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  1. Seeing there is no answer, there will be no action. Appeal denied.
  2. Grandpa Skull is being put out to pasture after all these years. I hope you have a blast in the future on whichever you set your sights on. Be gud gramps, we'll miss you!
  3. I see. Well, if you cannot be honest in your appeal when you've tried to evade multiple times, you can stay banned indefinitely. Appeal denied.
  4. Before I process this, do you have any other ckeys you use to play?
  5. Can probably get it on a wiki somewhere, but I do feel it could be discussed further to iron it out or something.
  6. Surgeons are more than welcome to smear nanopaste everywhere. They're just not allowed to mechanically install or repair synthetic organs and parts outside of the paste. The nanites does the work, not the surgeon.
  7. Hi and hello. Ill be handling your appeal. So I see youve tried joining the server over the years with different ckeys. Why is this exactly?
  8. Hello! I see that you've noted that you don't play very often and that was not really an understatement either! Although we're glad you have an interest in wanting to play the AI, we cannot justify a whitelist with your current playtime. Feel free to apply at a later time when you're able to play more consistently. Application denied.
  9. From my own experience with events where crew is given the reins with an external element, they either dont follow up and the event fizzles out forcing event holders to constantly nudge people to make something happen, or they fuck up the entire premise by imprisoning/killing the target almost right after its introduced, oooor command+security locks the event away, disallowing anyone else to interact with whatever is happening in the name of danger or security concerns. Or worst case scenario, huddles all the crew into one location and forces them to stay there with absolutely nothing to do. Balancing and running events is not an easy task and there will always be a few people that will cry about how shit the event is, no matter what is done. It is literally impossible to please everyone.
  10. My involvement here was null. I caught the end of the shootout before leaving, so you can strike me as a participant.
  11. Looking this over, I cant really find any fault with Matt's conduct. He was brief and to the point, and you responded in kind. It was a pretty standard line of questioning, where Matt ended the inquiry with "You have a lot of notes about constant LRP behaviour. This is going to be a 3 day ban. Please take this time to really consider if you should be playing on an HRP server." I understand that it might be hard to adjust to an HRP setting if you come from an LRP server, or have simply never played before, but the suggestion of consideration if you should be playing on a HRP server at the current time is not a malicious one. You're more than welcome to disregard his suggestion and keep on playing as you do, but you will likely end up permabanned without a chance of appeal if you keep doing LRP things that violate our rules. I will be closing this in about a day unless you have any further questions.
  12. Alrrrighty friendo. Gonna nab this since our based borya has retired. Although your track record is less than good, Im willing to give you a chance. Just take a general slow approach to things and ahelp anything that might cause you problems. Appeal accepted.
  13. Alrighty @Nitche you shouuuuuuuld be good to go now.
  14. There is already a post about this barely a week old. Go post there.
  15. As Garn said, its just my demeanor and attempts to be friendly to make the general bwoink experience less overwhelming and scary as it can be for some people. Im sorry that it caused you discomfort or grief. Ill be sure to have you in mind and only put on my "Strictly business" mindset if we talk in ahelps again! That being said, good luck on your application!
  16. Ill be taking your appeal. The permaban you're appealing here weaves too well in with the rest of your problematic behavior, which is practically refusing to change your character being hitler of different ethnicities. So due to your die hard devotion to play a nazi for le memes, you can stay gone. Appeal denied.
  17. On the topic of an appeal date, I will be retracting my "Appeal in 6 months" because Ive looked into your history around ss13's servers, and had I done this before your ban, I would have never given you the hope that you'd have a shot at coming back in 6 months, so that is entirely on me. In all the multiple appeals you've made, the same issues surface. You're an extremely toxic individual that has not learned anything from being banned from a multitude of servers, so it wont be any different here either. So to reiterate: I am retracting the 6 month appeal time, and I will not be unbanning you should you decide to make any appeal at any point.
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