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  1. I do still hold the position that you are a bad leader and a writer. But yes, I regret all the insults, I regret attacking your character and you as a person, I regret posting it somewhere where you could not defend yourself in the first place. That was scummy me of me, I made a mistake. Again, I am sorry. I have not acted morally. However I am still allowed to hold my opinion that you are not capable staff, which is the same opinion you are allowed to hold. Ergo the -1, +1 system we are employing here. At this point I don't know how to apologise to you, if I bent the knee and said I love your writing and you are a great leader and the sun of my morning, I would be lying, which is even worse than just saying I don't think you're that good at leading or writing, which is just expressing my opinion. I apologise for attacking you as a person, I apologise for attacking your character, I apologise for posting it in a place where you were unable defend yourself.
  2. Well it says I insulted all of the team personally. Frankly I don't really remember the whole thing, I never saved it because I didn't expect to be here after it.
  3. Applications are not open. Alright since we're bringing it out here, let me address it: "sudden resignation" None of what I did was sudden, I spoke to you directly multiple times on multiple issues I had raised in the complaint. I had talked to your regarding this in public, in lore_writers, you usually either left, shrugged me off or told me that I was arguing in "bad faith". Specifically: Talked to you regarding Last Jedi in lore_writers when you decided to turn it into a banner of that chat, you told me to go talk about it in off-topic despite you making it a banner. (Yes this is relevant, thinking badly writen movies are good means you are most likely a bad writer, this impacts your performance, mainly when you're the chief director and are responsible for all of it.) Talked to you regarding the murderer arc and why it was bad in lore_writers. Talked to you in regards of Pegasus/Zundy and their extremely slow speed in putting colonies on the wiki, literally nothing was done about this to the point where I just ragequit out of the Lore_Application moderator role. Talked to you about pushing your ideologies in Tajara_Channel. I had messaged skull about your behaviour twice, to which I was told it would be looked into however due to snippets of conversations I have received recently, apperantly it wasn't even brought up to head_chat. The only time staff ever really replied to my concerns was with Mofo, when I was fed up with your constantly antagonizing me whenever you started losing an argument, about which you apologised, which is why I never held that part against you. At this point I had tried all staff venues I had seen and none of them seemed to work besides Mofo. Confronting you day-in-day-out would be pointless, as was seen when VT left/was ejected after constant disagreements between you two. Talking to you would have ended absolutely the same way for me. Staff complaint was already done, I had already complained to staff, the fact they elected to do nothing mean what I had said was either a non-issue in their eyes, a fabrication or they elected to not care. "post insulting the entire lore team on personal levels and calling me an insane ego maniac" Yes, which is why I apologised and why I expected a ban, to which I admitted in the start. But guessing from what Hive posted here earlier with his own manifesto, rightfully calling me out on the shittiness of what I had done, you thought I was planning to martyr myself which is why I suspect I wasn't banned. Due to fear of people picking up the flag of Coalf-Mua'Dib. No, my manifesto was nothing more than a high-pitched screech of absolute bitching and opinion spewing. I was fed up, I was tired, it was end of the school year and I felt frustrated after getting shrugged off over and over. Is that excusable? No, I did a terrible fucking thing by insulting you and putting every single speculation in a place where you could not address them in any possible way. I apologise, I am sorry, I truly am sorry for what I did. It was unfair, scummy and disgusting of me to do that. For someone who keeps preaching openess, public speaking, transparency I had acted suspiciously, sneakily and the least transparently I could. I am sorry. And I thank you for bringing this up here so that I can defend myself, instead of speaking prettied up truths to people behind my back as I had done to you. I am sorry to JamOfBoy I am sorry to Kyres I am sorry to VUX I am sorry to VTCobaltBlood I am sorry to NursieKitty I am sorry to ByGoneHero I am sorry to ParadoxSpace I am sorry to Pegasus I am sorry to Zundy I am sorry to Alberyk I am sorry to Mofo1995 I am sorry to Neinbox/ElohiDavnaho I am sorry to the Developer team, The Admin Team, The CCIA Team, The Wiki Developer Team. I fully recognize these people don't owe me anything and that my reputation and standing on server is below a first-time player, but I still want to help the server and this