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  1. I'm going to change my opinion of them, as it is with most coders who decide to work with you and then change their mind when effort is required. I don't believe Matt has the ability to keep interest on a team for an extended time, and any project that requires actual development over months or as a team do not work with him, and fall to the wayside. I know this from experience. -1
  2. Excellent answers, and I really like the app! It shows a willingness to dig deep in the lore and use it. As an aside, and since this is largely unexplained on purpose, what do you think is the cultural importance of imagotis? Not really looking for a specific answer, but rather, what it means to you.
  3. Amory is direct, and he doesn't hide himself and what he means. Speaking from experience, the ability to piss off people who speak to you is part and parcel through cutting through their bullshit, but that being said, anyone who doesn't know amory wouldnt know this, and it could be disparaging to new players to experience an out of the box aggressive mod. You of all people should know that sometimes telling people how it is without reguards to their feelings is required. Cloak and dagger amongst the community, the secret hatreds and cliques, the circles within circles exist, so it would be refreshing to have someone who doesnt do that. For my part with amory, I would be willing to accept the good with the bad, and believe they should at least get a trial.
  4. Ah but see, that is where the All Else is important, Think of it, the ultimate failure state of medical is to of course have the person you are caring for to die. Securities failure is to not deal with the antag, but barring that they live they can continue being Security, A engineer that has a failure state of an SM overload still can be an engineer, Scientists can still be scientists if they dont maximize every tracked metric, if they fail Cargo can still deliver cargo if the cargo account has no money...etcetera for janitor, chaplain. They can continue doing their jobs, role playing all the while even in the absence of situations, or even after a worse failure state. Not so with the doctor, as you cant roleplay with another person that is dead save for with their fellow doctors, but barring how easy its all become even the most gruesome of injuries becomes hardly spoken about unless it requires surgery, and even then its a handoff. On a slight tangent, but as part of above; Part of the point of dividing resources between departments that other departments need is to set people in those departments on a journey through mechanical incentives. In roleplaying games, the journey is more important than the destination almost always. Its not interesting that the security officer foiled the antag, but it is interesting what he had to go through to do so. Its not interesting that the scientist "maxed science" (a lrp phrase) but rather the cool methods and gizmos, or the dangerous things she had to endure to do so. Its not interesting that the engineer made the station areas safe, but it is interesting the tasks and risks if any he had to take to do so. and so on. Its not interesting to get a person and be solely focused on them living or dying as its only outcome. It is a journey that does not have many paths, the stories play out the same and the mechanisms used require nothing from nowhere else. It is an island unto itself in the station.
  5. The problem is that right now, medical is pedantic, boring, and lifeless. It is an all or nothing job, except, when you do have an something like an emergency, you aren't expected to take time to roleplay the situation, but rather, get them in and out as quickly as possible, resolve it as quickly as possible with the fewest possible fatalities. It is a department defined entirely by its mechanics and how quickly one can do those mechanics, at the expense of all else, including roleplay, in some situations. The mechanics themselves are brainless as they are simple, and are designed in such a way to be fed constant bodies from tg station traitors. We aren't tg station, and the in/out revolving door medical is something we've actively fought against in the past, but in the present, its mutated away from clone spamming to simply OP chem mixtures, effectively dumbing down an already dumbed down process to simply giving an injection for your injury and sending you on your way. Because we built upon a foundation that was already meant to service a different purpose than what we want for it, it will never be what we want it to be without creative design decisions that change the basis on which those foundations are laid. Cryo Pods are cool, but they are also braindead easy, and uninteresting beyond acting as a body storage for cycling patients that would otherwise die if held in any other means. This is the sole, realistic purpose cryopods reliably serve. It should be obvious how little so much of medical gets used to see how pigeonholed and optimized it is, so any measure of deoptimizing it in my opinion feels like a first step in the right direction.
  6. what if they are wearing something that cannot be reasonably compressed? Like a RIG or a big Space Suit?
  7. The issue lay that the CPR mechanic is underused, but may be coded in bad way as really old code usually is. There could very well be a justification for giving IPC's this ability, but sidesteping that reasoning entirely, would the time investment given the "lesser" form of CPR you suggest be worth it? I'm not a coder, so I cannot speak for its complexity, but I would say its not given how little the mechanic sees use in the first place. Were we to give CPR to IPC's I would just give them the full version.
  8. It makes medical require more thought, while also not robbing it of the expediency that the job usually entails. I see having to use actual reasoning from just reading the answer from a paper will slow the treatment process down at first as players get used to the new system, but ultimately, it will be a process that is masterable.
  9. I'm going to retract this application as I still need to do some growing before stepping into the arena again. I will probably still write. I don't think I can take the stress or make myself approachable in the time it would take to be accepted as a deputy or a synth dev. I will end on that I've always argued from the point of a critic when someone approached me on the team for lore to develop. Asking the questions that someone somewhere at some time will ask.
  10. I have known Menown since before Aurora, and to me they have always been the standard keeper when it comes to showing the effects of lore in game. Given that the hammered in theme of Tajara the civil war may be coming to an end soon. I can think of no better person to work with during writing to develop a new course for the tajara, separate from the civil war or Russian themes that has defined them so for so many years.
  11. Were you to read the context given with that question, you would understand it was a question that I wanted him to answer whether or not I can derive meaning from his answers is by my judgement alone, but I never did call him anything, and this is very offtopic.
