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  1. I do have to echo some of the concerns of desven. I had some during your last trial with your characters being overly hostile toward the way others (specifically me) ran their department. While that’s fine to a point, it was so over the top, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve seen you playing enough since then to make me think that you might’ve improved in that regard
  2. Some in the KoTW arc - when the phoron bomb was being made and the crew were actually involved in making it (and then defending it), as well as when the pod crashed. The first big one on that asteroid was good as well. Odin Killer arc was a good one from back in the day, with the investigation being helped along by the crew pretty heavily. The Bad Moon had some good events, though I wasn't around much for that one. I'm not blind to the needs of the lore team to tell the story they have for the arc, but having a kill-squad on station so you can release your pre-written article is pointless, and not enjoyable. Those sorts of events should not continue to occur. It's really not, and to have my concerns brushed aside as such is pretty ridiculous. We've had at least two in this arc, with the previous event, as well as the first (I believe) event where the Tup in the same armor and weaponry were kidnapping people. The first KoTW event involving the 35th literally had 7 Marines in deathsquad-equivalent armor going around and goading the crew/security into a firefight by beating the shit out of random crewmembers, and in one case, arbitrarily killing Bear's brand-new EMT. That's an incredibly pedantic thing to lead with, first of all. The point about player agency and heavy roleplay is that we expect the roleplay in the round to be driven by the players and their character's actions and choices, not from a singular outside script that forces people into a pre-determined outcome.
  3. This is going to be a doozy, but as the title says, the lore/event team should stop railroading events. The vast majority of canon events in the last year have not required the crew of the Aurora to exist. This is because the outcome is pre-determined by the lore team, and enforced with one (if you're lucky) or a squad (normal) of players in admin-spawned, 90% damage resist armor, with guns that will outright kill someone in 2-3 hits. Most of the time the interaction with the crew is minimal, outside of the threat of being gunned down instantly with no chance to resist if you don't do exactly as you are told. This is not a rare occurrence. It happens so often that people should be afraid to work on the Aurora, or security, realistically, should be given military-grade arms. It wouldn't be so bad if you could call an ERT, but these events inevitably have every emergency response tied up at the same time, so the station has absolutely no choice but to get railroaded. In the end, the station will get boarded, have nothing to do but get run over by some nameless squad of kill machines, and then they will leave after 2 hours. Occasionally you might have someone get deleted for trying something stupid, but that's it. The crew is not required to exist on station, because this squad can get whatever they want, and nobody can lift a finger to stop them, or even delay them. For us to claim to be a high roleplay server and simultaneously have these constantly railroaded events that have absolutely zero player agency is ridiculous. Events like this should just be written into a news article and posted, as opposed to doing what is essentially PK-fishing with deathsquad-level armaments on event characters. They are not enjoyable at all. It would be much better for player agency, and enjoyment, if events could actually be influenced by the players, as opposed to just shoved down the player base's throats. These super-marine events are a detriment to the server, everyone's enjoyment, and to the overall lore of the server.
  4. There wasn’t a betrayal by anybody. The Captain had been very clear that the Mercs couldn’t leave until the nuke was turned over and ordered security to handle it. What I can say from that fight was that it was very obvious that at least one of them came in blasting at Radic - there was no “aim fuckup” there
  5. Reporting Personnel: Logan Wright Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Personnel in Question: Nicodemus Illopoly Job Title of Personnel in Question: Anomalist Reason for Review: [ ] - Extended Arrest History [X] - Grievous Infraction on Record [ ] - Other: ____(Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Notes: Mr. Illopoly was recently charged with manslaughter by Internal Security after causing the accidental death of a co-worker. Given that he was formally charged on station, the need for an IR is negated, but his record should be reviewed by the appropriate authorities.
