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  1. Can I have a copy of all logs when I have been connected under the user names Joe Kane, Kane7269, and SpaceCritter? Please.
  2. Kane DeWitt's character was based on the emotional expression of a Human being and has almost certainly been the inspiration for the old guy from "The Outer Worlds" - after Kane returns with his own dropship and personally hired crew, he returns to the foreign badlands to find himself and his past as a Human being, while providing aid to others, but personally seeking to find his own past as a person, to begin to unrepressed a dark and sinister backstory in which a person had their own life stolen from them in circumstances beyond their control. Kane is in essence a person who doesn't speak ab
  3. So, I had played SS13 here on and off again, over the period of a few years, popping up briefly, and then returning to lurk in the voids of spess. However, I had noticed a change in the player base(which I care to admit I disliked, but it's not like the server revolves around me.), and joined through another account, multi-keying, and generally acting like an ass. I was banned for being unimmersive/disruptive/Greytiding (Not actually in the ban text, but honestly.) and also for 'having no intent to actually roleplay' or something to the effect. All of these are true. However, I also understand
  4. BYOND Key: Mad_Max_97 Character name: Kane DeWitt Item name: hard-worn suit (if the photo is to be a separate item, I'd like it to be named something along the lines of 'faded photograph') Why is your character carrying said item to work? Kane is, by profession, a private detective. He tries to maintain a somewhat professional appearance, while still staying casual. He's worked hard to start his own agency and believes that he may as well wear something half-decent, whether he's an assistant or a detective. Item function(s):Just a plain old uniform item, it has no special feat
  5. Would it be an alright thing for off-duty time, like assistant work?
  6. BYOND Key:Joe Kane Character name:Kane Gibson Item name:Road Leathers Why is your character carrying said item to work? Kane Gibson once served as an officer of the law on a remote rimworld, ravaged by roving gangs. This was his uniform. Officer survival rates were typically quite low, and the planet has since become a lawless haven for pirates, so Kane wears his uniform as a symbol of his fallen comrades and his own survival. Item function(s):Just a piece of clothing, occupies the uniform slot. Item description:A set of tough black leather pants and a jacket, worn over a t-shirt. T
  7. Kane

    More prosthetics

    Allow organic characters to have full prosthetic bodies(Torso and Groin, along with the other internal organs), with the exception of the brain. This add potential for interesting roleplay situations and setups, as you can create characters that are trapped within a mechanical body, victims of a terrible accident, or other such fun things.
  8. Also bump, with update.
  9. BYOND Key:Joe Kane Character name:Kane DeWitt Item name:Worn Coat Why is your character carrying said item to work? Kane's been wearing this coat for years, and brings it to work as part of his personal work uniform, as he is a self-employed private detective, he feels the need to maintain a professional look, now. Item function(s):A coat, with two pockets and maybe slight melee armor? (10) Item description:A faded brown trenchcoat, with the name 'Kane' scrawled inside on the tag. Item appearance:No need to make new art, the brown detective's coat already in-game is fine. Addit
  10. Unarmored versions of the hardworn suits detectives and forensics get, please.
  11. Kane

    Two Detectives

    Personally, though somewhat unrelated to this thread, I'm a fan of keeping the revolver, even adding another for a second detective, though I wouldn't feel much lack should the revolver be issued with less than lethal rounds, and even going so far as to remove the ability to mod it/chamber lethal ammo. It doesn't make much sense to me, with the upcoming(?) ballisticurity, that detectives would have lethal weapons while the offers get rubber bullets. Detectives aren't supposed to be hunting antags and gunning them down, right? The revolver is supposed to be for self-defense, where rubber round
  12. Kane

    Two Detectives

    Post edited to reflect the map change.
  13. Kane

    Two Detectives

    Add another detective slot. It creates possibility for roleplay, by adding more variety, another character to a round that may not be there otherwise - some characters are exclusively detectives, and only enjoy that role. Another detective allows for faster processing, may prevent people from dropping out of a round because the detective is unable to get to them, can create a unique and fun 'good cop, bad cop' dynamic (among others?), and allows another player to have fun with a slot that is currently limited, and can introduce alike characters who may otherwise never interact. Here is a map I
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