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Adjusting Wallets


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Wallets, as far as I know, are only capable of holding items like dice, coins, ID's, and change cards. While they're better than just an ID, I think it'd be pretty useful if they could hold holobadges, and maybe some other small objects. It'd be cool to see any other suggestions for wallets, too.

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Wallets are a little inconsistent at current but not things based on size.

Things I have found that fit. ID cards, charge cards, cash, coins, lighters, cigarettes, penlight, medical stacks (Bandages, ointment and oddly splints.), pens, stamps, papers, photos, droppers, and screwdrivers.

So a dropper will fit but a syringe will not. Penlight yes. Lazerpointer no. and a wide array of tiny items that you think would and should fit. Won't.

Aside from the above some other helpful objects that are small foldable or pen like may be, pills, swab kits, evidence bags (Empty), engi/sec holotapes, vials, gloves (Maybe, think evidence handling/latex gloves.), medical mask, PDA cartridge.

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