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  1. Alright, the current backstory is more acceptable. Now, just some small questions so I can understand your character better. What religion does she follow? Did her time working alongside the church during the first revolution affect her faith in any way? Which one among the DPRA's ideologies and schools of thought does she identify more with and for what reason?
  2. Do you mean chocolate color? If she is 58 years old, she was probably born in 2405. She would be around 15 years old when the war started in 2421, enough time to witness the things that the pre-contact nobility did. What is her opinion on that? How does she feel towards the rebellion itself and what the Hadii did? Tajara would not have litters. While marrying at around 35 years old would not be impossible, feels a bit weird when you consider the period the character was born. District Six is not what I would consider free from the Tajaran conflict. Tau Ceti is not really isolated from the faction fighting, since there are gangs/paramilitaries funded by the factions to exercise their influence in the system. There is more than enough space to explore this. The story is a bit brief and it does not really dwells in the character's or beliefs too much. Now, I am kinda having a bit of trouble with this. You say this, but when asked about it, your character's opinion it is the following: How do you find this interesting but you are not interested in exploring this with your character? There is more than enough reason for the character to take a stronger instance in these issues. Please fix the issues I pointed out. Feel free to contact me if you are in doubt over anything.
  3. The lift is not meant for evacuation. Ending a round is only possible by doing a bluespace jump or calling an evacuation which will arm the escape pods. There are other safe places to hang around, however. But we won't have anything like the red dock.
  4. Unsure if we can just avoid or prevent this without scrapping the concep of a ship. People can still roleplay whatever they want outside of the server. I guess could just be explained that people can be moved around/go back to where they want with a shuttle while taking a break. But in the end of the day, it is not something we can just keep if we are going with a mobile setting like this.
  5. Murder at SCC Station; Little Adhomai Killer Makes Another Victim The killer terrorizing District Six has struck where law enforcement less expected: aboard a Stellar Corporate Conglomerate space station. Yesterday, The NSS Aurora was visited by a cultural delegation from the Museum of Immigration with the intent of celebrating the Dholma Festival. After the feast, a fierce drinking contest, and an auction bidding for rare Adhomian objects, one of the delegation's members, Gennady Maduev, was found dead at the surface level of the station. The victim has been living in Tau Ceti since 2462 and worked as a musician; Maduev played the P'rrama in local establishments and at the Museum of Immigration. The Tajara had no living relatives in the system, but he frequently sent money back to his family in Shungsta. The security department aboard the NSS Aurora quickly investigated the murder scene; they discovered a mark similar to the one found in Rrhazumar Krasnov's apartment. Autopsy on-site uncovered that the victim was killed with a bladed weapon. The forensics department was able to isolate fingerprints likely belonging to the criminal - however, no match was found in the Biesellite databases. The SCC promised to collaborate with Mendell City's Police department to find the killer. Law agents have been granted permission to visit corporate space stations and the NTCC Odin to search for clues. Mendell City's police has released an image of the supposed Bayonet Hand sigil. Law agencies are now offering a bounty of six thousand credits to anyone who provides information regarding the killer's identity.
