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  1. Well, now I have the great concern that you posted discord messages of someone you were "investigating in to" without their permission. None of this is what I want to see in any lore deputy, let alone a moderator for the server. The complaint, which I was vague about on purpose, was a private matter, and the things discussed between you and Jarvis were also a private matter. None of that needed to be posted on the forums. You could have easily addressed my concerns without bringing an unnamed individual into this and putting them on blast to anyone that reads this thread.
  2. uh... please don't post the "evidence" about my IPC complaint on this as a way to "discredit" me. That doesn't need to be public, and it looks even worse on you for doing that. You were told, by him, that Clockwork is my character and that if you wanted any other information to speak to me about it. Given he cannot tell you anything regarding why Clockwork "doesn't fit the RP of an IPC." A player shouldn't have to tell you multiple times to speak to someone about their own character.
  3. So I debated on bringing this up, but I think I will because your ability to handle a lore/complaint properly factors in to it. You were deputy over Synthetic lore, and were handed an issue regarding my IPC. (knowing full well we have some deep wounds that just won't heal). You contacted a different player and asked THEM to explain my character to you. When they told you to contact me about my character, you continued to question that player about MY character until I got Kyres to remove you from the situation entirely. So I have to wonder if you're going to actively handle problems properly as a deputy for this. Going to other players and asking them to explain the concept of x's character (that the complaint is about) and continuing to do it after being told x would know best is-- rude? It's harassing other players for information they don't have. If it's because you couldn't come directly to me about the complaint, then why even take the complaint in the first place? Do you have the ability to be unbiased? Because, as someone who has pointed out lies in your ahelps (and pointed them out to other moderators), I'm not quite sure you can be unbiased towards people who have a (rightful) reason to be displeased with you.
  4. This is a good topic to bring up, actually. We have a lot of synth lore that is just-- ignored entirely. Sunshine hasn't made an appearance since she was first wrote, and the Golden Deep is vastly under-rated, to the extent it's difficult to play my Golden Deep IPC. Will unused and abandoned synth lore be dusted off, or removed/reworked?
  5. We have a lot of blue already on station. Blue Sec, Blue Command, Atmos techs are teal. Medbay being green gives it a breath of life. That isn't to say we have to stick to THAT shade of green, however, Green is as broad as yellow and as deep as blue.
  6. Which we've done in lore and events, and even approve of characters doing shady criminal things. It's already.... a known fact Aurora has a bit of a seedy side. It's why the joke that "Upsilon is higher class" exists.
  7. It's not metagaming if they know it is consistent every shift they work. Telling them to not canon something as mundane and basic as this really puts a damper on what we can and can't canon. As stated before, security details always search the place before they open it to the public. Security at hotels do use the "tunnels" of the facility to get from point a to point b faster, and without causing alarm or panic to the customers. It makes no sense for Security to not check these places.
  8. I questioned whether I should weigh in here. I was the HoP that was antag verb spammed that round, and wound up getting a dominate that just said "Attack the Captain. Do it now!" Xanders Captain got beat by me, shot by me, stunned by an officer, fed on by a vampire (which he wouldn't remember, but I was screaming she had bit him.), and had another vampire flash his eyes. The Captain was, rightfully, thinking the crew was trying to over-throw him and take over with some kind of biological, mechanical advantage. I never saw the riot gear as a problem. Honestly, the Loyalty Implant keeps you loyal to the company, and replacing a Captain would cost them so much money. That's years of dedication lost. Years of training gone. Crew morale out the window. Bad PR for the company if the mutiny succeeded. The LI'd have triggered him into protecting himself. Locking the Bridge down doesn't work. There's a back entrance, from the bunker, that my HoP knows very well. It doesn't lock down when the Bridge's lockdown goes down. He wasn't safe anywhere with a HoP that could easily gain all access. He had to protect himself, and there was nowhere to run.
