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  1. Unathi only have 10% brute resist. Them not being able to take bicaridine is some pretty shitty punishment unless you port bay's lizard regeneration abilities.
  2. every time I think a feature is bad and poorly balanced on Aurora I just remind myself of Paradise terror spiders

  3. tfw no big tiddy anime goth cowgirl or whatever the fuck that was gf

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    2. SatinsPristOTD


      Sorry. Big tiddy anime goth cowgirl has been stored for the season.

    3. Doxxmedearly


      you could spend all your time on citadel and get that probably

    4. Mofo1995
  4. what the fuck is your avatar and why

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      OH MY GOD. So, if your Discord is linked to your fucking forum account, it'll change your picture to match your Discord. I was not aware. 😭

    3. Skull132


      > OH MY GOD. So, if your Discord is linked to your fucking forum account, it'll change your picture to match your Discord. I was not aware. 😭

      Wait. REALLY? That's. Unfortunate, actually, wtf.

    4. SatinsPristOTD


      It's an option you can "opt in" to have, but I swear on my life I didn't check it. I really don't know why that's an option. 

  5. This is the first time I'm hearing this. You're telling me that a permaban is possible based on some of the people who posted about other incidents that weren't the OP, despite that actually being against the rules.
  6. Which complaint? I decided that my previous staff complaint wasn't worth my time fighting over. This is a much bigger issue.
  7. Okay. What hasn't happened that I'm claimed that has happened?
  8. Don't gatekeep sexual harassment, please. While someone getting sexually harassed in real life is worse than getting sexually harassed online, they're still both bad and are both valid issues to bring up. The rules state that sexual tension is fine, and remarks from acts from sexual tension can and usually is considered sexual harassment, which I pointed out. And also, I don't know if you know this, but there was sexual harassment that occured in OOC channels that was brought ICly. As for the concerned individual, they never spoke up against you before. They're more concerned about me than you. They didn't go "shev is being a shit, watch out" they're going "hey, if you need anyone to talk to, talk to me." and "hey, the person who made the ban request is looking for additional people for them to post in the complaint, so prepared to deal with some stuff." And I think that I was right all along about the reason why this thread was made. Given your extremely improved tone from the OP to you posting like 3 days later or whenever this request was created, I think you've cooled off now and you're acting more reasonable now. But even then, I don't even know what to say to this thread anymore. You made a ban request where the guidelines for a ban request is And a good chunk of the incidents that you and other users brought up were already dealt with, which the guidelines talks about. You also talked about how staff were unable to deal with me despite me, 2 days ago, getting a forum ban for 24 hours when I said in humor that the only reason why ninja hasn't been improved is because we're here just to suffer. I get bwoinked for things. I get notes for things. Staff deal with me when they think I need to be dealt with. Staff aren't avoiding me because I make staff complaints because I was told that admins/mods/whatever are supposed to know that staff complaints don't mean "They're a bad staff member." but rather "Hey, I want to appeal this decision." I think that you think that I appeal every single decision that comes my way. I don't. I think you think that I am constantly complaining or wine about shit or accidentally provoke users. I don't. The beauty with the forums is that no one posts about the times where people behave because that behavior is the expectations. Given how you've been involved in none of the situations that you reported, and the fact that you only did your searching AFTER you decided to make a ban request, you kind of made the accusation before you found your evidence. I want you to think about that. And I want you to think about that I help new players frequently and that I contribute to the server semi-frequently. You don't hear about that because never in the history of Aurora has anyone gone on the forums to praise about how player has helped or that someone did good work because people don't care enough to do that. If you look on the forums, there is only a handful of incidents where people have praised people's characters or the work they do. Even in a section about character feedback, people barely post there despite some characters interacting with upwards of 50 different characters per week.
  9. Lets keep this short. I was accusing characters of sexual harrassment, not players. I was saying their characters were engaging in sexual harassment that were making me and other users uncomfortable. For the most part I didn't mention most names, I was just saying "this is happening in the community and it needs to stop." because I would've made a player complaint if I had an actual case fro someone sexually harassing me. I had proof that people were doing this, players had proof that people were doing this. The thing that was argued in the thread was intent which is why staff picked the solution of just reminding players "hey don't roleplay too hard." and made that announcement. I'm pretty sure I made this very clear because I repeated myself like 5 times when saying all this. As for the post you made, it was super aggressive to the point that it was actually deleted by staff. I remember now that it included the terms "Stop posting." and "You're full of bullshit." and was 3 sentences or less. I know it was deleted by staff because I now remember that I asked you nicely to please treat me with more respect and that post was deleted by someone other than me. I didn't get a warning for it, and given my experience of the forums with asking people to please not be rude, I know that posts in response to rule breaking replies are also deleted. Unless I'm having a fever dream, or somehow your post wasn't bad yet you convinced staff to delete it anyways, I'm pretty sure you said some bad things. Your characterization is not an invention. I recall you straight up saying to me that you like to analyze people and you even gave an unsolicited analysis of me. I believe that this was discussed in one of my player complaints about you and the reason why I didn't think you had good intentions when dealing with people. And also now that concerned user has been upgraded to very concerned because he now actually pointed out that you literally asked for people to come forward with examples in the first part of your second post that neither of us read somehow. I act on a good faith basis. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong and I'm going to make that claim until the day I die. As you pointed out, I have no issues with my roleplay, I don't metagrudge, I don't grief or intentionally rile people up, and I don't disrupt the round and go out of my way to improve it. I've contributed to the server for 2 years, even became a dev, but resigned because I didn't have the fortitude to deal with it and it was clear that no one liked my ideas. If I was acting on a bad faith basis I would be posting a play by play on reddit. They'd eat the fuck up out of proof out of this because to them it's "furries are trying to molest players on an HRP server and staff justify it" considering their response to furries. I wouldn't get banned for it either because I've been told countless time that conduct on reddit doesn't matter to them considering that I've had to deal with you on reddit several times where you made posts on reddit that would've gotten you banned on the forums. If I was acting in bad faith, on all my staff complaints I would be going "BAN HE", but instead the closest thing to it is "Hey can you look into this situation, I think it breaks rule X and isn't appropriate for this server." My only issue is that I give a shit. Given a shit about something, in the 21st century, is now mistaken as having bad intentions so I somewhat understand it despite myself rarely having this mindset. Then again, I have the opinion that most people who tell me to stop giving a shit about issues on the server are involved in causing issues to the server so I don't know if I have the best opinions, but I digress. My intentions are good. My executions are usually poor. If I wanted AuroraStation to crash and burn, I wouldn't be bringing up issues and instead smiling when people complain. Like I don't mean to brag, but many of the issues that I have brought up in the past are currently being brought up now so that probably means something.
  10. Right. The reason why the ban request was created in the first place was because I made a post inside the "Absolute State" thread where I pointed out that sexual tension and romantic scenes are allowed according to the rules. Shev saw it, and got really upset and made a heated reply despite my post not really being offensive. They said some really aggressive things, but I can't remember specifically what they said since the post itself was either deleted by an admin or deleted by themselves. The comment itself was really out of place and had a lot of emotion put into it. 40 minutes later after they made the post, they submitted this ban request here despite me not interacting with them. I've literally not talked to this person in ages and have done my best to avoid them because, and I really fucking hate being a dick and saying this, they will go from 1 to 100 in a matter of seconds in terms of friendliness to hostility. Given their remarks about how they have psychologist experience and claiming they like to analyze people, and the fact that literally the exact same thing prompted a heated ban request, it is extremely hard to ignore the possibility that they're abusing the system. As a person who has been warned on the forums for this kind of claims before, you only do this if you have some issues with the person you're talking about. And this is just rumor/conjecture at this point, but it was brought to my attention a few days ago that Shev is trying to find users to post inside here or share stories with him about me, according to another very concerned user who does not wish to be named. They're trying to seek out people who speak out against me, and this really isn't a good feeling and I really don't think there is any good intentions behind this. I really think that the rule regarding "only post if you're involved" rule is being stretched here as Shev has been involved in none of these incidents and is actively trying to find users to post about them, but honestly I'm somewhat fine with that because it allows witnesses to report misconduct on other player's behalf, so I can't really complain too much about it. But then again, there are a few people who posted about me being a shitter who weren't involved in any of the incidents, but then again, given the extremely "overall, burger is bad" post I suppose that fits in, so I haven't really reported any posts. Then again, I don't think it's really that fair because no one else can go in this thread and post good things (if any) about me because they'd get banned for being off-topic.
  11. I don't know what happened but I remember making a PR to make it so that you're drunk faster and for longer. Maybe I accidentally did something or someone reverted it. Regardless, intoxication is pretty bad on Aurora.
  12. Hit me up on discord at Burger#3948 if you think that's needed. There are a lot of things I would like to share here as well but don't in fear of causing unnecessary drama.
  13. BurgerBB

    Absolute State

    Wasn't aware. Assumed it was Geeves since they made the announcement. Thanks for doing that.
  14. BurgerBB

    Absolute State

    Thread was kind of derailed with Lmwevil's concern trolling and someone else posting about some dude's sexist remarks on discord in their comment about how creepy sexist attitudes actually exist throughout the server. My original issue is that there exists unathi players who take things too far with the lore by being creepy with "courting" attempts as well as seriously treating unathi females like trash, more than what is realistically allowed by lore. I proposed that we all realise that there are other players behind the screen, some even underaged, and perhaps get in OOC touch before engaging in sexual flirtation or actual serious harassment that expands more than one or two rounds. The steps taken to resolve this was geeves making an announcement and updating the wiki page to include these concerns. The announcement will help new unathi players and existing ones, and perhaps make them realise that they're playing with other people. I couldn't propose anything as all of this was already covered in the lore and the rules, but people forgot that so it's a general reminder.
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