is the best way I can. "after ghosting on me and dropping all our shared projects on me" I did not drop any projects onto you, I specifically made sure I finished all my projects. Minor religions - Covered everything I had wanted, didn't have more idea. Raskara - All three cults fleshed out. FURTHER, I had given over my document and all my notes to you, mofo and alberky in tajara chat, and after I quit I sent it specifically to Mofo. PRA Fleet - Fleshed out to satisfying amounts for the political time. S'rrendarmarr/Ma'ta'ke? - Finished and fleshed out. SolvsTaj - Given to mofo due to my disagreement with Pegasus, this was done months in advance. Tesla Troopers - Mofo and Alberyk worked on this and as far as I was aware, we were doing something else. Spacers - Implemented, I had done everything I could have. ALL my projects were done and finished! I even dropped the drawing of Thorne you asked if you could commission, because it would feel uncomfortable to take your money. I made SURE everything was done and finished. I was practically sitting around un-occupied. "The fact you hid it in a spoiler and call it unrelated to the application is very dismissive." I apologised non-spoilered now. EDIT: Gramner
  4. Ckey/BYOND Username: Coalf Discord Name: Coalf#8195 Position Being Applied For: Wiki Maintainer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've worked on the wiki extensively as a Tajara deputy, some examples of pages I made from scratch include: I've also been a moderator and an admin, have extensive experience and history in the staff as general and worked for multiple weeks as a Maintainer for the Lore Application forum before I quit due to internal frustration. And have used the Aurora-WI plenty of times, if that is relevant to wiki maintainers. Examples of Past Work: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tajara_Fashion https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Tajaran_Minor_Religions https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=PRA_Orbital_Fleet_Structure I further edited and worked on the following pages: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=S'rendarr_and_Messa https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Ma'ta'ke_Gods https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Tajara#Bloodstorm Additional Comments: It's been more than a month, and I have been recently delving into the wiki and pinging Chada/Matt, then I realized, hey! I can just apply and try to fix it myself.
  5. Coalf


    Note, I am not evaluating this on my personal enjoyment or enjoyment of anyone else, I am confident people had a fun time in it and enjoyed it, I will judge it objectively as the event itself. It was a Xeno round, a completely boring, forgettable and samey xeno round, the fact these are classified as events is frankly, a joke. There was no real effort put into the event itself, a random shuttle bangs into the station and xenos run out, that was it. Due to the fact, the xenos were compromised of last-minute volunteers, the xenos didn't have any script or anything to go off of besides "be xenos", this resulted in basically anyone who wasn't near security/cargo/engineering to hide in their forts was doomed. Legion was called instead of ERT, not sure why, I guess it was explained to the command characters? I seriously struggle to rate this event, there was not much of an event at all. Honestly, there would be no difference if a xenoarch found a random xeno egg in an extended round to this. None of this was really an "Event", it was just a rare gamemode. So tl;dr one star, it was another generic xeno round with a barebones IC justification and no real flavor or creative spin to it, ending with a legion summon so the dead upset ghosts stop being AS upset. The only real comment I saw on it from staff was from Yonni that "The expectation was that a lot of people get facehugged roundstart and the survivors RP", but honestly I could just play cult and get the same result. But in cult the people who are trying to kill me, actually talk to me.
  6. I offer the following: Immunize armor, reduce the buildup of the baton on limbs. 1) Baton is no longer viable against armored individuals, even if they're wearing something as simple as a vest. 2) Officers are now encouraged through gameplay to switch their gear around when engaging different targets. Sure an officer CAN baton rush someone in armor, but he's actively putting himself in more harm then he is doing damage. This encourages him through gameplay to alter his playstyle. 3) The baton remains just as strong against baldies, crewmembers, revs, and others as it is intended for such use. It fixes absolutely all issues, without pointlessly gimping security by taking away one of the 3 crux items, having to engage people in CQC IS the weakness. If baton rush is the problem you need to increase the risk, this weakness provides, not remove the item. All that would cause is to encourage officers to resort to lethals/rubbers/flashbangs faster. None of us want that. Ethics argument is dumb when you want to talk game balance, disregarding it.
