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  1. BYOND key: House_Of_Synth Discord name/id: House_Of_Synth#7383 Borg / AI names: Teletraan, Praetorian XI Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: I have Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I used to play AI fairly often before the whitelist requirement, I'd like to start playing it again. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? A couple notes and a warning from a couple years ago I believe, but nothing serious. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I do
  2. If the nightvision effect and seeing through walls isn't needed you could just use the colour overlay mesons use and apply them to another set of specs right? Run it through as a custom item. From what @Estoytrucha has said, it's primarily the colouring that helps them play with their condition. I don't think that'd cause any OOC issue in terms of balance. Just muh 2 cents
  3. I have made your dream a reality in this PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9652 It'll show up a message similar to the one that gets put out initially.
  4. Arrow has added them to the database so you should be able to order them now.
  5. Oh wow! I didn't realise they had this. I'll give it a look. As for making the mixing mandatory I still want straight setups to work, although I might try to push away from straight phoron engines by beefing nitrogen slightly and making it so that phoron creates much more radiation and needs a gas to balance it, for example. But giving more to atmos is, I feel, definitely necessary as at the moment it's extremely underused beyond asking the AI for access so you can steal tanks.
  6. This is the general drive behind the experimentation yeah. Giving beneficial and detrimental effects with different mixtures, also down on giving temperature changes an effect if I can figure out a way to regulate the temperature. There's still quite a bit of on-paper planning to do, I've just been too busy to do it so far. Whether or not I'll actually be able to deliver I don't know but I'm definitely going to try.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, bunch of late shifts recently. Not at all! Any and all feedback is welcome. This is something I plan to hash out and work on over the coming months. Even if nothing comes from it (Of course that'd be less than ideal) I'll still net some valuable experience code-wise. I get that, I've edited the post to shift the focus out a little and place the project on the whole of engineering, not just the engine. I do agree there are things to do in the maintenances and such. However I feel like engineering needs that """technical""" aspect. Like science have guns to play with and all that jazz, I wanted to give people something interesting to do on the more technical side of things. Mixing gases in as accurate ratios as they can to get desired effects for example. But to reiterate this project is about giving engineers more things to do post startup so I'm in total agreement with you. Maybe it's not necessary but it would still be pretty fun. Covered this a little bit above where I talked about giving more technical things to do. Giving antags more things to do engine-wise is another spur for this part of the project because at the moment it is just a case of turning on the emitter, turning off waste or flipping the pump that brings the cold loop through the radiators. Each of these ultimately lead to a delamination and I think giving more effects could be beneficial to antags. I'm totally down for this, what kind of things would you like to see constructable? Shouldn't be a problem code-wise since I can use other constructable/modular objects as framework. I'm 90% sure this is within the scope of my current ability. Yeah this is station directive stuff, and does ultimately depend on your command staff. I don't really know if I can get away with changing stuff like this. The construction level was meant to be used for something so ICly there's all kinds of reasons they could say no. But if you have any ideas as to fleshing out the directives a little bit. Engineering have like one line in the directives that covers this. I'd have to bounce it around some people but I could give it a go.
  8. Rounds in engineering often start the same way. The engine gets set up, usually with the same gas, the SMES gets upgraded and RCON gets set. Then comes the wait for something to break. Most of the other departments have ongoing things that take up time after the round begins. Science have research, they experiment with weapons and circuits. Build robots, mechsuits etc. Medical is a little more limited but chemists can spend most of the round experimenting with chemical mixtures, making situational chem bottles. You get the idea. I'd like to make this project about giving more things for engineering to do post startup. For example: Myself and @Crozarius were talking about ways to make the engine a little more interesting and he had an interesting thought. He proposed that different gases should interact with the SM in different ways. Changing it's properties. Similar to how anomalies work but with different properties that make more sense for a energy holding space crystal. Expanding on this a little bit, if the right set of properties can be decided it would also give atmospherics a little life. Personally I've never seen the gas mixing station used, not since the days of exodus at least. I'm thinking different ratios of gases could give different proportions of effects, some more desirable than others. This could also give antags another thing to play with. Currently the only thing an antag can do with the engine is cause a delamination with staff permission which sucks for most parties involved. Giving them more alleys with the engine couldn't hurt? I'd still recommend staff permission though. Now changing gases in the supermatter is a little tedious, especially after the crystal is charged. If you run a phoron setup and shoot the thing with 25 shots, then try swapping to straight nitrogen you're going to have a bad time. So, for example, a gas mixture could be added that causes the SM to release it's energy in some other form over a shorter period of time, say 5-10 minutes, allowing for a little experimentation mid-round with the gases. Perhaps through extreme ionising rays that need to be contained in some way. It could also be that, in a delamination situation a mixture could exist where it causes the core to release all it's energy in some other form to give a (dangerous) alternative to a full core ejection. These are details I'd love to discuss with people and iron out over time. I'm still at a beginner level in terms of code, but I'm growing more and more confident over time. I plan to work on this project over the coming months along with other things that pop into my head or bug fixes. I'm hoping the more coding I do for other implementations and bug fixes the more I will be able to bring this project to life with that experience. If that makes sense. If you have any other suggestions as to what you think could improve engineering post-startup then don't hesitate to say. I'm all ears. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
