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Permanent ban appeal

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Hello, I was banned at 2019-03-18 07:36:14 for Spraying people with chemicals and then stabbing them with a glass shard and ignoring staff PMs. I'm sorry and I understand that it's a heavy role-play server and that I should've responded to the PMs but I wasn't really paying attention to the chat because I was knocked out after all the chaos and as soon as I went into ghost mode I was just screening the area seeing all I had done. I'm relatively new to the game and do not really understand the mechanics of the game, so I really had no idea what to do and I was just a lab assistant so I really had no access to anything. I found the bottle of chemicals near the medical area and I picked it up and just started spraying people and seen that it knocked them down or whatever and I seen someone yelling about how I was spraying people and I admit it was hilarious so I continued. 

Anyways thanks for the experience on your server :) I enjoyed every bit of it. Had some nice folks teaching me how to play the game, I even threw a violin at a medical robot and he cut me with his handsaw. Hope you all have a good night and sorry if I ruined your guys experience :( 



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