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    Music Lore

    Unironically the music lore should be just current music. Even use the same song names and band names should be used. I mean the "timeline divergence" or whatever started in the 1950s so who is to say that these music of today irl wouldn't be made 500 years from now?
  2. A long time ago an official poll was done. The poll itself wasn't very well made and did not gauge whether or not the game modes were actually good but rather what the worst one was. Changeling was voted worst gamemode, with wizard and ninja being second and third. A lot of people, including me, used the poll as an argument to remove changeling or seriously rework it, but people kept arguing that the poll didn't mean that people disliked ling, they just thought it was the worst gamemode, so nothing was really done about it except for a few tweaks that make it easier to get ling genomes so people can be ling without being a ling. Given that it's almost 2020, I think another official poll should be made and it should be worded in a way that addresses the enjoyment of all gamemodes rather than "What is the worst gamemode?" as that only addresses one. The poll questions and answers need to be extremely clear to avoid anyone abusing the fucking out the language and interpreting it differently like a certain US Constitution. Before the results are in, we should promise ourselves that we wouldn't act like assholes and immediately jump to conclusions such as "people don't like this gamemode because they die often it, which means that the results shouldn't be taken seriously" or "people only like this gamemode because when they're antag, they like to abuse the mechanics, so the results shouldn't be taken seriously". I think it would also be nice if there was a promise from developers that they would at least acknowledge the results of the polls and make it some sort of priority to "fix". Last time when king was voted the worst gamemode, there was really no organization or leadership to improve it other than the 3-4 contributors who all had conflicting PRs on how to fix it, and usually all of them would be closed in the end due to disinterest or stress. So yeah, polls are good because it allows people who are otherwise silent in heated conversations to have their say in things. I used to contribute here and 9 times out of 10 whenever "the community" (aka 2-4 people on the forums) wrote paragraphs upon paragraphs of why a suggested feature is bad and how everyone shares that opinion, it didn't actually reflect the opinion of the community. I've had people claim that 90% of the community would hate a feature but in reality it would be around 20%.
  3. There is always a fix. The solution would be to implement it so that simulated tiles are replaced by simulated asteroid turfs and non-simulated tiles are replaced by non-simulated asteroid turfs when a tile is destroyed.
  4. "Resurrection" shouldn't be locked to one job. On most servers defibs are available roundstart.
  5. One of the side effects is drowsiness, which would make them not very combat effective but they'd still be able to fight. If you have people trying to speedrun medical to go back to validhunting, ahelp them.
  6. Is adrenaline available without the need of a chemist?
  7. Currently: Per life tick, which occurs every 4 deciseconds, it will process 0.3 of the reagent. This means that it will process about (10/4)*0.3=0.75 units of it every second. Bicaridine heals 5 per unit. That means it will heal 0.75*5=3.75 per second. An injection of 15 units would last 20 seconds and heal for 75 brute. Proposed: Per life tick, which occurs every 4 deciseconds, it will process 0.1 of the reagent. This means that it will process about (10/4)*0.1=0.25 units of it every second. Bicaridine heals 5 per unit. That means it will heal 0.25*5=1.25 per second. An injection of 15 units would last 60 seconds and heal for 75 brute. When combined with bandages, 1.25 per second is fair. Generally when suffering 75 brute damage, you'd likely be in medical longer for a minute being treated for other things like possible broken bones or blood loss. This will not affect treatment times even if you don't have those things, because if you have something like 20 brute damage, you can be injected with 5u of bicaridine and be sent off as the medicine does the work.
