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CrystalClear's Antag Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: IAmCrystalClear
Total Ban Length: It's been like three days. I got banned before going away for a few days so I can't remember exactly when.
Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk
Reason of Ban: 

Unacceptable antagonist/cult play, attacking and working against their fellow cultists, while attempting to abandon the cult to become a vampire. You have a lot of notes and warnings, feel free to appeal this ban.

Reason for Appeal: Somewhat over it now, I simply enjoy playing antag too much to not want to sort this. Frankly, I feel like one of the people who can antag in a way to drive story compared to a lot of people we see, having several merc/heist/siege/malf/vamp/rev rounds of note that people really seemed to enjoy. I dislike cult; I've always disliked cult, and I regret ever re-enabling it. 'Twas a mistake, one I won't make again.

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