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  1. The stun setting no longer shoots through windows as of now. Furthermore, the lethal setting can no longer be used on security level Blue.
  2. This is because people in general are hard against giving security lethals on Green alert. If there's no command staff, but there IS a Warden, the warden will still be able to distribute lethal weapons. It's not ideal, but you can't expect everything to work perfectly when the station is understaffed. - I can easily tweak it to also disallow it on blue alert - See above with regards to there not being any command staff, but a Warden. - Valid point, noted. - It doesn't necessarily have to be a blaster, it's just that I have been told that security should NOT have hitscan lethals. I can very easily make this thing a laser gun. Also, thematically, a blaster is a step up from a ballistic -- if blasters are dated, then ballistics are prehistoric. - I can easily control its ability to shoot through windows. It's an easily edit-able flag.
  3. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9640 UPDATED! This PR implements a security level activated smartgun blaster to the security arsenal. This weapon replaces the taser and .45 pistol as the primary service weapons of Security Officers and the Warden. The .45 pistol is moved into the armoury if the situation calls for it. 12 shots on the stun setting, equivalent to the .45 rubber in terms of stopping power. 8 shots on the lethal setting, available on security level Yellow, Red, and Delta, equivalent to a TCFL blaster in terms of stopping power. This is just a testing the water thing. The whole thing is Matt's brainchild, focused around removing the .45 rubbers as the mainstay of Security (because it's kind of weird that they use them to disable/stun people). Realistically it doesn't even have to be a blaster: it's relatively simple to change it to a hitscan laser. I can also change its ability to shoot through windows and stuff for balance reasons. Everything is up for change, I just want to get feedback in general on this idea.
  4. This is a brilliant idea. I don't think that the meme corporate dystopia would prohibit a fire escape ladder from being put between the surface and security lobby.
  5. Yes! The fact that so many people outright cryo at the first sign of Malf should tell you something. People, generally speaking, do not enjoy Malf in its current state. I've already talked about this before and every time I've been knocked back. I'd love for people who do awful antag rounds like total stealth-vamp extended, 2 hour Delta AI, stealth-sting/nothing-but-hallucination-sting-spam Changeling etc to be antag banned, but the reality is that the administration team aren't willing to enforce that for some reason. Yes, and for that there needs to be a developer/coder who wants to work on Malf and rework it. It should be removed *for now* because it's bad in its current state. Hell, maybe it'll get reworked faster *because* it gets removed, because a developer/coder wants it back. Rework-not-remove is apathy.
  6. For as long as we don't antag ban people who play Changeling and then do nothing but stealth and hallucination sting and voicechange the entire round, I will support this.
  7. I approve, and let me tell you why: Bad gimmicks aside, Malf is not implemented well for our HRP environment. Malf has a very limited number of ways that it can end: Dead AI or Delta. There's no in between, and that removes player choice. The hacking messages don't allow any crew interaction, and right now only serve to give people heads up that it's time to cryo. There's no point to it, and there's nothing that the crew can do other than useleasly pretend to be investigating the hack while waiting for the AI to go loud, or trigger Delta. Only a select few crewmembers get to even interact with the AI, and because of the distance between the AI and the crew there's not even any RP to it. It's always so very hamfisted with the AI going "Submit or Delta'. A lot of crew are not only utterly helpless during Malf because they don't have a part in core rushing, but they're bored brainless. You can't RP with the Malf, because they have a near mobopoly on power. They're always remorseless murder AI and will ignore you or flat out refuse everything you say because it can. It just becomes a mechanical deathmatch where people abandon the semblance of RP in order to rush down the core - because if they don't then it's ALWAYS Delta you're all dead XD.
  8. These are great points. I support this as well.
  9. We used to see a lot of people allcaps screaming in pain and begging for a kelotane/bicard pill and instantly stopping to return to validhunting as soon as they got it. Maybe people SHOULD be waiting for the side effects to stop before they rush back into validhunting? That said I like the metabolism changes.
  10. Please also consider that this may reduce accidental "oopsie whoopsie forgot to turn my emergency internals off, guess I'll just D I E" instances.
  11. To add to the problem of resist spamming, there is now the additional problem that with brainmed you're going to put people into cardiac shock with the amount of pain you'll have to deal to them, and how many times you have to stun them to do this. But on the other hand being cuffed while typing sucks, and so does being grabbed and failing to resist. Solution: Just jobban shitters who silently walk up and apply cuffs without preamble. Also maybe fix the grab system before this suggestion.
  12. I don't like cloning being removed, though I can see the need for maybe removing it. It sucks that the shitty actions of a few powergamers is going to result in the wholesale removal of something that benefits everyone. But regardless of what happens, keep cloning in-lore. Everyone else has bought up established characters, but nobody is talking about how cloning is a very large part of the thematics of our server lore and most importantly the spirituality in our lore- how each religion views cloning.
  13. Isn't it the onus on the Mercenaries to create a compelling round/gimmick? If all of security roll Merc, it's nobody's fault but theirs if they go loud and just murder everyone without resistance. They should be able to identify a lack of command staff and security and come up with a gimmick that works for that. But then perhaps I'm being too much of an idealist.
  14. Counterpoint: Antagonists don't get bucklecuffed and sedated in solitary for no raisin. They get moved there following repeated attempts to escape, typically with them also attacking Security in the process. If an antagonist gets moved to solitary under sedation it's purely their own fault, and if Security just do it without provocation it should be ahelped.
  15. Personally, selfishly, in my opinion it really sucks when I get beaten to the FT slot by someone who invariably has Detective and Security Officer in their lineup. ICly you're hired to work at NT in one position, you don't just get seconded around on a shift to shift basis. TBH the preference system should be removed entirely, and people should just ready up Yes/No for their chosen job and only their chosen job.
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