  8. See this turf? You can climb it. It vented 90% of the main level instantly and killed several people because someone removed it, either from an extremely precise explosion or tool. I don't know what it was because it happened quickly during a firefight I was observing. Now if this was /tg/ with atmos that didn't update instantly, I wouldn't have a problem with this, but this is Aurora. Now, I looked it up, asked some educated people, and they said that given a typical C-type asteroid, it WOULDN'T be completely air tight but the amount of time it would take for it to drain a 10x10x10 room wouldn't be seconds but rather about 5 minutes. Assuming that a tile is 1m, a hole the size of a tile would vent it to half its pressure in 10 seconds. So that is literally worse case scenario. If you have holes inside the asteroid like swiss cheese, the total size of the holes would be something of about 50 sq cm worst case scenario, which would take about a minute, or maybe 10sq cm best case scneario, which would take 100 seconds to bring it to half. Balance wise making it drain all the air in seconds because someone jackhammered it doesn't make sense. Realism wise it doesn't make sense either. Code wise it doesn't make sense either because this was the result of another feature that optimized the performance of asteroids. Just to repeat this, it makes absolutely no sense that a compressed rock tile has the same effect on the air as space does.
  9. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7656
  10. I cannot support this until defibs are coded. I'm a strong advocate of removing cloning (My two main characters cannot be cloned mechanically or have DNRs) but a PR on its own that removes cloning is an extremely bad idea. Like I'm all for the "cloning is bad" bandwagon but everyone seriously needs to take a step back and realise what exactly this PR does.
  11. This is acceptable if this is the final verdict. I will appeal this in 6 months or so when my conduct in OOC has improved.
  12. Like it's hard to really post about anything here because I don't know if I'm posting enough. I've been made fun of before for posting lengthy posts about this sort of thing so I'm extremely hesitant to really say anything more especially when the rest of things that I need to say border on the accusatory. The things that I said to the developers "unironically revert this code, none of it was untested" has been the sort of thing that the administration team has said was okay for users to say and has always been acceptable for other users to say. Like if you look up certain terms on discord, you can get some hits by members of staff, including future devs and current administrators, as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/Bh3Laof I mean, one of the people involved here has accused me of not testing things in a rude way. I didn't react to it and no one else reacted to it because these accusations are relatively common. Regardless, I'm an ex-contributor and an ex-developer. I had several reasons to believe that the code was untested. At the time, those reasons appeared legitimate. Some of them weren't after new information was learned. The messages that I received from the side effects of medicine and brain damage were EXTREMELY close to previously existing trauma messages and replicate the effects of the traumas, I thought it was reasonable to assume that I was being affected by traumas, specifically, muscle spasms, paralysis, and a concussion. My character was suffering from a lack of oxygen, which all cause those traumas. Yonnimer said that I shouldn't be receiving traumas, when I said I was being affected by Traumas. They said that it was a bug. Yonnimer is a person who absolutely knows what they're talking about when it comes to medicine and I trust their judgement entirely on the matter. I still trust their judgement. Before this happened, there was another bug that would've been easy to catch that occured before where people kept taking organ damage. It was a bug that would've been discovered if they ran the server once and spawned in as a human mob with organs. I mentioned this in my reasoning as to why I accused them of not testing code. I want to make this absolutely clear that even while I was upset and was extremely rude, my intentions were not to be malicious. I was not pulling things out of my ass. I did not know who made the code as I have mentioned before, and I did not care to make things personal. I did not know the scope of the project, nor anything about it really as there was no documentation on the wiki about it, as I am trying to stay away from Aurorastation development. I apologize to the developers that I have wronged here. Again, it was wrong of me to accuse you of not testing code. This has been the first time that I have ever accused any contributor or developer of something like this, and this will absolutely never happen again.
  13. "I was flamed earlier for talking about it." was directed at Tbear's "Can we use our nice words." response. It was my excuse for being upset and using the word "retarded" and not an attempt to bring stuff up again. The topic of brainmed was brought up by tbear and not me. I even told both of you, when you both tried to bring shit up again, to stop talking about it. If I wanted to talk about it, I would've talked about it when both of you tried to bring it up again, but I didn't because I didn't want to talk about it. Again, I wasn't saying "Fuck off." because I wanted the conversation to continue, I was saying it because I wanted the conversation to end immediately and I felt at the time that it was an acceptable way to express my unwillingness to further tolerate the insults. It wasn't. And honestly I don't even know what to say to your Citadel remark. That honestly feel like a snide remark than any attempt at actual discussion about this issue because it's 100% clear that you don't know what you're talking about. Like I'm actually kind of infuriated right now that you brought it up but since you did I guess I have to discuss it despite me discussing it here would result in further administrative action on Citadel. I was banned from the Citadel discord, not the server, because I went to the appropriate development channels to talk about an Admin who was trying to take control of the development process. The admin in question was trying to manipulate contributors into not making PRs that the admins didn't like by threatening bans, so It was brought up the code discussion channel by me on discord. Many contributors commented on the issue as well, and the conversation was extremely productive and non hostile. An administrator who was friends with them saw the conversation 5 minutes after it happened, tried to insult me, but when I didn't reply to their insult they held an "Unofficial Vote" to permaban me from the discord where a majority of the admins and moderators who were active at the time weren't involved. They used another incident where I asked a person rudely to stop posting massive maggot infestation porn in the nsfw channel as evidence to say it was a pattern. I was not banned from the server or the forums because they had no justification to ban me from the main server or the forums.
