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  1. BurgerBB

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    I feel that this is part of a larger issue where whitelisted minority species are treated as equal as humans. I BARELY see any real racism in game other than over-the-top unga bunga ATLAS racism. I kind of half-expecting unathi, tajara, and IPCs to be able to get Captain whitelists soon tbh.
  2. Hey Nerds,
    My name is Burger, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, stupid, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid 2D characters. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
    Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Tajara"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all nerds who should just stop. Thanks for listening.

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      I can't deny what's true. You have my respects.

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      excuse me i jack off to naked imagined unathi

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    all these characters are garbage
  4. I propose the station is now secretly a social experiment. This secret is known only to: The Head of Security, The Captain, the AI, CIAA, top NanoTrasen officials, and select operatives. I feel that this change is much more immersive given how a lot of people's characters fit a lot of these criteria, and the only way they would last this long as an employee is if their serious and crippling flaws were desired by NanoTrasen. The NSS Aurora is the answer of "What would happen if we put a bunch of crazy people in the middle of space, on an unstable asteroid, light-years from civilization?" The research itself is incredibly useful to pharmaceutical companies that develop medication as well as to various psychological methods to controlling population. So In order to be assigned to Aurorastation, one or more of the conditions must be met. The employee has crippling depression or anxiety to the point where it disrupts other people's work. The employee is incredibly advert to social activities, and would rather work or sit around than have human contact with the rest of the crew. The employee has a very high opinion of themselves; they believe that everyone but them is insane despite not knowing about the experiment. The employee is willing to suffer injury or death if it means protecting the few friends they have made on the station (attachment issues.) The employee is a lesbian lizard. The employee advocates for incest. (Njarir’Akhran are hired on the spot.) The employee must have at least one or more outstanding bounties, whether legal or illegal. The employee previously participated in criminal activity, usually not logged in any government's system. The employee is a unathi who, when evaluated by a board of professional psychologists, is determined to be at least 90% gay. Bonus points if they have an affinity for """spears""". The employee, despite being non-security, knows 1001 different martial arts moves. The employee is ex-military and desires to become a member of the internal security department despite their PTSD of combat situations. The employee prefers eating mass-produced and mass-advertised unhealthy junkfood despite being offered professional chef-level food (scared of the unfamiliar.) The employee shows a hidden, unhealthy and inexplicable desire for bloodlust. (IPCs looking to take security positions are hired on the spot.) Additional Lore: Loyalty Implants are not actually loyalty implants, but "rational limiters" which limit the amount of insane thoughts a carrier can have. They're mistakenly called Loyalty Implants because it turns out that going against the company as a seasoned and well-paid higher-up is fucking stupid. Baldies who look the same every time are NanoTrasen sent experimental clones, also called "Tubies" (TOOB-ees) who are directly tasked with disrupting the station. Many people assume that these bald grey-suited individuals are of low intelligence, however their intelligence levels rival even the most brightest and wisest of Skrell. Their training surpasses ERT, and are considered one of the most deadly secret operatives at NanoTrasen's disposal. The station is specifically designed in a way for the experiment to yield better results. Various forms of entertainment and activities are provided to the crew to encourage them to relieve stress to remove test results that might have been affected by the workplace. The work culture was specifically developed for the crewmember to take breaks as much as they please, for as long as they want so they can use these facilities as much as possible. A lot of crewmembers come and go. Sometimes a crewmember has become more saner over time due to outside help and assistance, that they leave the station permanently. Sometimes even after one shift, a crewmember is never to be seen again because they are deemed "too sane" by comparison.
  5. There will be three types of Chaos Ratings. Flat Chaos Rating; value directly proportional to its variables. Decayed Chaos Rating; value decays over time. Multiplied Chaos Rating; two above variables is multiplied by this rating. The final chaos rating will be calculated based on the above three variables. Flat Chaos Rating is determined by: Currently dead crewmembers. Currently living antagonists. Depending on the job, the value could be larger. (Example: Traitor security.) Current gamemode. Currently living hostile mobs. Currently existing viruses. Currently existing k'ois infections. Currently active Air Alarms. Currently active Power Alarms. A value is added to the Decayed Chaos rating when: A crewmember is killed. A limb is gibbed or broken. An explosion has occurred on station. Shrapnel is embedded into someone. Multiplied Chaos rating is affected by: A disproportional medical to crew ratio. (Low med = higher chaos) A disproportional security to crew ratio. (Low sec = higher chaos) A disproportional engineering to crew ratio. (Low engineering = higher chaos)
  6. BurgerBB