  12. Its interesting, but I never laughed at the situation, nor did I say they were an hypocrite. I asked them to explain themselves, which they did. They did not do so in a manner which would make me believe that they have changed. This is further supported by other people who say the same thing. The purpose of application threads is feedback, and that is what I have given.
  13. I was not banned for metagrudging. Were you an admin with the facts, you would know this but instead, and this is the biggest problem with you schev, you assume you know things, despite not having evidence towards it. I believe at this point nothing good can come from continued discussion about this. I have said my peace.
  14. I never told you to speak favorably of me and I don't put much stock in popular opinions. That's the difference between me and you schev. Yes I did bad, but I am doing better. Just because we can work together as players and community members does not mean you or I could be lore staff. That is the point of this application process and the reason higher standards exist. I became blind to toxicity, and this happened, but two wrongs do not make a right, simply because I do not support your application there for it is acceptable for you not to support mine but unlike you, if I were accepted, you can be assured that you could approach me with questions concerning IPCs. I can safely say I have never DMed a player for their actions in round because I didn't like what they did to me in that round. We have admins for that.
  15. You entered DMs with me telling me I was wrong for doing things that round. Imagine if every admin or lore dev did that because they don't like what someone did to them in round. It is very much accusing, and giving you more power to act on it is something that I can't see doing. As for the apology on my end, it was a truthful one, but I just don't see you being acceptable lore staff When there are rules about reprisals and behavior more stricter than normal. There is a difference between accepting you and yours as a person and accepting you and yours as a lore staff. The former I have done so, the latter I have not.
  16. This is on topic. I am discussing his behavior, and I am of the same mind of Zymurgy, I cannot see myself going to Schev for anything, since he goes out of his way to confront people in DMs over round actions as he did me. Over the course of my posts, I believe Schevs behavior has not changed, they have simply gotten better at hiding it. This accusing me in DMs happened a month ago, not years ago. Players should not seek reprisal themselves, least of all should they harass someone on discord. Admins exist for that reason.
  17. And how is someone suppose to determine if you are repeating past if you delete it? Even admins would have difficulty if not impossibility in recovering notes from a deleted byond account or forum account. If repetative behavior is what overcomes the time in which it occurred why have you gone to such lengths to hide your past from everyone, including admins if not to hide it?
  18. I asked because you have a habit of trudging up history, incorrectly I might add to support your point. In you judged me based on activities years ago, assuming that there was no difference between then and now. It spelled to me as a low blow, but more importantly it signalled to me that the past is always relevant. If you judged me based on everything I have ever done to receive a command whitelist, I can only think you would judge other people the same using your increased authority to verify it this time. Why shouldnt you also be judged for everything you have ever done, considering you bring up year old issues yourself? It seems to me that you have mellowed out, but your old tendancies still exist, and more troubling is that since you deleted your three old accounts its next to impossible for anyone to verify if you are repeating past behaviors. I would really like to know your answer to this, and if you think its ok to judge people by their actions years ago, while also deleting all of your old accounts and posts.
  19. Why do you go to great lengths to hide your past, 1138, Delta, Schev and why do you delete your old forum accounts and posts? You might have changed, but anyone that knows how you were knows what to look for. This for example, was a post done by your now deleted account. Why did you delete that account? Why did you delete the Hall of Shame thread once Skull moved it to archive and locked it. Why do you hide your past? Are you afraid that people judge you by it? They do, they certainly do me, but I dont think its fair that my past be weighed and measured and yours completely forgotten. Why ARE you supposedly banned from staff. Why DID you change your account names multiple times, and why did you delete your old posts? If you have reasons for this, I am willing to accept it, but really it begs to question and I would like to know what Boots is talking about.
  20. Moondancer is the bridge between old and new, Nebula, Cake and Kyres. They are the inheritor to all three of these developers across the years. They have become a fixture of the server community and a fellow writer that I have come to respect. Their views towards synthetics, while different than my own show by HER actions that she wants the best for them. I can think of no one else that I am more sure of to struggle for their vision than Moondancer. I say struggle, because for lore staff, it is one. Beyond the ideas one has, beyond the desire to effect a positive change you need to possess a will to act upon them. Nevermore so is this relevant for IPC deputy, the single largest whitelist for the entire server. Whoever receives the role of IPC deputy will be pulled a thousand different directions so as to effect the change those people want to see. Moondancer can listen and adapt herself according to her vision and I heartily support her application.
  21. Not that I have much to put in, but one of my friends, new to the server and a person who has historically enjoyed SS13 tajara from many servers could not bring themselves to play tajara because they were too Russian, and thats about it. Thematically they are one trick ponies that have developed a singular concept well, at the expense of all others. What I want to know is @Alberyk what do you intend to talk about thats not the civil war. Its boring, its done to death, its such a big narrative crux that the idea of tajara without it is COMPLETELY uncharted waters that I really have no idea how to move forward on as everything I know about Tajara is either War or Russian stuff. Every lore development is about the war. The robots for the war. The guns for the war.The cities in the war. The few things that arent are just borrow from Russian history. Religion is probably the only exception to this, but its effects on their society have not been explored in any visceral way beyond saying it exists on the wiki.
  22. Of course, but as I should have explained, its part of a larger culture of toxicity that makes someone blind to the fact. I am aware of it now. Just how an Italian would have proclivities that other Italian people think are normal, and don't give a second thought to, someone who isn't Italian could easily identify them as being Italian proclivities. The point of my respones to you wasn't to say that... "but what about these guys?", it is to say that, in a Culture of Toxicity people can become blind to it. I did, and now, I see.
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