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  1. You belittled me in dchat over a VERY mundane thing, at ROUND end, and this isn't the first time I've seen you do this sort of thing in dchat. You're abrasive and down right rude in OOC. You're pretty far from mod material. Players don't need to get use to abrasive people as mods, nor do they need mods that are totally okay with just randomly belittling players in dchat like this. Strong -1. Here's the pastbin to prove what I'm showing. https://pastebin.com/fVdZRnS4
  2. Know what? Yeah. Is there a way we can see them put into the ss13 OR scene? Because if they fit there, then I'm all for it. The surgical tools REALLY need to be redone, so I'm excited to see if these work. It should make things look better and be easier to see. (I'm pretty blind. The monotone surgical tools makes it difficult for me to just click and pick up. I have to alt-click the table and pick them by name alone).
  3. I feel like I'd see these in Stardew Valley, or maybe even Starbound. Both are great games, with beautiful artwork, but they don't fit with ss13's style. These are wonderfully done, but they don't really fit with the gimmick?
  4. I don't think +1 this app any more is going to actually do any good, but I will still do so just to inform the player I think they're phenomenal and I enjoy their RP. The character does their job, but they also have a decent amount of depth. They're very human. They joke around, they break down, they man up and take charge. Overall, Lock's a good security character.
  5. Geeves is right. We DON'T use it to fight fires. To use the excuse "Well it's a fire fighting thing, so atmos gets it" is pointless when the item in question isn't used to fight fires. We mainly use it for vines and that is something all of Engineering has to handle. Hacking one door isn't a "skill set" for anyone determined enough. Hell, opening the fireaxe cabinet is more of a skill set than hacking a ss13 door.
  6. Also, no, it can't. I'm the AI. AI's can't make IR's. This is my complaint, not a human characters complaint.
  7. They went DIRECTLY INTO MY CORE, which is not near the comms section. The comms section sits outside of the download area. There were open blind spots, that I warned her about, and yet she still went in (unarmed) to hunt down the antag. This is, literally, what the complaint is about. Finding out the facts and truth to behind what happened. No, I am not talking in OOC to people about how I think their RP is bad. It clutters OOC and admins will tell you to shut up and do a forum post on it. I don't know who plays Avery. I could care less, in all honesty. For some reason, you take a GREAT concern to a complaint, which is exactly what I was TOLD to do and what I'm SUPPOSE to do if I find RP to be poor and questionable. I'm at a general loss for this thinking. A mental attack OOCly or ICly? If the game is bothering your mental state OOCly, you need to learn to step back, and command players should really understand that thinking. Do not make your RP poor because you continue to place yourself in a situation that is harming to your mental health. If you mean their mental attack ICly, THEY'RE AN IPC.
  8. b]BYOND Key:[/b] SatinsPrist666 Game ID: b1O-bZRJ Player Byond Key: Dunno. Staff involved: Cake Reason for complaint: (State your reason for your complaint) To start off, let's list some characters that were involved Borealis- SatinsPrist666 Thea-ShesTrying Vira Bolivar- Schev Avery- Unknown I log on as AI for this round. Keep in mind, it's already 2:30 into the round. It's a LONG shift. Right off the bat, it's traitor. I can tell that, easily, because I was called to the Security lobby and asked to track one of the traitors (the EMT). Not much information has been gave to me, at all. In fact, I was told NOTHING up until the end of the round. The first thing I see from this Command/IPC member Avery is: [13:08] [Common] Avery (Chief Engineer) says, "I hope you bleed to death you piece of shit." [13:08] [Command] Avery (Chief Engineer) says, "AI." [13:08] [Command] Avery (Chief Engineer) says, "Core turrets." [13:08] [Security] Borealis (AI) states, "Not on cameras at the moment." [13:08] [Command] Borealis (AI) queries, "Lethals?" [13:08] [Security] Vale Rigby (Security Officer) says, "Great." [13:08] [Command] Avery (Chief Engineer) says, "Off, please." Now tracking Borealis on camera. Follow camera mode ended. [13:08] [Command] Avery (Chief Engineer) says, "Need to check your core." Now, I've just been downloaded and all of a sudden there's three people in my core on some hunt for an antag that isn't even in my core. It's the RD, the CE and ONE security officer. Already that's weird to me. Why is the CE the leader in searching for a criminal? This round continues with a PLETHORA of bad calls from this CE. They wanted to vent the HoS's office to kill the two traitor antags. When I refused to do it because it conflicted with laws, they just tried to strip them of their crew status so I'd murder them by venting the room. When I still refused (because I was NOT TOLD the CE was acting Captain), they tried to go around my call by remotely venting the room. It was @ShesTryingthat got the CE to calm down and use N20 to handle the suspects. (Which was HIGHLY successful, might I add. The CE got "hurt" because they decided to stand behind the canister instead of calling for a borg to push it, or simply stand to the side of the canister as soon as I opened the door. THEY CHOSE TO BE THE FORE FRONT IN THIS N20 ATTACK.) Vira( Schev) logs on and while they're getting down to the main floor, the CE and the RD are punching the traitors in the face and aiming lethal weapons at the traitors, all while cursing and insulting them. Now, the RD was a traitor, so I can't particularly fault them. But why is the CE still at the fore front of this, and why is an IPC acting like this? Vira speaks to both Thea and Borealis (me), and realizes the CE's acting like a spoiled 12 year old that didn't get their way and that they're trying to lead security attacks with "no knowledge of security". You can read the rest of the logs when you pull them. This CE had ATROCIOUS RP for not just an IPC, but for a command player in general. They were all for the cyborgification of crew. Wanted to murder two crew by venting them, lead the 'search' for dangerous criminals down at my core, punched people and just-- RP'd with quite a lot of anger. I'm sure @Scheveningen and @ShesTrying have a lot more to say about this than I do. I've not asked for their IPC application to be looked in to, because I directly spoke with Kyres about the deplorable IPC RP, but I really think the COMMAND application of this player should be looked at as well. Or at least some kind of note/warning. It was really jarring to witness this sort of command RP, and as a fulltime command/IPC player, I expect quite a bit better. Maybe my bar is too high, I don't know. Hence why I want a second opinion. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, Cake said to make a complaint. Approximate Date/Time: 6/18/2019 around 10amCST
  9. I was, unfortunately, on for this event as my borg Dem-OS. Even for a traitor "gimmick" it was-- really subpar. We're talking "scraping the barrel" levels of subpar. Even after he beat the character to near death, the RP that "developed" from it didn't really push a narrative, it didn't build up a good gimmick, it didn't apply any sort of hRP to the situation. Basically, the sacrifice of Orleans character was not worth the low quality "gimmick" we received. Honestly, it was so poor, I thought the guy was a greytider from a lRP server. Our antags should not be held to greytide standards. I did ahelp it, and the gimmick was "okayed" simply on the basis that the guy was an antag. I even said to prate "He better be an antag because this is shit RP"... in HOPES the antag had an ace up their sleeve.
  10. I can give a small bit of insight to the reason they came so late. DarkStar is in my Discord server, and AIMMO, Dark and I were in a chat. (Both AIMMO and I had cryo'd with no intent to return, so talking with Dark about it didn't break any sort of meta). Dark stated they had to wait for an RP opportunity to enter. Right when they got the go ahead to do this gimmick, a radiation storm hit. They wanted to wait until it was over.
  11. That still doesn't change the fact that we have nothing to judge your RP on.
  12. I point you to Orleans command application if you don't think your current characters don't effect your command application. They do. It's all we have to judge you ON.
  13. This is a very bare bones Command application. These two points alone make me really question why the application was done in the first place. It feels less like you want the application, and more like you're doing it for the sake of doing it. As for your characters? They're-- predictable and usually confrontational. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just ALL I've seen. I'd work on expanding this application to really show your interest in Command. If the application has no spark, will the Command character? This is your chance to show those that plus or neg the app how much you want this position. I'm not feeling it. And with that comment, along with your characters? It's a -1 for me.
  14. I can somewhat see this. The other day we had MOIS building grilles in the main hallway towards red dock. Stupidly. Easy. To. Remove. Grilles. In fact, I did remove them almost instantly (because I was an engineer and wirecutters are the BANE of grilles existence, instantly.) But MOIS was flashed (perfectly fine) and then BEATEN TO DEATH BY THE DETECTIVE... with a LASER RIFLE of all fucking things. No real RP behind it. Just "flash, BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT BEAT". Mois did less harm than a greyshit with a toolbox, yet they were promptly removed from the game with little to no RP just because a detective decided today was going to be the day they show their psychopathic tendencies. It makes no sense. Yes, they RP property, but how difficult is it to give the player a bit of RP when they're clearly "acting out" in a way that doesn't harm crew and yet shows a little malf-y nature? At what point do we stop valid'ing any borg that mechanically sneezes the wrong way?
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