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Discord Plays Stellaris - The Hesperian Commonwealth


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The year is 2383. Our nation is successful, and has survived many civil wars and conflicts with neighboring empires. Our longest reigning King has just died and the Universal Monarchist Party has swept into power for the first time - leading to a revitalized effort to lead the Commonwealth to glory.

The Judiciary is beginning to falter, having their Chief Justice and Associate Justice resign to seek other jobs, leaving a singular inexperienced Justice on the bench managing the entire Court.

A terrorist has just been released from prison (by me, the Director of Prisons), as their right to a speedy trial was activated when they were held past 74 hours without a trial.

Does this all sound like fun? It's called Discord Plays Stellaris, and we're a community that engages in a discord-based political/government simulator that actively affects a Stellaris game that is hosted weekly to progress. There are bots integrated into the server to facilitate roleplay including political power points, aging and death of characters, and events.

There are many ways to get involved, so let me explain the branches and other groups you can join and some opportunities in them.

The Executive

The Executive is led by the Prime Minister, who is elected every two weeks from the nobility of the nation. They then appointed their Ministers and Executive Agency Heads. The Executive has many different Ministries and some positions are still unfilled if this is something you're interested in! Positions (some taken, some not) range from:
- Minister of the Interior
- Minister of the Foreign Office
- Minister of Agriculture
- Minister of Defense
- Minister of Welfare
- Minister of the Treasury
- Minister of Development
- Director of the Directorate of Commonwealth Security
- Director of the Directorate of Commonwealth Communications Security
- Director of Prisons
- Attorney General
- Solicitor General
- Crown Prosecutor
- Child Welfare Commissioner

The Legislature

The legislature is overseen by the Chancellor whom chairs the meetings of the 'General Assembly', which is the primary legislative body of the nation. This legislature passes a majority of our legal codes and laws and is a great first stop for people looking to get involved. You can be a representative and draft your own bills, rally support for them in the form of sponsors and then have them voted on by the Assembly! (doing this gets you political power points too!)

If you're particularly daring, you can ask to become appointed Vice-Chancellor or even run for Chancellor when an election happens - the Chancellor handles the docket (the official list of matters to be discussed at the daily meeting) and maintains order during the assembly. They also post bills with the required sponsors to a vote.

The Judiciary

The Judiciary was my lovechild for the longest time. It is made up of the Supreme Court, the General Commonwealth Court and the Independent Commission Against Corruption. The Supreme Court handles all cases of constitutional interpretation and is the final court of appeal for cases originating in the lower General Court. The Independent Commission Against Corruption is an arms-length law enforcement body with a LOT of power and access to almost any information they want in the government. I was once the Chief Justice and helped manage ICAC, here is a report I made in that time: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eDCoPohjJ05ARDkf_3qIZiQ-rWDmJb3xC-d4encf1vE/edit?usp=sharing

In the Judiciary you can be a Justice of the Supreme Court, a Judge of the lower General Court, a defense attorney or even an Agent of ICAC. Those looking for advancement could easily find themselves taking the Deputy Commissioner position that is currently open!

The Clergy

Within the game and roleplay, a majority of the population worships a God called 'Aether', and the religion has a strong focus on machine-worship. This religion is led from a holy city and by Council of Paragons and the High Paragon of Aeacus (former capital of the nation and a holy planet). The Clergy's Paragons (essentially bishops/cardinals) are very influential and powerful within the nation as they get automatic seats on the penultimate executive/legislative body known as the Grand Council.


The DCS and DCCD are the domestic and foreign intelligence agencies respectively, and also enforce the law as a sidejob. They are incredibly clandestine and the former Director of the DCCD who held the post for a long time attempted to use his position to assassinate the King! You can become a DCS/DCCD Agent by contacting their Director who is currently one individual bestowed with both directorships.

If you have anymore questions, just contact me on discord (XanderDox#2835) or JOIN THE GAME HERE https://discord.gg/Zj2FWyU 

It's honestly super fun and if you love politics and government and creating roleplay documents this game is for you!

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Oh, I also left out:

The Military
You can join the military! There's a large ranking structure and you can get promoted up through the ranks! You will be involved in planning the nation's military strategy leading up to war and partaking in roleplay events involving ship combat and fleet battles. 

The Research Foundation
Write research papers and vote on the research selected in the Stellaris game as a scientist in the Research Foundation! Overseen by an Ethics Committee and Research Director - and divided into four divisions of science, there is LOTS of room for creativity and advancement in this section of the executive government.

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