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[BINNED] Incident Report - 12/18/2460


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Reporting Personnel: Hans Weber

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain

Game ID: bXs-aJeM

Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other)

- Hans Weber, Captain - Witness

- HAMMER-55, Detective - Witness

- Brian Caruso, Security Officer - Witness

- Zahra Mrakiizar, Security Officer - Witness

- Edward Sholl, Security Officer - Witness

- Jeremiah Watson, Warden - Witness

- Fernando Gonzales, Chief Medical Officer - Witness

- Kelvin Riker, Chemist - Offender

Time of Incident: 12/17/2460, 12/18/2460

Real Time: 0100EDT, 12/18/18

Location of Incident: NSS Aurora, Medical Department, Bridge, Brig, Bar

Nature of Incident:

[  ]  - Workplace Hazard

[  ] - Accident/Injury

[  ] - Destruction of Property

[ X ] - Neglect of Duty

[ X ] - Harassment

[ X ] - Assault

[ X ] - Misconduct

[ X ] - Other: Employee charged with i206 and i212 regarding the incident as described by Arresting Officer Caruso.


Overview of the Incident:

Prior to this shift, an incident occurred resulting in the offender's arrest and charges of i206 Neglect of Duty and i212 Contraband. These charges were witnessed by Officer Brian Caruso.

Upon arriving onboard the station I was informed by Chief Medical Officer Fernando Gonzales that the offender, working as a Chemist that shift, had an extensive security record, including i206 and i212, which was filed the previous shift. As it was my concern to assure the safety of the crew under my supervision that shift, and due to the nature of the reports on the two incidents I deemed the offender unfit for duty. I had Detective HAMMER-55 bring the offender in for questioning to assure our records were accurate and that Central Command was in possession of his statement. I then proceeded with the suspension of the offender, filing the necessary paperwork, and had HAMMER-55 escort them to the Bridge. Upon arriving at the Bridge, the offender was stripped of his duties as a Chemist within the NSS Aurora's Medical Department and provided their copy of the suspension paperwork. When asked to proceed to the locker room to change into a different uniform and return his gear to the Medical Department the offender proceeded to become angry, dispose of his clothes, his bag, and presumably with it his copy of the suspension paperwork, and gear belonging to the Chemistry Lab. At this time the offender began yelling hostilities, making rude gestures, and becoming visibly upset. The offender asked me to "step outside" of the Bridge, a request I ignored. I asked Security to report to the Bridge, and after losing sight on him, stepped out of the Bridge to assess his location. At this time, the offender appeared from behind a wall and charged angrily at me. The offender was able to strike a light punch to my shoulder, before being forced out of the Bridge airlock via a less-than-harmful shove.

Soon after the incident at the Bridge, the offender left in an attempt to avoid Security and was later found at the Bar by Officer Mrakiizar, who attempted to make an arrest. The offender was eventually taken into custody at the Bar, after having a racially-charged argument with Officer Mrakiizar, who reported the racism over the Security frequency.

The offender continued to struggle with and resist officers while being detained and processed in the Brig.

Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: N/A

Actions taken: 

To the best of my knowledge, the offender was taken into custody at the end of the shift by ISD for Indecent Exposure and Hooliganism, Resisting Arrest/Sparking a Manhunt, and Minor Assault.

I, Captain Hans Weber, suspended the offender after being made aware of the nature of his previous charges, deeming him a possible threat to the well-being of station personnel due to his access to Chemistry equipment, and his previous abuse of said equipment.

Additional Notes:


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TO: Hans Weber, Captain, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report

This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.
DTG: 19-08:59-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2460
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