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Calanthia Basingers Custom Item

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BYOND SatinsPrist666

Character name: Calanthia Basinger

Item name: Faithful Conduct Medal

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Item function(s): It's aesthetic, but it helps paint how long of a command member she's been. Calanthia has been with NanoTrasen for twenty years, ten of which were a commanding staff position. It'd be a medal she wears with her captain uniform only.

Item description: Struck in bronze, the NanoTrasen logo can be seen centered on the round disk, surrounded by a pattern of stars. It's supported by a white and blue ribbon.

Item appearance: A simple medal shape, with a blue and white ribbon. Medal is bronze.

Additional comments: We already have medals located in the Captains office. It doesn't seem too far of a stretch for milestone medals to exist. Several company's today give them out to long term employees.

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