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  1. The above has been done. Locking and archiving.
  2. While action definitely need to be taken against you i feel like a permaban here is inappropriate. The sum total of all of your notes in your time here are relatively tame in nature. While it is true you just came off a day temp ban its kind of strange to go to a permaban right after it. I would expect someone to spam the N word or plasma grief the shuttle for something like that. After speaking with yonni on discord i am dropping this ban down to a basic warning. This all being i understand that adjusting to the way a server does RP can be a little frustrating or obtuse. While these instances are all minor and tame if they pile up enough you can and will be banned. I am not attempting to threaten you i just want to convey that eventually we do have to take action to effectively do our jobs. If you ever have a question for any behavior you might want to exhibit in game you can always ask us by ahelping.
  3. Excuse me? Do not try to tone police me. This has absolutely nothing to do with your behavior this round. You did not drop your weapon and hide. Well i am sorry but i disagree. I expect the chain of command to be respected on some sort of OOC level. You could have ran. I do not know what else to tell you. I think you're actions this round where not appropriate roleplay.
  4. No you where punished for being extremely silly. You let the changeling out of the brig because "it would have done so anyway". You disregarded the HoS's orders and you aided a hostile criminal. No, you can deal with it. It is security's job to deal with it. This is also not your call to make. You are not in charge. You aided a hostile criminal You disregarded the chain of command You attacked your fellow officers.
  5. "i am peaceful except when i am not" Why? You say it was peaceful. Bruh this is far past the time for negotiations. It keeps breaking shit and causing havoc despite your "peaceful talks" It broke out of the brig and killed people dude. Full fucking stop.
  6. yeah i can just change it to something like.... "took the loyalty implant into account in their RP when i said it was overridden"
  7. Please do not post if you are not involved.
  8. Hard no. I will always speak against this. Locking such rare content behind a whitelist is only going to frustrate people. If the goal is to improve the quality of vox RP we can accomplish this using other methods. Such as some sort of text box appearing when you select to play as a vox. This text box would briefly describe the nature of vox and give some general RP guidelines.
  9. To be completely fair this is his prerogative as the loremaster. It seems by your own admission he even read the feedback you gave him he just decided against it. Creative decisions are going to very difficult to place here. It would have to be something egregious and repeating like "JACKBOOT YOU DUMMY YOU KEEP DOING THINGS LITERALLY ALL OF US DONT LIKE". Which if that is the case thats absolutely a valid complaint.
  10. oh no sorry i should have said. you posted logs of everything i just want everyone else to follow that example because of the size of this complaint.
  11. I am just going to say one thing. If you make a particular claim involving "he said she said" then i expect discord logs to be posted so can we go point by point. Like, here. Logs please. I am not saying you're wrong its just this complaint will spiderweb out of control if we dont nail down specifics.
  12. Giving artistic critique is something i am really bad at. However i am head admin so for some reason my opinion is given weight it does not deserve. This is a disclaimer i have no idea what i am talking about here. These sprites look nice. They are new and the current ones we have are old. I am bored of the old. i would like similar ones for robofixers and emergency medical tryhards.
  13. Please format your post correctly.
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