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Sean Richter's Silver Star of Merit

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BYOND Key: CommanderXor
Character name: Sean Richter
Item name: Silver Star of Merit

Why is your character carrying said item to work?:

Richter was given this medal a long time a go, through a canon event that he partook in with one of his first friends. His friend, however, is no longer around. Imprisoned for life. He's taking it with him both to remind himself of that lost friendship, and, as a sense of pride in his actions and a constant reminder that he can pull through any challenge and to 'do the right thing'. In a nutshell it's a keep-sake to his old days, his friends gone by and the need to remain true to his beliefs.

Item function(s): It's a medal, so a accessory that could be put on a jumpsuit, hopefully it would be visible.
Item description: 'The Biesel Silver Star of Merit, rewarded for bravery and professionalism in the line of duty.' ((Taken from the original application.))
Item appearance: I don't actually know what the sprite is, so one of the simple silver medals from the box should be good, unless there was a better sprite?

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

I think that I will be able to elaborate on the nature of the medal to people. Obviously Richter turning up one day with a medal might arch eyebrows, or just general bar-banter. It'll help relate to the old canon events and characters. How he was friends with Kalren, how the Odin Murder incidents drove the wedge that led to Kalren being detained for murder and the likes.  It's basically a story aide to help create fiction and recount past events.
Additional comments:

Now, I know this was a event from two years ago. But I didn't feel confident in writing applications back then, and my first application was a Vaurca application a few months ago. Looking back at it now, I think I'm confident in applying for it now.

The link to Kalren's application for the same item can be found here: 

I'm willing to compromise on the item, such as the nature of its origins if the lore team don't deem the event canon anymore.

Richter was also directly mentioned in the original application, as both persons were present during it and worked together.

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