    Allow Science to make specialized KA frames

    No. They're for the miners and for rare drops. If you wish to make your own frames, you can add more to the game.
  7. Which is why that in its first implementation, it won't affect anything. It will just display a statistic at the end of the round.
  8. An idea I had was a special sort of rating system that determines how much chaos is going on in a round, and using that rating to determine if an antag should spawn or random events should occur. Left 4 Dead has this sort of system where if the player progresses too quickly, or if the player is suffering, it will adjust the rating accordingly. The reason why I believe this would be a good idea is that sometimes rounds are a little too boring, or rounds are a little too chaotic. If you have 4 antags who's gimmick is to blow up everything, then it's going to be chaos and shouldn't spawn any more traitors, or trigger any bothersome events. If there is a wizard who is doing literally nothing, then more events will spawn to keep the round interesting. Perhaps the "random traitor" event will occur more often because of this. If I get around to implementing this, it the framework (aka the rating calculation) will only be implemented. At the end of the round, it will tell the server how chaotic it thought it was so I can determine how inaccurate or accurate the calculation is in practice.
  9. An Idea I had was to expand on how help/harm/grab/disarm intents have on two players who walk/run into each other and could possibly add depth to combat and some immersion when in the hallways. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KwzI_SvHTpi7OeILK9t0QUK1wsgaagW1BKSj5ifUYhw/edit?usp=sharing Basically if someone runs into you with harm intent, you will be knocked down, unless of course you have a correct stance or if you also run into them.
  10. BurgerBB

