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Banned for jumping into disposals and ghosting

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BYOND Key: DarthvonPalpatine
Total Ban Length: I am unsure, the ban reason does not have a time limit so I am not sure.
Banning staff member's Key: pratepresidenten
Reason of Ban: Jumping into disposals and ghosting.
Reason for Appeal: 

I'm not going to argue that the ban was unjustified because that is definitely not the case, I was an idiot who got themselves banned for being lazy and not going to cryogenics when I could have just as easily done that instead of jumping into disposals - I could blabber on and say that I was tired or that I had to get off right away but that isn't a valid excuse, I chose the idiot's way out simply due to a lack of judgement. 


The reason for making this post is simply to ask how long the ban is for so that I can serve out my sentence, and if it is permanent, to appeal it as Aurora is one of my favourite RP servers and really the only reason I jump onto SS13 in the first place. 


Once again I apologise for the absolute shitrp and, if I am unbanned, can absolutely promise that this type of shittery will not occur again.

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