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  1. The same thing was said of malf, yet malf was removed, as well as wizard should be.
  2. Just please no presence, vamp presence is already both annoying and not RP’d properly
  3. As someone who was involved with this, albeit from the Command end of things, I don't think this is something that warrants a player complaint - needing weapons for an expedition doesn't seem like a terrible idea, and being upset that their character ICly gave your department an ass-chewing is, well, an IC issue. Just as Schev's Captain ignoring the advice and even demands of the rest of Command to return to rescue the two survivors was an IC issue. I can also attest that Hunter was not involved in any accusations of metagaming by producing weapons, but simply following the orders of the Captain who wished to send the expedition, as the Research Director ought to be doing.
  4. Reporting Personnel: Marc Price Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: b9n-aRdN Personnel Involved: Ian White, Scientist, Offender Avery Bell, Detective, Witness Aen Nhone, Engineering Apprentice, Witness Secondary Witnesses: Serenity Nerefit, Research Director: Pulled PDA logs in compliance with warrant, showing Ian White conspiring with another crewmember to cover for him about his transaction logs Mikolaj Talmarfaiq, Cargo Technician: Asked by White to cover for him by saying he bought monowheel parts from him Time of Incident: Approx. 10:30 AM Biesel Relative Real Time: approx 1230 CDT (GMT -5) September 29, 2020 Location of Incident: Brig Lobby Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [X] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: Aen Nhone asked me over Common to come to the Brig lobby to hear a joke. I came up there, to find them and Ian White, and Nhone started into a somewhat distasteful joke about an acquaintance. When they asked for the punch line they said "I will get a thousand credits for this" and sucker punched me. I immediately arrested them for minor assault, and while processing them, they made statements witnessed by Detective Bell about being paid off, and that they'd found a note in the bathrooms with the bounty and money attached. Aen was fined and released, and Ian White made several statements that indicated they may have been the one to place the bounty. Upon further investigation, Aen allowed us to retrieve forensic evidence off of the credit chip, which was inconclusive. While searching Ian White and obtaining a transaction log in accordance with a search warrant, White messaged a Cargo Technician via PDA and deleted the conversation before the search could be completed. A warrant for the logs of such conversation revealed that he conspired with a Cargo Technician to cover for him about the 1000 credit withdrawal that was in his transaction log about twenty minutes before the assault took place. Ian White was then placed under arrest for accessory to minor assault and fined. After his release, he admitted over Common his involvement to Aen, and then slandered Internal Security as performing a frame job. Submitted Evidence: [Due to having to go to bed I do not have screenshots, however, there was a transaction log of White obtained showing the 1000 credit withdrawal, Nerefit messaging the PDA logs to myself, and the fiber report. As well as several warrants] Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: As I was the victim, I did not need to report it to myself. Actions taken: White was fined for accessory to minor assault and released. Additional Notes: While I would not normally file a report about an incident that was handled on shift, placing a 1000 credit bounty for the assault of a head of staff is incredibly concerning and deserves more than a fine for accessory charges.
  5. Yeah this can be canned, I don’t really care enough to keep it open
  6. Ah yes, didn't know you could read my mind and know my intentions. God forbid somebody actually prefer ballistics to laser weaponry for reasons other than 'unga dunga valids'. It's quite literally the exact same as carrying a blaster, except you have even more limited ammunition and cannot recharge.
  7. Three things: 1. If I decided to not carry the blaster, but carried a .45 loaded with rubbers while also carrying a lethal magazine on my person, is that considered powergaming? It is no different (and actually longer to switch) than the blaster switching from stun to lethal. 2. I feel like there is a major disconnect between the events on the station and the enforcement of this rule. Canon events that involve character trauma and death, per the rules, say that it should be taken into account by the characters. Yet when done so, it is powergaming to carry a different pistol loaded for bear. We cannot simultaneously claim the Aurora is an incredibly safe and secure place when, in the last month, almost 20 people were killed on the station by various attackers. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. 3. This is considered powergaming, but antag janitors somehow knowing where the Captain's spare is and rushing for it at roundstart with no command isn't? Or a stealth cult emptying the armory of all the weapons so security can't respond when they go loud isn't? God forbid, though, the HoS carries a different lethal weapon because of actual canonical reasoning. Also not really sure about Garn handling this complaint after he popped in the Sec discord yesterday and made fun of my additional comments.
