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Ban appeal for MoonTruther, banned by aboshehab.

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BYOND Key: MoonTruther

Total Ban Length: Perma

Banning staff member's Key: aboshehab

Reason of Ban: Sending joke ahelps when it is directly against the rules. This is an escalation to your 1 week ban due to numerous infractions attained.

Reason for Appeal: I asked an admin for a meme, and i got a meme. Next time i'll make sure to go somewhere else for memes, and use ahelps for what they are meant for.

Please note, i do know that i have several notes on my profile, several bans, etc. And i do understand how frustrating it can be, to have admin powers and continue to allow a rule breaker to have yet another chance, after another. I have thought about applying for an alien race (Unithai to be specific) to try and prove* that i'm worth keeping around.

*Prove, as in show that i'm willing to read up on lore, and change my RP style, etc.

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