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  1. Would this be an every saturday thing? I'd be interested but I'm on call once every three weeks, I don't know if I could do /every/ saturday.
  2. Apologies again for the delays but I've spoken with @Juani2400 on this and we both agree that some things Garn said were over the line and inappropriate. I've spoken with other Headmins regarding appropriate repercussions and so long as Garn acknowledges the misconduct and makes a good faith effort to curb the behavior going forward we will be logging the issue for future reference. It will be taken into consideration for any further incidents. After speaking with Garn on Discord and seeing his subsequent comment we'll move forward with this action plan. We'll leave this thread open for another 48 hours to allow for any further questions or concerns.
  3. That's fine. As long as there's some consensus on what's acceptable. Ideally any abuse should be handled ICly, but it's good to layout what the limits are beforehand.
  4. The Captain is still bound by regulations. On code green weapons have to be concealed. While the Captain could go and grab any weapon he wants, if he did so without reason he we get spoken to for power gaming.
  5. No, but we still put an incredible amount of time and energy into building the IC universe and changes we make to it should make sense within its lore and adhere to currently existing policies, both IC and OOC.
  6. To clarify, I have two issues. 1. Giving the Captain a weapon that is intended to be worn is simply an increase in his lethality and combat effectiveness regardless of whether or not it is carried in a sheath. As it currently stands the Captain can carry an epistol and baton at round start. Breaking out the antique without reason would be considered power gaming. If the sword is intended to be carried from the start then the Captain can still carry the epistol and baton with it, it just removes the need requirement that the antique currently has. 2. Forgive me for being pedantic, but at least where I live a sheathed sword would not count as a concealed weapon. Even holstered firearms do not count as concealed if the entirety of the holster is visible. The key is whether or not you can easily distinguish or discern what the weapon is. Ingame, when you look at a security officer you can see very little of the weapon sprite when holstered, if at all, and inspecting only shows that it is “an occupied holster”. A sword in its scabbard worn externally is clearly visible and can easily be distinguished. It would be inappropriate on code green, on a research station, as part of a non military company.
  7. That’s my issue, by going from the antique to a sword you are moving from a prop to an actual weapon intended to be carried. I personally do not want any exceptions. We should either remove them all or this should instead be a policy change.
  8. The HoS does not have a helmet. He has an armored hat. The issue is not IC or regulation based, as the item visually makes sense and adheres to regulations, but potentially mechanics based. If there is an issue with the HOS having a helmet that is not actually a helmet then the item or armor values should be removed. The pistol only has five shots and not all of them will hit. To be clear, my issue is not with the idea itself but the fact that it breaks our existing regulations and rules. The antique gun stayed in its case for the most part unless there was an emergency or an antagonist took it. If a Captain starts their round breaking open the case to carry the antique around then they’re getting a talking to. What you seem to be suggesting is replacing the antique with a lethal item that is approved to carry from the start of the round.
  9. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Security_Officer#Alert_Levels “You can wear the standard vest available in your security locker, but not the armor found in the armory.”
  10. The armor is not an exception though. Vests are allowed and encouraged for all sec officers on green. Helmets are allowed on blue and above. The difference between the scabbard and the holster is that the holster only fits the epistol, from the captain’s current equipment. It has very little lethal potential. The sword has arguably more mileage as a lethal weapon.
  11. The Captain is still bound to regulations. I still have an issue with basically giving him the ability to openly carry a weapon at all times. While the background of the Captain could account for them having a weapon they would not be allowed to bring it to work like this. It’s the same reason weapons aren’t allowed in custom item apps. I would check with @TishinaStalker but I’m fairly certain even Captain characters would have personal weapons denied.
  12. I don’t think the Sabre fits well with the station. It seems like a bit of dated military tradition but NT isn’t military. Also, this would be kind of a dick move to allow the Captain special permission to wear a weapon openly on green. AFAIK other swords, even if the sprite shows a scabbard like the katana, are still considered weapons by sec if worn.
  13. I have to agree with Carver. Most of the time you will likely have merc teams use their own TC to gear themselves rather than pool their TC for one crimson hardsuit. The result would be its use would drop from 75-100 percent of merc rounds to maybe 30% (approximately the same percentages you see a syndie borg get dropped). It would be considered a nerf because the overall effectiveness of the merc team would be statistically reduced across all merc rounds. I think it would be too much to give every merc a crimson hardsuit but maybe if you're concerned with people rushing the existing one you could add it to the uplink so a second could be purchased.
  14. Sorry about the delay on this. I had a small medical/health issue that’s been cleared up. I will be getting with Juani soon on a final decision.
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