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  1. How do I unsee weebs 😩

    1. Desven


      we're stuck here together

    2. Pratepresidenten
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      Start by breaking your mirror.

  2. As its been over two months since the whitelist was implemented, we're confident that this has been a step in the right direction. So with that, Im making this thread in an attempt to better the AI further. We're looking for suggestions and ideas about how to improve things in regards to the AI. So far there has been ideas thrown around about giving the AI a type of mobile shell for a more physical presence. To remove/rebalance cameras and how the AI is integrated into the station. And lastly to move the AI core somewhere else. Perhaps more centralized and/or less fortified. So
  3. Hai. Im gonna lift this as its your first perma. That being said, I would highly encourage you not to play security for atleast a few weeks until you can settle in properly. Aside from that, refamiliarize yourself with the rules and any changes that might have happened in your absence. Appeal accepted.
  4. I want to know what happened that was so awful that it warranted a removal suggestion instead of bringing an issue up with the AI whitelist team. Which AI performed so atrociously that the round was absolutely ruined beyond any recovery. Please come to my DMs and share this horror story so that the AI in question can be evaluated. If the argument is that they steal the spotlight, I will be greatly annoyed as any Traitor McJoe can steal the spotlight with a radio announcement and a couple of welderbombs, doing more damage than any traitor AI could ever hope for without cyborg assisted
  5. Hello! Considering how new you are to the server, and the few rounds you've played as a borg, your application is denied for the time being. You're encouraged to play more borg and get some community feedback if possible. And of course, you're very much welcome to join the departmental discord and make yourself known with the synth crowd there!
  6. Seeing Dekser served a temporary ban the following day over the very same behavior, no further action will be taken in regards to this complaint. The complaint is considered resolved and will be archived soon.
  7. Ive moved your post, but you will need to edit it yourself.
  8. The department discord has a section for AI/borgs, and it should be sufficient for all your AI related needs. So please do stop by and liven up the area! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
  9. As the AI whitelist has now been implemented for a little over a month, so its time to let us know what you think of it so far. Main pointers we want you to give extra feedback on if possible: New laws Removal of malf / Reintroduction of traitor AI Are there other things you particularly like or dislike with the new changes? Put down below!
  10. I feel this would bring up wonky antag/crisis interactions where situations would be like "Oh shit, bad stuff/bad guys, run to the escape shuttles!" Why would people stay behind and risk their life when they have a perfectly good shuttle readily available to swoosh them to safety? Then again, you can do this with cryo, but overall its just.. Weird.
  11. For the time being, this is being denied. You can contact me on discord if you have any questions regarding.
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