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[Accepted] Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Negativ9002
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: evandorf
Reason of Ban:

Without orders or any interaction with those involved other than a message over the radio, he interrupted a hostage situation with flashangs nearly getting the hostage (captain) killed and endangering other sec. Given his history I am applying a permanent ban which can be appealed after a period of no loss than two weeks. This is blatant powergaming and while Negativ9002 understands that what he has done is against the rules he does not agree that it is wrong or apologize or show remorse.

Reason for Appeal:

First and most important, I would like to apologise for the round that I ruined when the ban was applied. As the reason states I understood at the time that it was against the rules but disagreed with evandorf regarding it. It has been months since that round. I have taken the advice of other admins to try out other SS13 servers which I did.

I have come to the conclusion that the quality of roleplay and the way Aurora is managed is far superior to that of other servers. Despite the player count difference of servers that are very popular and others that claim to be Heavy Roleplay Server. There is nothing that I have encountered so far that matches the experience at Aurora.

The reason of making this appeal is because I would like another chance. I am aware that I was given plenty of warnings an antag ban and this permanent ban. I apoligise for ruining that round despite being full aware of the rules and would like another chance at Aurora.


(The reason why the byond key does not match the forum display name because it appears to be taken but not belonging to me.)

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You were aware of the rules that were broken and, given your apology and the amount of time that has passed, I am willing to lift the ban. The antag ban, however, was not applied by me and will remain in place until some more time has passed without any further escalation incidents. Then you can create another appeal so that @HouseOfSynth can review it.

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