviour. Some of them are lore developers that work with you every day. All in all, yes you are fully entitled to not accept me, to reject my application or to block and ignore me. I accept that, I made a mistake. I will continue working as a wiki developer regardless of the decision and I will continue to make future applications, again regardless of the decision.
  9. I don't believe total consistency is achievable, well not if you want to keep the department like actually desirable. But an ideological and aesthetical consistency, is. The fact is human lore is human-gous, it's big, swollen to the brim due to the fact that most players we have are human. Thus most lore canonization applications, criticism, requests, developers and deputies focus on human lore. Hell other species constantly bounce off of human lore to faciliate their own. Total consistency is unachievable, unless literally every single piece of content was not only checked personally by you, but also archived in some kind of a very easy to read document that On the other hand, aesthetic and thematical consistency is easily achievable, and that is via an informational funnel. Species benefit from this. Even if right now Alberyk died due to a mysterious disease of two bullets to the back of his head, the next Tajara developer would most likely not actually change that much. Simply because in order to become a Tajara player, you need to read at least part of the lore and understand or aknowledge at least, the "idea" and general "theme" and "aesthetic". Plenty of humans factions have started benefiting from this: Dominia, Elyra, Eridani, Scarabs - They have a distinct type of person coming from them, you can see someones behaviour and look and go "Yes, that man is from X faction". Meanwhile things like Sol, Tau Ceti, Alliance or billion other colonies have, well nothing. If you stood a Solarian, a Tau Cetian and a general Alliance member next to each other, nobody would know what is the difference until you place a Tajara next to them and saw if They kill, exploit or ignore him. In this way, lore can be preserved. Yes there will be loose ends, and yes I believe that cannot be prevetend, it can only be remedied, things get forgotten constantly. But ultimately if people know what the "theme" or "idea" behind a faction is. They will follow it and understand not to deviate from it. Right now if you and VT were to be, I don't know involved in an accident with snipped car breaks, I would know how to continue Eridani, Elyra, Dominia and Scarabs easily, because there is a thematic and aesthetical consistency. While the thematical subject is going to change course into more domestic issues and less invader issues, I have no reason to change the way the articles have been writen in terms of galactic scale up to this point. I want to keep the general feeling of optimism, but also highlight that a LOT of shit has happened to Elyra and that it can't just be brushed past. Instead of introducing a "new threat", I want to také the results of the previous threats, the Unathi incursion, Liidra incursion and Mushroom incursion and have THOSE be the dramatic foil of the day, not another "This just in, aliens are kicking our favorite friend! Again!. Galactically yes, I want to keep Elyria as a moraly interesting foil to the general degenerative and depressing themes of NT and Sol. But domestically, I want to see how a nation this quickly militarized, strongarmed into a deal by NT due to mushrooms and having the rural areas be more split than the urban areas, would deal with such issues and struggles. Ultimately, The final goal is to provide players with more backgrounds than "war survivor" or "war veteran". For example, someone who became a doctor and wants to help NT after They gave humanitarian aid for mushroom coughs, a staunch conservative who is sick of the infighting in the rural areas and thought changing systems would help, a fresh soldier who is now without a job due to wark ending and so he bums to NT for security work since They love hiring Private Sec Companies. A supporter of aliens who had to run away after his family grew to resent them due to all the invasions and decided to reach Tau Ceti as a liberal beacon. etc. etc.
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