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  1. Why make another thread that is more or less identical to your previous one though? My stance still remains the same. Borgs are equipment meant to fill lacking roles in X department. Overstepping borgs needs to be ahelped. Besides, how would you even justify this icly? "We've removed key access from our lawbound slaved synthetics because we dont want them going into places as we dont trust them to do as they're lawed to do." Personally I find it more unreasonable that xenospecies outside skrell are allowed to work on the station, or anyone with less than perfect records. Hell, how is it even justified to have non-synths working menial and hazardous jobs when you can have the dime a dozen borgs do them more efficiently and with almost no profit loss? I just find it hard to believe that borgs are so problematically intrusive and un-ahelpable that they warrant two threads in an attempt to limit their issues.
  2. Hello and thanks for your interest in the whitelist. Unfortunately I see you've only played a single round the past year, so I cant in good conscience accept your application at the present time. You're more than welcome to reapply when you've upped your activity. Application denied.
  3. Its been sitting as Ive had myself a long think about this. Ive gotten opinions from other members of staff on your appeal and I cant really say that I disagree with their thoughts on the matter. You have an extensive history of awful conduct, not only to aurora, but around a lot of ss13 servers as well. I cant in good conscience unban you as I dont think you'd be able to stay out of trouble either now, or in the future. Appeal denied.
  4. Seeing there is no answer, there will be no action. Appeal denied.
  5. Grandpa Skull is being put out to pasture after all these years. I hope you have a blast in the future on whichever you set your sights on. Be gud gramps, we'll miss you!
  6. I see. Well, if you cannot be honest in your appeal when you've tried to evade multiple times, you can stay banned indefinitely. Appeal denied.
  7. Before I process this, do you have any other ckeys you use to play?
  8. Can probably get it on a wiki somewhere, but I do feel it could be discussed further to iron it out or something.
  9. Surgeons are more than welcome to smear nanopaste everywhere. They're just not allowed to mechanically install or repair synthetic organs and parts outside of the paste. The nanites does the work, not the surgeon.
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