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Dark's clockwork automaton app

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BYOND key: Mrdarklord965

Character names: Kyla Lacon, Hitoshi Yamoto, Kaitlin Richards [if borgs count as characters, I play Archangel, too.]

I have been playing on Aurora for about three months, I suppose.

I have not read the lore page yet because I was unaware of an IPC lore page, if there is one, I will read it posthaste.

The reason I would like to play an IPC so I can rp as a previously bound station borg, and to explore all the kooky things I could get away with ICly for being a robot. And to see the reactions to these kooky things, such as trying to consume things. That's pretty much it for reasons why I want to play an IPC, I hope it's enough.

Anyway, the difference between playing an IPC and a human is that humans can eat, and also have skin instead of a metal chassis. But IPCs can have more outlandish quirks, such as specializing in a certain speaking pattern, or randomly spouting facts about random things.

This concludes my automaton application.

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