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  1. You where and still are a good mod that i will miss.
  2. Alrighty, be cool and you can stay here. Ban lifted.
  3. Uhh, ok. Well i will lock and archive this then. Just ping someone if you change your mind.
  4. Well we do give out warnings for mistakes. It is so light its hard to even call it a punishment. You made an honest mistake in regards to the turret controls. This warning is documentation so that you do not repeat it as the consequences of misunderstanding turret controls can be quite deadly.
  5. I have updated the wording for this. I have heard the opinions of people in this thread. Unfortunately this is the part where i say that i am not budging.
  6. Locking and archiving. I consider this resolved. I will be re-applying the forum ban.
  7. You should seek to You're encouraged to The word choice im using is meant to imply what you generally should do. Not really what you must always do. I mean to imply here that its incredibly lame to resist your borer at roundstart. This inevitably gets you dragged to medical. The worm shows up on a scanner as a tumor. Once they take it out in surgery the cat is out of the bag and the round is fucked. Like, make use of the conversation skills we have as being human beings and talk to the worm inside your head through LOOC or AOOC or something.
  8. The last few posts confuse me lets get back on track.
  9. I understand we have all had bad experiences with antags but i have to say from someone who deals with bwoinking people and teaching people how not to be shit... Its not as big of a problem as people make it out to be. TYPICALLY that shitheel you played with does that for one or two rounds and then he finally adjusts to our RP level and then hes fine from then on. We have a constant supply of new players progressing into seasoned players.
  10. Thinking about it but my gut tells me "no". I would rather focus on building good relationships between the cortical borer and the host. Almost everyone is enjoying having a worm inside their head so i think currently its just people talking about it on discord. No i do not think i will. I have heard your opinion i just disagree with it. This is what our heavy roleplay means.
  11. I believe that this is simply how aurora should be. It is a consequence of playing on a server with antags enabled. I do not think it is healthy to allow for RP you can just opt out of. Instead of throwing our arms up and stonewalling things we should all be willing to roll with whatever happens under the rules with our characters. It creates a better game. Also before anyone brings up cult conversions i also dont think you should be able to resist those either. Its not relevant to this topic. Rev is a special case that relies on convincing people with words. Its not spooky mind control. You're still your character except now you have a spooky brain slug in your head. Its not quite like being dominated by a vampire where you literally lose all sense of self and have to do what the dominate tells you to do. It is simultaneously possible to be under the controlling effects of a cortical borer and still be your character. Yes and i will stand by that. It creates a much healthier and fun round if every host goes "oh cool a chance to RP something new! Whats up brain slug?" instead of " ; THERES SOMETHING IN MY HEAD CONTROLLING ME AHHHHHHHHH". I do not really care if your character would genuinely scream over the radio about it. I am saying it would negatively impact the round to such an absurd degree that i am forbidding it.
  12. It is a cringe meme in looc but if i saw this i reckon i would have PMed the player and politely ask they not do that here. I really do not want to go too hard into criticizing the way you went about talking about this. I suppose it would have been preferable to ahelp. I am not sure how paradox was PMed, dunno if it was brought up in server discord but i was not mentioned or anything. It really does not matter though and i just want to focus on the "Yes that is not ok" in regards to tummy rubs. Marlon's "gotcha" aside i do not think anything @BurgerBB may have or may have not done in the past prevents him from bringing up a related issue. So, about prate. Well prate can have opinions and he can also be wrong. I am sorry but i do think you are wrong prate. Under our rules we do expect content and interaction here to remain largely PG. Physical touching and stuff like this i do think falls under this. Even then this is just an observation under the rules. It does not assume anyone is acting in bad faith. It just means the player needs to be bwoinked and politely asked not do that.
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