  7. Hello old admin here, yes we've always had the right to push shuttle whenever required. I've done it in the past to force a shuttle when a HoP kept delaying it to get more corgis on the board. Frankly, it falls under the same rule as an antag recalling a CC shuttle, an unneeded prolonging of a round that is essentially over. Yes, it's unfriendly to IC and RP but I've seen it work more times successfully than unsuccessfully. This is under staff complaints, not player complaints. He isn't defending himself as a player.
  8. I was there and I don't have much to say besides what was already said here. Argument A: In short, I believe anything without proper context can be taken the wrong way and with text, we always have to assume someone is lacking in context, people come and go, there is no way to portray mood with a tone of voice, etc. I think we start with the concept of social grouping. Every social group has unspoken conducts which are just "plain common sense" (which is subjective), the only difference is, our grouping has a few of these rules written out in rules section, while others remain unspoken. And in this social ruling is the crux of the problem. You see jokes about suicide/death have always been an on/off thing depending on the context and whoever is currently present in chat. People will say things like "drink bleach" are bad and horrible, but then turn around and say "die" or "perish". (This is a hypothetical example and will be expanded on later.) Ultimately this is why I don't care about these words, almost each time someone takes a defensive stance they're a hypocrite who has done that exact same thing in the past, just in a way they personally consider harmless or just a joke. In my personal opinion if someone as far into self-harming tendencies, as to commit self-harm when a phrase is uttered in this context, then they were just looking for justification and would have done it regardless of the word being spoken, just for a different reason. Yes, you should always avoid becoming that reason, however, when a building collapses you don't put the blame on the person who pushed it, but the architects who designed it and the builders who build it this way. Argument B: YET! I know for a fact that head admins are aware that there might be people at risk in the playerbase due to past events in the history of adminstaff. To end any questions, everyone came out okay and no I won't tell you who, when and what. And this is where the "No u" card gets pulled. If context matters, then why wasn't the context of the chat considered? You know you're in a public space, you know the people who might take it seriously are around, you know you are in a chatroom where joking tones and sarcasm are hard to express. Yet somehow this context doesn't matter, but your context of "it was a joke" does? But why? The whole point of my argument hinges on these examples: ex. 1) 2017-18 we struck people for saying "kys" even in a joking context because "Suicide isn't a joke." Most people who are here can most likely also remember that time, some even campaigned for that rule. Here the rule of "context" didn't matter. ex. 2) Menown/Ornias posts that Skull had an issue with "Take a long walk off of a short pier" yet he can be seen today quoting people and saying "die" daily, but here the rule of "context" is being applied. ex. 3) Plenty of people who have issues with "Drink Bleach" also quote others with "Die", here again, context will be claimed. ex.4) Here Garn is saying "Drink bleach" as a fuck-off we all know that, however when Ziy told burger to "go kill himself", can't it also be claimed that the phrase was being used in such context? Why was that a valid strike but here "context" is a valid excuse? Addendum to ex. 4) Garn continues saying that drinking bleach is fine, that it'll just give you a tummyache and to just block him if you're offended. (Again joking context can be applied), but at the same time how come this isn't a valid option when other people say offensive things in a joking manner? For example, the bust on the word "trap", if people were upset with it why not just block the people who used the word? Again, inconsistency. These examples have something in common, you know what? Inconsistency. Sometimes context matters, sometimes it doesn't. Players are measured with a different tape than staff. What is peak humor for one is an atrocity for another and etc. etc. etc. In Closing: Context is important. However, if you want people to take this argument seriously, you need to stop having two different standards for context. Stop making the "Don't be a dick rule" be an "I was looking for an excuse to ban you because you annoy me rule". Staff and Players should be measured with the same tape and punished in the same way. Being honest is fine as is having your own moral core, however, if you wrote the rules then you shouldn't be breaking them because technically they align with what you think is right. Banning words is vaccinated, there are a million dogwhistles for any word that you ban. Whip the horse, not the cart.
