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  1. Pass on this. The problem far moreso lies within the prevalence of changeling armblades giving them a free, instantaneous cuffbreak for free, whereas Unathi antagonists are not nearly as prevalent nor inherently problematic in their mechanical design or intended behavior. At least Unathi give you a 5 second notice.
  2. Your honor, I was pretending to be an idiot ironically, and secondly,

  3. Petition to add catgirl virus bombs to the lore

    1. Lucaken


      violet dawn 2 (real)

  4. Getting my wisdoms pulled tomorrow! That means I will be on drugs. If I have the poor judgement to hop online after I get them removed, please forgive anything I say afterward.

    1. Butterrobber202


      tell yourself not to speak for 15 minutes before going under, worked great for me, I woke up only using hand gestures to communicate.

    2. geeves


      my man ghost main irl too

  5. I know I said I wouldn't reply on a friend's moderator application, but given some thought, I don't even know why I follow that rule when I'm just a regular White Name, so I am going to selectively decide it doesn't matter in this case. Full disclosure, I am personally endorsing your application, for reasons already mentioned above (your general behavioral ethic and methodology, at any rate, you're generally a nice person, you've improved much since you started playing here, you're an outstanding example as a roleplayer, etc). That being said, I ought to warn you - not because I think you'll run into any problems, but it is something I think ought to be said for, and heard by, anyone who is considering a staff position. You'll run into some challenges as a staff member, and most of them will require you to be discrete and understand the importance of need-to-know information in order to limit the damage other members can deal to each other, if they are given the opportunity. You may end up having to ban someone someday for their conduct, and they may be a server regular who decides to take personal issue with your methods and may even try to create problems for you. You would be required to not use similar tactics against them, should something like that happen. You have to uphold decency, you have to resist pettiness, and most of all you have to show at the end of the day that you care, even if you are dealing with a particularly difficult amount of hate. Being staff in general is often a thankless job with more criticism than praise. I said all the above up there because I was not able to overcome the majority of difficult and complex problems with grace at the tail end of my staff tenure a long time ago, and it pains me to see when other people fall into similar trap situations. If you do get onto the staff team, remember that you are not alone, you can always ask for help. Even a year or so down the line if you happen to become an admin, you can always tag someone in for you to handle a difficult situation, you don't have to always headbutt into every issue. The staff back in my day were awesome, and the staff in this day are even more awesome. Burnout is real and it can affect your judgement, though, so recognize when you have to take a break to get the heat off your mind. Anyway, good luck. I'm hoping you have a really good chance at this. When things go right, it can feel really fulfilling to be able to be at the service of others and to more positively impact each other's experience, to the point that all the potential negatives are outweighed by those positives.
  6. Your efforts and accomplishments are appreciated, Skull. Don't undersell yourself. I know I've both been on your good and bad sides, but hopefully you'll be able to part from the server community with an even greater journey ahead of you. Wish you luck and all the best.
  7. had a cool dream about getting mauled by a panda bear

  8. The secret game mode is when the antag does stuff

    1. geeves


      and when the antag does a whole lot of stuff, it's called admin event!

