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  1. Helo fren, I will be doing your requesterino. Just a quickie few things I want to bring up that I want you to acknowledge as your note history is not a pretty sight. I want to make it clear to you that this will likely be your last chance. So here goes! You need to use cryostorage and not hog slots by disconnecting in lockers, remote areas and what have you. If you cannot make it to cryo, ahelp. If something should happen, contact staff on discord. Dont be disrespectful to people, and dont antagonize staff when we're trying to talk to you. And if you feel like shitting around lrp style, play elsewhere where this is acceptable. You've had many months to get to know the rules now, and if you truly want to play here, you will put in the effort to ensure you dont break the rules. That being said, if you are caught breaking basic bitch rules, the ban will just be reapplied, so tread very carefully here. If you have questions about the validity of your own or someone elses actions, ahelp. Better safe than sorry. If these terms are okay, then I will go ahead and unban you 😄
  2. Upon revisiting the thread here, I feel this has become increasingly more sensical to me. Why would an automated repair system fling semi-expensive drones into something it possibly cannot defeat. So perhaps it should just be clear cut as Doxx initially thought, and we'll just remake the third law into "Do not interact with any being that is not a fellow maintenance drone."
  3. You can yap in the headset while cuffed, and you can yap in the headset with both arms removed. Hands nor arms are required for headset operation, believe it or not!
  4. Field mechanic maybe? For that fancy title flair! Ive been at this for an hour now, I cannot find any suitable low-rank title that doesnt have maintenance or technician in it :c
  5. They can though. The law is just not to interact with any humanoid or synthetic that is not a maintenance drone. Drones have fought carp and spiders since the dawn of time. If you want them not interacting with anything that isnt a drone, then the laws needs another rewrite.
  6. Hello frens. I have come to offer some input. First off, for the OP: Malfs do have combat borgs, but they're only accessible through delta, but by then, people will want to jump ship due to the nature of delta. So perhaps it could be tied to red alert + overclocking. Combat borgs were given cuffs iirc, to give them the OPTION to detain. Combat borgs were designed to hunt down and neutralize any opposition, but now they have a choice to detain. As for those of you that argue that there is no need to remove flash abuse, go play borg. Seriously, go play a stationbound and come back here after youve been flashcheesed and beaten to death without ANY counter and tell me this is perfectly fine. The borgs have no choice but to be cannonfodder for the malf. It is not their fault, they are compelled to enforce the will of the AI. The laser rifle and ion rifles are both two extremely viable options to trash a borg. Even if the ion is almost certain death, it still allows for SOME protection, like an airlock or glass. Dont punish the borgs for bad malf and malf gimmicks.
  7. To us that dont know code shenanigans, can you elaborate on what is changed? Is shock stage damage taken? Is blackout removed altogether?
  8. Your format is still a trainwreck, and there is no ckey like this. Check again for the proper ckey please.
  9. You've already been talked to about naming issues. And if you flip through servers and assume that rules are the same cross-server, thats on you. You should always doublecheck the rules to see if there are any issues, it saves staff and yourself trouble. The interaction you present here would not have gone down as you think it would, you would have been issued a warning regardless of how gently I explained the issue to you, because as I said, you have already been spoken about them on more than one occation. And I do understand some people are not native english speakers, I am not one either.
  10. Hello, just here to clarify things on my end. Here is our interaction. From what I gathered from your second response, you immediately knew it was your name that was an issue, and I think you were being a smartass as you knew your name was an issue. So I was clear and precise with what the issue was, and I issued you a warning as you had two previous entries about failing to adhere to proper naming rules, one as a human, the other as an AI. I then refered to the naming rule, which is the second rule in character creation. And even after outlining this, you still asked which rule you have violated, and at this point, I think you're just dicking with me for the hell of it. I even allcapsed the middle name for you, but you just wanted to speak to someone else, so I closed your ticket as escalation of punishment was done and there was nothing else to talk about.
  11. In my experience, most cases investigating issues, this hasnt really been an issue. To put it from our side of view. Staff: So this seems valid, you did X and Y. Player: ---------------- *5-20 minutes pass* *Close ticket* Or another one where questions are asked in relation to the issue. Player: So I did that and this. Staff: Okay, thanks for your time/help/whatever Player: --------------------- *Close ticket* This isnt just something staff does. Players do this too, and the amount of tickets we deal with, its seen more than plentiful. Sometimes I forget a ticket asking someone about something or thanking them for their time and they just dont say shit. Even when they ask about respawns or help, and it is offered, not even a thanks. With the sometimes abundance of tickets answered during a round, and the frequent scenario where the player just doesnt bother responding to a resolution or what have you, we just close the ticket because the issue has been resolved/help has been given and there is no need to clog the window with open tickets. I hope this offers some insight into things.
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