  9. The idea is nice but overall falls flat in regards to how it would function. I partially agree with Skull, more in form than the literal subject. It feels like wasted potential. Let me cut it down first though: The entire document for me is way too focused on the specific surgeries serving as nice flavor but not much beyond that. If the treatments were messed up/had side-effect/different results I would understand the specification of each individual treatment but as it stands it just follows the same formula: Patient get operation > operation do thing > everything done. Which frankly I don't think we need a description of for each treatment, feels redundant. You could probably just have a section of "These are the most common treatments" and have more dedicated to describing the history and idea of body sculpting. The idea or how it is formulated is what feels like wasted potential to me. The perfection of the treatment is boring and wholly uninteresting. As it serves this addition is nothing but a tiny footnote in a character's history they could have already had. Nothing stops a player from already having elf-ears and say it was some kind of a biomod or a different gender or a reconstructed ribcage. It doesn't bring anything to the table. Let me give you an example of this done well, Bioshock. The whole idea there was that once Adam (A special DNA altering chemical) made splicing possible, people had no reason to BE ugly. Huge societal pressure mounted on everyone who could afford these procedures to have these procedures as both men and women started to have unrealistic standards in terms of bodily perfection. But if you don't want that there is still plenty to go on, body change addicts, the business on purpose targetting younger people who aren't sure what they want to do with their lives, selling lies and the operations ending up flawed or not exactly right in some way. Possibilities are endless and I feel like having an actual factor that impacts a character's history in a different way than "oh it did exactly what I wanted and now I'm happy" would be way more interesting and something players might actually think about diverging into. Lastly regarding this whole fucking strain of ideas. As a moderator and admin who has dealt with elves, triple D breasts, and 20-inch cocks, I can safely say that this would do absolutely nothing to exasperate the issue. I think you fail to realize that those kinds of people are going to get what they want, regardless if it's in lore or not. And this isn't going to give them a magical excuse to go ahead and do it, they're already doing it. Besides, we already have this anyway! Dregs, Dominians, Unathi all of these factions already have either some kind of re-assignment surgeries, operations to make themselves stand out or modifications to their entire DNA structure. This isn't anything new, people can already have a giga-breast female with a 20 inch-dick, it's just that nobody does that because the server is populated with sane people who know they'd violate the ERP rules and get banned. Anyways that's all in summary, neat idea that is bogged down with needless details and a boring formulation of an interesting premise.
  10. Let me split this into two parts. The Objective: Lore: The idea is interesting. I am not a fan of species that have no internal conflict or differing sides as characters that come out of those tend to be samey, but the interaction between the Dawn and Dusk DD's remedies that somewhat. However, their integration into the modern world seems to be handled in a very hamfisted way, as I understand it NanoTrasen had no real incentive to introduce this species to the universe as they would be at absolutely no loss if they kept them on their planet and prodded/researched them, there. There doesn't seem to be an actual drive or reason as to why NT would let them integrate into society or even say they discovered a sentient species if that species can be considered at cavemen level, wouldn't it be just easier to hide their consciousness and make them "freedom impaired"? NT certainly isn't above those tactics, we are dealing with an Amazon-like Megacorporation. Further, the diseased part is kinda glossed over after that? Don't get me wrong it was an original and creative idea but after it gets used as an explanation on why NT would care about the bird people, it gets forgotten. Is it a natural part of their biology, like humans have special bacteria inside their stomach or saliva? Did the crew that picked up the DD's clean and scrub them all down before shipping them out into the wide space? Won't they die like instantly when exposed to modern environments due to the amount of Unathi/Human/Tajara/Whatever bacteria that might be floating around? If you focus on a specific part of their biology, you should carry on with it until the end, otherwise, don't start using it at all. Mechanics: As a previous Taj deputy I have quite some experience in dealing with people who consider some mechanics more OP than others, (thanks Geeves), and let me tell you that walking speed is not a factor to be casually given or taken away. "Very fast" is vague, too vague and I'd like you to define that. If I went off of what we already have, i.e M'sai Tajara I can safely say that these birds would be busted with ranged weapons. Sure their x2 and 1x4 modifiers are brutal, but if you can't get hit, you won't be having to soak that damage but that is the least of their issues. Sidenote, having half as much blood isn't actually that big of an issue. People don't die from running out of blood, people die from not having enough blood to keep their body oxygenated if someone has 500 blood, they need 250 blood to keep alive. If a bird has 300 blood, they need 150 blood to keep their supply running. Technically they will start choking slightly faster, but the way blood regeneration works in SS13 it also means they'll have to eat a nice steak and they'll be perfectly okay in