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Vampire Succ Adjustment


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Vampire progression is really, really slow. You drain 25 blood at a time, and gain 10 usable/total blood each.

Quietly sucking blood from a living person without killing them earns you about 60 usable/total blood before you have to stop because they pass out if you take any more. Sucking to death someone earns you a maximum of 180 blood, and earns you the salt of the player, who almost inevitably will rage at you for killing them when it happens, because 'you didn't have to as a vampire'.

And if you want to avoid being caught before you are powerful, you have to space out your attacks one people a bit, so that people don't all start reporting in a short period that they saw you around the time their blood vanished. And you have to get 650 blood before you can even consider yourself 'at full power'. That's 4 dead people you sucked dry, or 11 'mysteriously missing blood' cases. I often try to go quietly, and not once have I had a round where I don't kill where I reach full power before the round ends.

So my proposition is very simple. Just increase the blood gain per 25 units from 10 to 15. This is a 50% increase in blood gain, which means fewer people will need to be drained and the ball can move faster. Draining corpses will still only be worth 5 units.

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