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  1. Sure, why not. Dont be dumb. Ban lifted.
  2. Silly events are objectively the best events. If you disagree you disagree with democracy. 

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    2. Carver


      Silly events are ok when they're entirely non-canon, good break of pace, very low-stress. But, I do hope there isn't ever a return to silly canon events like the dumb table wrestling shows.

    3. Daemon


      Aurora hosted a canon wrestling event? if only. 

    4. Cnaym


      We had luchadore antags and it was better than any event in the last two years except the one with Satan as the boss fight.

  3. Yeah sorry man but it being a month old is not really relevant. We investigate stuff soon as we are aware of it and we take appropriate action. Whether or not everyone was comfortable with it also does not magically make something that is against our rules suddenly not against the rules. The warning is appropriate.
  4. Can you detail a recent non-canon event that you had problems with? What specific traits do these rounds have?
  5. I am afraid this is fairly straight forward. Your discord picture contained obscene content, thus you where banned. It is very bizarre to me that you did not just use a different picture if you truly did not want people to see the swastika.
  6. Alright i just want to say that releasing bees into the brig is really god damned funny. Unfortunately it is a pretty textbook definition of griefing, how minor it ends up being is not really relevant. There is not really much else i can say here. All i can really tell you is save things like this for when you get antag.
  7. Locking and archiving. Ban lifted. i actually lifted it when i made my last reply and....didnt....say that i did.... SORRY Let this be a relic to my shame.
  8. Alright, alright. You gotta admit though it looks pretty bad from where i am sitting. After reviewing some new evidence and doing a bit more digging i dont think your intentions where inappropriate. I would post it here but like some of the other screenshots they are private in nature.
  9. Let me just go down a short laundry list of all the important points made in this thread. I have spent a number of hours reviewing all the screenshots, logs and evidence provided to me. I have read all the evidence posted here more than once. Is it ok to play a problematic character to the point of upsetting people? The short answer to this question is yes. The longer answer to this rightfully demands an explanation. menowns character is accurately described as homophobic, transphobic and generally not as progressive as most crew who find themselves aboard the aurora. A number of sc
  10. Can you tell me what exactly IS this lore that you have a problem with? I dont know anything about cats. Also, some logs have been shared with me that are of you. In the screenshot you claim "My intention isnt to drive people away but to drive people to come out in opposition in what i feel is something largely useless in our lore". It seems your character is causing harm to others in the process. What are your thoughts on that?
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