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  1. Want to join my Curse of Strahd campaign? Two open slots. Read this document if interested. DM me on discord. https://docs.google.com/document/d/152qgSkATzApO2yAo9vvKdb4SMpTk63X4UwAaMdt65A8/edit?usp=sharing

  2. Dekser was not involved in the situation that resulted in this ban. Sue and M8 witnessed events where matt alledges you broke the rules previously and thus help explain why he banned you instead of warning you.
  3. Alright so, a lot of this is a lot of posting about the rules but what actually happened during the round in which @AnselmKonrad was banned? @MattAtlas .
  4. This guide is being written to communicate some useful information for you should you desire to make a staff complaint. While we will try our best to read almost any complaint, the more coherent and concise yours is, the easier our snail brains can digest what you are trying to say. Step 1. Identify and communicate the staff action you are contesting. We need to know why you are making a staff complaint. Start by clearly stating the specific ban, note, warning or other directive that you are contesting. If possible take a screenshot of it and include it in your complaint. While it is possible for us to search up your player history it takes extra time. You help us help you by including this information. Step 2. Clearly lay out your reasoning for contesting the staff action. While it may seem reasonable to begin explaining your perspective of events in question this starts off on the wrong foot. We can struggle sometimes to figure out your reasoning for creating a staff complaint if said reason is buried halfway through your post. Instead, begin with your main argument and then list your supporting evidence. As an example let's say you were warned for killing another player without proper escalation. You might format your first few sentences like this. I was given a warning by joe schmoe for killing the chef without proper escalation. I believe I did in fact have proper escalation as he had spent a good portion of the round harassing me which I will now detail Step 3. Avoid common missteps Please do not apologize for making a complaint. We empathize with the idea that a staff complaint is an aggressive action. However, our team views a staff complaint as a dialogue. Even the most professional and well maintained teams make mistakes. We expect them and deal with them with courtesy. Please be concise. This bears mentioning even though it is stated in the rules for the staff complaint subforum. A long complaint filled with erroneous and irrelevant information dilutes our ability to properly handle it. At worst it can affect our judgement of the situation and at best it extends the time for a judgement to be reached.
  5. I have some concerns regarding this application. As I understand it you recently came back from a break from the game? You seem to have some issues with how our staff team operates and want to change it for the better. It feels as if you're being pretty adversarial to what should be your team mates if you became a trial mod. I mean you quite literally say that certain staff are "not up to standard". How do you expect to be able to work with staff who you feel are so lacking? You also detail an interaction you had with a staff member in which you felt belittled. From the wording in the sentence you wrote I reckon it is @Pratepresidenten who said that. "That is just how he is" is an excuse used a lot to excuse abusive and horrible behavior but our very own pratepresidenten is anything but that. He is a living embodiment of OwO, occasionally it gets the better of him but I believe he was just trying to be friendly.
  6. So, can delta ever re-apply or not? I see on the web interface he has only lost a head whitelist once. I think if we want to bar players from attaining a head whitelist it should be internally consistent with our policy of appealing permanent bans. Which is to say "Not happening after the second permaban".
  7. Will look into this. As @ShesTrying is screenshotted here i will ask them to post their side of things. Though the screenshot seems to detail most of it. Where any others on the team involved in this decision?
  8. Ok i understand. Locking and archiving as OP has retracted this complaint.
  9. Well, according to the screenshot bear posted he tries asking "whats going on" then the guy is grabbed and neckgrabbed WHILE bear is standing there. then the guy tries removing the PDA of the guy he has neckgrabbed in which case bear throws his tear gas grenade.
  10. Didn't @Bear see the antag attacking "SOMEONE" just not knowing who? Isnt bear kind of obligated to step in and stop this?
  11. It is really difficult to figure out what you're trying to say in this post. You attacked an antag when prate thinks you should not have? @Pratepresidenten @Bear
  12. I let this sit for too long. The long and short of it is that while the sequence of events may be pretty dry and bare bones there really isnt much in the way of rule breaking behavior. It seems reasonable to me a wizard might want to show off his magic tricks on the holodeck and maybe even let the crew play with his items. It is also reasonable to me that security might try to arrest the wizard after a cadet has his eyes burned out by a scrying orb. The next logical course of action by the antagonist is of course "i do not want to be arrested" and that is of course going to escalate to lethal enagagement. Security's "intent" in this case is largely irrelavent. An antag is allowed to stop themselves from being arrested up to and including lethal force. The various points that huivn described not knowing how a particular thing worked is pretty understandable. It is very rare for any one person to get the role, even regulars ahelp questions about it from time to time.
  13. It is hard to read some of these screenshots due to the resolution. Can you upload each one individually in your post? You should be able to click and drag and upload the file itself. Also for obvious reasons i cant really take this one.
  14. Gameplay is Roleplay.

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