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[Resolved] Staff Complaint- Unknown/Group ruling

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BYOND Key: Bygonehero

Staff BYOND Key: Not known number of

Game ID:bVH-dFeU

Reason for complaint: A failure to enforce the non-ganking rule for the antags who ganked my event character.


Additional remarks:

I am not certain who hosted the event exactly, but to be clear, the event was great until I was invested in my character's story, and I did not have any interaction with the antag beyond the previous background story provided to me by the admin. It was anticlimatic how I died, and in truth from how I see it in the rules, a gank. Whether or not this is allowed because they are an HK is up to interpretation, as all other antags are expected to roleplay before killing someone. That is why I felt cheated when they killed me from off screen via sniping. I never got to interact with them directly at all or even see them."

I would normally be fine with this when we are expected to be throw-away characters, but we were not really told that when we volunteered. Additionally, the event was designed so that the HKs would arrive beyond the second half of an average two-hour shift. Giving us well enough time to involve people and ourselves so it felt like to me from a narrative standpoint, we deserved to be attacked by the HKs but not systematically or without roleplay, as that would defeat the point of involving anyone but the antag in the first place.

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