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  1. My last final remark to this is one that I am a firm believer behind. And that is promoting RP to players currently in round, and ensuring antags still have a way to build their story. If we have a directive that effectively kneecaps your Command players ability to do both of those things, then the directive is wrong and/or being applied to a situation incorrectly. There isn't actually a gameplay mechanic that the directive "fixes" and it hinders logical HRP. At some point, admins have to understand certain situations just play out better for the round, as a whole, and that is what we're all here to do. If we start making IC "directives" admin worthy, then there's no room for creative play. We're all drones, expected to RP the way you want us to RP, even if that RP you're asking us to do just doesn't make sense. Bringing in ERT would have put an immediate stop to any other antags that could have spawned (It's Autotraitor. They pop up whenever). Furthermore, ERT is basically a "end all fuck all" to any sort of RP given to those that have already stuck through the round. What I did didn't hurt the round. I guess what's so mind blowing to me is Aurora has incredible double standards. I'm not allowed to bend the IC rules a bit because of some arbitrary "RP" reason that doesn't make sense, but it's okay for traitors to continuously spam rad storm messages back to back to back to back because they've realized it's an easy enough exploit to get what they want, even if it makes little to no sense.
  2. Actually, our prisoners escaped, adding even more to the bumfuckery of the round. One blew up in the middle of the Brig, adding chaos and stress to an already over worked HOS. You can't expect someone to play a superhero cop that can handle giant spiders, escaped prisoners and "a cargo tech with some rifles." The problem here is there is no actual RP seriousness being applied to the situation at hand. "Some cargo tech with some rifles" is not how you respond to someone with two high power guns. You don't just leave giant spiders to roam the facility and eat people. I'm not ever going to ask a Command member to play as some super emotionless, non mistakes made cardboard cutout. I didn't break a server rule, and the IC rule I broke still had logical reasons behind it. In the end, there still wasn't a need for an ahelp. One last note, There's a massive difference between handing out "weapons to the crew" and handing out weapons to trained individuals that the company already trusts enough to wield said weapons.
  3. Correction, I've only REPORTED it once, and given how staff complaints are usually dealt with, I don't really enjoy making them for every little thing. The issue is about me taking 4 off-duty security and deputizing them when we had 1 person that could handle dire but not ERT level worthy problems. Basically, I got reprimanded for breaking an IC regulation, not an OOC rule. I gave my reasoning why I did it, and for that round it was a fairly valid reason to do what I did, but Read didn't care. They had me back and forth in ahelps for over 15 minutes, arguing the semantics of an IC regulation, and at the time she or he did this, a rather meme tastic gimmick was going on and I couldn't focus on it as Captain to handle it properly.
  4. BYOND Key: BenAflekIsAnOKActor Staff BYOND Key: ShesTrying Game ID: b7Z-caGV Reason for complaint: Allowing a completely meme gimmick to occur, and just citing it as "it's a gimmick, not a good one but a gimmick" Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: Yeah no, it was a very poor gimmick. It was basically "spam radiation storm messages (an ion storm message was also included somewhere) until their TC ran out, and then vent the main hallways. That's not a gimmick. I expect to see that on some very low LOW tier RP servers. We stood around in tunnels for like 8 minutes, contemplating the sensors being glitchy, and that was about it until the hallways just started venting. It happened also right at a transfer time, so it didn't do anything other than be a very annoying inconvenience. ignore this. I CAN'T GET IT TO GO AWAY! xD
  5. BYOND Key: BenAflekIsAnOKActor Staff BYOND Key: ReadThisNamePlease Game ID: b7Z-caGV Reason for complaint: Resistance to understand a situation. Removing a Command member from a round (during a dire situation) for over 15mins just to not listen to their reasoning and tell them "don't do it again". Causing more harm to a round than the actual "problem" was. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: Security was 1 HoS 1 Cadet 1 Detective 1 Officer 1 CSI HoS was overwhelmed with spiders, a prisoner (the detective) and a cargo tech (Miller) who had ordered 2 Marksman rifles. Cadet was off-duty due to brain damage caused by the Detective The Detective was obviously a prisoner Officer was off-duty due to brain damage caused by the Detective Who knows what that CSI was doing, but it wasn't being helpful. So we had Miller order 2 guns and we had about 6 adult spiders. Lin was RPing, very well, that she was overwhelmed at the chaos of Miller's gun issue, and the spiders. While this situation was not DIRE ENOUGH FOR ERT, we still needed help with Miller WHO HAD TWO WEAPONS. So I called for help (as the Captain) from off-duty sec visitors and offered to pay them out of pocket to help with the situation. This did a few things. 1) It kept players in round IN ROUND, and let them have something to do with the traitor gimmick. 2) It kept ERT/Merc from being called and railroading any other potential traitors on the round 3)ICly it saved the company money, and it made sense as we had an ACTIVE weapon situation, and a beacon can take up to 30mins to handle. I was taken out of round during a VERY MEMEY situation at the end (constant spamming of radiation storm TC messages and hallway venting) to argue with Read about whether I should have just handed this situation off to a beacon (I.E not let players handle it, and open up ghost roles instead). I feel them removing me from round just to argue with me over something that benefited the round is insane, and really the rule lawyering over something I had good justification for is a bit abusive of power. Read is a bit known for messing with me in rounds, and I'm a bit tired of being singled out for it. As a Command member, I have to help drive a narrative. I have to help make sure players IN ROUND are having fun, are connected to the round, and I still have to maintain good RP. My justification for what I did not only ticked off the "Does this make sense RPly" rule, but also ensured I kept up my promise as a Whitelist holder. Rule lawyering is not okay. Not every situation fits in a box. It shouldn't have taken as long as it did to hear my side, and just say "you know, it made sense at the time." Nothing I did broke a rule. I broke an IC regulation, sure, but that's still an IC issue, and that regulation did not break the immersion of the round.
