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Pandolphina Job Unban Request

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BYOND Key: Pandolphina

Total Ban Length: Permanent Job Ban Until Appeal

Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehab

Reason of Ban: Logging off as an antagonist and as security, previously received a note.

Reason for Appeal: So, this ban was completely and utterly valid. Logging off as potentially the only antagonist, and as security, was kinda a horrible move.

However, I believe that, after multiple months, I’ve changed. I’ve almost completely given up playing antagonists on other HRP servers, due to the fact that I sometimes DO have to cryo, but mainly because I can’t think of any gimmicks.

The other issue was that I had no idea you could see warnings in Aurora at that time, as no other servers had that code. That was my bad completely, as well.

While I have needed to run to cryo sometimes on Aurora and other servers as a different job, I always stow important gear and anything I’ve been working on (leave your weapons and KAs for the future science people they will love).I’ve adminhelped if I can’t make it to cryo, am an important job or have to run due to some emergency.

I’ve overall lost the habit of just quitting a round without cryoing after stowing gear, adminhelping if it’s an emergency or doing anything similar. Usually, I’ll only play security if I have the time for a full round.

I understand that it kinda ruins someone’s round when they want to play a job, and instead see some person AFKing as the job they want, especially if it’s an antagonist.

Overall, I’d like to have another opportunity to play security, due to some character concepts I have for the glorious all-mighty noir detective.

EDIT: Got the banning admin CKEY, put it in.

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