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  1. Is this how it happened? The wizard does some tricks on the holodecks and messes around with his scrying orb. Then someone looks into his orb and gets there eyes burned out which prompts security to attempt to detain him. At which point the wizard engages in a number 1 victory royale and kills everyone who tries to stop him?
  2. In just a few months you've accrued far far FAR more notes, bans and finally this permaban. What has suddenly changed? Your track record indicates that if i lift this ban you will just do something silly again and get permabanned within a week.
  3. Here is the unban request OP made. They created this staff complaint after they where informed a staff complaint is more appropriate when you are contesting the punishment. On your record i see two notes regarding end of round grief and using netspeak IC. Then after that i see a 24 hour ban due to joining as gordon ramsay and going WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE. You where finally permabanned the round you came back after your ban expired for the following reason. So, from ten thousand feet away it does look like you're just messing around and not here to RP seriously. Though it could be i am
  4. Locking and archiving since OP has made a staff complaint.
  5. Shot caelphon, the skrell lord a DM on discord. This was his response Intuitively i probably would have made the same call @ShesTrying does but then again i know next to nothing about species lore. As far as i am tracking this is looks like its perfectly acceptable for a skrell character to know both xenoarcheology and bluespace manipulation.
  6. Easy way to solve this, i will ping the current skrell loremaster and have them give their take on this.
  7. Some thoughts. Breaking into places and stealing things is kind of par for the course for any antag. There is literally no situation in which I would tell an antag player "no you cannot break into that place and steal that thing". Generally this is done by very new antag players who just do not have the experience to formulate a good reason as to WHY they are doing the things they are doing. That comes with time. Similar line of logic on this one. When we look at bombs some factors we consider are "was this in a heavy traffic area?" "where there unexpected casualties?" "Was it
  8. Doesn't look like it. I cant even find it by searching for key words of the logs, lmao. Its fine, its not relevant the issue and i can just assume it was said. I would still say your words here where kinda mean. Definitely something I would drop a warning for or other staff would. I am sure people exist that have said worse and did not get warned. We are not omniscient and sometimes no one ahelps and we do not notice it being said.
  9. Ok, i will make a decision on this tomorrow.
  10. Here are the logs. Courtesy of geeve's logifier. I did a search for everything with the Ghost/ prefix as that is how our dead chat logs are labeled in the logs. I cant see to find the second screenshot you linked but i can see your response to it? Not really sure why that is the case.
  11. YO SEVENTY PERCENT LESS PAIN FROM SEC TOOLS. 50 % LESS PAIN OVERALL?!?! Hoooooooooly moly, well alberyk just banished my ignorance. I had no idea it was that ridiculous. This is literally like being right next to a tank and me telling you to use your baton instead of your laser rifle. Wtf. Yeah man if those numbers are true my bad.
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