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  1. Stop biting my fully completed meals-- people complain when its already been bitten and I have to make new food. If I see you in the kitchen you better believe I'm going to devour you.
  2. I agree 100% The current implementation of lasers is comically impractical, and nobody would ever design, much less sell something like it. Energy weapons are supposed to be powerful, advanced weapons. It makes no sense that they are outclassed in both damage and practicality by common ballistics on-par with 2019 firearms. Nobody would ever use an energy weapon for an aggressive action, period: how do you plan to recharge your gun after 8 shots? How does an Izweski Hegemony warrior recharge his gun in the middle of some Wasteland sand shithole with Traditionalists pouring lead on him? It makes NO sense, yet energy weapons have been demonstrated in lore tonbe widely used in military action on extended engagements: do the soldiers have to keep running back and forth to recharge their guns? Energy weapons deserve to be powerful. A hearty +1 for this suggestion from me.
  3. Awesome, I understand it now.
  4. Looking forward to hearing from the man himself!
  5. For Moghean Unathi coming to the NSS Aurora what is generally the arrangement made for the cultural guardianship of Females? This can apply to normal-clanned Unathi, but more specifically, how is this managed with regards to the Gukuzan and Kuhwinla orphan-clans, where newly released members may find themselves foisted onto NanoTrasen stations by exploitative contracts to work off their accrued childhood debt? Would there simply be no legal guardian, raising potential awkward questions with the social standing and care of these Females, or would the orphan guild maintain de-facto guardianship through remote communication, or perhaps even have a physical representative local to an area who is technically responsible as cultural guardian for those Females? Or perhaps am I looking too much into it, and the Females in question are just told to suck it up and manage without a legal guardian and it's not really an issue? EDIT: After a few conversations with other people on my own, I've gotten some new insight on this question. How I think it works now is that the guardianship only really applies on Moghes and Ouerea, and when coming out of those spaces, especially to Tau Ceti, such practises would be discouraged and quashed. I've also understood that by leaving Moghes in the first place, an Unathi would cease to be culturally relevant, and as such the guardianship thing wouldn't really apply either. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I think it'd clear the waters a lot to get a definitive answer on the subject
  6. If Security are changing the way that they act in a round because of the game mode being mixed secret, that's more an issue of Security metagaming to an extent. Until something goes down they should be acting business as usual. Tons of meaningful HRP can happen in loud, disaster rounds. Just not chair RP.
  7. I think that high stress emergency situations promote a different kind of RP. People should pay attention to how their character reacts under stress, and it can be a nice break from chair RP. Also, mixed secret also has Extended. Also also. If people wanted to play extended, they can always vote for it.
  8. If you're familiar with the game Sub Rosa, Tradeoff is basically that. There are at least two traitors, who get mixed details on who the other traitors are. Maybe a name or a job, or nothing. All traitors share the same traitor pass phrases. Each traitor starts with a unique coloured disk, operational funds, both or nothing. They get telecrystals too. Each traitor will have objectives to obtain a specific disk, Operational funds, or both. If the objectives of two traitors line up. They can do a clean deal, but if one traitor has to get away with the disk AND the money, it'll be messy. Of course, NT wants these disks back (stolen research) and the money would be nice too. If any of these assets are in possession of a Head, in the Vault or in the Security area of the shuttle at round end, they are considered captured by NT. To involve more of the crew in the proceedings, after 30 minutes a CC message is generated informing Command that information has been stolen and NT wants it recovered. Crew are encouraged to report suspicious behaviour and maybe a CC Officer is dispatched to investigate the crew and hunt down the disks? Roleplaying as the non antag crew under heavy CC scrutiny could be fun. Major Traitor Victory: At least half of the traitors fulfilled their objectives AND no disks or operational funds were recovered by NT. Minor Traitor Victory: At least one traitor fulfilled their objective. Neutral: No traitors completed their objectives and no assets were recovered by NT. Minor Crew Victory: Some assets were recovered by NT and no traitors completed their objectives. Major crew victory: All assets were recovered by NT.
  9. Add a machine somewhere in the station that controls the artificial gravity. Nothing fancy - just toggle gravity whether its on or off. If the generator were to fail due to an event or damage, engineering and science would have to cooperate to repair it (maybe it requires advanced machine components?). This would provide more depth to the gravity failure event instead of it being a literally nothing that lasts 1 minute, and it could be a sabotage target for antags. Hell, it could contain some kind of unique macguffin for antags to try and steal!
  10. To all them Unathi buffs out there, do you think that I'm doing an alright job of portraying a culturally conservative Unathi Female? In the short time I've played her, I've begun to move a little further away from the bad Ceti Basic so that she's actually employable. But I'm keeping her firmly illiterate.
