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BMP2s Permaban Appeal

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Total Ban Length: Permaban

Banning Staff Member's Key: AIMLESSANALYST

Reason Of Ban: https://i.imgur.com/C2JP5Ks.jpg

Reason For Appeal: I decided to take a really long break from appealing and SS13 in general, sometimes I played on different servers and to be honest, aside from the general gaggle fuck servers like TG and Goons where you can have your share of dumb fun, there isn't much else to do. And I don't want to play on Bay, because Bay staff thinks that every crew member is a fucking idiot without any self preservation instinct and clue that a group of heavily armed belligerents can actually shoot up the entire ship without much of a problem.

I know I fucked up as a Janitor back then, but really, did I fuck up that badly? Last time I remember I got banned because some antagonist with the RD exoskeleton or whatever it was came running at me with a huge ass rifle, and he simply slipped on my wet floors, that's why I picked up his rifle from the floor and tried to stop him by keeping him in my sights. He moved, I fired, he got hit and then still continued to fight my Janitor, so I took my trusty iron butterfly knife and apparently pierced through all layers of super advanced suit and lobotomized him to death.

I don't remember if I attacked anyone else given the fact I was most likely frozen by an administrator after sacrificing the RD antagonist to Satan, and if I did, please enlighten me. But know this: I'm really sorry for doing this. As far as I was concerned, it was fair game to defend yourself when you're under attack, especially with a rifle in your hold. I also do use a fuckton of different keys all the time, that's sorta a thing of mine and I don't think it makes much of a difference given the fact administrators can just see the list of keys associated with 1 CID. I do admit though, sometimes I did it to avoid some jobbans and warnings, so that's pretty shitty of me. Again, I'm sorry about that, that's why I waited 2 years for this.

PS: The Imgur link contains the screenshot with a reason given for my banning. I didn't really want to keep trying to connect 15 times just so I can note down the reason in Notepad.

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