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  1. Gakal’Zaal liberation in progress, but can they last without you? Gakal’Zaal’s liberators report major victories all over the planet of Gakal’Zaal! This colony, grasped by the long talons of the oppressive cold-bloods, has been choked for too long and finally, its people are calling for liberty! However, now more than ever they need help and support. While the DPRA stands fully at their side both in spirit and in flesh, many others stand by and do nothing. This is not the case for the son of Mj'akurahur Drrawa'jur, Yuri Drrawa'jur, who has now publicly spoken out against the current “Overlord”. While the family of Drrawa'jur has a history of royalty, Yuri is a staunch believer in democracy and free choice of the people. This young man has used his inborn position of privilege to lessen the weight of taxes, provided his estates for peaceful gatherings and continued to support a compromise between the Overlord and freedom fighters. Doing the right thing is not always easy and Yuri Drrawa’jur is a shining example of such! But will he fight alone, or will you join him and many others? As we speak, volunteers from all over the universe are congregating on Gaka’Zaal. You could be there too.
  2. Pressure Mounting, Rebels a Threat? Despite the continued arming of his world, the losses on Gakal’zaal have been mounting according to insider reports. Numerous casualties of both Tajara loyalists and Sinta warriors are being counted just north of Kaszhizi. The perpetrators? The so-called Gakal’Zaal Liberation Front, a group of upstart raiders and heretics who have banded under an alien flag to try and sabotage the internal workings of Gakal’zaal and the Hegemony as a whole. Overlord Yizarius was quick to lay any suspicions to rest. As he reports, the only reason these “freedom fighters” have been capable of laying a finger on his warriors is that they have adopted a certain type of combat called “Guerilla warfare”, a highly dishonorable and shameful form of war which uses trickery and deception to cause as many casualties as possible. However, he assures, the fact is that for every Sinta life the rebels lose ten times as many and that by his projections, the war should end next week. Overlord Yizarius also claims that as a result of this upset, he will be forced to raise taxes, increase tariffs and suspend any tithes to be paid towards the Hegemony. Suspicions were immediately raised but Yizarius’ said that his second in command, Grand Admiral Shiassta, would not only vouch for him. But also offer up his estates, titles, lands and honor as possible payment instead of the required tithes. Distrustful, a meeting was called immediately. However, after brief negotiations, the Hegemon agreed on a holographic call instead. ///Open Feed
  3. Aggression Continues; Gakazaal Overlord Arms Despite the coronation ceremony, Makar Yizarius, the Overlord of Gakal’zaal, refuses to dissolve his levy back into civilian service. While the Gakal’zaal colony does not boast a large number of Sinta’Unathi, it possesses a swelling number of Tajara, many of whom have sworn loyalty to Yizarius and know nothing of our customs or traditions. It is this “standing army”, as Lord Yizarius calls it, that constitutes the vast majority of the forces on Gakal’zaal and which keeps the peace. These constant armies are more akin to those in Solian Empire and loyal only to Yizarius. This means that thousands of Sinta warriors are left free of service. However, during the civil war, Yizarius provided a mere hundred warriors to the Hegemon’s effort, warriors which were recalled shortly after the war ended. When questioned about his standing army, and the large idle troop count of Sinta warriors, Yizarius sent this official statement: When Lord Admiral Ss’kiak inquired on the decreasing amount of tithe paid to the Hegemony, Yizarius answered in a similar manner, blaming everything once again on pirates and rebels. This answer was contradicting with the Charter Guilds. Who reported that Gakal’zaal has made recent exuberant purchases in raw materials and arms. Overlord Yizarius said that he was not aware of such purchases and offered an explanation. The Guildsmasters refused to comment.