  8. BYOND Key: CampinKiller Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk b]Game ID:[/b] b80-aFQc Reason for complaint: Giving me a warning for powergaming by carrying a .45 with lethal rounds. In extended. Evidence/logs/etc: As explained to Alb in the logs I will post below, it is something I have done since the worm event where Price was nearly killed, as his (then energy pistol) was next to useless for him. It is also something I used to do when I played here previously, with absolutely no issue. The HoS has absolute authority over the armory, and can check out a weapon as he pleases. If I prefer to carry the .45 as opposed to the blaster pistol, how is this an issue? Is there some codicil in the rules that say I can only carry the gun in my locker? It's not powergaming to want to carry a different weapon than what I am issued. This weapon was literally standard issue to officers as of 3 days ago, and now it's powergaming to carry it with lethal ammunition? It's no different than carrying the blaster set to lethal. Worms attacking the station may not happen every round, but it sure as shit happened very recently, and somewhere around 10-15 crewmembers died in a murder-spree the same month, I don't see it a stretch that someone would consider the station unsafe. I also wish to point out the (although true in this case) assumption that "you may have done it in other rounds, so here is a warning," is equivalent to assuming guilt until proven otherwise. Additional remarks: I would like this warning removed. And maybe Alb to be a little more polite in ahelps instead of being aggressive and dismissing any reasoning as excuses or lies. I also realized that he had to VV to even see I had a pistol, and that coupled with being accused of lying about accidentally deleting a character last month, after I'd previously explained that situation to administration, makes me feel targeted. I do not believe it to be the case, but it is how it feels when you are being bwoinked out of the blue.
  9. My guy, I arrived to the real Command calling for your heads and literally kept the Sec team from arresting all of you. I faxed Central Command for confirmation, and only held the RD for attempted murder of the Warden (apparently), and the HoP for breaking into the Captain's office. I never grabbed the ion, the officers wanted the ion. I arrived on the Bridge, prisoner in tow, and opened some doors for officers to escape. Guess what happened? The escaped. Nobody was hostage, I simply allowed them to run by using my access. We even left the HoP (you) behind, to my knowledge, just trying to get the warden out of harms way. There was no reason for us to hand over the prisoner when we were literally there just to escape.
  10. I was observing for the first part of this round and can attest to a couple things: 1. I watched poor Ian White get essentially ganked by the wizard, as he was promised some sort of "escape" in a 30 second conversation, only to follow the wizard to the holodeck and be suddenly choked to death. At least he was then revived as a skeleton 2. Re: abusing mechanics, all of dchat watched as the wizard placed their heart in a maintenance locker, then move the locker to a different place away from the gibs, in some secluded maint room that very few can access (to my knowledge), which would show up as Operating Room 2 on the announcements as opposed to Medical Maintenance. Oh and they also stole the spare, and (I believe) a gun from the HoP's locker prior to their arrival.
  11. Ah, so this is not your sole decision, but keeping it at red was my sole decision, got it. Thanks for clarifying that double standard.
  12. That is an incredibly hot take to have. You seem to have neglected to mention where these people, including the one at large, committed several serious crimes, attempted to kill and assaulted members of security, and were an overall threat to the station. Given what myself and the Chief Engineer were aware of, we decided to keep it at red during the round, because of the armed person teleporting around that had attacked crew. This was not a solo decision. I gave the CE and later the Captain multiple statements of 'we could lower' that were not taken up, so this is not a solo decision. I was even contacted by Yonnimer before I realized it was 2:30 (as I latejoined), and there was no indication I should break character to lower the alert. I disagree based upon the IC knowledge of the round, but by the time CC questioned it the Captain was on station. Apparently I am the only decision-maker, though. The ERT is also outfitted with advanced weapons and things security does not have. They arrived as the antag (who for some reason in your eyes shares no blame for doing nothing except cult-walling themselves when found and teleporting away) actually did something, and didn't set up walls properly, so they got predictably bodied. What I don't understand is that we are expected to roleplay properly, but you expected us to break character and shoehorn it for a round time problem, despite an ongoing threat. The reason they were free is we tried to get them to surrender instead of just up and shooting them, but I suppose by your line of logic I should immediately order them shot before they turn expressly hostile next time, as opposed to actually acting realistically. But then I guess I would be breaking the rules regarding escalation, so I can't win, can I? But yes, you're right, my "I must collect them all" attitude of allowing heisters and merc teams to escape, agreeing to call a truce and let hostiles leave, negotiating for the safe release of hostages, etc. is really what is going on here. Amazing work for you to catch that, from a completely reasonable IC response to IC actions, that weren't solely my decision.