    On Security Transparency During Crises

    I did not know that this thread existed before mine. I made several threads regarding this issue and I strongly believe that this would help roleplay. There is a serious issue with members of command withholding information about the round for some unknown reason, or at most, an icly reason.
  11. BIESEL - This was an excerpt from one the "Survivor's Accounts: Preventable Tragedies" that is currently being distributed by the "Fund for Corporate Transparency"; a tau ceti based pro-corporate accountability crowd-sourced organization that's considered one of the most influential organizations of it's type in tau ceti space. They made news last year when their researchers discovered that several of the new compounds the Getmore company used in it's products were found to be the same chemicals used in some brands of cleaning products, but now they're making news this year by further damaging the Hephaestus Industries image. Free copies of the first chapter of "Survivor's Accounts: Preventable Tragedies" which shares the story of Richard Germandi, a survivor of infamous Hephaestus Production Station Shooting of 2454 to spread awareness of the event and the internal investigation that took place after. According to leaked documents, the investigation found that Head of Sector Security Robert R. Kelly knew exactly the shooter's means, motive, and opportunity before the announcement was made, with some investigators claiming that if such information, including the severity of the security threat, was broadcasted to Richard Germandi's sector, 12 people would likely still be alive that day and could've had the opportunity to escape or lockdown the sector. Richard Germandi agrees with the investigator's claims, stating that "given the emergency preparation awareness drills that we have yearly, we could've shut the entire sector down if we knew what the threat was. I would've still had a friend and his children would've had a father." Despite the thorough investigation done by the internal investigation team, Head of Sector Security Robert R. Kelly was allegedly only lightly reprimanded for his actions via a pay-cut of 5-10%. Thanks to the leaker, the story took off in chatrooms all over the extranet, with several thousand tau-ceti citizens petitioning their government for more accountability. 4 years later, the activism finally paid off. After thousands upon thousands of emails to lawmakers about the issue, a new bill was introduced last year that set regulations for companies operating in Tau-Ceti space. It states that if there is an emergency situation, the following information must legally be disclosed through alert broadcasting systems: The bill officially comes into effect January 1st, 2460, however some corporations are already implementing policies to make announcements or automated emergency systems. NanoTrasen, for example, has recently updated their lifeform detection technology to detect the specific location of a group of unauthorized lifeforms on the station, such as a rat or lizard nest. Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals is currently working on technology that detects foreign blob-like alien masses, such as dionaea, to woo it's Skrellian investors. Einstein Engines revealed a prototype recently that detects incoming bluespace signals with 100% accuracy, however NanoTrasen is currently suing that design over patent infringement. OOC Justification: Basically I feel that Command staff are absolutely too secretive when it comes to detailing threats. I feel that this lore article and a policy change will help non-security crew feel more involved and aware of the current situation. It would also be useful for rev rounds as well for when command is being too secretive.
  12. The Burger Manifesto I think this is thread worthy because it contains all my thoughts on the matter in one thread, as well as possible solutions (that I will attempt to implement) to solve it. I believe that there is a problem when it comes to the dynamic of security, antags, and command. If you play any of these roles I bet you'll relate to one of the following things: Something has caused an never-ending cycle of fear of losing a round. It is absolutely rare to see an antag handicap themselves and focus on being entertaining instead of completing imaginary objectives. It's rare to see security act like anything but a private military with a background in the solarian navy. Because of these dynamics, command seems to have undertaken some sort of meta that involves leaving the crew out of everything as much as possible. Some argue it's because it's realism, and that's what a leader would do. Some argue it's because the crew can get in the way, and it's annoying to deal with them. Some argue it's because the people sheltering the crew want as much quality RP as possible. Tell me, how many times have you seen any of these announcements? What usually ends up happening is that this is the only communication made to the crew and nothing else is established. There have been rounds were security/command have been so successful in containing what's been going on, people can't even guess the round type despite it being an hour and a half in. As AI, I've been encouraging Captains and Heads to let the crew what's going on so they could feel involved in some way instead of being left in the dark, but I'm usually told that "civilians" shouldn't know about it or that the situation is miniscule and not worth making an announcement over. There have been a variety of attempts to fix one of these issues mentioned; which is antags feeling threatened. Currently, antags have a significant amount of powers and abilities at their disposal compared to other servers. It is argued that the beefening of antags is made to make rounds last 2 hours because security/the crew tend to be jumpy and valid the antags easily. Security standard loadout is a .45 to protect against these antags. So we've established that security is scared of antags because antags act too tough. We've established that antags are scared of security because security acts too tough. We've established that command/security generally likes to keep things in the dark and treat everything security does as a dark-ops mission. We've established that antags and security have been given buffs to make each other stronger so they last 2 hours. I think all of the above is actively damaging the server, and needs to change. Click on "Next page" for that. What Needs to Change Disassociate the attitude that ISD = military trained soldiers by making them more like rent-a-cops. They should behave like dorky black mesa security and not combine soldiers. This can be done by adjusting policy as well as their equipment. If security equipment is nerfed, so should antags. Uplink items that spawn very strong items like the anti-material rifle, the .357, EMP grenades, frag grenades, and manhack grenades should have a serious price increase. Powerful equipment should be earned, not given. Make punishments more transparent. I've talked to frequent antag players and they complain that security mains don't get enough punishment while all the punishment goes to antags. I've talked to sec mains and they complain that antags don't get enough punishment while all the punishment goes to sec mains. I feel that letting users know that someone has been dealt with (for real) would cause them to relax and not assume that this would be a frequent occurrence. More transparent Captains. I could imagine that legislation or an event took place that legally required Captains to disclose emergency situations on the situation, specifically. I could imagine a scenario where a Captain said that "There was a hostile situation that ISD is dealing with. That is all." but the hostile situation being an active shooter which ended up killing 1 person because the Captain refused to disclose who the hostile is, despite knowing, and what their intentions were. A complete rework of security for NBT. I will be incredibly disappointed if security is the same thing as it is currently. The crew should have more of an active role, such as a militia, when it comes to antag interaction. It would be used for emergencies only, and it would be similar to faysal's militia that he has in dire situations. A dream idea of mine is there only being 4 members of security: A sheriff, a deputy, and 2 enforcers, who are trained to protect the colony from the wildlife and themselves.
  13. BurgerBB

    smuggling items

    Item smuggling usually leads to the conversation of "Should we allow players to hide things in their anal cavity?" and I'm wondering if this is the place we want to go.
  14. BurgerBB

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint - Yonnimer

    I just want to add that they did not DIRECTLY throw grenades into the shuttle, they threw it into the security section, but as evidence by the round that was enough to kill several crewmembers because it vented the shuttle and it EMP'd several people, including the person who was implanted. If RNG was having a bad day, that implant would've exploded and instantly killed several crewmembers.
  15. BurgerBB

    Make the liver useful.

    A future possible plan of mine is to rework organs entirely so that organs are actually useful. This includes implementing new organs as well, such as ears and the stomach, and adding subtypes of different organs for each species. For example, a unathi heart might be larger, stronger, and metabolize more quickly. A skrell stomach may be sensitive to non-seafood protein and not inherit to their race. A dionaea heart may add a verb that allows the user to summon a stage 7 singularity at will.