  6. It will replace all station/ship consoles in the nbt.
  7. Today's teaser will be less about the map itself. Due to the nbt being a ship, the arrivals shuttle is being removed as a spawn point option. Instead, we will have cryostorage and the living quarters lift. The new spawn point will also work as a way to leave the round like cryo, but it is way more immersive. This will also implies that the ship has an area bellow the first deck where the characters live off-work. More details on it will come when the ship lore is written. Also, cyborgs will be forced to spawn in the cyborg storage. A living quarters lift(the right one is occupied): Now, the subject is sprites. While we wait for some code and other necessary stuff for the nbt, Kyres has started to work in making unique sprites for the machines (and maybe other stuff) for the nbt. The reason why most of these sprites changes are reserved for the nbt is that some of these sprites have directionals and that would require mapping them in our current map as well. So adding them to the nbt is less work overall and they will also be more in line with the new nbt sprites. Example: New console sprites:
  8. Imperial Plaza Celebrates the Dholma Festival As part of its diverse heritage, Imperial Plaza prepares to celebrate the Dholma Festival. The Dholma Festival is a week-long Adhomian holiday honoring the harvest. During this celebration, the Tajara participates in feasts, food fairs, and alcohol festivals. Enjoying the fruits of one's labor and preparing for the next winter are its main themes. Thanks to its large Tajaran community, Little Adhomai will host the event for one whole week. Entire streets will be dedicated to the festival; the people of Mendell City will be able to enjoy a large array of Adhomian food, drinks, and attractions. The festivities will happen alongside the Tribuisti de Colonis. Despite the current climate caused by the still-unsolved murder, the Dholma Festival will still be held normally. Mendell City police department has promised to deploy extra officers in District Six to guarantee everyone's safety. Because of the district's history with law enforcement, this announcement was met with mixed feelings by the locals. Some claim that the agents have foolishly dismissed the existence of the Bayonet Hand as nothing but another urban legend. Others believe that this gesture is necessary to begin repairing the community's relationship with the city's police. Celebrations will also be held in the NTCC Odin and SCC's stations.
  9. Njarir'Akhran Renewal Fraternity is Granted Party Status by the Parliament 12.10.2463 The Royal Parliament has voted today to decide on the establishment of a new political party: the Njarir'Akhran Renewal Fraternity. The group applied to officially become part of the Kingdom's politics last week; some of its members already hold parliamentarian positions. While the constitutions permit the creation of more political parties, no one has lodged a request until now. The proposal also includes the creation of extra hereditary seats; the Chamber of Commoners is not affected by the project. The discussion in the Parliament was accompanied by hours of shouting, negotiations, and accusations. The Officers Party unanimously supported the creation of the new party. The Royal Party remained deeply divided; some opposed the proposal because of the Fraternity's radical ideas. The Commoners Party was fully against the project. The Chamber of Commoners voted against it; however, their decision was overturned by the Parliament. The project could not acquire the necessary majority without further support from the Royal Party. Queen Shumaila Azunja, while initially against the motion, decided to not veto the proposal. Prince Serhiy Oliink spoke on behalf of his party to Her Majesty: The deadlock was solved after a private meeting between Grand Admiral Mahtra Dynhaas, Grand Duke Akym Yudenikh, and Count Tscherim Sanguszkho. Some members of the Royal Party changed their votes at the request of Duke Yudenikh. Despite the protests of the Commoners Party, Queen Shumaila refused to veto the decision. The Njarir'Akhran Renewal Fraternity is now the fourth official Party; all of its members were previously part of the Officers and Royal Party. Count Tscherim Sanguszkho was elected to be its leader. The recipients of the new hereditary seats will be selected by Her Majesty in the next few weeks. The Njarir'Akhran Renewal Fraternity is now the new minority in the Parliament. The Royal and Officers parties have lost members, while the Commoners Party kept its current strength. The Fraternity promised to continue holding its weekly meetings; the organization plans to maintain its activities to all of its affiliates.
  10. This is interesting and way better than what we have. However, I am unsure how hard this would be to implement due to the math. But I will consider after nbt is out.