  6. So, I posted the IR and was informed of what had happened ICly- in addition, I can provide background and why I feel it’s more of an IC problem than one of OOC behavior/pattern. Pewter had earlier in the round expressed his concern with the Ta, due to a koi’s outbreak that had occurred on the previous shift (an extended round). When Kathira collapsed from an overdose mere minutes after the Ta had visited the brig, he felt that it was the Ta that was responsible. Obviously that was not the case and he was admonished for his response, but I feel this contributed to his IC justification for shooting the Ta. Obviously ICly he should not have done so, and will answer for that, but from an OOC standpoint his character had justification due to their own beliefs and prejudices
  7. Reporting Personnel: Logan Wright Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: cda-djow Personnel Involved: Ta'Akaix'Ryllesc'vekt'zackt Zo'ra, Consular Officer - Victim Frank Pewter, Warden - Offender Yelizaveta Drawarijurl, Security Officer - Witness Allison Wilson, Security Officer - Witness Secondary Witnesses: Mercy Loveday, Security Officer - Witnessed Pewter shoot the Consular. Time of Incident: Approx. 2300 Real Time: 1800 CDT, 23JUL Location of Incident: Red Dock Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [X] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other Overview of the Incident: It was reported to me by the Consular and multiple members of my department that Frank Pewter discharged his disruptor at the Zo'ra Consular during crew transfer. From what I could gather in the few seconds until the shuttle departed, the Consular grabbed a crewmember and then walked toward Pewter. Pewter then claimed he feared he was about to be assaulted by the diplomat, and drew his disruptor, discharging it on the stun setting at the Consular. While these are all the details I have, this potential assault/use of excessive force against a diplomat is something I feel should be properly investigated by Central Command. Submitted Evidence: N/A Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [ ] - Yes [X] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: The Captain was made aware as it transpired over Common. Actions taken: Filed this report Additional Notes: N/A
  8. So, I was somewhat involved in this situation, albeit from a command perspective. It was described to myself by the other officers ICly that Kistler (who was an antag, mind you) had been antagonizing Hakura about their religion. This is a pretty valid avenue of approach, as Imperial Dominians and Fisanduhians do not get along in the slightest offstation. Add into that the religious tensions, and it can be pretty volatile. They eventually got into a scuffle that escalated into Kistler attempting to kill Hakura. Obviously Kistler did not succeed, and I'd find it pretty realistic for someone who just was attacked by someone who is their sworn enemy, been giving them grief the entire shift, to be wishing death upon them.
  9. I've played a few rounds with Moroz, and I think there are a couple things you could work on: Moroz oversteps their bounds fairly often as a mere officer. Be that issuing orders to other officers, trying to issue orders for the HoS (instead of waiting for the HoS to issue the orders), or even outright disputing the HoS. As an officer, those are all no-nos. Further, I've seen Moroz yell at the HoS for "going too far," when by all accounts the HoS did precisely what they should have done. These sort of behaviors can happen, but only in extreme circumstances, and they are things I have seen on every round I've played with Moroz so far.

  11. Schev plays very good characters, and very interesting characters, that some people would be afraid to play due to the characters, from an IC standpoint, being off-putting or something outside of the normal "nice guy" that some are more comfortable playing. I do not doubt Schev's command ability or roleplaying ability, because I believe it to be very good, from having been a part of this server for about the same amount of time as Schev. My main concern is the OOC behavior. I do not expect anyone with a whitelist to be an angel OOCly, I am definitely not. However, I do not appreciate being ripped, so to speak, by Schev on the server, on multiple occasions, to include the one that led to this ban (a fact I was not aware of until a couple days ago, as I had believed the ban was due to an in-round event). I have always said that if people have an issue with my characters, me, or my characters actions, to DM me, because I would rather be aware of it, even if I may not agree with it. Considering that, to my knowledge, these instances were based upon my characters and their IC behavior, I find it disconcerting that Schev elected to publicly bash me and my characters over IC behavior, essentially muddling the line between IC and OOC, which is not something that a player with a command whitelist should be doing. I'm neither supporting or opposing this application (right now), but I feel that these concerns and thoughts on my end should be stated.
  12. Omi has a good attitude, good roleplaying ability, and good characters. They recently were made a sort of second in command to my HoS during the course of a round, and did a very good job in that role, so I am sure Omi will do a good job in a command role. +1
  13. I liked Markos in the round I played with him, he communicated well, didn't overstep his boundaries, and in my mind acted as a command member should
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