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  1. WTF is wrong with people? @ban appeals

    1. Cnaym


      This is fine. This is the new normal. Let's argue about changelogs instead 😄

  2. Everything Skull just said sums up my view of this suggestion. I couldn't have said it better.
  3. Nerd

    1. SatinsPristOTD



    2. Shadow7889



  4. Ahem. I was not aware that was an option. 😂Moving on.

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    2. GreenBoi



    3. Carver


      Can I demand reparations for the suffering my eyes went through?

    4. SatinsPristOTD


      No, it's karma for that Offworlders should be Command argument. 😂

  5. what the fuck is your avatar and why

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    2. SatinsPristOTD


      OH MY GOD. So, if your Discord is linked to your fucking forum account, it'll change your picture to match your Discord. I was not aware. 😭

    3. Skull132


      > OH MY GOD. So, if your Discord is linked to your fucking forum account, it'll change your picture to match your Discord. I was not aware. 😭

      Wait. REALLY? That's. Unfortunate, actually, wtf.

    4. SatinsPristOTD


      It's an option you can "opt in" to have, but I swear on my life I didn't check it. I really don't know why that's an option. 

  6. A ban request just showed up on the forums and one of the things mentioned was how "often" the player made complaints on the forums about rulings. The name brings negativity and it was (and can still be) used as canon fodder for baseless ban requests. It does look bad on a person when a lot of their forum posts are "Staff Complaints" instead of "Ruling Appeal".
  7. They are literally-- the best way.... to make a suggestion to lore teams to get a change put in place. One person cannot go to a lore dev and say "hey, I think this is wrong. Fix it." You need the community's input in the matter. What I want does not equal what the community wants. So yes, this thread was entirely reasonable, and very much the proper way to go about getting a change done to lore. A way to SUGGEST a better option be put in place. A easy to read (until I had to do some grand scheme circular logic with you), easy to understand, laid out in front for all to see.... thread of why this suggestion is a good idea.
  8. The restriction in the first place exists because offworlders have only started being employed by NanoTrasen for a little less than a year. But this isn't true. It's only true for Scarabs.
  9. But this still has nothing to do with the argument on whether they can be heads of staff. You're absolutely refusing to listen to the fact that in our CURRENT LORE, they've existed for years upon years. The only reason they're "new" is because we just recently made them a MECHANICAL option. There's no "muh headcanon" about this dude. You are LITERALLY failing to read any sort of concrete evidence against your "MUH LOGIC" responses.
  10. Papilla-less in 2462.

  11. I'm going out on a limb here and speak for a lot of offworlder players when I say--- they have nipples, dude. The naval isn't sprited because to put it along with the "|sunken|" stomach lines would really bloat out the sprite and look terrible. But you've now gone from "Off-worlders are a new species and can't be Command" to "Well the sprite doesn't have nipples so they have to be genetic freaks and not a classification of human." Please, pick an argument.... because it's really hard to follow the debate now.
  12. But--- Off-worlders look the way they do thanks to lack of gravity, not genetics. Marlon is absolutely right. This is something that happens to our astronauts TODAY. It's not a genetic trait passed on. Off-worlders aren't a species. They're a category of human that grew in low G. also, that sprite IS THE TALLER, SKINNER LANKIER VERSION OF OUR CURRENT HUMAN. How else would we sprite that?
  13. You're not explaining WHY you're against this. Offworlders HAVE BEEN EMPLOYED BY NANOTRASEN FOR OVER TEN YEARS. Offworlders HAVE THE NECESSARY DEGREES. Offworlders are OLDER THAN THE REQUIRED AGE. I-- am really failing to see your argument. We've presented you with reason after reason for why this needs to exist but you keep repeating the Captainship requirements. (which we've said offworlders already meet, EXCEPT the Scarabs.) But offworlders MEET those requirements. Not all offworlders are Scarabs. Offworlder isn't really a-- |species| but rather a term for what happens to a human that's lived in low or zero gravity. Mechanical additions do not equal "new to lore/new to the company/"
  14. You're treating OW's as if they're some new, randomly found species of human... but OW's have been around in our lore since it's creation. The damage to a human body from living in a place with low or no gravity is the key point here.... and gravity generators are not some ancient technology. They're (fairly) recent. You're also forgetting that NT has places in Sol space. There's plenty of places for an OW to get company experience from. They aren't new to our lore. They're new to our code.
  15. I've always seen it a bit strange myself that I have to complain about a staff members decision. They're human, just like the rest of us... and sometimes their decisions may be wrong. Maybe they didn't have all the information at the time. Maybe they needed a better discussion about the problem, and it couldn't be done with the stress of having to "restart the round." It doesn't mean they acted improperly. That they broke server rules or the expected conduct of staff. Or that the decision itself was even bad. Honestly, it seems really strict on the STAFF to have this system in place. Maybe making it a staff complaint isn't the answer. I don't think putting it in unban appeals is appropriate either.
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