    2. Butterrobber202


      and when the antag does too much, it’s called an ahelp

  9. Tall looks much easier to emulate, not to mention it still appears aesthetically appealing sufficiently enough to be worth investing some level of spriter effort in changing things around.
  10. Wholeheartedly support this. MccRib is equal parts zany, artistically insane yet inspired without parallel in several regards that I don't imagine he'll disappoint in making something interesting out of Skrell lore, in general. I do have concerns for what is an obviously prevalent phenomenon in our community and that is the "Skrell lore dev curse". For whatever reason, almost every Skrell lore dev to date has taken on the role, and then did not stick around for very long, which ultimately led to a backlog of issues the next person had to deal with that couldn't be dealt with by a single person or even several persons. What plans do you have to ensure this reputation no longer continues?
  11. I would rather avoid enabling accent bloat if there is not a distinguishable cultural/social difference between Gibsonites and Biesellians. There really isn't, which is why it wouldn't be a bad idea to merge Gibsonites into the new Republic's accent as well. Contrast Amodhans, Crevusians(?), and then the myriad of other ethnicities on Adhomai, there's a greater diversity due to a lack of nationalization on that planet. I would prefer Tau Ceti Republic so it doesn't get mixed up with the People's Republics of Adhomai, since that governing prefix is often associated with relatively communist or left-wing regimes, which Tau Ceti's culture definitely is not.
  12. Only the factions on Adhomai follow the premise of a factional governance being named after the planet, this is the case where it is actually reasonable given the PRA no longer has total or even majority supremacy over Adhomai. The politics on Adhomai are complicated, but still mostly justify every faction appending "of Adhomai" after its governance type as a measure of their current aims and claims over the same world they occupy. While there are other Tajara colonies that exist, Hro'zamal is a developing colony controlled somewhat by the PRA yet suffers the issue of insurgents, and Gakal'zaal is recently liberated by a major command of the DPRA, while also having to deal with the issue of being a developing colony that suffered more changes in regime in fewer years than most factions in the lore (still believable). A faction's name is ultimately reflective of the current status quo and has implicit statements at their future ambitions. After the Alliance balkanized itself, almost all of the major human factions took pieces out of the Alliance border territories, including the so-called Republic of Biesel. To broadcast your intent to defend a larger piece of territory than just one world is a bolder political statement that all types of government expect to make once they acquire the reach to be able to do so, one that expects you will defend that broader territory with means necessary. The rebranding would be far more appropriate than sticking to the status quo. It's also a sort of thing that would impact roleplay pretty significantly, since the Republic in the past has largely been handwaved as a joke state in terms of socioeconomic and other types of reach. Making it the Tau Ceti Republic would significantly expand its initial perception as a more powerful state in terms of a general sense of the term, as well as properly match exactly how much reach and power the Republic has right now, which is substantially more than they did previously, pre-KOTW.
  13. Justification: A multi-world republic should not be named after a single planet. At worst, they would do so after their throne star system, which all current worlds of the Republic currently exist in Tau Ceti according to the wiki (though I am being told Mictlan will be brought in fairly soon once it is reworked appropriately) seem to exist in Tau Ceti. Additionally, a strictly "Biesellian" accent is extremely specific. One would think there would be a specific dialect relating to Tau Ceti Republic citizens rather than just being members of one planet's dialect.
  14. HoP isn't a bad place to explore around for. A majority of the head of staff roles can be played from a managerial/delegation perspective unless nobody else is present to do the job.
  15. I'm a little worried that you do not seem to have character diversity. I was under the impression you played more characters than just Kurtis, but you only have the one character listed here in the application. My reasoning for this concern is that it is extremely easy to play one personality and wing it at every twist and turn until you meet with a failure scenario. I would personally suggest you make one additional character with a different personality and head of staff job in the interest of achieving different types of perspective with different types of character mindsets/goals.
  16. This is an interesting change and I will like to see it. I have no real concerns besides curiosity as to what might change with command staff, though my initial assumption is that they will all be NT for the time being until something changes later on. Also, what Marlon posted. I would also like to see Unathi-centric and Skrell-centric guilds/institutes embedded with the SCC station later on. I'm sure it can be handwaved and roleplayed in IC as-is but having some mechanical support for it would be cool to tie them into the game as well.
  17. I was the captain. The things I almost would've liked about this round was the gimmick concept of people being turned into animals as the twist rather than any animal being up for adoption. I assume that was supposed to be non-canon, yet the problem with this round is everyone went in with the expectation of stuff being canonical, instead we got surprised with the shutter-turrets situation, and this became a problem where I'm again reminded of the toxic frag culture ever-present on Aurora. Like, how is Kathira El-Hashem supposed to incorporate into her character that her brain was transferred into a cat (and apparently her body disappeared)? There's no way this can be canon. Apparently, however, a few, massive, round-destroying mistakes occurred. One, the volunteers were told to be armed up like standard mercenaries. Big mistake, should not have happened. The mercenary assault rifle outperforms the laser rifle in close quarters. It is extremely deadly and standard sec armor isn't designed to survive against it. It has sufficient damage that the difference between wearing the sec stab vest and nothing is not appreciable at all. Secondly, the turret and the shutters situation. I'm primarily referring to how this combines. Apparently the original plan was sleeping gas, to transform everyone into animals. Honestly, I still don't know if I would've liked that more than the turret situation. No matter how this went, the idea of trapping people into a no-win situation to force a specific, non-canon outcome on them that they would've otherwise expected was actually thought to be canon, I don't really like the idea of this. Thirdly, I'm told the volunteers here were not meant to go killing people. So why were they given the means to kill a lot of people anyway (the merc assault rifles, again, are not a joke, just by themselves, they are extremely powerful)? The fact this occurred meant this possibility was likely going to happen, which should've been unacceptable anyway if "you're not meant to go killing people" was the honest intent of the mini-event here. What could've been a genuine attempt at a decent round idea that had a pretty funny reason behind it due to what happened during the Tajara spy incident last year, was demonstrably undermined by the above factors. Again, that the heavy armaments thing happened, that the turret and shutters situation even happened at all, and that the impression of this mini-event was supposed to be a canonical occurrence when it operated upon the logic of a non-canon event, all of this contributed to destroying a round with a potentially good premise. There really should've been far better foresight and judgement on setting up this round to commence in the way it was intended. I don't care about punishment nor believe that is the way to sort this out. There simply needs to be more rigid guidelines for running events that both the staff and players can see and cite in order to produce excellent event rounds. I don't consider this to be a freak occurrence either, because lore events run across the same problems of not conveying proper expectations of round balance and caring about what direction the round could possibly go. I like chaos when it's actually controlled, intended chaos. I don't like when events completely go out of their intended scope and turn the round into an unenjoyable madhouse.
  18. spankman stop being wacky