  11. And, for equal coverage to illustrate the lie fact that I only read or care about unathi lore: In no way do the current mechanics illustrate either of these things, beyond entirely flavor text related messages about feeling sluggish or uncomfortable. Unathi do not pass out in the cold, and in fact, start getting alarming messages about 'You feel icicles forming in your lungs!" because there's only like 3 prepackaged 'temperature warming' emotes in each direction, and unathi having a lower cold maximum means they get the scary messages a lot easier. Having never played a tajaran, I assume there is a similar problem when they overheat, where they're told they are uncomfortable, but they are supposedly capable of ignoring it completely due to... This gem of immersive gameplay mechanics (which is true, after some study - you never go above 2 fireloss in the freezer, making it an utterly irrelevant mechanic) The point I'm trying to make here is that introducing something that causes a character to gradually lose consciousness and soon die of exposure if unrescued would be a lot better system than immediately starting to take tiny ticks of fireloss the moment you get cold/hot enough to pass your species preset temperature thresholds. Basically this.
  12. The concept that all an antagonist needs to do is provide RP for only some of the people that they interact with is patently absurd. It's a slippery slope, and where is the limit? If I provide excellent RP with a small clique of friends and then go on a spree that wounds everyone else on the station with no other interaction than that, is that acceptable? If I provide excellent RP with three people, then just go randomly attacking people? Or if I RP with just one person, then go gank. This was a situation where the Vampire had all of the power. Not only did he have a mechanical advantage over me (Flash & Pin), but he, as you say, controlled the station. At no point in the entire proceedings was he in any danger or need to flee. He was in complete control of the situation. However, he did not do anything interesting, he didn't do any interaction, RP, or say anything. Hell, that was all I needed to get me invested in the round, because I was a latejoiner and I was still trying to figure out what I was going to do about all this considering I wasn't sure what had happened before my arrival. But instead of doing that, this person just used me as a quick way to gather more mechanical advantage and then left without a word. Also, think about this from the RP standpoint. With a Vampire, after they SUCC you, you have no memory of the incident. Therefore, all of that FUN, ENGAGING RP has to happen - BEFORE the drinking. When he walks right up to me and drinks without a word and then leaves, it is INCREDIBLY dissatisfying from an RP standpoint. I had no chance to react or provide input to what's happening, he didn't give me anything to work off, and then when he's finished - Poof! You don't remember anything sucker! It's stupid and takes all of the immulsions straight out of you.
  13. BYOND Key: Crozarius Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus Game ID: bPr-a23g Reason for complaint: I think that the way Garn handled my adminhelp of Fernando Gonzales flashing, grabbing and biting me without saying anything or performing an emote went against the server's principles of High-RP and the purpose of an antagonist in the round. He told me that it did not matter that Fernando had made no meaningful RP interaction with me because the attack had not killed me. It was only when I pressed the issue that he agreed to "have a talk to" Resilynn, Fernando Gonzales' player. I was unhappy with this resolution, but willing to accept it. However, at the end of the round when I expressed my dissatisfaction with the proceedings, the person involved: Resilynn, demonstrated that he had absolutely zero remorse about the actions that he had taken, and parroted the exact same sentiment that Garn had expressed earlier. It's pretty obvious why I think that Garn never actually took any action against Resilynn, considering that they both seem to agree about the issue and that Resilynn was not remorseful, and never even apologised for what he did. Hell, both Garn and Resilynn continually DEFENDED his actions. On a server that advertises itself as High-RP, antagonists should be held to high standards of RP, as they are the primary driving force of RP behind most rounds on the server. Of course, I'm not so stupid as to believe that an antagonist should try and talk or emote in the middle of a high octane fight - That would be ridiculous. But in situations where the antagonist has all the power over their victim, they ABSOLUTELY should provide meaningful interaction, be it through emote or through conversation. The primary goal of antagonists is to DRIVE A STORY AND TO GENERATE INTERACTION. Garnascus did not uphold this in both the advice he provided to me in the admin help, or the action that he ultimately took regarding the matter. Also I'm sorry that I was a salty cunt after the round. I was angry and I apologise. I am not contesting that the attack itself didn't do very much damage - It knocked me down and darkened my vision, but that's about it - Hell, I was not even angry that he attacked me in the first place. I was angry that it was incredibly dissatisfying from a RP standpoint, and it was a part of a larger problem that round where I had been attacked and drank from by vampires three times with very little interaction, not to mention repeatedly vampflashed without warning or again - any interaction. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: Again, I'm very sorry about how rude I was in LOOC and OOC. I have been very frustrated and I'm working on it.
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