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  1. No no, you're not understanding us. He didn't talk before or AFTER surgery either, at least not without being asked multiple times, and he never organized his team, from the get go. When he got out of surgery, he still did not speak or organize Security. We understand not talking while in surgery. That's not the complaint. This complaint isn't just about one shift either. Stafford has done this nearly every shift I've worked with him.
  2. BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666 Game ID: This is over MULTIPLE rounds Player Byond Key/Character name: Darius Stafford. Don't know the ckey. Staff involved: I asked Alb if it would be okay to make this complaint to raise awareness to the player, as I didn't want their whitelist looked at. I simply want the player to realize that the following complaint is ongoing and that it needs to be addressed BEFORE their whitelist has to be looked at. Reason for complaint: I have Captain'd with Darius Stafford several times. (More with my old Captain Demos, but lately the rounds have been with Scarlett Moore.) Darius does not communicate, at all. In fact, you have to directly ask him to talk before he even begins to communicate to Command OR Security. Half the time, it relies on the Captain or some officer to give orders and find out what's going on. Last round (the one that prompted me to file this complaint), the security force had to be commanded by the Captain and Jake Jarvis. Now given, Darius was in surgery for close to 30mins, but before surgery and after he STILL did not attempt to communicate with his team over any sort of frequency. This leads to a very disorganized Security team, lack of communication, confusion, and honestly... I'd rather not have a Head of Security at all if I'm gave the option of one that doesn't talk or not having one. Commanders are incredibly important, and we need you to communicate better with your team AND with Command. As a whitelist holder, you have to guide your department. You are their mouthpiece at times. You can't just not give orders and sit around waiting for the action to occur. Team building is an important part of the security force. Even if it's to check on them over the radio, "hey, status update?". It lets us know you're there and willing to command when needed. but you drop the ball on this, hard. I've had multiple people come to me about this. I don't want to see a white list stripped. I don't want to see a warning, or a ban. I want the player to reflect on their RP and see if they can understand where I (and several others) are coming from. It's frustrating to rely on you if you don't talk. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes and no? I ahelped at the start of the next round, as I was a bit AFK at round end. I was hoping maybe Stafford would pick up, even a bit, but it never happened. Approximate Date/Time: Last known shift this occurred was around 11am CST, 23/8/2019
  3. Emagged drones turns into a yakity sax with a fucking plasma cutter and a little shit that can take multiple gun shots without dying. They're hard to catch, can't be locked down, and give absolutely no RP in return for going on wild goose chases. It's not like THEY can RP. All they can do is panic siphon the room you're in and yeet away. Too much power for a ghost role.
  4. It was five today, but the injuries to the two IPC security members left them unusable until the shuttle ride home. Armstrong rushing in during a bomb threat LITERALLY took out the ENTIRE security force. However, I'd like to note the situation was ahelped and Spider was spoken to. He's agreed to tone down the "Gwen smoochy smoochy when I'm needed." I do think you need to RP your loyalty implant a lot better. (Despite me hating the existence of LI's, I still understand they're required.) You also need to LISTEN more to your captain AND crew during emergencies. I've had you flat out ignore orders from me as Captain because you were busy dealing with Miller and your chair RP. (You failed to change the code at a time when the antag was NOT raging enough to warrant a "I was busy excuse."). You've also failed to listen to me as your CSI when gave important information about a crew member. (this happened today during the round that the entire sec department was put out of commission.) We just lost Lin because people complained about lack of communication. Please don't let us lose you too.
  5. Forensic techs already get railroaded by their own departments inability to understand what a crime scene is. Now we have to deal with a borg doing it as well? Borgs taking over jobs that have multiple purpose is fine. (We'll always need more Engineers, Miners and Surgeons), but to put a borg in control of a niche job that isn't respected as it is... well.. doesn't sit right with me. All you'll have is "Ah, let the borg go dust for prints." which is the CSI's main job: forensic data.
