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Unathi Legal Guardians


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For Moghean Unathi coming to the NSS Aurora what is generally the arrangement made for the cultural guardianship of Females? This can apply to normal-clanned Unathi, but more specifically, how is this managed with regards to the Gukuzan and Kuhwinla orphan-clans, where newly released members may find themselves foisted onto NanoTrasen stations by exploitative contracts to work off their accrued childhood debt? Would there simply be no legal guardian, raising potential awkward questions with the social standing and care of these Females, or would the orphan guild maintain de-facto guardianship through remote communication, or perhaps even have a physical representative local to an area who is technically responsible as cultural guardian for those Females? 

Or perhaps am I looking too much into it, and the Females in question are just told to suck it up and manage without a legal guardian and it's not really an issue?


EDIT: After a few conversations with other people on my own, I've gotten some new insight on this question. How I think it works now is that the guardianship only really applies on Moghes and Ouerea, and when coming out of those spaces, especially to Tau Ceti, such practises would be discouraged and quashed. I've also understood that by leaving Moghes in the first place, an Unathi would cease to be culturally relevant, and as such the guardianship thing wouldn't really apply either. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I think it'd clear the waters a lot to get a definitive answer on the subject :)

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Cultural norms of females requiring a male guardian do not disappear when Unathi come to Ouerea. Culture and tradition do not disappear so easily. Where this comes into play is how a female Unathi is informed about what jobs or positions to take, or what male suitors to entertain.

Female orphans can have it easier or harder depending on how a player wants it to go. A vanilla female orphan still working off her debt still owes obligations to the orphanage. Any male that wants to marry them or bank that wants to loan to them will need to deal with the orphanage in regards to the debt, and any male would assume that debt onto themselves. The orphanage is a form of a legal guardian as much as the bank is when you owe them obscene amounts of money and you want to marry or get a separate loan for a house.

In short, you're "on your own" on paper but the orphanage still has a lot of sway over your life as a female orphan in tau ceti. There is no 'legal' guardian because they do not have an older male heir. That is how it works outside Moghes. On Moghes and Ouerea themselves, Unathi dealing with these females would just talk to the orphanages directly.

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