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  1. SatinsPristOTD

    Player Complaint

    You're not blocked, nor have you ever been blocked. I don't wish to communicate about complaints outside a public forum simply because this is moderated. Personal discord chats are not. I've had my fair share of being done dirty, and now if I have a complaint it will forever be done in a public setting. Obviously you DO have some issue, or Tailsons first words to me wouldn't have been "Do you have something against Miras player?" When all I did was handle how you acted ICly the exact way any captain would. The second ahelp was just pure... Strange. You don't get to have double standards with RP. You can't meme hug a hrp player without them taking action. Ahelping that and, once again, glancing over what YOU had done to instigate it clearly says your intentions
  2. SatinsPristOTD

    Player Complaint

    BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666 Game ID:bYS-dESA (It was the game PRIOR to this one) Player Byond Key: Drago (Whatever she's changed it to now) Staff involved:Tailson Reason for complaint: Auto-Traitor round was turned into a Syndicate Co-op thing, which was pretty cool. Won't lie. First issue: Mira (Played by Drago) decided to chunk a grenade into the library (with two witnesses) and then when I tried to speak to the character in R&D, she basically said she wasn't going to talk to me. That's fine. If you're going to act that way towards your boss, you can be demoted. This sentence was shortened to just being fined/small brig time per the RD's request. Thought it was all done and over with. Nope, Drago decided to ahelp about it and I guess say i had unfairly had her arrested ICly, and that I was harboring some ill-intent towards her character because we have issues. I don't know who the hell drago plays. I wasn't even certain Mira was her, furthermore, I acted ICly the way i would have with anyone throwing grenades in the Library. Tailson handled the ticket and saw that, yes, it was a fair arrest and reaction to Mira being rude and negligent at her job. Second ticket: It's round end. They've kidnapped me and taken me back to the Syndicate base. Mira (now named MARA) and some miner decide to start spam hugging me while I'm getting out of my cuffs (because who wants to stay buckled to a fucking chair?). My cuffs break free and I punch MARA (who is the one in my direct line of sight) for spamming me with hugs. Drago decides to ahelp, whining that the hostage has broke free of cuffs and started attacking her! Oh nO! She was SPAM HUGGING ME like some kind of low-RP nightmare. Tailson, once again, said that given the circumstances, it made sense. So this brings me to my actual complaint... I feel like Drago is the one harboring some kind of.... intent to try and get me in trouble/banned. Their actions ICly do merit anything I say or do to them, and yet they try and ahelp victim themselves and put me as the bad guy. Honestly, Drago makes me not want to play Aurora when they're on server. Their RP is medium, at best, and they (this shift) can't even be interacted with by me without them doing a bogus Ahelp about it. I'd like to see them stop doing things that are lRP ICly, then trying to put the blame on me in an ahelp. It's like they are deliberately egging me on. Problem is... I'm not breaking server rules, nor am I doing anything to them ICly that they don't deserve. This is coming just.. what? A week after they decided to rush dislocate my limbs and not RP with me at all? Drago has some very shady actions when it comes to me, and I'd like it looked in to. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yep. Tailson said to make a complaint. Approximate Date/Time: 2/18/2019
  3. SatinsPristOTD

    Medicine Side Effects

    I'm all for drugs having side effects. I love it. I was only against KeloDerm being removed on the basis that drug synergy was being ignored. Kinda excited to see this happen. It makes Medical less braindead. Imagine having a reaction to Bicardine. We could ACTUALLY use the allergy section of the medical note format!
  4. SatinsPristOTD

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    I'm already starting to see SOMEONE (I'm not sure who) do some of this on station, and it's being poorly done at that. Papers are left around on the floor talking about the Command tyranny and how communism/socialism/whatever would be better. How the people should be in charge. It's all poorly wrote, in all caps, and generally looks like a giant meme. I didn't start seeing this happen until this thread popped up on the forums. Whomever is doing it is really putting this in bad light, because it's so lackluster and dumb that either no one is paying it any attention, or they're not bothering to give one shit about it.
  5. SatinsPristOTD

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    Yeah but that's a LONG ways away. This is for what's going on right now.
  6. SatinsPristOTD

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    Also, on a side note: You're treating the Aurora like it's this.... Mini-colony instead of a work facility. I don't go to my job and say "I should be able to vote for my boss!" despite my political alignment..... That's some really back asswards thinking.
  7. SatinsPristOTD

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    I play a lot of Sol characters. In fact, only one of mine isn't Solarian. With that being said, sure. I don't want to see this spill this hard onto the station though. We can pull our own Sol lore though our characters ourselves. We don't need anything that feels forced. Sol lore needs a lot of work. Instead of throwing more conflict at us for the sake of conflict, give the station Sol culture. Drama for the sake of drama gets old, fast. This will get very tedious if people railroad the idea. Martian's already act red vs. blue. Adding lore to it just means we up our own RP. But radical Democrats at a work environment in a different SOLAR SYSTEM for a major corporation? Uh..... If it's done tastefully it might do some good. You can have a radically Democratic Solarian now. I do. Just keep in mind people don't really play this game to get sucked into the polar vortex of politics. Captains will shut down radical thinking quickly because it eats into productivity and crew morale. All you're going to achieve is a headache.
  8. SatinsPristOTD

