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  1. Cool. I assume since NT transferred him, he's an owned IPC? Seems alright to me with the fix and I like Darks RP. +1
  2. Was he a robot before he was an IPC? Modern IPCs as we know them didn't show up till around 2440, and the Skrell leak that created positronics happened 2437. You have his creation set at 2433.
  3. We actually did have the issue of "no warden, No HoS" when I was Captain. It meant the Captain of all damn people had to process criminals. It was really.... shit. The biggest concern I have with this is the test merges were meant not only to test the map/code, but see how well it fit with the gameplay of Aurora. The execution of the new offices and Brig are so poorly done, that this right out of the gate has a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I'm really hoping the feedback here is taken into consideration and this whole concept gets a second chance.
  4. Hi, HoP player here as well: So the HoP would have Supply, Service and IAA under it's wing? As it stands, the HoP is the Captains secretary when shit hits the fan too. That's... quite a lot for one job to have, considering Service is THE area where most new people/ greytide go to. -1
  5. BYOND Key: KingWolfwind Character name: Gabriel Autumnmour Item name: Dominian Priest Jacket Why is your character carrying said item to work? Item function(s): The Dominian priests are supposedly wearing white, yet there isn't really any clothing that gives them this option. A white dominian coat would help Dominian priests fit their descriptions better. Item description: This is a great coat in the style of Dominia Priests. Our gift is the Divine, theirs the mundane! Item appearance: Literally the Dominian nobility coat, just sprited white. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? As stated, the priests should be in white. It helps with his entire Chaplain RP. Additional comments: ((I have put this custom in for KingWolfwind. He's my husband and flat out refuses to make a forum account. You can contact me for information about it.))
  6. Nothing mentioned here is really... that difficult. Ya'll are talking about it like he's suggested piping out a new distro loop to churn butter. Adding a few extra steps (and making sure the wiki is up to date) really wouldn't hinder teaching. If anything, it'll shove new players into the hRP mind-set more. I like it.
  7. +1, Thea is wonderfully roleplayed. Don't see a problem with the player having a command WL. HOP IS the HR department. It's not just about business administration. There's a lot of people skills and working with disgruntled employees. Honestly, Thea could pick up an OAD class and an econ class and be pretty okay in that job.
  8. +1 Iron's never displeased me with their RP. They know IPC's pretty well, and I think they can be trusted with the application.
  9. Note: Drago and I have spoke on Discord and we've agreed to wipe the slate and start again. Looking forward to it.
  10. +1!!! I like that his name is J-4, and your picture is Jhin. 😋 Vera's RP is some of the better stuff on server, so I don't an issue with them properly RPing an IPC. I kinda wish your first IPC wasn't an almost strictly antagonist character. Medbay has it's share of IPCs, and most of us are rather blunt, cold and nonchalant. You'll have several medical IPCs to start your own master race robo team 😊😊😊
  11. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/29/206 To use a first world country's own labor code. No company would be caught actually paying people less based on their gender. Women tend to work part-time, which means they get less hours, and thus, less work... and thus less pay. Men also typically pull over-time more than women, because women pick family over career *usually*. So unless you want to start a whole system about part-time jobs/full-time positions on the Aurora and get childcare into lore... (because fuck, we need that realism, right?)
  12. Scratch this: I've decided there's no point in debating it.
  13. Fox is pretty awesome at roleplay and they'd be a great asset to the IPC master race.
  14. You're not blocked, nor have you ever been blocked. I don't wish to communicate about complaints outside a public forum simply because this is moderated. Personal discord chats are not. I've had my fair share of being done dirty, and now if I have a complaint it will forever be done in a public setting. Obviously you DO have some issue, or Tailsons first words to me wouldn't have been "Do you have something against Miras player?" When all I did was handle how you acted ICly the exact way any captain would. The second ahelp was just pure... Strange. You don't get to have double standards with RP. You can't meme hug a hrp player without them taking action. Ahelping that and, once again, glancing over what YOU had done to instigate it clearly says your intentions
  15. BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666 Game ID:bYS-dESA (It was the game PRIOR to this one) Player Byond Key: Drago (Whatever she's changed it to now) Staff involved:Tailson Reason for complaint: Auto-Traitor round was turned into a Syndicate Co-op thing, which was pretty cool. Won't lie. First issue: Mira (Played by Drago) decided to chunk a grenade into the library (with two witnesses) and then when I tried to speak to the character in R&D, she basically said she wasn't going to talk to me. That's fine. If you're going to act that way towards your boss, you can be demoted. This sentence was shortened to just being fined/small brig time per the RD's request. Thought it was all done and over with. Nope, Drago decided to ahelp about it and I guess say i had unfairly had her arrested ICly, and that I was harboring some ill-intent towards her character because we have issues. I don't know who the hell drago plays. I wasn't even certain Mira was her, furthermore, I acted ICly the way i would have with anyone throwing grenades in the Library. Tailson handled the ticket and saw that, yes, it was a fair arrest and reaction to Mira being rude and negligent at her job. Second ticket: It's round end. They've kidnapped me and taken me back to the Syndicate base. Mira (now named MARA) and some miner decide to start spam hugging me while I'm getting out of my cuffs (because who wants to stay buckled to a fucking chair?). My cuffs break free and I punch MARA (who is the one in my direct line of sight) for spamming me with hugs. Drago decides to ahelp, whining that the hostage has broke free of cuffs and started attacking her! Oh nO! She was SPAM HUGGING ME like some kind of low-RP nightmare. Tailson, once again, said that given the circumstances, it made sense. So this brings me to my actual complaint... I feel like Drago is the one harboring some kind of.... intent to try and get me in trouble/banned. Their actions ICly do merit anything I say or do to them, and yet they try and ahelp victim themselves and put me as the bad guy. Honestly, Drago makes me not want to play Aurora when they're on server. Their RP is medium, at best, and they (this shift) can't even be interacted with by me without them doing a bogus Ahelp about it. I'd like to see them stop doing things that are lRP ICly, then trying to put the blame on me in an ahelp. It's like they are deliberately egging me on. Problem is... I'm not breaking server rules, nor am I doing anything to them ICly that they don't deserve. This is coming just.. what? A week after they decided to rush dislocate my limbs and not RP with me at all? Drago has some very shady actions when it comes to me, and I'd like it looked in to. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yep. Tailson said to make a complaint. Approximate Date/Time: 2/18/2019
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