  19. If you don't know even a little chemistry, you're at a serious disadvantage when playing antagonist. It's considered a de facto practice to have an understanding of almost all the in-game jobs before diving into the antagonist role, otherwise you will have issues with survivability as an exclusive station role that has even more skills leeway than other characters.
  20. Right, I regret engaging in the first place on Discord, that was definitely a mistake. There was no onus on me to have to clear up anything but I definitely got myself into that. I honestly don't believe the notion that you were even remotely okay with how the round went considering how I dealt with 30 minutes + of verifying information IC and relaying it to the handling staff member of exactly what happened on the side of the crew, and how each member in security added their own complexities to the situation. Just the aspect of trying to figure out what truthfully happened on the side of the security members that weren't me was almost an exercise in futility. The fact someone else tried to sneak shotgun slugs into being deployed in the round especially infuriates me still. I was trying to pinpoint exactly where all that went downhill, and nobody even I've spoken to has actually managed to figure out where the downspiral to a terrible round end could've been prevented. It literally did not exist, too many variables were already in play that one person probably couldn't have stopped it from there. It's just as nearly impossible to throw people off the course they've decided once they've committed to it. And since we're circling around to that detail of the stupid armor vest topic, I am actually considering I was wrong. I had a completely different picture of what that initial scene in medical was all about, and being told all of a sudden that actually didn't happen the way it did is driving me up the wall. But seeing as how people misremember images of things happening all the time, I'm not immune. Calling you a liar was brash and stupid. I'm aware my tone takes a disturbing shift from how it looks earlier, don't give me any pity. If there's any chance the staff here find any wrongdoing in what I did, I already had my chance of proving myself and I blew it in under a week. I'm going to step off and not comment much further on this issue.
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