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Stallingratt unban Request

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey)



Total Ban Length: (The total time of your ban. You can also note your remaining time, though it is not required)



Banning staff member's Key: (This is the staff member's BYOND key/Ckey who placed the ban)


Datberry on 2018-01-02

Reason of Ban: (You can see this when you attempt to log in to the server)


breaking the rules multiple times and having been spoken too multiple times, last time being a fail rp charachter aka kleptomaniac.

Reason for Appeal: (State your reason for why you think you should be unbanned)


i have matured alot since the time i was banned and have more experience being a roleplayer and playing space station 13 in general,

although i understand wy you would rather not take a risk with sombody who has proven unable to comply to proper RP in the past multiple times.

i would hope that it would be possible that i could show that i mean well and wish to be a healthy member of a proper RP community and provide a fun person to play and RP with withoud causing any issues, so that i may redeem myself not only to this community but to myself as a person as well.

seeing how how i acted back then still bothers me alot to this day and i wish to prove to myself that i can actually be a functioning part of something withoud shooting myself in the foot by being improper.


I fully understand that the chance of being given another chance when i have had multiple already is very slim but i will hold out hope nontheless.


therefore i also wish to apologise for once again taking up time as nobody enjoy's having to spend it on something like this when they just wish to enjoy their community.




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Proper wording and making the appeal look more decent.
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