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  1. I actually think the collateral damage part is the best part of it. It makes them a lot harder to use effectively than a simple flash bang. Tossing em out willy nilly is a good way to get bwoinked. Though i can definitely see the issue where both a heavily armed merc team and an ERT team start lobbing grenades at each other. Dunno how big of an issue it is or is not since i never see merc rounds anymore. Traitors having access to cheap frags is fine imo. The rules already cover general abuse of them and i feel egregious situations are way too niche to warrant nerfing the availability of frags for traitors.
  2. Garnascus

    An Easy Guide to Cult for Struggling Players

    Confirmed. People have been antag banned for this. Good guide. Thank you delta! Very cool!
  3. Garnascus

    Dathouse ban appeal

    I will not lie, no you do not. Listen i am gonna unban you. If you want to make a complaint over the original issue i can look into it. @Dathouse
  4. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - Garnacus

    Then i have nothing further to say to you. I conceded it was a bad move and that delta probably broke it first.
  5. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - Garnacus

    Its a little annoying to be accused of not caring about your problems and playing video games instead of looking into them. If all of that is true what do you hope to get out of this complaint? Its impossible for me to respond to an OP who already has his mind made up. I will just state a few things. 1. I will never make a "deal" like that again. Or at least communicate it better. All it did was create confusing PMs from people "hey garn does this break your deal". Bad move. Would not do again. 2. I probably should have banned delta in the past. 3. I strongly dislike engaging with both of you. You're both fine human beings. When its all problems that a specific person brings me i just end up associating them as the problem. I dunno what else to say. I did not and still do not think either of you where the innocent party in both of your original complaints. It is not, hasnt been and never will be my job to make two or more people get along. if i could go back in time i would probably have banned the both of you instead of that "deal".
  6. Garnascus

    Dathouse ban appeal

    Will you do that again if i unban you?
  7. Garnascus

    Dathouse ban appeal

    So like, do you have anything to say about spamming our discord and ahelps?
  8. Garnascus

    Dathouse ban appeal

    I dunno, i dont remember. The only thing i do remember is why i banned you. I banned you for being a weeny. That is all.
  9. Garnascus

    [Denied] Dlw4456 Ban Appeal

    Sorry dude, appeal denied. I do not generally unban ban evaders.
  10. Garnascus

    Changing how combat cyborgs activation works

    REMOVE THEM Only malf should be able to deploy them. they are too fast. too powerful.
  11. Garnascus

    [Denied] Dlw4456 Ban Appeal

    So if you successfully evaded the ban why are you just now appealing it? Why should i unban someone who ban evaded?
  12. Garnascus

    [Denied] Dlw4456 Ban Appeal

    So, before i give a verdict on this have you attempted to evade the original ban i set at all?
  13. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    Locking and archiving.
  14. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    Cool beans Ban lifted.
  15. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    Alright what say you @Yonnimer and @HouseOfSynth given the further posts in this thread? I personally think its fine to unban them.