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[Denied] Banapeal [Without salt this time 2 electric boogalo]

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Total Ban Length:Permaban

Banning staff member's Key: Queenofyugoslavia 

Reason of Ban:"Multiple infractions im past few days , it appesrs you do not understand the rules . please appeal at https://forums.aurorastation.org/index.php((or something like that)) this for now is pernamet ban . apeal and this will be lowered as until i do not believe you are capable playing on this server

Reason for banapeal: So yeah , am here after almost half year of being banned and am here agian to beg you to let me play your good server . "WHY WOULD WE LET YOU IN , YOU FUCKING TRASH YOU ARE DESTROYING OTHERS GAME AND YOU DON'T DESERVE BEING HERE!" you would say , and am anwsering , i changed i get some experience and the most importantly i preatty much grown up (psychically and mentally) , also i couldn't find any server like this because this server have wonderfull community (and ping). so i really want to play on your server , i have understanded the rules played some roleplay games (not only SS13) and am lookin' forward to getting unbanned . look , i really want to be part of this wonderfull community , because i couldn't find my place anywhere else.


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Your ban time is not up. You were told to not re-apply for an unban before four months in October. Please come back in February, as it is when the four months would have elapsed.


This will be locked and archived in 24 hours. Denied.

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