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  1. Once i was just minding my own business as a janitor and i thought i would tell a joke to one of your HoS characters to lighten the mood. You responded by emptying your gun into my chest. +1 We need more gun-happy command players.
  2. No A lot of antags already have tools that make them very strong in 1v1 fights or even 1v2 - 1v3 fights. Wizards, ninjas and a vampires for example. It would probably be.... not good for balance if antags became better at dealing with security. Yeah its possible. I reckon we would go back to the drawing board if it was that bad.
  3. The idea that we can only focus on improving gameplay balance at the cost of RP is straight up wrong. Nobody bats an eye when we have nerfed antagonist abilities for being too powerful. Abilities such as vampire's dominate, wizard movement abilities and traitor revolver damage. Nobody voices criticism when we change the map to "buff" the crew either. Used to be in the past security's armory was separated from space by a single reinforced wall without a camera. Nowadays the armory has teleport protection, multiple wall layers and ID locked closets. None of these changes sacrificed "RP" in any meaningful way. They addressed problematic areas in which certain situations where dominated by one way to play that was deemed not great. We have a problem with security having a stranglehold on the round. We have a problem with them being able to shut down antagonists too easily. We have a problem with security that does NOT boil down to "Git good antags". Can you tell me where exactly this was said or even implied? We are going to great lengths in explaining we want to REDUCE security's power over the round NOT remove it. Antags replacing security in this position is probably not good either. We must strive for a better balance.
  4. Yeah theres probably no reason you should not have a skrell white-list. Your characters are a lot little too nice for my taste but considering how many command players have though being a dickhole was a character trait i honestly prefer your kind. +1
  5. Sorry about this. The coronavirus shut a lot of things in my life down and stress made me forget about this. Afraid i am going to have to deny this on the following grounds. 1. You cannot pick the staff member who bwoinks you 2. You have to answer our questions and you cannot be rude. 3. The "oh i am not supposed to remember this" is hard to believe as "just an IC joke" when the rest of your notes are taken into account.
  6. Two reasons reasons 1. Communication is the biggest thing we can mess with to achieve our stated goals. The ability to quickly and efficiently coordinate against station enemies is a big part of the problem. 2. It will not remove your ability to role-play with each other on green. It will certainly impact it but you can still ask your head for a break to go to the bar. Every department member ends up their sooner or later. It is also possible that this DOES impact it enough to check the "awful" clause skull indicated for reverting.
  7. Its very difficult to attack a system that has the round's focus a bit too much with just policy. Mechanical restrictions should come in slowly first coupled with updates to SOP. Which is exactly what is happening here.
  8. You will have to ask lancer. I reckon no because we are talking about specifically CMO conduct. So it makes sense you would need other CMOs to vouch for you.
  9. Next time i will send an announcement about it. This is motivated reasoning. You're just looking for any justification you can to warrant an emergency shuttle. If you where actually interested in the RP you would stay and play the game. I could justify calling the emergency shuttle anytime a merc team steps on to the shuttle or a cult team makes a base in the bar. This is not healthy for the server to be so quick with the emergency but thats a separate discussion. Again i stopped the shuttle to allow the merc team to have time to deal with the threat. They showed up and did their thing and then another shuttle was called. It does not make sense to call both the distress beacon and the shuttle.
  10. So, in summary a potentially successful appeal would contain the following. 1. Clean sec record 2. Clean IR record 3. Letters of recommendation from other CMOs Lancer has stipulated number 3 after discussing this on discord. @Resilynn @The lancer Sorry guys this is the last mention i promise.
  11. Sure i acknowledge that. I just got a bit sidetracked because we started a discussion in msay. I am only speaking about this specific situation. I ghosted over and the mercs had only just finished preparing when you called the emergency shuttle. Its really lame to end the round you just called a team to deal with the threat and the threat had not even compromised a significant portion of your station's resources. Its essentially stopping people from playing the game during the climax.
  12. I was literally ghosting over it as it happened. This is not true. It is lame to call both the mercenary beacon and an emergency shuttle. That is all.
  13. We ought be as willing as possible to play roles outside of our comfort zone. Giving up your antag role should be discouraged but possible. I believe most people can find fun in it if they just give it a chance.
  14. @Resilynn @The lancer Is there anything else i need to address here?
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