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  1. I prefer the existing design of the sprites already. The suggested sprite changes are exceptionally close to already existing guns, and the design of the hypospray currently really looks like a gun more than a medical tool.
  2. BYOND Key: BurgerBB Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Cnaym Reason of Ban: Aftering using all their TC to buy 4 boxes of EMP grenades, they stole another traitor's PDA to buy 4 more boxes of EMP grenades. They then unloaded all 8 boxes (which contained 5 emp grenades each) of them into the security lobby, killing every security officer and the HoS as they were IPCs. Reason for Appeal: I use EMP grenades, you know why? Cause an EMP grenade doesn't miss, and unlike shitty escalation rules it stops IPC sec in their tracks in two hits. Wooo, wooo and they're fucking done. I use four grenades just to make damn sure. Because, once again, I'm not there to coddle a buncha roleplaying scum sucking IPC mains, I'm there to 1) Survive the fucking round. 2) Complete my objectives. So you can absolutely get fucked. If I get unbanned, which I won't, you can guarantee I will continue to use EMP grenades to apprehend sec. Because it's quick, clean and effective as fuck. Why in the seven hells would I fuck around with roleplay, which take half my time just to involve a department, or use escalation which is slow as balls, impossible to really do and do about next to jack shit, fuck all. The EMP Grenade is the superior antag weapon. Because it stops IPC mains interrupting my ERP. And it stops IPC mains interrupting by ERP by reducing the number of IPC mains roaming the fucking halls.
  3. Close this thread. Kryostro came and apologized via discord.
  4. Round IDs and screenshots don't exist because this is shit that has happened 6+ months ago and that people have thought was dealt with. His behavior should be described in notes because I recall having ahelped these situations before and being told it was "dealt with." so I felt no need to start a collection of screenshots or round IDs for when he would act like this. I can however refer you to his massive criminal record as well as a feedback thread here describing this sort of behavior 2 years ago:
  5. BYOND Key: BurgerBB Game ID: b5F-dClu Player Byond Key/Character name: Kryostro, Shane Castrallo. Staff involved: ShesTrying, ParadoxSpace, Aboshehab Reason for complaint: Absolutely despicable behaviour OOC, extremely unrealistic behavior IC. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? ShesTrying said it was being handled. I ahelped later asking for the ckey for the complaint and I was told it was dealt with by ParadoxSpace and shouldn't need to worry. Aboshehab handled another ticket where they bragged about getting bwoinked and generally acted like a dick. Approximate Date/Time: February 12th, 5:00pm PST Despite me making a thread in general talking about the ongoing sexual deviancy like a Karen who wishes to speak to a manger, I come back after a short break to someone unironically writing what I can only describe as something a little short of erotica of my character. It was some of the weirdest fucking shit I've seen in all my time of Aurora and honestly Space Station 13, and I've been on degenerate servers. I'm not going to post it here, but the gist of it that they decided to do an audio-visual description of my character doing something extremely NSFW via a CENTRAL COMMAND announcement. One of the worst things about this whole situation is that they spent a total of 2/3rds of their telecrystals doing this. With those TC, they tried to do a gimmick (and honestly I'm not even sure if it was a gimmick) that managed to backfire spectacularly when the person who it targeted was so creeped out OOC, they cryo'd to go play some Corporate Mercenaries. After finding it out who made it in OOC after the round ended, they then proceeded to show 0 remorse or any sort of sympathy and even went as far as to say "worth it" when mentioning that they got bwoinked for it despite it very clear that it was inappropriate and that the person didn't appreciate what they did. They attempted to justify their announcements by saying "it was in your exploitable, so fair game" despite the exploitable information being roughly: And nothing more. Like, Image for a second that in my exploitable information there was a traffic cam footage of my parents dying in a shuttle crash caused by terrorists. Imagine if that was followed by a sentence saying "Parents tragedy died in a shuttle crash." Imagine that an antagonist saw that, decided to write a paragraph or two intensely describing the blood, gore, and whatever the fuck that they thought that happened, and broadcasted that in a central command announcement without any sort of escalation or anything whatsoever. Imagine for a second my exploitable information for a Skrell character featured "Subject to racism in Tau Ceti." and an antagonist saw that and decided to jump to 11 and publicly call for unironically lynchings and death specifically on my character instead of doing something a little less fucking weird. People have done gimmicks with the flavortext before. One instance was someone roleplayed a fan who wanted to get my autograph for it. Another instance, someone casually mentions the username to get me to shut up about something I witnessed. Never has anyone decided to do something as stupid as that, so they were talked to about it. They got a warning for both the incident and then bragging about the fact that they were bwoinked in the incident. They were talked to and warned for their behavior in the round and in the game but I honestly don't think that this is enough for this person. Shane Castrallo has been and always been played this way. When they are antagonist, they always escalate from 0 to 10 regardless of the other people involved. When not antag, they start fights that 100% definitely wouldn't happen in a workplace like this and over-escalate, as proven by their record breaking criminal record length. Whenever I see Shane as traitor, their gimmick is always the same "I WILL SHOW EVERYONE." shit that involves shooting up a Bar full of people who don't give a shit, or trying to assassinate some Head of Staff who called them a mean name or something earlier. There was a round where they literally started 3+ fights with the entirety of cargo over some trivial shit which caused headaches for me, the AI at the time, as well as several command staff who were sick of their shit. No one was taking is seriously because it was more comedic than actually realistic. No sane person behaves this way. I really don't think this sort of OOC behavior is appropriate for Aurora. I really don't think this character is appropriate for Aurora.
  6. I mean, you'd think that's funny until it actually targeted a specific person who wasn't really okay with that.
  7. The radio sounds are excessively annoying. I legitimately cannot play with them because they're extremely annoying and have 0 variation whatsoever.
  8. I had my first ss13 related dream this year. I got antag, and decided to say "fuck it" and buy the random item pack. I managed to get 50+ landmines and decided to do literally fucking nothing and just plant them everywhere.


