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Gokurottt - Unban Request (revised, with a name change)

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BYOND Key: (previously) Gokurottt, (using:) B0b_J3ffers0n
Total Ban Length: Perm. Ban
Banning staff member's Key: sircatnip
Reason of Ban:  9dd62ea80609b6290eb1495f9fd2b0ad.png
Reason for Appeal: I have changed alot since I recieved this ban. These days I don't go around throwing people into disposal units, unless they're either dead and an antag, or I'm an antag myself. Or if I've been told I can do so by an admin, or the person I'm throwing down. Obviously I don't go around none-rply slicing myself open these days either, unless I actually have an IC reason to do so. For example: I've got a xenomorph in my fucking chest, or if I've got a bomb linked to me or something. I've also changed the name, as you've requested.

Thank you for reading,


PS: Sorry for the late response, I was busy IRL with some family issues.

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