  13. Nope. I'm not sure where you get that idea. The thing that you are failing to understand here is that harming your hostages absolutely destroys your credibility. I can not trust you to act in good faith if your first actions are to beat hostages, and I for sure cannot trust that I will get them back alive and in one piece. It was the conclusion I made, but it is a reasonable conclusion to reach, as, to my knowledge, you are actively doing harm to your hostages. They may not even be hostages, but rather meat shields, as there aren't any good reasons for beating a hostage. It's the reason that police forces around the world IRL stop truly negotiating when someone throws a body out the front door, because now they have to act before anyone else is killed. This is a video game where you have to be within a certain range to see things that realistically you'd be able to see. I am the Head of Security, and it's not like I was throwing myself directly into your line of fire. The Head of Security is not a sit at a desk role, and I do not frontline as one, but there are times when it is required to be at a situation. This is without a doubt one of those times. I was not at the front, I was to the south in the R&D hallway. I was far enough away to where if I had to, I could easily withdraw or fight. But this is not like your local station Captain showing up to the hostage situation - it's best equivalent is a police supervisor showing up to take command and establish contact. First off, you don't get to demand no explanation for my actions. My actions are driven by what has occurred, which requires context. News flash, every situation cannot be de-escalated. De-escalation is not some magical power that works at every opportunity. You were supposedly beating hostages, then fired on Security, there was no room to de-escalate, nor did it seem like it was in the best interest of the safety of the crew. As I have said twice already, because you fired on security and the decision was made to end this situation before you killed any of the hostages that you'd already harmed. I did not ignore them, but when you've already harmed your hostages and are threatening to blow their brains out, the best course of action in that moment is to remove the threat to the crew, not back off and let you continue harming them. At this point, this will be my last post on this matter, because I am repeating myself, you are refusing to accept any of my points, and now you make this asinine statement. How in the world did I "engineer" you to harm hostages, or someone to report it? Guess what, when you harm hostages and shoot at security, security will respond with force. You had no demands to speak of, as you even said in your OP. If the staff that take this complaint need any information or have any questions, I will respond, but I will not continue to repeat myself (to no avail) and be accused of somehow "engineering" your own actions.
  14. I don't know how to split quotes, but, anyway: In regards to the medical situation, officers responded to calls for help, and you had no hostages. Your simple presence in a department does not mean the entire department is your hostage, especially when that department is yelling for help and are able to successfully run away from you. And of course they fired at you, as you'd fired at them and tried to kill them already. That is pretty standard. When it is reported to me that hostages are being beaten, there is no way for me to ICly know that they were slapped a few times for non-compliance, not being savagely beaten for reasons unknown. My concern is for the well-being of the crew, and if I am told that the hostages are being beaten by the hostiles, then it is not at all an unreasonable jump to fear that they may be killed without intervention. Hence my initial orders of "engage if hostages are clear." I do not want the hostages being beaten to death or shot by what appears to be completely unpredictable hostiles. I then arrive and am shot at (he aimed at me, because I got the 'don't move!' message), and I do not have a way of knowing this is a new player or not. Those are both very good indicators that you may well just up and kill the hostages. You've supposedly beaten one, and then you unpredictably fire at security. All the while one of your team is yelling how he's going to blow someone's brains out. If you find it to be unreasonable for security to respond to a hostage situation in force, then I'm not sure you are being serious. Security is absolutely justified in responding to the area, and setting up a perimeter, on an armed force that just took hostages, and is supposedly beating at least one of those hostages. I absolutely had evidence to support my conclusion that you were intending to harm the crew - literal seconds after you were reported on common as being in robotics, you're reported as beating the hostages. In my mind, you've gone from 0 to 100, because you take hostages and apparently start beating them. And then you say you wished to de-escalate by retreating into maintenance - why would I let people who have demonstrated sheer hostility to myself, are a clear danger to the hostages they have (by beating them), and are wildly unpredictable and threatening the hostages with death back into a place where we cannot observe, cannot rescue the hostages if you start beating them or killing them, and where you may very well go and attack more crewmembers. From my perspective, retreating into maintenance was not de-escalation. You had the option, but you were taking the hostages with you, hostages which you'd supposedly already harmed. The portion of my original post regarding how I do those things (negotiate, etc.) was included because you are wanting my whitelist to be removed, so I am providing context in regards to that. What do you mean where was I?