  14. Alb recommended explaining myself the best I can. So here it goes. I'm Burger. I am 23 years old. I deeply care about Aurorastation. I coded for it. I've done major overhauls for it. I've improved the server significantly. I've been in numerous discussions to improve aurora. I even applied for developer and got accepted, only to leave it when the community didn't want me to be developer. I hate no one here and hold no grudges. I have never gone out of my way to actively target a user or insult them. I am extremely easy to bait into a reaction and everyone knows this to the point where moderators and administrators have admitted that people intentionally try to bait me to get me banned, but they can't do anything about it because it's not against the rules to bait people, and there is always the benefit of doubt. I tell people to fuck off when provoked because I want them to leave me alone. I have short term memory loss. I sometimes completely forget things even moments after they occured to me. I struggle with remembering names and faces, sometimes confuse people with other people, and in some cases forget that I am friends with people. I don't really have any friends on Aurorastation because of this. Anyone who has seen me play Diamond with Flaw, Marcus Burgs, Zachery Thaddeus, or Bar Shaleez can vouch that they can never see me roleplaying with a single person in particular. It is completely impossible for me to remember grudges unless they are exceptionally bad, so I am mentally incapable of attacking people out of the blue. I have had several MRI scans of my brain, and doctors have found nothing physically wrong with it. I have an unknown problem with my stomach where I am in constant pain and nausea, which was caused by catching the flu and receiving food poisoning at the same time. I have had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy at the age of 23 where they found nothing. I take Pantoprazole Magnesium to reduce the pain and nausea, but it does not go away completely. I am always extremely irritable and easy to annoy because of it, to the point where I have to take Buspirone, an anxiety medication, to further deal with it. I have had this issue for 3 years now, and it is only getting worse. I've been harrassed and berated by several users here. A user has told me to kill myself in a way that didn't break the rules. Several users have tried to get me removed as developer from Aurora. Several users have tried to get me permabanned from Aurora. My work has been made fun of constantly, and people have constantly brought up how I am similar to Nanako, a person that I have never met or seen before. The day that I lashed out was when I went to a specialist who wasn't helpful at all. They did not speak english very well and even forgot to fill out a vital lab requisition that I had to go back for. I still didn't know what was wrong with me, which made me upset and angry. During the round that I experienced the bug, I was captured and held hostage by mercenaries who refused to roleplay and interact with people. They forced people to dig holes in mining for an hour. I was extremely bored and irritable, but I played nicely because they threatened to murder us if we stopped digging. I didn't have an ID or headset at the time, so escape was impossible especially in EVA a hardsuit. I ended up getting shot that round, and Yonnimer's merc character treated me. I was experiencing what I thought were traumas as they were effects that most traumas give, such as concussion, paralysis, and constantly blacking out. As a coder, I knew that Yonnimer gave me dexalin and properly treated me, so I brought it up with him in looc, saying that I think I'm getting traumas. I was pretty pissed off that I was now pretty much a cripple now for all that has happened. Eventually the mercs handed me to medical, but they strapped a bomb to me and blew me and medical up. The person who planted the bomb was dealt with but none of the other mercs weren't for bad roleplay behavior. Given that there were earlier bugs with organ failure that could've been found by testing, and the fact that I just had some terrible things happen to me, and the fact that I've been told time and time again by admins that is acceptable to talk this way, I went into the code dungeon channel to suggest that brainmed should be reverted until it is fixed. I did not know it was testmerged at the time, but I still insisted that it should be reverted because In my opinion it's not really well balanced for how players play and brainmed is seriously disliked among coders in different coding channels for being difficult to work with and bad for players. My sass was met with sass, so I did not change my tone. Eventually, everyone calmed down, and I calmly stated the bug. I was then laughed at and made fun of for mistaking