  9. I really like the idea of adding things to the asteroid, be it mobs or structures, to give it a bit more depth beyond "Oh hey this is a rock, it has ore that's about it." There are some things that I would probably change around so I'll go through the post point by point and try to be as detailed as possible. 750 is pretty high, although I mostly have no issue with it. This'll be mostly covered in the points below since they tie into my thoughts. In essence I think the fact that they are an optional fight balances the high HP. You're not forced to go up against the tanky creature, you've got other options. I would take into account that folks may also be using magboots so I'd opt for the "slightly less" option. I like this. This really sets the "this is an optional fight" in stone. However, I can see it being a bit tricky with the darkness as if one is within view but concealed in the darkness you're going to get slammed outa nowhere. One could argue this adds to the suspense but given the power of the creature I'd at least make it so that there is a glow to their accent colour, so you can pick them out a little easier in the dark. Numbers (12 max spawn) are pretty irrelevant in terms of an argument at this stage because it's so subject to change. The best way to find the best maximum is to test it of course so I don't think that number should sway the opinions of anyone who's reading through this. Spawning them away from the station is a good idea too. You can still get a good lot of mining points for decent equipment closer to the station so you won't be completely naked to them by the time you reach the outer limits. Another thing I would suggest is to give players an early warning that they're entering an area with one of these beasts. Rather than some "you feel a shiver in your spine" perhaps add more subtle warnings like sound cues, bones, ore on the ground or perhaps even small rifts. Giving the player plenty of warning, hopefully giving them the thought to maybe keep on their toes a little bit. This would also imply that the vannatusks are more territorial than openly hostile. If people really don't like the idea of that grace period, perhaps shift the lore side of things a bit. Make it so that these creatures consume the ores around them, and that if one sees you mine the ore around it, it'll become hostile. The projectile seems pretty fair given it's very low accuracy. However, 30 brute is a lot. Enough to break limbs in one hit. So if it hits you in the leg, you're pretty much gauranteed to die. I'd recommend bringing that down slightly, so you can maybe get hit once and still escape. Value stuff is mainly whittled down through testing but I'm sure you'll be able to strike a good balance. Decent loot, not sure how much people use telescience these days but crystals are useful for it and for increasing bluespace levels in RnD I think. Could give science a reason to contract a few miners and/or security to go on a hunt, opening up some nice inter-department RP. In conclusion, as I said, I really like the idea of giving the asteroid a bit more life. The sprites look freakin awesome. Beautifully animated and I think the gritty look compliments their location on the map, considering the asteroid is a pretty grungy, dark place. I think they do need a bit of tweaking, but no idea is ever perfect on the first rendition so don't let any criticisms get you down. Best of luck!
  10. The salt shaker as well as the pepper mill and space spices container can all now be shooketh in this PR! https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8623 Didn't like the sloshy-ness of the soda shaking sound, so I added a new sound for salt/pepper/spice shaking shenanigans.
  11. I'd love to attend if there's space. If not then recordings would be appreciated if possible!
  12. Hello, I did this in this PR, https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8611 It uses the same sound as the janitor's pussywagon when turned on.
  13. Hey there! I'll be handling your application. I'm afraid I'm not going to be accepting this application for a few reasons. As some pointed out, your characters education and experience is a little off. Sure, their time on the ship can count toward their experience. But the relavent education should be done at a university or through an apprenticeship. I'm afraid we don't accept lore from other servers, it can conflict with our lore and generally cause confusion. You'll need to do some reading of our lore, all of which can be found on the wiki. Then you'll need to adapt your character to our lore. Lastly you've only been playing for a couple weeks, which is a really short time to get to grips with the server, our lore and HRP itself. You should give yourself some more time to get used to the server and our lore before applying again. In conclusion, take some time to play the server, get used to the HRP dynamic and also read up on some of our lore. Give it a couple months so you really know the feel of the server and can develop your character, adapting them to our lore. After which, I recommend you re-apply taking into account what has been said here and what you've learnt on the server. However for now, Application Denied.
  14. Hey there! Sorry I'm a day late. I've heard no issues from folks and you've gathered a ton of good feedback during your trial. I see no reason why you shouldn't pass. Application Accepted after a successful trial, Congratulations!
  15. Hey my dude, sorry for the delay in responding to this. We've decided to lift your ban, however, should it be re-applied it's going to be much harder for you to get the ban lifted. As you said, it may be a good idea to play cadet for a bit to learn the ropes a bit more and to help avoid the same kind of poor secplay in future. I also recommend you give the rules another read too. Appeal Accepted
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