    SatinsPrist666 Player Complaint

    That doesn't really excuse anything. Anyone can claim they were going to do something. I could hear your radio through Tim. You didn't even communicate with your own team. I get why you took me hostage. I don't get why you did what you did in the FIRST place. Edited note: Please do not contact me on Discord unless I agree to it. We do not have a good past. I wasn't sure this merc was you, but having that confirmed means I doubly do not want contact with you outside a public situation.
  9. BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666 Game ID: bYH-dHjY This is the id of the round AFTER. Player Byond Key: Not a clue Staff involved: Wasn't ahelped. Round crashed! Reason for complaint: Basically, it was a merc round and I went up to the surface to fix the shields (I didn't know it was merc. We were at code green. yada yada yada). I meet two merc's right where the shields are at and the following.... situation occurs. This is the only bit of RP I get from this merc. Period. I comply with everything they say. Now, I don't mind hostage situations/RP. It happens to me quite a bit based on the character jobs I play. What I do mind is a merc dislocating my leg, taking my headset and ordering someone to take me to the ship. This puts me in a tiny cell with basically no one to RP with. This merc does not know the other team member will stick around to RP with some sappy hostage engineer. This merc didn't care about my round, or care about RPing with me. I was an objective and RPing with an objective didn't land on their radar. Thankfully, the player of Tim DID stick by me. I'm not sure if the player felt bad, or if that was his character. I'm rather lucky, and Tim is the only reason that whole situation didn't suck. My complaint is about the merc that just... randomly decided to chokehold me, dislocate my knee and say maybe a total of thirty words to me. If you're going to hold someone hostage, keep in mind you need to ensure something resembling RP comes from you. It's fine to get rough with your hostages. Break a leg. Beat them. But RP is expected to come from YOU. Hostage situations are one of the heaviest RP you can do as an antag. You're not murdering someone and letting them ghost around, or respawn and continue to enjoy the round. You have pulled a player into your domain and you hold the reins. They can only get something of value from you. Kidnapping someone, giving little to no interaction and then dumping them off into a small cell with someone you don't know will even begin to RP with them doesn't say you actually care about the fact that I'm a player. I was more along the lines of an NPC to this merc. I'm not overly salty about this. As stated, the player of Tim managed to turn a lemon into lemon-aid, and that player deserves some recognition for that. I'm concerned that the other merc will continue to do this sort of... poor antag RP if it isn't called out. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? (Yes or no, then an explanation for why not, if applicable.) No, server crashed. Approximate Date/Time: (The date and time of the incident. Date is more important but both are helpful) Approx... 5pm cst on 2/7/2019
  10. SatinsPristOTD

    Holographic Plants + more drink dispensers

    I like the holographic plants. Nothing else bothers me either. We go from "I bet this is what space'll be like" 1984 edition to "I mean these can exist NOW if we're into flickering plants" 2019. It lets the bartender customize their bar a little more. Some bartenders have their own "bar" theme.
  11. SatinsPristOTD

    Organ transport cooler

    A cooler use to exist, and you could make it from cardboard sheets. (Thanks Bay). Check .... 2014 Bay code if it's not in game anymore.
  12. SatinsPristOTD

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    Divide the space in half. Half internet cafe, half hipster paper book emporium. It's big enough for it. I use the Library as a "net cafe" as my Captain quite a bit, thanks to the laptop vendor (and the fact that the bridge is underused and lonely) We're arguing the logistics of paper books and Command still uses fax machines. Come on people.
  13. BYOND Key: SatinsPrist666 Character Names: Calanthia Basinger, Poppy Jamison-Johnson, Andy Quinn, Avacyn, Toaster, Margo Quinn, Kane Andrews, Gracie Fitzgerald Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I rather enjoy playing my AI, and I like the concept behind the IPC lore. The push and pull dynamic of how they are viewed gives way to a lot of fun RP. (RE: the discrimination and ownership issues). It'd be nice to take a break from my Captain who is rather high maintenance and emotional in nature, and sit back to immerse myself into someone who's a lot more calm and collected. Objective if you will. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: They're not human... at all. They may emulate human aspects, but they don't feel emotions the way a human would feel them. This changes how IPC's react to situations. Avacyn may emulate sympathy, but it's because she understands it helps the organics around her feel more comfortable. IPC's aren't meant to be cool and harshly robotic, but they will still face a wall when it comes to emotions. It's all about how the IPC emulates emotions. IPC's also don't feel pain the way a human would feel them. You may see an IPC stepping into a situation that a human wouldn't as long as it doesn't really place the unit in harms way. IPC's will still feel the need to preserve themselves, however, they CAN handle a bit more than the average human. Character Name: Avacyn Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs. in 2440, Avacyn was an AI built to help NanoTrasens multiple facilities with their daily tasks. The AI would be bounced from station to facility to ship, depending on the need at the time. Like most programs, Avacyn specified in a particular area: Medical knowledge. The AI was updated constantly with the latest in medical science. After twenty years of solid servitude to NanoTrasen, Avacyn was sent to the N.S.S Aurora. The AI performed at the Aurora as well as it had on any other vessel, but it became evident it was behind on areas that had been put on the back burner in favor of keeping her medical database up to par. Avacyn over the years had managed to develop what she referred to as "bedside manners". In reality, the AI had simply perfected a way to emulate human sympathy and concern, and along with this development she had picked up mannerisms that lead to a calm demeanor and personality. It was decided the AI would be better off placed in a chassis and assigned to the department Avacyn specialized in. NanoTrasen began testing the AI to see if it could even function properly outside of it's core. After several months of rigorous testing, Avacyn was deemed worthy of a chassis. Twenty years of service meant Avacyn could be placed in a simple Zeng-hu baseline frame and be placed to work in the medical field of the station she was already assigned to. Avacyn would have to work off the price of her frame, as well as the price of herself. It would be a long process. What do you like about this character? Avacyn's almost the exact opposite of what I normally play, and that sort of break is really refreshing. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Ehh... a seven? I'm never good at answering this question. Notes:
  14. SatinsPristOTD

    Expand Interstation Relations--NSS Upsilon

    Ah this makes me so excited as a Captain player. Yes! "Pick up your trash. We're not the damn Upsilon. We work around here."
  15. After something came to light in my interview, I'm redacting this application.