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WykedEvil, Unban Request

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BYOND Key: wykedevil
Total Ban Length: Permanent Ban
Banning staff member's Key: alberyk
Reason of Ban: "Building a flamethrower under the slightly excuse, and using it on someone that was just walking towards them, you have alot of warnings and notes already, feel free to appeal this on the forums. This Ban was applied by alberyk on 2019-02-08 21:55:05"
Reason for Appeal: 

I will start this off by stating that I have no intention of saying that I didn't react poorly to the situation, but I think that, given the chance to explain the situation in better detail, my position might be better understood.

One cause of this ban was, and by no small part, a result of me building a flamethrower and using it to assault a crew member whom I assumed was a threat. I will explain now.

I joined at round start as Electrical Engineer Alexi Volkav, one of my three main characters next to AI NEXUS, and Security Officer Mason Kane. Given the crew of all very experienced members including Seth Ramos, Braydon Parker, a good AI, and myself, there was not a whole lot that was going to go wrong on the station that one of us couldn't fix, and so I grabbed a integrated circuit kit and attempted to make further progress on the machine I have been trying to figure out how to build. That being said, it was a rather boring round for us and I paid very little attention to the chat, focused solely on my circuit project.

At the end of the round, shuttle having been called, I was just finishing up a automated first aid implant I had spent the last two hours learning to build, when Seth gets a call over the radio as everyone was moving to the shuttle. The radio comm is from the captain stating that two engineers were attacking people and someone was shoved into a locker. By this point, I was the last engineer in engineering, wrapping up my project by attempting to test it out. Having failed, I started moving towards the shuttle in a hopes to make it. I hear someone over common from security mention a hostile on the station, or what I read as a hostile encounter. Seth mentioned that neither Braydon or myself could be responsible, because he knows Alexi wouldn't attack without cause, and Braydon is right in front of him. To which I joked about getting my flamethrower (A running joke since I joined engineering, Alexi having always solved near every problem ((and nearly killed himself multiple times)) with fire), built one in the Autolathe, and left to go to the shuttle. 
I was late and the shuttle left before I could get there. As I am walking down the hallway with my unlit torch, I see an assistant walking towards me from the direction of Medical wing. I inspect him and see that he is extremely dehydrated and malnurished. It is exactly at this point the round end dialog popped up and said "Vampire Round is Over"

Now, my tiny little reptile brain registered this and looked at the assistant walking towards me with the telltale signs of vamprism (being hunger and thirst) and didn't simply READ the chat dialog listing whom it was. 
I attempted to move past the assitant (Nawfal, I believe) and they started to follow me. Sensing an attack, I toggled run and juked up and to left, back towards engineer. They likewise started to run after me. In order to prevent being disarm stun locked, I toggled disarm of my own and struck them once with the unlit flamethrower. Having secured what I assumed to be my life for a moment, I made a mad dash for engineering. The assistant began running after me. I made it to engineering and sealed the door, The assistant standing outside the door. In the spirit of the character (Whom has gone on record to say "No problem can't be solved with the proper application of Violence, Duck-tape, and phoron) and lit the torch, throwing a 2x2 square of fire behind me as a warning and said "Fak off."

It was at this point I was admin pinged asking why I had assaulted a crew member with a flamethrower, and was (despite an attempt at explaining the situation) summarily perm banned.

I understand that I have accrued two warnings in the past two weeks (mostly due to my association with Mio Bright, him being a good buddy of mine in the service), and a rather aggressive response to what I deemed to be a fight-or-flight situation, and I accept a suspension of my account for a time, I feel that, mostly due to this being the only server on SS13 that I truly enjoy playing, that this perm ban might be a bit extreme. 

I like to think that the three main characters I play on the server add to the game in some small way, but if their presence is actually a hindrance to the flow of the game, I will accept the ban without argument. 

Thank you for your time.

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I am not against unbanning you, however, you should take in consideration that you got a rather large collection of notes and warnings in the past months that you have been around. And my main issue was the fact you got three warnings in three days, which should have been punished with a ban at the second or third offense.




So, do you understand that if you keep breaking the server rules and causing trouble, you might get banned again?

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I understand completely. I hadn't realized the extent of trouble messing around with Poxbane had caused.

It's not like me to make the same mistake twice, and in a similar fashion, you won't be seeing any more repeat occurrences. 

And in respect to being banned again if the behavior continues, it's the only logical progression. 

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