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Poxbane - Unban request.

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BYOND Key: Poxbane

Total Ban Length: Permanent Ban

Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk

Reason of Ban: “Allowing someone else, his ooc friend wykedevil, to feed them poison while both parties were not antags, you have a lot of warning, notes and temporary bans in your character.”

Reason for Appeal: As my good friend Wyked stated in his own appeal, I don not believe in this particular case that I was guilty of any rule breaking – neither character was guilty of irrational or abstract portrayal or displayed behavior in that particular circumstance that would be outside the realm of possibility. My character, Jhin Signal has been motivated by money since character conceptualization, so when James Cutter, a doctor who (according to his employment record) has a degree in chemical engineering and is a scientist proposed a trial of his new non-lethal alternative, Jhin Signal had absolutely no reason to disagree. Upon agreeing to the medical trial for 5k credits, and looking over the mixture he was going to use (as a previous chemist main, it all looked good to me OOC), it was agreed that the trial should take place in a very controlled location where medical attention could be provided should something go wrong - which it quickly did. After around 15 minutes of trying to save my life, I felt as if my character would be rather annoyed at Cutter, so I decided to do the most natural thing that a violent man like Signal would do – Threaten his life. I needed to cryo, and so I decided the expedited way to resolve the character arch was to stab Cutter in the leg and threaten him before running off into the distance. Cutter responded by drugging my character with a spare dart of Chloral Hydrate he had prepared and the event was cut short. I understand that non-antag violence isn't encouraged, but I also feel that, given the rules as written, the actions of my character could be received as understandable, if not slightly irrational and extreme. Thank you for your time.

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