  15. This was ahelped in round and the staff involved didn't find any significant issue, as I recall. Regardless, here's what I was aware of, and the reasoning behind my decisions: The terrified cadet yells that a group of armed hostiles are running past the checkpoint, and heading downstairs. Cool, so we crack open the armory. As we finish, the reports of Robotics being held hostage comes in. Officers respond to the scene, and report back to me that the intruders have taken hostages and are beating them and trying to leave. Not good, as now in any reasonable person's mind, the hostiles cannot be trusted to not harm the hostages. This makes ending the situation quickly a bigger priority, and it also makes it harder to negotiate. I finally am able to get there in order to try and negotiate. Upon my arrival, one of the hostiles (Bishop, I believe), aims his rifle at me and then fires at me. At this point, all bets are off, as before I can even get a word in, a member of your team has shot at me. Now here is what I know about the situation at that time: 1. Hostages are apparently being beaten (yes, I know from the ahelp later that it was just a few punches for noncompliance, but until then I was operating under the impression that the mercs were beating hostages for fun). 2. You are trying to leave with the hostages that you are beating by escaping through maintenance, which makes me believe you wish to do further harm to the hostages. If you're beating them in front of us, you will probably kill them later, or do further harm. That cannot be allowed to happen. 3. A member of your team aimed and then fired at me the moment I showed up, indicating that you have no intent of negotiating and intend to kill (at the very least) me, if not my entire team. There is no reasonable way that I can trust your team to not harm the hostages, and not shoot at security. So I decide that we must take you down. One of the hostages manages to escape, and we recover them. I order a flashbang before entry so the hostages will be on the floor as opposed to being used as a meatshield (spoiler alert: that didn't happen). I order the cyborg ioned, and none of us are aware that one of the hostages is a shell. That is unfortunate, but they did not appear to be a shell, and with the complete chaos and hostility from your team towards me and my officers, it's not like we were able to make that realization. In the end, unless I am wrong, the only crewmember that died was Julissa Lord, who stood in the open and tried to 1v3 the mercs once the shooting started. The IPC did die, but its brain was recovered, and eventually placed in a new shell, to my knowledge. The other hostage was injured but recovered. Obviously it was not the outcome any of us wanted, but sometimes shit happens. When you are harming hostages, start shooting at security, and try to run into maintenance with your hostages, there cannot be an expectation for negotiations. As HoS I must end that threat, because if you're already beating hostages and shooting at me, you may very well turn around and shoot the hostages in the head at any moment in time. I was not in medical for that shooting until the very end of it, but when you've shot up places and medical screams for security, I don't know what you expect. You didn't have any hostages in medical that I was aware of, and security was already there being treated and guarding prisoners. Contrary to what you said in your post, I do negotiate with antags, on a regular basis, and I do make deals with and for hostages, also on a regular basis. I do things that may not be realistic so I don't just shut down antag gimmicks before they can get off the ground every single round. However, your team left me very little choice here, as I said earlier, by being overtly hostile, harming your hostages, and then firing at me the moment I arrive to open negotiations. I believe one of your crew threatened to shoot a hostage about five times after I got there too, and there really is not much choice for me at that point. EDIT: Quick edit, I forgot to mention that Alszar fired back at the merc that shot at me, so again, Sec did not shoot first, but rather returned fire.
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