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  1. Garnascus

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    This is what happens when we allow the station to become a liberal stronghold.
  2. Garnascus

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Being a race other than human is basically meaningless nowadays. There used to be job restrictions to reinforce social tensions. IPC are no different. It is so weird to me we allow toasters to be "free" while working for NT.
  3. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - QueenofYugoslavia

    Right so In closing this warning is getting expunged from your record. Complaint resolved.
  4. Garnascus

    Player Complaint - Resilynn

    Listen, I dunno what the beef is between you two but it needs to not happen here. Or anywhere related to the server. You're more than welcome to block each other or quit it. Unless someone explicitly tells you "yes i am ok with you PMing me if you dont like how i RPed" then do not do it. From the posts done by rosetango and the OP here it seems like they do not want you to do it. So dont. Your IC play here was acceptable. There is nothing wrong with the gimmick you did and i just do not think you targeted rosetango specifically. Locking and archiving.
  5. Garnascus

    Staff Complaint - QueenofYugoslavia

    So when i read this complaint i thought to myself "oh this is easy ill just cite the definition of gank in our glossary an-....". As it turns out we do say that gank is not acceptable in our "on being an antagonist" section but we do not define what specifically gank is in our glossary section. I reckon we appear to be working off of different definitions of what exactly "gank" is as a result. This is a fairly serious oversight that we must have missed when we redid the rules section over a year ago. The working definition that is meant to be used is fairly similar to the one xander cites in that now ancient forum post by doomberg. For reference something like "Gank is killing another player for absolutely no reason at all when there is no need at all". Generally we put emphasis on roleplay and interaction. So we expect antagonists to provide something to their kill targets first. This condition can be subverted if the individual can be reasonable expected to be a threat to you. So for example if you are breaking into the HoS's office and a cadet randomly walked by and spots you then you have justification to immediately pull out a weapon and murder him. You've been spotted committing a seriously offence and you likely have contraband on you that will land you time in the brig or in perma. In this situation xander was being arrested while he has an esword on him. There is a reasonable basis here to expect that once he is arrested they will search him and find the esword. At best they will confiscate it and brig him for more time. This will also place a greater suspicion on him for the remainder of the round. At worst he will be permabrigged and interrogated. This is a gamble xander should not be expected to take. Therefore i do see a good reason for xander to pull his esword out and chop the guards head off. It seems reasonable to me to consider this was the quickest and easiest way to kill the guard. I do not really fault our staff here since its on us for not clearly defining this in our glossary. A mistake that will be rectified. With all of this being said i reckon this warning should be expunged. Unless i am missing something?
  6. Right, in closing i will not be banning anyone as a result of this complaint. I am however going to note the severity of the individual parties actions. The worst being dasfox. I am not saying this to threaten you. I am saying that i will permanently ban you until the heat death of the universe if you show this kind of attitude again. If someone is being a butt just ahelp and we will deal with it. I discussed this with Doc and she agrees with that bans do not need to be doled out. Burger, I promise im not blaming the victim here. The sum of your "fault" here is but a few grains of sand. All that i ask is next try to empathize with how your words can be taken by the actual antags in the round if they see what you said in OOC. Even so this absolutely does not excuse the abuse thrown your way. Bauser, same warning dasfox has gotten. "i was being sarcastic" is a defense that will only work so much. Butterrobber, Already said my peace on you. I expect your apology is sincere and i encourage burger to take it as such.
  7. Garnascus

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Promoting you to head administrator remains one of the best decisions i have made in my tenure here. I did not and still do not regret. You and i made an excellent team and i will miss you. Good luck buddy.
  8. Garnascus

    Player Complaint - Resilynn

    The gimmick is completely valid. There is a huge distinction between murderboning and just having a gimmick with murder in it. Only thing i am having trouble tracking is who/when took it to OOC. Did resilynn begin speaking in the discord lobby about this after they died and THEN PMed people about it or was it just PMs?
  9. Well i mean, put yourself in the shoes of the antag. Its just unneeded pressure. "i will cryo if you guys suck" essentially. Its just really pessimistic and of course it does not excuse the actions of the others.
  10. Garnascus

    Player Complaint - Resilynn

    I will read this tonight at work and form a reply then.
  11. You're all being pretty dumb here. Burger you did kinda start this. You threw shade initially. If you're speeding to work you have a million reasons for why you need to speed. If someone cuts you off on the highway also speeding you'll be like "fuck that guy what the fuck theres a speed limit asshole". Of course this does not excuse the behavior of the others. Bauser you where fine but we dont need you to unsheathe your katana in this thread with comments like "if i was actually hostile you would know..." come on now. Dasfox.... Why are you the way you are? Why would you even make a comment like "this is the internet nobody gives a fuck?" well i give a fuck and i think you're being incredibly rude. You're easily the worst contender here. Butterrober. You apologized which i appreciate as i assume its genuine.
  12. Garnascus

    When the unstoppable force meets 4 movable objects

    A wonderful addition to the hall of fame. A shame i wasn't there to see it.
  13. Garnascus

    The turrets will stop.

    Poor yonni, he was only trying to help. We shall never forget.