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Even with the age at 31 years, this seems like an awful lot for someone to do in such a period of time. The education that you've described shows that the character is somewhat unspecialized, which is not exactly something you want in a head of staff. Also, you may want to go back and actually read the lore we have for this server, and the fledgling wiki that's been started up as well, because there's no such thing as Space-Russia, and there were never any Clown-Mime wars, and I ain't never heard of no planet called Clorfour VII.

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First off. Here's the wiki.


We've literally just gotten it off the ground, so it's bare-bones and require streamlining. But it covers the basics of lore.

Second point. We don't use Baystation 12 fluff anymore, as it's completely unrecognizable. Seriously. Some weird shit's going on there.

Third point. Space-Russia doesn't exist. The New Marx Republic does.

Fourth point. We're not incorporating lore from Dragonball. Or Dead Space, or Halo, or Mass Effect, or anything else like that for that matter.

Fifth point. While I appreciate that you'd be willing to make the character older to accommodate those skills, what I actually meant with my earlier comment was to specialize her. Someone who jumps around between jobs, even after a few years, isn't going to be a very impressive applicant for a head of staff position aboard a state-of-the-art research station. Keep the character in a single field throughout their career. It's okay if they dabble a little bit, but it should not be overdone to the point that they're qualified in everything.

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