  11. Mysterious Murder Shocks Imperial Plaza Mendell City has awoken today to the scene of a mysterious crime: Rrhazumar Krasnov, a Democratic People's Republic migrant living in District Six since 2462, was found dead in his apartment. The body was discovered when a neighbor entered the flat after Rrhazumar did not answer a request to borrow some sugar. Krasnov's body was found lying on a puddle of blood on the living room's floor. Mendell City's police were called by the building manager. When the officers arrived at the apartment, they found a large crowd gathering before it. A symbol found inside the apartment was the cause of the commotion. Despite the agitation, the crime scene was undisturbed; there were no signs of a break-in and nothing was stolen. The neighbors claimed to have not heard anything strange. The victim was known to lead a secluded life and had no friends in the area. The locals claimed that the murder was carried out by the Bayonet Hand, a mythological killer who hunts down those who left Adhomai to escape the law. Coroners confirmed that the cause of the death was bleeding caused by a cut throat. The attack was likely carried out with a blade. Toxicology tests revealed that the victim consumed alcohol before his murder. Information on Rrhazumar Krasnov's origins and life was sparse; the Tajara arrived in Biesel as a migrant in 2462 and has been living in the same apartment since then. He held no formal employment and likely worked in odd jobs across the district. Rrhazumar has no family in the system. Mendell City police department is currently working to uncover the mystery behind this crime. The murder has quickly captured the attention of the extranet because of its unexplained events and connection to urban legends. Law enforcement representatives explained that criminals commonly make use of local superstition to scare the population; they cited the event of last year as an example. The Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai's embassy promised to collaborate in the investigation
  12. Today's teaser: Xenobiology: Port propulsion: New overmap icons:
  13. Reverting a pr can only happen only one month after the PR in question was merged. For now, we will work to address the issue of the custom loadout and people missing it.
  14. Hello. I am here to talk about the current status and progress of the NBT. Before everything, we must understand the history behind this project. It started as a discussion on how to change up the game formula and the considerable stale setting of a station. A stationary setting in the middle of the galaxy is not really useful if we want to explore everything our lore can offer. Then we opened the proposals to be submitted by the community. The first NBT was a persistent colony with a ship element. For several reasons, this project did not go far. Then later, the idea of having just a space ship to go around showed up and we went with it. As far I know, most of the work done in the nbt last year was on the map. Ferner and Kyres worked to create the map that we will use in the nbt. Ferner vanished (I hope he is alright and I wish him the best) a bit before June, but he left us with access to his progress. At this point, we were somewhat lost on how to go from this. This was until skull held a team meeting in June and got us organized to continue the project. From there, nbt gained traction. Kyres and I worked on the map. While the rest of the team was assigned mostly to coding. We also discussed stuff like the megacorp division and sectors with the lore team. Besides the map that we are slowly revealing because of the teasers, here are some prs that were done for the nbt: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11801 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12362 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8512 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12445 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12581 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12568 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12501 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12445 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12284 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12147 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11985 This is only what was pushed to the master branch. There is new stuff that will be revealed later. Now, what is left to do? -adapt the faction/contractors to the nbt reality -finish the uniform sprites -finish the away site generation (only some issues are left) -finish the overmap planet generation (also only some issues are left to solve) -map some features that require currently open prs (such as making the main shuttle overmap capable) -finish some lore development and upgrades (mostly related to megacorp lore) Everything in this list is currently being worked on. After it is all in place, I plan to run some weekends of testing to catch some mapping issues and bugs. Now, the big question: when? If everything goes well and there are no delays or surprises, we can probably start testing this year still. However, this is not a promise, because anything can happen. But we are closer than ever before to taking the nbt off the ground. If you want to help, we are always open to contributors and people wanting to apply for the development team. Anyway, I hope this explains the current situation better than just talking about it in discord or ooc.
