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  1. The sinks in the Surgery OR's are named Autopsy sink. They, clearly, are not. LOL
  2. Color psychology time! Color psychology can't be avoided! Dark blue tends to make us focus harder and develop a more serious mentality. If you double down on it too much (as in the case of the Vaurca night vision) it can actually lead to the creativity aspect of our minds going a little... dull. It can also cause hints of depression if it's over-whelming. So... you've got a color that is shutting down your creativity, and promoting a serious, no nonsense mentality. It's effectively cutting off your nose to spite your face. While concentration is useful, we are playing a game that requ
  3. Sing, Sang, Song?

    1. geeves


      vidi vedi venice

    2. SinfulBehaviors


      Take, Took, Taken 3, now in theatres.

  4. This is a really touchy one. I like Schev's roleplaying, like, I enjoy them most of the time. The only problem I have is sometimes you witness the character break and Schev come out instead of the ballin' beast character they've created. I also know they (just like me) can be a little abrasive OOCly. I don't think it's enough to not grant them a whitelist, but I would like a confirmation that this trait is being worked on. Facts: Schev's a good command player, and they're a good one to rely on motivating a round. Schev can, occasionally have an attitude problem. I won't fault them
  5. My favorite IC drama has to be the time I was taken hostage, shot in the face by a CADET, and then left for dead in the Medical operating wing.... or the time I yeeted a nuke into a hole as Captain... or the time a Research Director went on an expedition ALONE, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE, and died..... Or the time.. you know what? Any shift I play Captain.

    1. Cnaym


      I once played a dominian rogue shell, got a box of spare Aut'akh limbs from you and acted like I had no idea why the borg outside your office was chopping peoples limbs of.

      Don't know why but some captains just suffer every round lmao

  6. If our main argument against AI Traitor is "People will abuse it" then the AI Whitelist is not doing it's job. That argument can also be used for Command whitelists. Anyone carrying a whitelist should be fully aware of what it means to abuse power and make a round terrible for players. Whitelist holders are held to higher standards. If the problem is abuse, remove the abuser.
  7. We'll have none of that here, sir. Good day
  8. I love having the AI whitelisted, first of all. Law changes don't... really feel like they added much or did anything productive? Whitelisting the AI slot is what's really cleaned up the AI position. It was a firm choice. Malf's a fun gimmick, but I will agree with it's removal. Giving a sole antag to a position that already has to be whitelisted means you'll almost never see it. Where as traitor AI means you'll get taterAI with other taters.
  9. Walk home, Clown.

    Mine. It's alfredo night. Bring your own fork.

  10. Updated because why the fuck not?
  11. Captain: "For fucks sake, why can't ANY of you actually lead a department? Degree's don't come in cereal boxes. Paul Schmidt, if you mop the floors without a sign one more time, I'll put that broom up your ass. Why is Medbay on fire? OH YOU THOUGHT IT WAS COLD. HAHA. RIGHT. Sleep with one eye open tonight. Sec-- Sec-- No, you can't have the guns for target pra-- No, I don't care if the cadet signed a waiver. No- Who put the detective in an airlock again?!"
  12. #DomiMommy Issue 42: How to balance the home and the Navy.

    1. MattAtlas


      your family is the navy your home is the navy

    2. DeadLantern


      and your home was bombed by the 3F

    3. Desven


      paging etilka strelitz

  13. Command Cryo room. Remove the window that's above the bed. If you hop out of the cryo cell when you first login (and you're an actual idiot like ME and hit your D instead of your A) you'll get stuck in a corner like someone put your HOP in the hole of shame for being stupid. Then you have to hop BACK INTO THE CRYO CELL, and get out via the other way. It's just weird, and it's not like it add's RP, or even is seen by anyone except ghosts getting a chuckle out of you corner of shaming yourself for the 4th round in a row.
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