  4. I don't know, can't people just vote a different thing if they want a different thing?
  5. I believe the question was more onto your behaviour towards what you at the time viewed as "junior staff" during your tenure as a CCIA, as a few people spoke that you had a pattern of being dismissive and "talking down" to people who you viewed as below you in seniority. I was not involved in this much, I am mostly speaking from second hand accounts. Wiki Team is one of those teams that deals with other departments daily and constantly, thus if something like this were to happen, I'd have a zero tolerance rule. With all that said, there is nothing stopping me from accepting you. Nobody has come to me with a huge issue and while your behaviour in the past has been "different" to the standard, I'm a believer that past silghts should remain in the past. Thus, after confirming you understand what I said, I won't have an issue in accepting you into the team.
  6. The Job Guide was brought up as the main example as it's the most saturated with those jokes, but the jokes themselves are present in full articles as well.
  7. To clarify, the complaint has not been that people might THINK it's correct information or something they can do. But that it does not match the tone of the wiki and the server as a whole as it has a sort of LRP/MRP feel to it and thus does not fit our server.
  8. Yesterday a complaint was brought up by a user named Kaed which raised a concern over the amount of articles on the wiki, which feature rule-breaking jokes or jokes that suggest rule-breaking behaviour and mindsets. Many of these jokes feature rule breaking behaviour, general low-RP play and other unacceptable forms of conduct for a player, such as dropping rods onto the AI, stealing the captains ID and others. The Job Guides page was brought up as the main example which can be viewed here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Job_Guides The main concern by the player was as thus: While I argued that being a Wiki Developer is a boring experience, and these jokes are the few times staff gets to relax and unwind in their own work and further, that it has never been raised as an issue or contributed to any rule-breaking behaviour as far as I know. Ultimately, while the decision to keep them is up to me I am frankly impartial and don't really care which way it goes. However, one must remember that it would set the precedent for any future wiki writers and would impact the style of the wiki, perhaps forever. Thus I proposed to make this thread in the players stead to gauge more public opinion and see how interested, uninterested the community is on this issue.
  9. Denied due to innactivity. Will archive in 24 hours.
  10. Thank you for your honesty, I don't see a reason why I shouldn't accept you. So consider your application accepted. I'll have this closed and archived in the next 24 hours.
  11. Thank you for being so honest with me, but this is what has me worried. I really can't offer you anything you describe there. We look at the Github publicly available to everyone, we transcribe code, if we don't understand it we ask the developers. Ultimately our relationship with coders is about as deep as the players or contributors, if you ask they'll probably explain the code to you. With all that cleared, I'd still be willing to accept you but I'd need a promise that you won't leave/become dead and innactive in a month or two of your existance.
  12. Well we don't really send people links or inform them, but we do maintain the wiki. In terms of arguments, I don't really care, as a wiki developer you won't be expected to argue with anyone outside of maybe me when we talk if the background is Magenta or Fuchsie. But there are two things I want to ask you about. How long do you estimate you'd stay on the wiki team? This doesn't have to be a concrete thing, but a rough estimate or even a guest on how long you plan to stick around. Do you have any experience in CSS/HTML/Yadayada/ungabunga? This isn't really a deal breaker or anything, I'd just be interested in knowing.
  13. Just to clear up if there is any confusion, you won't really get involved in the development process. We get information after development is finished, at the soonest when it's approved on the github and it just hasn't been implemented into the game yet, outside of that we have as much input and overview on development as you do right now. If you are mainly interested in Projects/Development overall, you'd be better off trying for the Development team in terms of coding, rather than wiki development. Further, for me the main thing is retention rather than skill and talent. While HTML/CSS/CBT is important to having a nice looking wiki, all of that can be taught, but retention can't. The way you have phrased your application it seems like this is a short term thing for about a month or two, it's of course completely understandable that nobody wants to stay here forever and it's not a deal breaker, but I'd appreciate if I could get a more "concrete" time estimation on how long you plan to stick around.
  14. But why add a stationbound? For that one AI player to have something to play or to just add one more in general? Won't it affect a completely different avenue of balance than the AI?
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