  6. I don't even know what to say that sums up how much of a good player and person Nope is. He's understanding, fantastic and just..... RP's well. OOC attitude is great. Helpful. Friendly. Supportive. HE'S LITERALLY WHAT YOU WANT IN A COMMAND PLAYER. +1
  7. Can confirm. Lupo is an absolute dingus. Pls nerf.
  8. +1 Brotendo's one of Aurora's better RP'ers, but outside of that he goes an extra step to help players learn the game as well as have fun. He's even taught me a few things and I've played this game since 2012. I could say a lot about this player (and tickle his ego) but I don't think much needs to be expressed outside of my full confidence he could handle this whitelist. (I'll tickle his ego later)
  9. This is a lot of character retconning for.... them basically doing exactly what the server told them was okay to do. (Contractor explanation blurbs). I really can't get behind this level of retcon just because "necro sec balaclava man bad" memes have gotten to a cringe worthy state. There's a lot of really decent necro sec characters that are well cemented in character interactions (Brett for one). You can't be disgruntled that players read the information you gave them, made characters based off that information, and did exactly what they were suppose to do. It's the Dominian argument all over again. It isn't your cup of tea, and that's fine.... but the lore was submitted to the playerbase and this sort of retconning isn't a little change. This really causes problems for well known characters (and past character arcs as well as server-large events we've done.) I'm fine with lore getting progressively better, expanded upon, changed and molded... but outright retconning it for no reason just to "nerf the contractors" is a little much.
  10. This made me laugh until I started coughing. I don't interact with Marlon much on station but I do get to witness them on the forums while browsing. Honestly-- give the guy his Command application back. He made a mistake, and he's trying (the appropriately way) to rectify this and show the community he can hold the position once more. Owning a Command App doesn't make us super humans incapable of getting in trouble, doing dumb shit, or being a little silly. In moderation, there's nothing wrong with it. I'm all for seeing someone bring less cardboard dry personalities to the blue bridge. Please, give it back to him. We really need personality among the Command staff, and Marlon's good at that.
  11. From a mapping standpoint, that is overly done. Is that an oven in the break room? Why has their breakroom became a mini kitchen and bar? Does this not just remove RP from other areas of the station?
  12. Just make sure to actually give an RP reason for it and not have us go "wtf" ICly because the excuse of "suspend your disbelief" can only go so far before you lose your status as HRP (if we haven't already, that's up for some major debate).
  13. I didn't call the shuttle. The Captain made the decision and we waited before even calling it. In fact, the emergency broadcast sent out was nearly 10minutes before we even thought about an evac. When the evac was called, it was the Captains decision to do this based on the fact that lost a researcher and an officer. And our borg was informing us we couldn't contain the creature due to it moving through our ventilation system. From an RP standpoint, you would not want civilians among that mess. Especially when people are talking about a giant walking mass of bone, flesh and metal stabbing objects. In the end, I expect Aurora staff to uphold the same level of Heavy Role Play that I am expected to uphold. That's my biggest concern. I simply feel your power call was just that, a power call, and you gave no thought to the RP of the round outside "let the mercs get their valids". Prate himself said he didn't see an issue with the shuttle. Most of Command didn't. Security was all for it. Only... you (and probably the merc team which is a GHOST role) seemed to have some sort of issue with it.... and you apparently didn't care enough to actually go through with your action beyond "I'm headmin of this HRP server. I say this happens and it will, but I won't facilitate any other RP from it"
  14. You didn't even BOTHER to give any sort of RP thing explaining why it wasn't called. We've also done that a MILLION times before. In all my time as playing Command (especially Captain) I have never heard "it's lame to do this so I'm just not letting it happen nor am I even going to bother giving an IC explanation" It's not against the rules. It fit the RP of the situation.
  15. Security couldn't handle the situation as we had lost two of them. In fact, an explosion in the research tunnel caused us to lose multiple people (not just security but if your work place just had an explosion that killed several people and a loose biohazard then you'd ABSOLUTELY try to vacate the premises.) The call simply had no merit, and I'd go further to state it was done in a way that did not promote any sort of RP. If anything, it just added more fluff of "wow central is absolutist incompetent despite our lore stating otherwise". TL;DR the shuttle was valid but the merc team didn't get their save the day hero complex filled if the shuttle left with the biohazards bodycount, so it was recalled for OOC purposes and did nothing to promote better RP.
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