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Canon's (Possibly) Not Canon IPC Whitelist App.

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BYOND Key: Canon35

Character Names: Imraj Brar, A Garden of Peace, Imran Brar.

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Roughly Six months.

Species you are applying to play: IPC.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): N/A

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Sadly, it's not up yet.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: IPCs and cyborgs interest me in the whole. Ever since I was young, I've loved sci-fi, and my favourite part was robots. Didn't really matter what sci-fi movie, TV show, or comic you got your hands on, robots and cyborgs were always a consistent theme.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs tend to cold, calculating, and smart. They refer to themselves in third person (I.E This unit.) and the screen is a pretty important thing, seeing as how it could play nearly anything. The biggest difference would have to be that they're machines. Not humans who can feel, touch, or have passions with the possible exception of a few personality upgrades.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? As I stated before, I love robots in sci-fi. Ever since I've seen the first Terminator movie, I've been very interested in them. Cyborgs, Androids, Robots, ranging from the T-800 to Robo-cop and even 40k servo-skulls are the sort of things I've always wished we had in real life.

Character Name: S.K.I.T.A.R.I.I

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Inserting of IPC brain complete...

Awaiting directives...


1. Protect Robert Macrun.

2.Do not harm unless in the defence of yourself, Robert Macrun, or on his orders.

3. Defend associates of Robert Macrun.

The camera slowly activated and showed the IPC his surroundings. He was in your typical robotics workshop. Oil and grease was everyone, half-finished projects and scrap materials piled into a corner. He could see a male human and a female tajara in front of him, talking.

"Now are you sure that he's fine? I don't want him shorting out or anything."

"Rrrrelax, would you? She's rrrrun all the tests. The unit is fine, it can use most weapons and fight barre-handed.

"I'll take your word of it, now bring him here."

The unit began to walk by itself towards the human, he identified him as Robert Macrun, his owner and charge. "Wonderful!" Exclaimed the human as he turned to the tajara. "I'll see you around, in case I need him upgraded. The tajara nodded before moving back to work on another bot resting on a workbench. The IPC's body sensors sent a signal as Robert patted his shoulder "Lets get you clothing, shall we?". The unit nodded and followed Robert into a car. The driver in the front nodded and started up the vehicle when Robert handed a black and white suit, complete with a blue tie to the IPC. "Here, put these on." stated Robert as he leaned back and looked out the window of the moving car. "Now, you see." sighed Robert as he looked out the window. "I'm working for a company with it's hands in the asteroid mining business, and I need a protector for a trip I'm going on, some recent security issues came up with it's outposts.". Looking back at the IPC, who was now trying to fit on the dress shirt, "And I need you to act as my personal bodyguard. I'd trust a IPC with laws and a targetting chip rather than some shifty tajara or unathi.". Robert reached under his seat and brought out a drawer containing a cigar tin and zippo lighter. He placed a large cigar into his mouth and lit it with the zippo, exhaling a puff of smoke into the cabin and lowering a window. "By the way, I noticed some letters on the side of your uh...head. What's it mean? Your name or some shit like that?". For the first time in it's life, the IPC touched the left side of his head, the sensors on his fingertips told him the letters one by one. S. K. I. T. A. R. I. I. "Well?" asked Robert. And for the first time and it's life, the unit used it's vocal speakers "Skitarri, it states Skitarri.".

Six months later.

LISTEN TO ME! YOU INCOMPETENT SHIT! screamed Robert, red-faced at a hapless engineer. "I fuckin' said, mount those cameras on the underside of the ridge and the antenna on the TOP!". With that statement he pointed to the asteroid ridge outside the near-by window in the tool storage area of the outpost. "And what did you fucking do? YOU PUT THE GODAMN ANTENNA AT THE FUCKING BOTTOM!". S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I cared little, the unit only wanted to continue moving onto through the outposts. It didn't feel safe, and if he wasn't safe, then Robert wasn't safe. S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I drifted it's gaze away towards the overseer of the outpost, a fat and short man in a blue suit. He wasn't concerned at all, merely sitting on a chair and drinking from a flask as he gazed out the window. Suddenly, he screamed "Shit!" and ran out the room, closing the airlock behind him. S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I quickly turned it's head towards the window and saw a small shuttle docked on the not-so-far ridge. 5, no 6, men were departing off it. Each one was armed and One was pointing a LAWP at the window where S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I and Robert were. The shot missed Robert, thankfully, but hit a canister of welding fuel instead. The fire and the explosion hit the room and soaked the crying engineer in flames, the window and a portion of the walls were gone and air was draining. Quickly taking out a air mask and air tank out of it's bag, S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I attempted to quickly put the mask on Robert before everything went black. "You thinking thissss one wasss the overssseer?" entered S.K.I.T.A.R.I's sound sensors as he laid on the floor, analyzing the damage that was done to him. A portion of his "Head" was gone, particularly the area where Robert installed S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I's personality modules. "Probably just some fancy-ass corporate big-wig, apparently the boss found the fatass overseer while he was cowering in his office." grunted a short man who was checking the engineer for anything valuble "Got anything off the fancy fuck? Everything this guy had was burned to shit. "No, nothing besssidesss a energy pissstol in his bag." hissed the unathi as he tossed the pistol aside "Who even usssesss energy gunss? They're the gun of a coward.". "Watch yourself." the human warned, "The boss carries a laser rifle, remember?" before noticing the IPC unit on the floor next to Robert's corpse "What about the IPC? He might have something good.". S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I quickly grabbed a revolver that was laying in a holster on it's side, turning off it's stomach he aims at the near-by unathi, blowing it's left knee-cap apart with a bullet. The unathi screamed in pain as he fell to the floor, S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I used the opportunity to shoot the human in the stomach before he could do anything, and quickly got off the floor and began to move towards the dock where he spotted a group of workers quickly entering a automated ferry which would take them to a near-by station. S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I bolted into the port door almost a minute before the doors automatically closed and the ship rose up, into the stars.



S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I feel naked, alone, and confused. After Robert's death, with no heirs to speak of, he was given his freedom and had his laws removed. As S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I began to walk in the streets of Mendell, he spotted a bright poster on the grey wall of a bar. It was a post of a man smiling and wearing a NanoTrasen security uniform. He was surrounded by similar happy crewmembers consisting of many diversities, skrell, unathi, tajara. What stuck out the most was a IPC in the foreground. Was the IPC free like him? Finally, S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I focused on the words at the top of the poster "Have combat experience? Looking to find a place to work and be respected? Join NT security today!". Reading the locations of the nearest offices, S.K.I.T.A.R.R.I began to walk to the near-by recruitment office, hoping he could find a place where he could be accepted with open arms.

What do you like about this character? He's an IPC for starters, all the fun of roleplaying as a borg with none of the law restrictions. Second, he's loyal. He protects the people he views as allies and companions as much as he can.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10.

Notes: Don't worry, my IPC(s) won't be angry robots screaming for "KILL ALL ORGANICS.".

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