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  1. All that needs to be said has been said.
  2. Would you guys watch if i started a snail waifu vtube stream?

  3. I have a particular concern about you coming back to the team. I have never had a single problem with your skills as a moderator or as an administrator. They where always excellent. I do have a problem with your attitude towards me. Sometimes i felt you where making some pretty snide and mean comments directed at me spawning from your disagreements with me. I think it is pretty fair to say that you and i have had a large number of disagreements over various issues in the years. I do think at times you let your disagreements with me color your attitude when having a conversation. I do not have any logs or screenshots because i never gave it too much thought until now. It is just the general impression i have when recalling your past conduct. I want to be extremely clear that i am not demanding you "respect my authority" or anything cringe like that. I just want you to feel like if you have a disagreement with me we can have a reasonable conversation about it. I understand i always have the card of "im the boss" but you're on the team because i valued and i still value your opinion.
  4. The HoS. the HoP and the captain have always spawned with some form of a laser or taser in their locker. Thus we have always allowed them to have it on their purpose. The RD i believe has a flash in his locker and is of course allowed to carry that. HoS's get the lions share of this deal as their locker comes with most of the stuff an officer could be expected to carry plus a disruptor pistol. They have always spawned with a laser device in some form or another in that locker. We have literally NEVER allowed people to get additional weapons or equipment from the armory without a good reason. This is not some new policy we made up to spite you. It is how aurora has operated since i have been on staff and probably even before that i would suspect. There are ways to do this without making yourself better equipped. Have your officers patrol for worms, send in security officers to escort engineers who go to fix hull breaches because you definitely know by know thats how the worm gets in. Even when the worm is burrowing through the ground you can see the impression it makes as it travels through solid rock and metal. A phoron worm does not just suddenly de-cloak from invisibility and crit you horizontal such that the only thing that could save you is a magazine of lethal rounds. On top of this alberyk and i have already provided you with reasons why this line of thinking will NEVER be permitted. Thats correct.
  5. If worms attack during the round feel free to go and get lethals. We have not and never will allow players to carry weapons "just in case". It was standard issue with rubber rounds. We have always bwoinked security officers carrying lethal rounds for no reason. We will continue to do so. I think it is different. Setting your blaster to lethal requires a conscious choice, by default it is on stun. The assumption being you do not switch it to lethal until you have a good reason. In the case of lethal rounds you where carrying them before you had a good reason and as alberyk explained to you being attacked by phoron worms is not a good reason. Stretched to its logical conclusion that would allow any crew member who was attacked by the worms to be allowed to carry guns at any time on extended.
  6. Sorry forgot about this. I have edited the note out. In its place is a link to this complaint. I believe crushing the vampire was justified.
  7. Sorry man not gonna happen. We are not big fans of your past conduct and we are not interested in rolling the dice to see if you have changed. Appeal denied.
  8. As it was explained to me in an ahelp with all three of the cultists + campinkiller this is what happened. The cultists geared up with what makeshift guns they could and their cult swords. They entered security with the hope of converting people (just the detective at that point) or stealing the loot from the armory. As they where doing this the HoS spots them running down the hall toward him. Naturally he pulls out his gun and opens fire on the obviously hostile group of cultists. Unfortunately they manage to chase him down and cut him to pieces. Valid salad all around. It will never not be bizarre to me that people genuinely come out of these situations thinking they "died without any RP".
  9. I would not be a good clown dev if i followed a format.
  10. This note does not really make sense to me. You cant use a mechanical augment against magic powers. Especially when the vampire is thralling crew and turning into a spooky ghost to escape confinement.
  11. Yeah i saw your ahelp and thats what prompted me to change it. Alberyk took it and closed it.
  12. Nani the fuck You cant see this? EDIT So, the above screenshot is from your notes seen in show-player-info. This one is from the warnings-panel. No idea why they dont update each other. Oh well, ive removed the warning and documented the incident with a note instead. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. This doesnt make any sense. I expunged this warning when hepatica ahelped. No idea why it didn't save.
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