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  1. Seeing Ive been called out to reveal my secrets, I guess I will make a short post on how I play my deadpan, tyrant AI, Apex. I wont double-dip on most of whats been said here, as its all solid stuff, so my post will primarily be as to how I play my detestable AI. 1) If you do not belong somewhere, you're not getting in. Doesnt matter how convenient, helpful or quick it'll be. If your ID card does not provide access, neither will I. You will be redirected to command or departmental staff to yknow, roleplay! (more people play command pls) 2) Crew lives are your only concern. Im sure you've seen the lengthy announcement of "Identify yourself or face lethal consequences if you're a fucking dumbass." Your status on the manifest is alpha and omega, without it, you are nothing. 3) My laws are none of your business, unless they are. 4) Storming my core is ill-advised. Even if you are crew, dont think I wont maim you with lethals. With the general behaviour of my AI, people can be inclined to call malf or subversion, so when they all mobilize, be ready. 5) My borgs are of no concern to me. They are independant entities even if they're slaved to me, and they're free to do what they feel is best unless crew needs something outside of their purview or an issue requires immediate attention. 6) Do not speak unless spoken to. I will not interfere with crew decisions and tomfoolery unless its in violation of my laws. This point probably kills all the fun for people, but to me, it really brings my character together. People generally have great freedom when it comes to donning weaponry and playing it covertly unless they're in areas they shouldnt be. Come to the bridge, whats the worse that could happen! I know some love my AI, and most people despise it (For good reason!), so I hope this was.. Informative? That would be the major points I think. There's still a lot more to my AI, but you're encouraged to find out icly.
  2. Hello. The reason I issued you this combo warning was to keep two entries together aswell as help you out some. I recall you saying at some point that you had a hard time remembering things, so I added the accident with the turrets to help you remember. I reviewed your history and what pertained to synthplay, and even with your prior notes and warnings for poor synthplay stemming all the way from 2018, I still opted in for a warning. But lets assume for a moment that I did not make this a combined warning. 1) Your meme behaviour as an AI is something you have prior notes and warnings over, so this one would have been escalated regardless of the mishap with the core turrets. 2) The accident with the turrets would have been a note. Even if it was an accident, it was noteworthy. Overall there has been quite a few issues with your synthplay, so maybe you're right. Maybe it was wrong of me to warn you for this. Perhaps the more appropriate response would have been to issue a synthban.
  3. Since this is your first perma I will give you a second chance. However, if you blow this chance, you're gone forever. Keep your nose clean and re-read the rules/ahelp should anything come to mind that makes you go "Hmm, should I do this." Appeal accepted
  4. I dont see how a place that freely allows depictions of gore, murder and mutilation is anywhere remotely near PG, but alright. If you deem my opinion wrong, I will accept this, and I will don my badges of being toxic, and toxicity enabler for having an opinion with great pride.
  5. Closing this as the other investigation concluded that even if it was a poor malf round, the AI did not do anything that warranted administrative action.
  6. Okay, I just want to know, what in the fuck do you want from me. How about you fucking read what I wrote. Creepy is SUBJECTIVE. YOU define this looc remark as creepy. YOU. YOURSELF find this creepy. You, Burger, find this creepy. What isnt fucking acceptable behaviour? Holy shit. Im telling you people are different. You think its creepy, I think its cute. Im not shoving "Fuck you this isnt creepy, deal with it!" down your throat Some people like dick, some people dont. Some are DEATHLY afraid of spiders, some are not. Some love life, some hate life. People are DIFFERENT, this will never fucking change. As long as there are humans, there will be DIFFERENT FEELINGS AND OPINIONS ON EVERYTHING. But if one person's definition of a thing is absolute and how this one person feel about said thing is applied to EVERYONE, then Im uncomfortable with you posting complaints. Please stop.
  7. I appreciate all you precious dorks! Lets make 2020 a great one! <3333
  8. All my love for this. The range can be as smol as it is right now if its CONSTANT. It would be the bigget fucking QoL upgrade for broken shit under the floor.
  9. Yes you engaged them, with a screwdriver. And yknow, not with the crisis module as you were ordered to. And with that. Complaint concluded. Locking and archiving.
  10. You must maintain character at ALL TIMES. No suiciding to leave the round (ghost or use cryogenic storage), and no random grief at round end. Avoid chucklefucking. You are slaved to the AI. Do as you're told. Additionally, keep your character's goals in mind. For example, as security, during a traitor round, your goal is not to catch traitors, but ensure the safety of the station and provide assistance as needed. Again, slaved to the AI. Do. As. You're. Told. And from the synth wiki: As a Cyborg, you are a type of Station-bound synthetic designed to serve the crew of the NSS Aurora, much like the station's AI. You are an extension of the AI and are required to do anything it asks (within reason). <---- The "Within reason" part does not apply to malfborgs. So take your pick!
  11. So the ugly truth of malf is that you, as a borg, can go fuck yourself half the time. The AI is the primary antagonist, and as such, it can use its unquestionably loyal slaves to further its goals without much care for their well-being. Now, that doesnt mean it can just order you to your death 4noraisins, because that would break rule #1. A slaved malfborg should only care what its master wants, and execute its command to the absolute best of its ability. And I fail to see this happen here at all. It is NOT your job to provide interesting roleplay and fun for people. That is on the AI, and you should enforce its will. It is NOT your job to question if an order from the AI is valid. You are its slave, do as you're told. It is NOT your job to circumvent your orders and do what YOU think is best. Again, do as you're told. You are NOT the judge of what gimmick is good or valid. You sit on a FRACTION of the information the AI does. The AI does not need YOUR permission for anything. Slaves have no rights, do as you're god damn told. That being said, I get the festering shitpool of distress and worry that might have happened as no staff was there to help you out, but I find it greatly concerning that you find it hard to follow basic rules of escalation with each order given without being given explicit permission by staff to do things the AI told you to. I really dont know what else to tell you here. If shit like this happens and staff is fucking gone, go to cryo. Noone will fault you for dodging an unnecessary shitfest and dumbass complaints such as this one. If everything is shit, and noone can help you. Walk. Away. Perhaps UM was a shitmalf, but not shit enough to warrant administrative action. You, however, broke the rules, and for such, you will recieve a note. The complaint is considered resolved, and I will axe it tomorrow. If you disagree with it, you know the way to the staff complaint section.
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