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  1. I'll add to this that it's absolutely ANNOYING to hear "Yeah, I'm an officer, FT and detective. I can do that crime scene" while sitting around bored AF as the FT. If you don't get your slot, don't job hop in the department. Let other people have fun too. It's... not always about your character. I'm not trying to be rude about this, really. But job hopping just so your main gets to be around simply takes the spot from someone else that really did want to join. It's just not respectable to switch around every round. It's just a matter of people not ahelping a situation that is breaking the believable character rule.
  2. A policy isn't needed to enforce this. A server rule is in place to enforce it. it isn't a believable character to go from detective, to forensic tech, to officer, to warden all within the span of a few shifts/days/weeks. Honestly, even the NT red tape and paperwork involved for this sort of thing would take close to a month. (We know CCIA loves their folders of folders of paperwork. They work like the Army at this point lol) So... just start ahelping this sort of thing? "George is a 25 year old man that has played every job in sec, barring the HoS. It isn't believable. Can you speak to him?" It takes ten seconds of your day, the actual problem people get handled, and we don't have to nip honest-to-god interesting, well RP'd character arc's in the butt. Detectives CAN do officer work. They shouldn't, unless it's an actual emergency, but they CAN do it. I'd argue the only one that really should come with a bit more is the FT. CSI work was the first job I ever thought about doing (way back when Satin was a high schooler). I'd never tell you I could do detective work or be an officer. CSI's have a scientific/medical approach to the department, and lifting prints without smudging the tape, analyzing blood samples, and doing autopsies isn't something the average officer should be able to do.
  3. As per my usual +1's, I cannot give feedback on the applications knowledge (as I don't know the species lore very well), but I can give feedback on Wiggles. I. Enjoy. Wiggles. Their personality, their characters, the way they handle themselves. They're an all-round good person that knows how to properly RP and stick to a character concept. Wiggles is trusted with several whitelists now, and I've never had issues with how they RP those whitelisted characters. Good Community member. 10/10 would trust with lizard. +1
  4. Some of our best players start out as "hey this is my first time on a hRP server. Let me see if this is my thing" ordeal. I'm not too sure forcing a FT for someone that's brand new to the ss13 HRP is actually going to give us any sort of decent FT. A FT of "She's 5'4" doesn't actually add anything to my play style. I simply work around not knowing their height (or assume they're average height for the time period.) If the character was a SOLID concept from the get-go, they'd already have a mindset to make a FT giving off the unique characteristics of said character. I really don't need "She is an average height, average build Caucasian that has a feminine voice." And JB is correct. Some of us do make throw away characters. All my characters are fairly well known. Sometimes, I just want to slip through the cracks. May I suggest a rework of the flavor text system? Sometimes the FT box can be intimidating. "I have to fill all these out? No way." Perhaps we could include presets (as mentioned above) that are chosen the same way faction, religion and skin tone are? "Tall, average, short". "Large, Average, Thin." Any further details could be expanded upon in the FT, but at the very least, you'd start off with the basics, AND it's easy to set those basics for the "new to HRP" players.
  5. I'm very hesitant on this. It didn't take long to search your name on the forums and see just how many complaints there are about your play style. You even admitted to "winging it" on antag play, and just taking everything in your path to screw over other players in the round, just so you have lead way for a gimmick you don't even have. Something you've been now told not to do. It's not a quality I want to see a staff member. And I honestly would like to see change in this before a staff position is gave.
  6. We could always look at this from an RP perspective. So far we have the arguments of: 1)Captains office is too easy 2)Bunker is too easy 3)Crew can see the ID is missing easily. Well, we can't really fix one or two. If an antag wants that ID, they'll get it. I don't care if you stick it at the Alpha Solar Bank. They'll find a way to it. But we CAN fix the ID being seen by crew problem. Make it where ID's can be put in filing cabinets. Start the ID off in the Captains filing cabinet. Put it in the Captains locker. Stick it in a briefcase There's a lot of ways to "hide" the ID, yet still make sense RP-wise.
  7. Yes, we are, but everyone should be forced to have records, not just Command players. It doesn't make sense to pick out the Command players for this, but let Barny the Cargo tech run around not doing it as well. Promote RP as a whole, not in singular groups. Furthermore, some of us have record issues. I can even update it via the WI and it doesn't save sometimes. (Been this way since I've been playing a year ago). So I don't want to get an ahelp every. single. round. because a bored doctor decided to pull my records and got mad they weren't up to date/available. Honestly, records don't need to be looked at unless needed. It's strange to see security pull records for "persons of interest" every round START. We already RP that people are vetted through Odin sec, and these people are clearly approved to work on the N.S.S Aurora given they were sent to work. Same kinda goes for medical. My doctor doesn't just randomly pull my medical record when I'm not in office just to "know me better." Unless it's an emergency, or I ask for my prescription, that record doesn't need to be read.
  8. ^ This. but this is so exciting to see. I have never touched Brainmed, and as someone that's played this SAME MEDICAL CODE for seven years, I am STOKED to get something new and exciting.
  9. This is awesome. May I suggest adding that it's "weighted" to the flavor text of it? Weighted blankets are still "experimental" and "under development" in todays times (and some Psych's are just vehemently refusing to accept they help), but statistics for them are growing and more and more psych's are suggesting weighted blankets. I love this. I'm all for a Psych character getting something that add's to that role, and doesn't involve hocus pocus.
  10. @Yonnimer can vouch for this, it took me less than a minute to steal the Captains spare one time, completely undetected. If you time it right, you've got 3 doors in your way to crypto before in and out. It's honestly too easy to steal. It's not even a challenge anymore. So sure, move it. The bunker isn't a bad idea for storing it. Sec cameras don't see the inside of the bunker, so Annette The Boring Officer can't just "casually flip through cams" and go "Oh no, the spares missing." yet, the bunker is a bit more of a challenge to get in to (if you don't know the ridiculously easy back entrance), and gives more of a thrill to seek the object.
  11. I usually refer to Cordia as the RO: Resource Officer. SRO, or Shift Resource Officer also works as well. I never thought about Crew Resources. CRO is a pretty viable option as well.
  12. I'm in favor of removing them until they can be re-worked and when the lore for them can be dropped on the wiki for the public. As of right now, Echo's honestly annoy the hell out of me, and I get to the extent where I just stop caring. The random explosions don't really add anything but a grinder for Engineering to suffer through while the rest of the station is ALSO on fire. Furthermore, while Telescience is still largely unknown, the sweet spot gimmick of fixing an echo irks me for reasons I can't quite explain. It just feels poorly done. We argue that Science is underplayed, and that it gets boring, yet we have a "nerf" to something that is now rarely touched at all. At some point, if your nerf actually harms the thing it's nerfing to the extent it becomes un-used, then the nerf needs to be reworked.
  13. I'd like to point out a part of "feedbacks" that always get blown over: How the person reacts to criticism, OOC tone and general personality of the player. I had the pleasure of speaking to this player over Discord last night regarding a misunderstanding between us both.... and they handled that beautifully. She was easy to talk to, concerned with correcting what had gone wrong, and more than willing to listen to concerns. Couple that solid attitude with the character, trialing/approving their Command app would benefit this community. +1
  14. Kinda into seeing this happen. Plus, the "THE TEAM SIZE IS FOUR. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR 3 OTHERS" meta will be a lot more obvious to spot.
  15. Wait, it's not a rule? I would have thought this fell under breaking the atmosphere of the game. +1. I should be a rule.
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