  6. He doesn't tell his landlady he's moving and leaves all his shit behind. WORST MAN EVER. ❤️
  7. Why would a cautery go to R&D? We use cauteries in TODAY's surgery. Sutures would be fine, but the cautery should remain in the surgical procedure. THE CAUTERY PROCEDURE IS NOT AN UNCOMMON ENOUGH THING TO BE DEVELOPED IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. I CAN REPEAT THAT IF NEED BE. On the topic of "healing times", as mentioned in a previous discussion for this: rounds are 2 hours long (sometimes less, sometimes more but this is the average.) No one wants to sit there for 30-40 mins in pain crit, or expecting Medical to RP with them while the Ninja is ripping limbs off in one hit crits. Medical can be slow, but those rounds aren't as common as you think. Once the antag hits, we can barely keep our head out of the dirt. ss13, whether you admit this to yourself or not, is face paced when the antag hits. We can sit there and RP your pain levels, but as someone who has undergone some serious surgeries AND had to pain manage in a hospital... your nurse isn't sitting there holding your hand. "The wound is tender" RP outside of the medical wing will just have people demanding tramadol or Oxy simply because there's some lunatic with an axe decapping your friends. I'm all for Sutures. In all honesty, I'm all for a better surgery in general. Right now it's "click, wait, click, wait, click wait." We have no life support system. We have no defibs. We have nothing logical. RNG for my surgical skills is a big no no. Do not let my characters skill be based on RNG. It's my decision if Asclepius is good or not.
  8. Your waifu pillow counts, though!
  9. Then just giving them the access to begin with doesn't ACTUALLY take away from anything. If NT is perfectly okay with the HoP handing out the access, then why don't they come with it already? This is just an unneeded step. You can't say "Well it gives RP with the HoP and the EMT" because it takes all of 3mins to fully RP that out, AND do the paperwork. HoP gets more RP running their two departments. Cutting out the middle man in order to help save lives (and money) makes sense from an IC perspective.
  10. He is way too excited about that finger formation. Sterben no
  11. Artwork I've had done or references? Artwork I've paid for: Asclepius Calanthia Tatyanna Volvalaad Stella O'Neil Poppy Wolfe
  12. Because she HAS to go with whatever the vampires RP says. Part of this complaint is her "shutting down antag gimmicks". Now we're questioning why she plays ALONG with antag gimmicks. I have witnessed this player just get ahelped for the most absolute bullshit reasons. She literally cannot win for losing anymore. Pick a side and tell her what you want, because this "Well she needs to do this but at the same time I want her to do that" is getting old to witness.
  13. LI's don't work against Vampires. It's also not her fault that Veetek seeks out the Head of Security for a minion. It's low pop and having the HoS under your belt is quite the power play. Lin can go quiet, yes, but so do a lot of other Commanders. It's an incredibly stressful position to play. I play Command almost every round I'm on. This isn't just a "Natcula" issue. It's just the stress of the job, weighing down the player and character. I don't think you understand the ramifications of turning a person to stone. I want you to think about it, logically, and tell me why you wouldn't go after someone who has the ability to turn the crew of Aurora to stone, at a moments notice, and do God knows what while they're that way. "Lolz the wizard just turned you to stone dude." Okay, but imagine some freak of nature just cast you in a carbonite bath for a few minutes. This doesn't have much proof, it's just everyones word against theirs, with one questionable situation thrown in.
  14. Nah, I didn't see much of an issue with what you did. (nuke disk aside, but we've already discussed that and I'm not about to beat the dead horse.) Just know that a Captain wouldn't really want to withhold information from NT, especially regarding a nuke. Imagine the military just having a nuke stolen and no one ever telling the President that his nuke was stolen. It doesn't make much sense, regarding your loyalty to NT. I do think Captain was a bit much to bite off as the character to do your whitelist application trial week with, BUT, you have to learn. Like everyone else did. You've got a bit of a ways to go with learning the unwritten SoP/meta/rules that Command has made for itself, and part of that is the communitys fault for not writing all of this down in a clear, precise manner. It's a bit scattered to the wind. If you'd ever like tips, or questions... feel free to ask one of us that plays Captain. Most of us would be more than happy to talk over Discord.
  15. No, you threatened to remove Poppy Wolfe today for questioning why a loyalty implanted Captain would not inform Central about the nuke disk being stolen (and her faxing this on code red). I'd like to point out Rook was possibly EXPLOSIVE IMPLANTED and he was acting out because he was afraid he'd be killed, and that telling Central anything could result in the antag triggering said implant. I thought it was incredibly strange RP until i put two and two together this morning.
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