  15. I am sure you can do that with a floor painter.
  16. TBA It is still a thing. Smaller than the current bridge. More because of the overmap system.
  17. Ministry of Defense Announces the Complete Transition to Automatic Rifle 04.10.2463 Since the Great Revolution, the Grand People's Army has fought with bolt actions and single-shot guns. While these reliable weapons served the Hadiist soldiers well through two wars, a suitable replacement was introduced shortly after the draft of 2458. The Tsarrayut'yan is a select-fire, automatic rifle designed by the army Weapons Design Bureau to serve as the Grand People's Army's standard-issue rifle. The weapon combines the reliability of the traditional models with a powerful rate of fire. The Tsarrayut'yan quickly became one of the most feared sights in the Adhomian battlefields. Today during a Party meeting, Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar announced that the military had fully replaced all old service rifles with Tsarrayut'yan models. The effort was already underway since the final stages of the last war; the unlawful attacks by the rebels greatly disrupted the production and deployment of the weapons. The army, the navy, and the air force are now fully equipped with modern weapons. The Kosmostrelki were the first troops to fully adopt automatic guns in 2460. Headmaster Harrrdanim Tyr'adrr asked if it was possible to supply Tsarrayut'yan rifles to People's Strategic Intelligence Service division. Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar explained that the PSIS will receive the weapons after the armories have been fully stocked with the automatic models. Comrade Mirarkiizar further argued that the submachine guns commonly used by the agents were better suited for their duties. Tyr'adrr appealed to President Hadii to grant an exception for the intelligence service. After consulting on the current industrial capacity with Party Secretary Yakiv Hadii, President Hadii decided to maintain Mirarkiizar's resolution. The Party has yet to decide what to do with the surplus of outdated equipment. Party Secretary Yakiv Hadii suggested selling it to the rest of the galaxy. Headmaster Harrrdanim Tyr'adrr wanted to divert the guns to the Zbrojny. Minister of Defense Irbaykhan Mirarkiizar argued that maintaining a stock of extra weapons in case of another global conflict is the best option. The Weapons Design Bureau is currently working on a compact version of the Tsarrayut'yan for pilots and submarine crews. Magazine feed models are also undergoing testing. The defenders of the People's Republic of Adhomai are now fully armed with unmatched weapons - the triumph of Hadiism is inevitable.
  18. No, it was just a joke. The ship has wings probably because: -it looks cool -gives more space to work with when mapping
  19. Today's teaser: Bridge meeting room: Corporate liaison office: One of the nbt's title screen, made by Kyres:
  20. Ruralist Al'mariist Farms Spread Through Southern Ras'nrr The state of Southern Rasn'rr has become the center of a curious phenomenon: the creation of the first Ruralist Al'mariist farms. Followers of the ideology are starting to band together to establish their collective communities modeled after their ideals. Ruralists reject all forms of modernity and seek to return to what they call "an ideal subsistence farming society". Most of these communities can be found on the outskirts of Trizar. A Ruralist Farm is usually composed of a group of families engaged in subsistence agriculture with minimal technology. Tractors, chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, electronics, electricity, and even modern medicine are forbidden. Their lifestyle strongly resembles the pre-First Revolution peasants. Despite striving for autonomy, the Farms are still unable to provide everything they need. Surplus crops are sold to acquire tools and supplies they are unable to produce. The farmers are attempting to solve this issue by recruiting artisans. The Ruralist representatives are also known to be politically engaged in the state's government. Because of their appeal to tradition, they have found considerable popularity in Southern Rasn'rr. Rhazumar Galkin, the spokesperson for the local Ruralist Farmers, contacted the Network's correspondents to further explain their objectives: The population of Southern Ras'nrr has mixed feelings on the growing Ruralist presence. Some believe that they are refusing the progress brought by Al'mariism. Others praise their commitment to keeping the Tajaran traditions alive. Southern Rasn'rr's government has offered subsidies to the Farms. Trizar State Medical Academy's researchers expressed worry about the Ruralist rejection of modern medicine. The doctors warned the National Assembly about possible disease outbreaks and unnecessary infant mortality. Rhazumar Galkin dismissed the concerns by claiming that traditional Tajaran medicine is a better alternative to what he called "alien inventions".
  21. Canon: Canon Event Type: Secret Event Scale: Medium Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description: It is the second event of the Halloween arc Ghosts of War. Who knows about it: No one knows. Host/participants: Notes:
  22. Canon: Canon Event Type: Secret. Event Scale: Medium Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description: It is the first event of the Halloween arc Ghosts of War. Who knows about it: No one knows. Host/participants: Notes:
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