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David Blanc Unban Request

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BYOND Key: David Blanc 3

Total Ban Length: infinity

Banning staff member's Key: readthisnameplz

Reason of Ban: You Ahelped if you could murderbone as a ling, i told you no, then 30 minutes later, you take an AFK player and kill them, you said you ignored the rules and clearly ignored what i told you do, Don#39t do this you can appeal on the forums

Reason for Appeal: yeah it was pretty retarded for me to do, i did ignore what the admin told me i did however look at the rules, and as to what i could do better Rp wise

, idk i would probably stalk my victims for like 10-20 mins and send some creepy messages like your next or some shit, i dont expect to be unbanned after i removed someone form the round

EDIT: the only reason i get banned on servers is beacause i take rp and hrp lightly and im trying to correct this flaw and better my self in the future



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Alright, so, I'm going to unban you. 

However. I expect you to make more of an effort to follow the rules and pay attention to the HRP standards we have. I literally told you NOT to murderbone, and you murder boned. Usually, I wouldn't unban anyone for this, but the fact that you accepted responsibility and didn't give me a botched excuse shows me you want to improve. Anymore serious offenses like this will lead to a permanent with no appeal ban. 

Alright? I'm going to give you a warning to keep this fresh in your mind. 

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