    I then realised that this isn't really different from what most antags do anyways and I didn't get reported.

    1. Carver


      Randomly placing mines would probably make for a more dynamic and intriguing story than the average antag's gimmick anyways. A deep-seated paranoia of mines spreading, an investigation into who the fuck placed these mines, and constant severe injuries so the medical players don't get bored and go AFK.

  9. Give the HoS a Desert Eagle. I don't give a fuck.

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    2. SatinsPristOTD


      Okay but we have to give Ian a M60.

    3. Cnaym


      Should be easy enough, I will post a feedback thread 😄

    4. Cnaym
  10. I was the original person to have made the additional ninjas PR.
  11. SS13 combat has always been shit. Like if you just take a step back from all the noise and then break down every way to kill someone and how easy it is to kill someone with it, then you'd realise that SS13 combat is the most terribly balanced thing in general. Aurora is honestly worst than some of the MRP servers because it's HRP and combat is rarely "tested." Aurora is HRP but a different kind of HRP where combat rarely happens and people like to focus on realism rather than balance. In my years contributing here, trying to get some balance PRs in, the number one criticism to them was "It's not realistic." rather than the actual balance of it. However, that argument is always a euphemism for "I DON'T LIKE IT." rather than an actual concern for realism. I know this because if you just spend 2 seconds thinking about how damage and medical works, you'd come to the conclusion that it's just as far away from realism as "if you take 200 damage, then you die." Like there are so many metas with combat. There are genuinely so many tryhard antag mains who play Aurora just to robust people with metas and then unironically brag in OOC and IC channels about it. They're the same people who bitch and moan about a contributor or developer then patching it out because of concerns of realism. Like, whenever I see an antagonist or a validhunter exploit metas I fucking laugh my ass off for 30 minutes and then cry myself to sleep later that night over the state of combat and the state of server rules that allow that behavior. You probably think I'm over exaggerating. I remember the metas over the years. Some have died. Some have gotten worse. Here are some metas to kickstart your memory to tell you that I'm not talking out of my ass. Stealing achem dispenser at round start as merc/raider before you do literally anything else for healing/explosive chems. Stealing the Captain's spare at round start using window rotation manipulation as merc before you do literally anything else because of agent IDs. Purchasing a .357 revolver every round and aiming at the feet exclusively because there was no foot armor and it would always gib on the first hit. Purchasing EMP grenades and throwing literally all of them whenever you want to kill a synthetic. Emitter + AI Core. (Somewhat justified because the AI core is ass to fucking raid. and malf is a shitty gamemode. Using the ninja sword and aiming at feet to disable officers and for easy decap. Raiding the Armory first thing as ninja and stealing/spacing the Ion rifle. Of course, grab spam and limb dislocation as mentioned in the OP. I have a memory disorder. These are all that I can remember talking about. Aurora combat is trash which is part of the reason I refuse to play certain antags or sec, other than warden.
  12. What is this a reference to? Kind of a rude post dude.
  13. It's been 3 months and the original ban request bordered on hateful spite rather than actual concern. Hell on another server, the exact same language was used to describe a feature that I added by one of the devs involved in the complaint towards a PR I made. 3 months is incredibly excessive for a situation where everyone involved was trying to start shit. Like, look back at the ban request and notice how the people involved were constantly trying to provoke after the situation was made.
  14. It wasn't sarcastic at all. I've saying now and I've said in the past, I've been playing on Hestia. I've been seeing a lot of good features ported from there.
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