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  1. Ok so can you actually explain what the issue read pointed you to was? You're being frustratingly vague in saying it was just "rules lawyering" and "taking me out of the round to argue". I need to know the actual facts. @ReadThisNamePlz Can probably tell me about it. He did this exactly one time and was reprimanded for it. He also apologized to you. This has absolutely no bearing on this complaint and im kind of annoyed you would even try to suggest it.
  2. As long as antags where taking advantage of the situation as part of their plan then this is fine to do. We do not generally bwoink antags for mildly inconveniencing players for eight minutes.
  3. Sounds fine. I have always been of the opinion that too many different outfit items of varying styles turns this into a Halloween dress up contest. We need our own style.
  4. Gonna change to the note to reflect what you did to olivia's character as its the opinion of myself and borya that its the biggest problem here. Everything else is ok. The note from the juggy is also gonna be expunged. Cult constructs have essentially no agency. They have to follow the cult orders.
  5. I am sorry but we cannot really do that. Any temporary ban will result in the removal of your head of staff whitelist. This has been our interpretation ever since alberyk took over the managing of them. The wording has been updated to more accurately reflect this.
  6. Note has been expunged and replaced with a note linking to this complaint. Locking and archiving.
  7. This might actually be a good idea. Its the one thing i like about the sec discord. Sometimes serious topics crop up and the flow of general conversation dilutes it a bit too much.
  8. Funnily enough this is actually correct. It WILL tell you that you're shot with a rubber bullet if you are shot from a distance but if you are point-blanked it will just tell you that. I just tested this in-game. I think @NewOriginalSchwann was fine here given that context.
  9. Forgot to lock and archive this. Ban was lifted a while ago.
  10. As i understand it any ban will result in the removal of a head whitelist. @Alberyk can correct me if i am wrong. About a day before you where banned you received a note on your ckey for being rude in tickets. So, logically doing the same thing again would result in a temporary ban of 24 hours. Thus that seems to be the logic of reverting the original 3 day ban.
  11. This timeline of events here is really hard to pin down. Im gonna need some extra questions answered. Ok, so you where a cult zombie. Your existence is extremely limited. If all of this is true it sounds like a reasonable premise to go into medical. I am extremely interested in wtf a medical staff member is doing with a laser rifle. Again so far i do not really see any problems here. Until this point you had not attacked anyone lethally right? What i assume one of the problems here is the juggernaut was shot at with a laser and assumed from this point on "ok time to go ham". Yeah this seems to inform my earlier hypothesis. So, i dont know WHEN this happened but when someone tries to shard a wounded person it will not work if they are "not dead enough". If this is the case it will give you a message something along the lines of "Hey this guy aint dead enough". Now we all know sometimes it can be REALLY hard at a glance to tell how wounded or dead someone is in this game so what i reckon happened is he just assumed you where a goner and tried to tip you over the edge a bit. Unfortunately you where not actually that dead and in the context of the juggy's crazy escapade i can understand the mistake. I mean i really have a hard time here assigning agency equally here. I understand cult contrstucts need to listen to the cultists but unless i am missing something here it seems like dil never said "Go kick the shit out of that guy". Its certainly implied that if you shoot a laser at someone they are gonna come after you. Which is what the juggy did. Is anything that i quoted from dil's post not true?
  12. @icedcabbage When you get a moment please detail your side of things here. I shall take this complaint.
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