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  1. I'd prefer heads of staff continue to not be able to be antagonists. The days of head of staff antags were overloaded with incredibly powerful antags basically having an entire department under their thumb and being incredibly frustrating to deal with, not to mention unrealistic and typically annoying - moreso, in my opinion, than antagonist security. I'd love if it didn't return.
  2. So was malf, yet malf got removed because 99% of malf rounds were terrible, same as 99% of wizard rounds.
  3. I'm not sure if you've noticed the incredible amount of canon attacks and violence that's happened at the civilian mining station, and security remains relatively lightly armed from a lore perspective.
  4. I'm incredibly curious as to not only the WHY (especially given current antaggery), to include in terms of the lore, but also as to how serious a suggestion that is.
  5. Putting aside everything that has already been said about the event being done with admin-spawned gear that was impossible to fight, I was the Head of Security, and that character had no intention of killing soldiers of his home country, much less getting his entire team slaughtered by trying to repel the military force that had them outnumbered and outgunned. This was an IC decision, not just because we'd be PK'd, but it would've happened in a merc round if a similar instance occurred. We were actually getting security ready to fight, but in a covert manner, not overtly charging in guns blazi
  6. To piggyback off of prate, security has already been so heavily nerfed that there are currently times when security could get stomped easily, such as merc rounds where the mercs just roll in guns blazing, as they easily outgun security. Removing it would just cause rounds to spiral.
  7. I think forcing people to play in any capacity is bad. To play devil's advocate, are we really going to be noting, warning, and/or banning people because they voted for a roundtype and then didn't want to play? Or perhaps even had some emergency pull them away? It's no different than the old proposal to prevent people from cryo'ing if they don't like the rountype - forcing people to play when they don't want to is bad. I also don't think this is a widespread issue. Except maybe deadhour.
  8. I'm really curious as to why it was merged despite overwhelmingly negative feedback on the idea
  9. Agony shouldn’t be reduced so hard with that pain change as well
  10. If you're going to lower ammo, you can't lower damage, and vice versa. Personally I'd leave the ammunition capacity where it is and lower damage. Otherwise as danse said, might as well give Sec back .45s, because both make them completely useless. Removing lethal shots thru windows also makes them useless for carp, dwellers, and many other hostile things that they were introduced to deal with without Sec having to break out the rifles.
  11. [b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] Marc Price [b]Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] Head of Security [b]Game ID:[/b] b0o-axAo [b]Personnel Involved:[/b] Ian White, Scientist, Offender Jack Monroe, Anomalist, Offender Sidney Taylor, Lab Assistant, Witness [b]Secondary Witnesses:[/b] Fros'Qerr Vel-Rena, Surgeon: Operated on White after White sustained serious brain injury Milo Mendez, Detective: Interrogated White and Monroe after the discovery, also witnessed what was found in Lab. [b]Time of Incident:[/b] Approx 2130 TCStandard [b]Real Time:[/b] 2245 C
  12. The two back to back rounds and then the third round from some time ago are the only times I’ve played with that character and they have acted in this manner every time. I do not have the specific round ID for the round referenced from a few weeks prior. Despite having only played those 3 rounds with this character I have heard from several others that this is a recurring issue with the character
  13. BYOND Key: CampinKiller Game ID: b0j-aI8t Player Byond Key/Character name: Guillermo Chauvin/MagnificentMelkior Staff involved: N/A Reason for complaint: Chauvin acts in an incredibly insubordinate and foolish manner, willingly violates simple uniform regulations on a regular basis, and constantly argues with both their superiors and their fellow officers over the simplest of things. In my opinion, the character breaks the realistic behavior rule, and there is no IC recourse due to the only rounds I have observed this occurring were antag-involved rounds, or directly related to antag a
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