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[Accepted] ban appeal

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Banning staff member's Key:readthisnameplz

Reason of Ban:Griefer,Greytide genrally ignoring the rules. Your were recently unbanned per appeal, you then joined with a name "nimbus Boi" and when asked to change it, it was changed and you juped into disposals. You then ghost and logged

Reason for Appeal: The incident in question refers to unwrenching some wooden chairs from the bar as a cargo tech in order to gather wood. I raise my hands to being at fault here, i didn't think about the high roleplay environment and how my actions might have broken other players' sense of immersion, and for this i'm deeply sorry. I was adminn PMed regardding my use of the name Nimbus Boi, i did explain,however, that this wasn't intended to be a joke name, but pronounced bois or boitte, although I can see how this was misconstrued and was willing to change it. With regards to the secondary point as to jumping into disposals and logging off, this has no relation to the pm itself but was merely a way to hide my unconcious form as I had to leave the round for external reasons. I am deeply sorry for any upset, I'm just new to the hrp environment and do truly enjoy the server.

Regards Nimbus Boi

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Hi, sorry for the delay. I have been extremely busy outside of this game.

I remember this ban, I banned you due to the jumping down disposals, the name change itself isn't a big deal, we have people who have to get them done nearly every day. The issue here was, from my perspective you jumped down disposals out of frustration towards my ruling. In the future, do not jump down disposals in the future because you have to go. Ahelp in the future if you cannot make it to cryo, or ask someone in looc to help you. Never jump down disposals just because you have to go. It breaks several rules.

1. Avoid pain

2. Stay in character

3. Always try to make it to cryo, etc.

Now, that being said, I'm going to unban you, just don't do this again.

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