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  1. Cool beans. so i assume this is resolved.
  2. If i wake up to a dogpile of random and unverifiable accusations against the player in question i will hand out forum bans. Back your shit up with logs or round IDs or do not post.
  3. Yeah thats what i mean. 1. UM asked a question. 2. lancer corrected him 3. UM made the head CCIA comment 4 Lancer posted fat giorno in regards to said comment. I just do not see the issue.
  4. Dude the way i see you where snarky first... "I have people telling me i should have been head ccia" We're not always slaves to answering questions promptly and immediately when mentioned on discord. "uh" is literally the most neutral and non-snarky thing he could have said. This is after he corrected you by saying he did not limit it to three witnesses. Does this even matter? You got your question answered.
  5. Yeah i dunno man the whole "i have people complaining to me telling me i should have been head CCIA" comes off as really hostile. If someone mentions me out of the blue with something like that i would probably tell you to sod off. It seems to me that paradox answered your question and lancer concurred with it.
  6. Update. We are currently in the middle of a campaign and have one spot open. You can start your character at level 4 if you want to join. Hit me up on discord
  7. I have no strong feelings one way or the other. Giant bugs are cool just because they are giant bugs. I do not really pay attention to the lore but it probably does not make much sense.
  8. Yeah so, based on the points already addressed i dont think xander did anything wrong.
  9. Yeah man i am sorry but this does not really look acceptable. Miners assaulting a raider ship like this is unfortunately inappropriate.
  10. I apologize i completely forgot about this . I will get this now after @Karolis2011 posts their side.
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