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Reworks limb gibbing mechanics

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Full description on github. Short form:


Melee: Gib a limb if the damage dealt is enough to gib it, which is based on factor determined by the damage type. Do not gib it if a coinflip says otherwise.

Ranged: Use some shitty probably-based algorithm developed by someone who didn't know what balance was. Ranged weapons will give limbs sometimes but most of the time they will regardless of the damage of the limb or its armor.

Notes: Fuck this code.


Melee: Gib a limb if the damage dealt is enough to gib it, and the limb is considered sufficiently damaged before applying the new damage. Limbs can only be gibbed if the damage is greater than the armor value for that limb.

Ranged: Same as above,

Notes: Limbs will no longer be gibbed on the first hit. RNG is no longer a factor in limb gibbing (save for rng armor blocking, which is calculated outside gibbing code). Armor now plays a factor in limb gibbing.

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