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repulsor mcshooty cannon


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Instead of average lethal mcshooty gun being par for the course of a weapon being suggested in the S&I forums, I have a weird idea for a close-range crowd control gun that, when used well, can be the epitome of a in-game bullying technique.

Basically it's a cannon that fires close-range shockwaves that are capable of knocking people off their feet. It's similar to the PEPS gun from Deus Ex but it's proximity-based with a low range. It's a pump action that takes 2 seconds of pumping to regenerate another shot. If it gets EMP'd it will never recharge and is basically broken.

It'll knock people off their feet and propel them 4 tiles away. If they reach the end of their launching without hitting a solid object, they only take a brief 1 second stun before getting back up. If they're propelled into a solid machine or object, they take a 2 second stun and a mild bit of damage. If they're propelled into a wall or airlock they take damage proportional to the material type. Getting launched into an airlock or steel wall will hurt substantially but about the same as one another, but getting launched into a reinforced steel wall will definitely hurt, most likely break some bones. Also, if you get launched near the proximity of a chasm or hole you'll always fall down the hole first rather than landing on a spot on the other side of the hole, due to gravity.

R&D can produce this for the one shot variant and antagonists can buy the double-barreled version to either store two consecutive shots to fire one at a time or use the double-shot feature for amplified range and force in propelling nerds across a hallway into dangerous situations.

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