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  1. Ok sorry i am finallly over a cold so i can take a closer look at this. So, i feel like this is unfortunately an IC issue. I do not feel that the logs say that the chemist denied them based off of OOC mistrust. It might even be fair to say that asking for these drugs at round start would be a little powergamey. Realistically i think i would have preferred an ahelp but that is a minor issue.
  2. Dont remember who the CMO was but i do recall @Azande was playing as the AI. Who probably saw even more than i did.
  3. I do not think this is correct. I watched you and most of the sec force follow them around for most of the round. Two faxes where sent and the AI and the CMO both verified them with station announcements. That is all you need to know IC to follow their orders. You where ordered to disarm many times. Refusing to do so was mutiny. I think this argument only works with the context that the redsuit guys are antags and you immediately know that OOC when you see them. Thus your reasoning becomes motivated. Which is exactly what i feel the security department was doing this round. If you had not followed the mercs around all through out the shift being extremely aggressive then i might buy that. One officer even tried to suggest the AI was subverted when it declared the merc team's legitimacy. Refusing to hand over weapons is mutiny. Mutiny is not a medium-level crime.
  4. We currently have one spot open. Hit me up on discord if you are interested. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAN COMMIT TO THE REQUIRED TIME AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS! We are currently deep into a campaign. Your character will start at level 5
  5. Cool beans. This is accepted and the ban is lifted.
  6. @Garuhn You will not take your anger to OOC, LOOC or ahelps in the future?
  7. Hello i will be taking this. Domination between two lesser vampires is mechanically restricted. Domination from a fully powered vampire to a lesser vampire is not mechanically restricted. @Aboshedab has told me this is the relevant bit of code. I think it is fair of me to understand where you are coming from in your frustration over this. That of course does not excuse what i imagine where a few choice words on your part. Considering that the fault originally lies with us i am willing to lift this ban with your assurance that the next time a cooler head shall prevail on your part. Is that acceptable?
  8. Hello I am sorry man but i feel like you're assuming we acted in bad faith here. I do not believe that is the case. You have simply just been given too many chances and we do not want to risk it again for our server. I know that sucks. I do not think drago made up a story. What it seems happened is drago originally wanted to unban you but alb overruled her. Which is of course his prerogative and given your history i am afraid i have to concur.
  9. Combat in this game revolves around stuns. This is an undeniable fact. The damage you can deal and the tools you have at your disposable all serve to one single conclusion. I need to get my opponent horizontal. That means i win. Antagonists that rely on secrecy and subversion REQUIRE access to a stun in their kit or in the case of changeling a temporary stun immunity. That being said the cult stun talisman is objectively the strongest stun in the entire game. It has absolutely no counter. It goes through armor and it even mutes the victim. Its cost is negligible and due to cult zombies each spawning with a FULL talisman of charges it is very easy to farm an unlimited amount of them. Cult absolutely needs access to this stun in some way but the ease with which they can get it and the supreme power it has is probably not healthy.
  10. I will look into this over the next few days. I do have one question though. Ok but WHY? Why did you have reason to believe that the AIs excuse of a "faulty monitor" was at all suspect? Why did you check the cameras of the other cyborg? Seems a little like motivated reasoning to me.
  11. Cool beans. I will archive this in 24 hours. Ive done an everyone mentions on our admin channel so that they can all read this.
  12. Hello So to start off i want to state some initial observations i have. 1. Its not against the rules to vote-sway 2. It is in theory reasonable to premise a second vote if the old one was predicated on wrong or incorrect information As an example lets say we have a vote on if we have apples or oranges for lunch. The vote passes 29-11 in favor of oranges. However after checking our stores we find out that we are all out of oranges and instead have only avocados. It is reasonable in this instance to start a second vote on having avocado's or apples for lunch. Given this line of logic I am afraid i do not find myself agreeing that this was a reasonable situation in which to call a second vote. We do not have this written down anywhere but here are the following vague rules as far as doing events goes. These rules are explicitly stated to every administrator upon their promotion. 1. Call a custom vote the round prior briefly describing the event. If it passes you're good to go. 2. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take into account the will of the people. Number 2 requires a little bit of explanation. Lets say i want to an insanely chaotic and combat oriented event. The event barely passes at something like 12-11. Let us also say that there are about 56 people online. We can gather two important pieces of information from this. One in that the vote was VERY CLOSE and that the majority of people did not vote. While it is not a hard line rule to not do the event most experienced administrators would say the wise thing to do would be to not do the event. I would agree. I feel that the presence of a second vote here did not reasonably fulfill the conditions required for a second vote and that they undermined the premise upon which we call votes to begin with. Going forward i am going to have to ask our administrators that they call one vote and only one vote. Am i missing anything or does this resolution address this complaint?
  13. I dunno, i am skeptical but like i said i do not play medical. I would not mind seeing a test merge.
  14. Strongly disagree but i admit i do not play medical. In my experience you cant just make the tools a department has objectively worse and expect them to keep playing and having fun. I feel like making medical a more frustrating experience for both the patient and the doctor just wont be very healthy.
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