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  1. As an Unathi player, I can say that you Humans also get to sprint for more than 2 seconds. You can also wear gloves and shoes without hassle, etc. Furthermore, why do these things have to be balanced? This isn't Dota, it's a HRP server.
  2. Actually, looking back I do see that I did reference you two other times, after someone asked who was doing the things I had described. I immediately thought of you because you're the only person whose character I can remember specifically, and then made more direct reference after that. I agree that it's poor form to reference you while I had you blocked, and I apologize for that. I'll make sure not to do that in the future, and I should have worded what I said more generally in those instances.
  3. These are the experiences with IAA that I've had, and I was expressing. If anyone is taking things to OOC it's you for making this vexatious report. In any casr I don't think any further constrictive discussion can come from this and I will await an admin review.
  4. It's not against the rules to block people on discord, and I did it because the last time we argued about this you just gaslighted me and dismissed what I had to say. I found you unpleasant so I blocked you. In this instance I was talking to other people and you inserted yourself into the discussion. You weren't my opponent in that discussion, and I didn't even see your argument. I did make two references to you however, which was in reference to the IAA thread where I expressed that I didn't want to post in it because I didn't want to interact with you, and jackboot encouraged me to do it anyway despite my misgivings.
  5. I recall being told by you that the audit was for poison. Also how are we supposed to get access to the communications between you and the HoP? We're civillian chefs. Anyway what is this even about. I've bren expressing the complaints that I have about IAA from the experiences that I've had from them. In fact this is kind of just vindicating me in my stance because you've basically made a player complaint against me for criticising IAA. What?
  6. In that incident you refer to, my problem with your audit was that you were using a live crewmember as a subject to test for poison. Your character was knowingly feeding food suspected to be poisoned to a crewmember who later professed to not knowing that it was suspected of being poisoned. Your character also threatened mine with 'interfering with an ongoing investigation' when the officer showed up even though I never called them. Then later in the round we were forced by the HoP to wear gloves and aprons in the kitchen (despite not being provided with gloves) because you complained to the HoP about us. Every time I bring this up you deny these basic facts, and you seem to have no problem with lying by omission to a crewmember to feed them potentially posioned food.
  7. I want to add my two cents to this, and this will be my only post because I don't want to deal with Corbyn. I support the removal of the IAA role, and as an exclusive station player who doesn't deliberately neglect their duty, my experience is that the IAA role is used almost exclusively to harass players over pedantic things in an inconsistent and fun killing manner. I have been harassed by IAA for the following, but not limited to: Setting food out in the kitchen on the counter as a buffet instead of using the smart heater, not wearing gloves despite the Kitchen not being provided with gloves, not wearing an apron, leaving the fridge open, having milk outside of the fridge, having beakers outside of the fridge, not having beakers constantly covered, not having beakers labelled. It's all just obtrusive and pedantic. These are things that I can fix for the most part, but I've been harassed over the gloves even though the Chef has to access to get these things without using the loadout, ehich should absolutely not required. It doesn't make narrative sense to demand these things and then expect us to have to beg medical for gloves to do our jobs. I have never had a positive experience with IAA, and its because they're geared toward doing exactly the things described above. This is the nofun pedantic harassment that IAA claims does not exist. And what can we do? Make a CIAA complaint? Who are staffed by the same clique of people who play IAA? Anyway TL;DR IAA only exists to harass players with pedantic nofun bullshit that often makes no narrative sense.
  8. Don't worry, Kuhwinla will straighten him out.
  9. You know what-- you're right. I'm behind just changing the occurance. Unfortunately Alb already told me that this will never happen just because, so whatever. In the future I'll know better than to make a suggestion that I think will make the game better.
  10. I think you have it the wrong way around: Ideally people should treat every round like extended tbh, but even with extended in the secret loadout people already treat the round like it's guaranteed antagonists. That nagging doubt doesn't really stop anyone from metagaming at all. Besides, having secret people don't know what the antagonist is at all! The people who hate secret and always vote extended do so because they assume that secret is most likely antagonists anyway. They're really the ones metagaming.
  11. It doesn't matter because that isn't what this suggestion is about.
  12. Secret without Extended. I don't hate Extended, but I prefer other game modes. This isn't about any game mode in particular, it's about Extended vs Secret roundtype selection.
  13. C'mon. This is a serious suggestion, and I didn't mean to make it some kind of attack on extended or RP. You're being inflammatory and not contributing constructively. I made this suggestion and I have all antagonists turned off on all my characters. C'mon.
  14. Or, at least make it much rarer, especially during lowpop rounds. The capability of a round to be extended is always available for vote on round start and often people do vote it in. People generally vote secret when they don't want to play extended, and getting to round end and finding out it was secret extended is getting increasingly disappointing, especially on lower population rounds where extended becomes more likely due to less available roundtypes. People vote secret because we want to see a variety of scenarios with potentially random antagonists to spice up the situation and add flavour and context to our RP interactions. When people vote secret, they don't want to get baited into two extended secret rounds in a row, especially on lowpop where it leaves certain jobs with absolutely nothing to do despite best efforts to interact with others. I guess it comes down to: People are generally dissappointed when they vote secret and get extended, and tbh everyone comes to play here because it's fun. Getting secret extended isn't fun for people who voted secret. And hell- if this results in more people voting extended instead of secret due to the possibility of extended being less likely, then so be it, more power to those people, and the game type vote distribution will more accurately reflect the kind of round people want to have. Also, please, before people reply with: "lmao you don't want to rp on a hrp server" please consider this: RP still occurs on antagonist rounds, and so does canon RP (anything not too involved with an an antagonist). It's disingenuous to argue that no RP happens on antagonist rounds because it absolutely does.
  15. I think this will be a good change and I really like it. It's like a better version of Vamp because we'll actually have a reason to be terrified due to people with horrifying wounds raving, instead of quiet husk absorptions deleting people from rounds, or the snoozefest of a stealthvamp succing and medical having to deliberately play dumb.
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