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Jack O'Keefe's unban request

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BYOND Key: Pyrotechnics2

Total Ban Length: 24 Hours. (Approx. 5 Hours until I am unbanned.)

Banning staff member's Key: Tenenza

Reason of Ban: Punched someone repeatedly without being an antag. Not responding to Admin PMs.

Reason for Appeal: It was my first day to the game and I was still learning everything to it, as to the punching of the man... My IC reason was that he was following me when I told him not to. (Now I know that punching him repeatedly is not okay, but I just got really excited after I punched him the first time)

As for the Admin PMs I had no idea on how to respond to them and I couldnt read the side chat as it was being flooded by alot of things.

Again I am sorry for what I did and it won't happen again.

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According to forum time, I think the ban's experied by now. I'm curious, did Tenenza make note of the fact that you can respond to an adminhelp by clicking on the Staff member's name?


IIRC, getting AdminPM'd or ModPM'd shows a rather large font red text message above the adminhelp message to click on the Staff member's name to respond.

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