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Add an opt-out sound option for event announcements


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The VOX announcements are incredibly loud, have a very obvious feedback echo that also happens to have a volume that is louder than virtually any other sound in the game.

Presently there is no opt-out option to disable these sound effects which makes events incredibly grating on the ears even when adjusted to quiet volumes. The event announcements are disproportionately loud, echo-y and quite grating the 100th time you've heard every variation of each with all of the above factors.

Please add an opt-out option so that clients will just hear the same "beep" sound effect that comes after station-based announcements written by command staff.

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i know that feel

I'd be all for it even though I'd probably never use it ever. But just to imagine for sake of discussion:
How would you reply if it was argued that the sound must be kept the same/loud/ear-grating because it's meant to catch your attention and wake you up?

What about the idea of reducing the volume in general? Either as a global thing, or as a clientside preference?

Do you think this could also be applied on a grander scale, and not just with the station event announcements?

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