the feature for a bug. I was then insulted for my previous work, so I just lost it at that point and told everyone to specifically fuck off with their attitude. I was exceptionally irritated at that point because Moondancer Pony has a history of endless shittalking of me and my code, to the point where they made a PR called "Removes Burger" and bragged about it. They have told me and bragged several times that they have picked up after my shit because some bugs were found from my addons after my permaban. Despite this, I apologized for my behavior before the mods were called, and admitted my mistake. I apologized again after the conversation as well. I never threw any insults. I never called anyone names, not because I was told not to, but because I had no right to call people names. I did the best I could to explain myself, and I said "fuck off" to statements that were personal attacks, and ignored them. The developers then pinged mods after they were done with the insults, then pretended I didn't exist and moved onto another topic. I did the same. A lengthy amount of time passed, and the three developers involved continued to try to bring up the subject in general discussion. I told them to stop, shut up, and move on because they were clearly trying to start shit again. Shortly after a mod told them to stop several times, they made a ban request thread while I was done finished typing feedback in the feedback thread about the PR. I left the Aurora discord because I didn't want to break down on there. I then cried for about 30 minutes because I realised that what I did was hypocritical and wasn't the right thing to do. I did the very thing that I was advocating for players not to do to other developers. I gave myself a break from everything and then later gave myself some time to think about it. At much as people like to claim otherwise, this is not who I am. What happened was an accident. I am by no means a hateful person, just one who easily lashes out when provoked. I have never before lashed out at developers. I do not think that Garnacus' interpretation of the events is accurate. I do not think it is the right call to ignore a ton of context like that. I do not think it is fair judgement.
  15. I don't understand the last statement in full. I believe that is the only time I was ever sassy towards the devs. I was a strong advocate for treating volunteer developers and contributors with respect. I was reporting incidents that were on the level or worse than "revert your code, this shit is broken" but getting responses by admins and moderators saying that it was in line with the sort of "banter" that occurs here. Even Geeves in the middle of it said it was banter. I made a comment towards the developers about their attitude towards me as well. I even mentioned that if I pulled this shit as developer, I would get in a lot of trouble even if I was provoked by a comment saying that my code needed to be reverted. They still continued their insults and proceeded to talk about how I made bad PRs despite that being irrelevant. Instead of going on their level and throwing insults, I told them to just simply fuck off because they were rude, but I suppose that is the same as going on their level. I'm not a good person by any means but I do not go out of my way to intentionally provoke people. When I bitch and moan "Look at the context." over and over again I'm not saying it to ignore the shitty thing I did but to understand that this did not come from a person who is intrinsically malicious but rather someone who acts malicious when the planets align and several shitty things occur at once. When 3 developers gang up on me, with one of them having a long history of trash talking and being excessively provocative, and do the very same thing that I was punished for doing a year ago and get away with it, I'm going to be in an emotional state of depression and anger. I'm honestly still in that emotional state. Like I have to lash out here and say that I don't think it's fair that you had 3 staff members react this way to someone who said "revert this pr, it was untested" and they're the ones who make the ban request when in the conversation they have said some pretty terrible things that are significantly worse than anything I have said in the conversation. It's a near repeat of the Resilynn staff complaint where they tried 3 times to bait a reaction out of me, and when they got one, they asked a mod for me to be banned. Only difference here is that I didn't namecall; something I was told specifically by Alb not to do. I mean I'm pretty fucked here considering that Garn came in and butchered exactly what happened and never commented at all about the behavior of the developers. despite it being as deplorable as mine. How is this okay?
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