  9. It gives them something to do. And I don't honestly care if it "draws attention and can backfire." That's the beauty of interacting with the crew, as an antag. We have way to many antags that try to be 100% "no contact, full frontal assault.". Security sweeping that stuff up just makes you seek out the shadier people. Use their exploitable against them. Threaten them. Be an actual antag instead of "cause chaos and be destructive." Interact with the crew. Don't rely on maintenance tunnels to fulfill. As for tools, the tool storage area is accessible, and if you have a good reason ICly, the HoP may grant you access to other areas. (Like Nawfal's excuse to get into EVA.)
  10. Ignore this quote, I can't figure out how to get rid of it lmao On the flipside to this, plenty of security teams search the buildings they "secure" before opening them for work. Even regular store openers sweep the store before opening the doors to the public. You could argue "well we need to give a little lead-way RPly in order for antags to get the upper hand" but I can't honestly say anything I've found in maint gives me an upper hand as a traitor or as a vamp. Everything in those tunnels is just-- low-tier garbage you can get for pennies of TC, or literally ask a department for. (Hey, Cargo, can you get me a gas mask? I'm afraid the vents might start spewing garbage out, as they're prone to do.) So keeping sec from searching those tunnels doesn't do anything but keep them from having something to do at round start, like every other department, and it goes against "heavy roleplay" standards. I'd also like to say that I, as a HoP, search tunnels for all the stuff and have a Yard Sale at the holodeck. It's fun, gives RP and would be cut pretty short if I was found "snooping tunnels for everything". So don't cut RP for the sake of antags when antags can get that stuff with their TC, or get it from interacting with crew better.
  11. Can we discuss how his name is literally Satan? Or rather, a Demon that takes the form of the Devil. Don't ask me to go into folk lore. I'll make paragraphs about it. It's my thing. It's VERY hard to immerse myself when my chaplain is named "KINGDOM HEARTS X SATAN DEVIL MAN"
  12. "Roboticists aren't Scientists" Actually, they are. Robotics is.... more or less applied Science to Engineering. Let's talk degrees and how they work. So we, typically, take quite a few classes that simply "aren't required" for our degree. My Psych degree came with six, yes SIX, history classes due to how it all panned out. Do I need six history classes under my belt? Not at all. Six history classes made it where I could have duel degree'd in political science had the college let me. Which brings me to the even more hilarious point that some degrees are actual carbon copies of the others, save maybe one or two differences in math or language arts. Is it highly possible a Roboticists/biomechanical/mechatronic engineer has taken the required science classes to get RND to SOME form of level to make themselves useful? Absolutely. I can teach you World and U.S History if gave the time to plan the class properly, yet MY degree is in neither of those. It's ridiculous to tell me a Science department character has not taken classes (in their course of college) that would benefit RND. I'm not saying they'll do it perfectly, optimize it, or get the levels high. But it is FEASIBLE that they'd be able to run the lab at a "meh" level. So, telling a Roboticists "no, you don't know Science at all" just doesn't make sense when it comes to how college courses work.
  13. He's been called out on it in round before, by me. I was unaware it wasn't sanctioned by an admin (because it seemed like it was an ONGOING thing for the character. I jut assumed he had approval.) But Saint-Yves asked him how the hell he got through college and such for all of his degrees in a short period of time. There wasn't really an excuse other than "Finally found a job I liked doing." Now-- you could ARGUE that's the "character", but given the job hopping, the incompetency and various other things... I'm willing to bet this Kirsi isn't actually a CHARACTER, but the player themselves just skidding by on a hRP server.
  14. Just pay a bit more attention to your surroundings. Jade comes off as "you WILL do as I say because I'm the boss" when... shit's hit the fan and half her department is scattered due to antags/hostiles. And I think that's more of you not being aware of the situation as Command, and less of a character decision. HoP will be railroaded in a HEART BEAT. Stand up for yourself, start demanding information about the situation that's going on. You won't know your gardener is a vampire unless you get Command to respect that you are in charge of your department. It's a learning process, so I can't fault you for this at all. Everything else seems to be going great! Love her so far.
  15. Yep, MOST Roboticists that I know do these changes in game, not because "We like it pretty" but because we do need the space. Theoretically, your mech assembly line would be larger, because you're building mechs large enough to carry a person and a several others (Sleepers and pass compartments.) Honestly, the whole space needs a remap, and something creative needs to be done with the mech assembly line.
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