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  1. Made these sprites, but all the effort of actually putting them in belongs to cael and casper:
  2. Commission Rates: 15 - 20 for a sketch depending on complexity, you can choose if you want it coloured or not. + 50% of base price, for another character in the picture.
  3. So I started uploading again, only the most recent stuff so you all missed a lot but you know, fuck you. You can check it out in the gallery menu, until I figure out how to attach it to this forum post.
  4. Whoops, I use darkmode on my browser. My bad.
  5. I wanted to make a quick note at the start of this thread. I tried to use as neutral language as possible in order to avoid belittling anyone. If you have any issues with the language used, feel free to make suggestions also. If you feel uncomfortable talking about it in public, feel free to hit me up in private, I'm not open 24/7 but I try my best.
  6. Like the new additions. I feel like we were at a distinct need for actual sci-fi looking sci-fi guns, rather than another dark turd with brown highlights that dissapears when you put it on the maint floor, and turns into a vague mass when placed next to other guns.
  7. Bands, Bots and Break ups; Where are they now? It’s an obvious fact that the freer the market, the freer the people. And with such large markets, it is no wonder that Tau Ceti houses talent after talent after talent. Be they musicians, circus performers, racers or gamers. In this article, we’ll disclose the lives of these living legends walking among us. The ClockWorks are one of the most prolific bands, coming onto the scene as one of the first “recognized” synthetic bands rather than musical equipment. They are well known not only for their musical talent, but also their chemistry on-s
  8. Alrighty, finally I wrangled my ADHD riddled brain long enough to read this. Anyways cheers for applying, glad to see more applicants.
  9. Hello possible future co-worker, I have some questions Finally, thank you for applying.
  10. I think "LRP" rounds are a net benefit to the server IF done sparingly. As a player I've enjoyed going gung-ho with friends, acquintances and people I frequently talk with, as an admin it's helped alleviate stress and event experiment with some of the "wilder" verbs we have. It makes the server more of an all around experience for those people who don't enjoy the kinds of people that hang out on servers like /tg/ /vg/ /goon/ /bee/ etc. but still want to have a bit of mindless fun. But to re-iterate These events should be done sparingly, no, 3 times a monht is not sparingly. They should be
  11. Calzones are just folded pizzas why the fuck is this even a food.

    1. wowzewow


      Radical Structural Anarchism, Ingredient Purist

    2. Haydizzle


      A calzone is a sandwich



      Bottom text

  12. Propaganda Posters Title Card Religion Title Card Tajara Child being Scolded Cat Racism? On my planet? More likely than you think.
  13. Good answers in all regards, and I'm glad you took some time to think about them. I don't see a reason not to support this application, as all my aspects are more of a matter of opinion on how to handle lore, rather than something a person can confirm as bad or wrong in on itself.
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