less time than it took them to bleed out. Lastly, hiding under the tables is BROKEN. Seriously try to kill a mouse that hides under tables, it's near impossible because you can't see them under the tables, meaning you can't click on their sprite, meaning they can't be hit if they're even a single tile away. These birds would essentially become invincible if anyone made a 3x3 table. Other mechanics are fine or meh. Server Overall: They don't seem to fit anything. While it would be nice to have a species for the xenobiotic to take apart, this wouldn't make it very fun for the player of that bird. As traders, they're unviable due to their very low tech IQ. As crewmembers, they essentially do what Vaurca drones do, except they're not actually obedient. As an event species, well they don't seem like a species that can just appear in an event but as a species that you need to tailor an event around which is not easy to do with such a fresh addition. As raiders? Not really, they're too weak in an open field but way too strong inside the station, namely tablets and again, tech unsavvy. Summary Objectively judged it's an overall misguided idea. It's original and I like the approach to it, the concept of the species is original and creative and it feels actually alien without making them so alien that a person wouldn't be able to empathize or sympathize with them. But in all other fields, they're just, redundant. The mechanics haven't been thought over much and seem to have been made mostly to fit the species without really thinking about the gameplay loop of the station itself. The integration into crew feels hamfisted and badly done which is contrasted against the relatively good and original stuff you wrote and they just seem to not fit into the universe, station or crew at all. Purely subjective and feeling based: Overall the spark is there, I can see that it's something people would like. But it just isn't something to be considered for Aurora lore. You should, however, keep writing, keep improving but accept that ultimately if you are adding something the addition should change around the feel/lore of the setting, not that the setting should just adjust to whatever is being added. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk
  11. Let me go down the list one by one: Tau Ceti Basic is the only language to which the "Modern English" argument could apply since it's said to be "Evolved Esperanto". Since as we know, Esperanto is a constructed language. Sol Common is a combination of English and Chinese, this already is a bit of a stretch and a clear indication someone long ago said "Let's combine the two most spoken languages and say that's what people speak in the future". Modern English has not been fused with a different language, however, dialects have already evolved from it. Examples being American English, African-American Vernacular English or Scottish English. Tradeband is, weird, while a combination of Romance languages isn't far stretched you have to remind yourself that these languages include: Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian and Portuguese. Mix that along with Latin to give it a bit of a bigger punch and frankly, what you would see would be probably completely unrecognizable from what we read today. With the exception being a few words all of the languages share. (Also did you ever see how French count?) Lastly Freespeak, this one makes the least sense to me. Just read these definitions: Creole: "A dialect formed from two languages which have developed from a pidgin to become a first language." Pidgin: "A simplified form of speech that is usually a mixture of two or more languages, has a rudimentary grammar and vocabulary, is used for communication between groups speaking different languages, and is not spoken as a first or native language." Neither of those is a language, does this imply that gutter has by some unholy providence become a combination of ALL languages that the Martian colonists spoke with? Or is it just two major ones? Is it also English and Mandarin? In the end, all of these languages ALREADY existed. All this does really is an attempt to explain their function which seems to mostly fall through since this isn't how it works, in-game, at all. Ultimately it's a cool idea but unless you can write out the entire language and somehow import it into the game, it won't really work since there is no insensitive to learning these dialects. We can take a lesson from one of the most famous writers, Tolkien. People won't learn a language, that has no culture behind it which is why when he created the entire Elven language, he also punctuated it by creating books upon books of culture and history for that language. This is why people don't mind learning the dreg slang, because it has a history and culture behind it. Ultimately it was a very valiant effort and I believe that if pointed in the right direction this could be implemented, just shorter and dealing with different subjects than trying to define an entire made up language.
  12. Due to popular requests, I'm posting my Aurora memes here. Over time I'll add more and more I guess, some might not be aurora-related whatever. Know Your Department: The Album When Faysal is the Only HoP and you REALLY need that job ZHANED That One RE Reference BadKitty #332 Magazine Cover CLANKED A Letterkenny Reference
  13. The TCFL is terrible for the same reason the ship is. It's an art piece. All of the details are going to be completely lost, with the letters being turned into an unreadable mess. While yes, it's going to be more distinct it's still going to be incoherent for any newcomer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the art itself but it's not viable for a branding, frankly, the brand logo we want to design here should be re-usable and possible to be pasted anywhere and on anything. Similar to the CM logo, Baystation logo, Vore station logo etc.
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