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  1. Finally I can name myself mrowling asshole. But in all seriousness though, I like the suggestion if it can be done at all. Although, I think it might be a little problematic if you can only know their name if they add you to THEIR list. What if they dont or dont want to? Seems kinda shitty that you'd be stuck with the alias and you'd be forced in having to keep track of many of the same ish-nicknames. Could a reverse list be better perhaps? Making so you would see people as unknowns until you can pin a name on the voice using your own list?
  2. Im all for removal of secborgs. They're shit and do not belong.
  3. Tricord is a wholesome, easy to aquire drug that fills the void of a lacking chemist (And possibly an unset cryotube). Its heavily used by paramedics or lone doctors trying to keep people alive. So for the argument of removing it, seeing you have no chemist and the tubes are still hot, what do you do with a severe brute or burn injury? @GlitterGuts As I see it, your only option here is to give them some inaprovaline and dump them in the ICU, and let them heal it off, which will take forever and a half.
  4. Hokay. after some deliberation with Synth, I have to agree with the whitelist strip that was done here. The distrust of Central's orders/confirmation as a loyalty implanted captain was the step that caused this issue. Now, although you havent been getting into frequent trouble, there is a consistent pattern of bad command play over time that has been taken into consideration. Losing your whitelist is not the end of the world, and its fairly easy to get back again. So to summarize: The whitelist strip was indeed a valid one, and you can reapply again in about 3ish weeks. Gonna close this one up in 24 hours.
  5. ily riq, be gud ❤️ Do many draws, and have hot beverages when you feel down. Awoo ❤️
  6. Psure its only the AI-less borg thats still visible if it hasnt been fixed already. The others should work as intended
  7. Okay, so a few things has surfaced here that probably should have been handled a bit differently. The initial malf in question was a griefing shitter, and this whole scenario would probably have been better off if voided. But before I pass judgement, I want to know @TheSleepyCatmom, what measures were taken prior to the backdoor powersnipping? Were the borgs looked into? Do you know if they were actually lawed to the AI? Was a reset confirmed by Roadman for the new AI? Was carding even considered/attempted before taking the back route?
  8. Okay my dude, Im gonna give you a final chance here. If you've grown out of your bad ways, then thats great. But this is your one and only warning. If you are caught being an lrp shitter, or if you are combative with staff regarding any matter, you're out of here and you lose your ability to appeal. If you can accept these terms, I will lift the ban.
  9. I want to ask @VTCobaltblood, but, you keep referencing that Arrow is head staff, and being snark from time to time is unacceptable for such a position. Why is this exactly? Would it be acceptable for another staff member of "Lesser rank" to bully or snark someone of equal or greater rank? Their title comes with time and dedication, to have proven themselves capable. I dont think its fair at all to layer on that they should be the posterchild of humanity with infinite patience and they should never do any wrong. Arrow is a person like the rest of us, he has his his views and his limits.
  10. Yes because surely theres a finite amount of shitters out there. A world of billions of people. You should know very damn well, all the times youve ahelped about some shitter. A fair amount of them get banned, yet here they are, still ever present despite of me doing my job correctly. So the fact that we dont instantly escalate to permabans for one-off bad behaviours, still doesnt mean someone's round wont get ruined because of one baton-hungry dickhead. You're very misinformed if you think administrative punishment is some wonderous cure-all for bad behaviour. So leave staffing out of this and stick to the suggestion.
  11. Well, depending on the situation, or if you have backup, you could wrestle/tap him into submission. If he wont surrender peacefully, he brings any pain upon himself. But as Resi said, and I said in my first post. You regroup and prepare a little better.
  12. You get a baton or a carbine from the armory.
  13. More along the lines of: Should I try negotiating, or regroup and prepare better. Because as is now its just ungabunga two-prod with the baton and down they go. Even worse if you get the WONDERFUL one-hit knockout. Im not too sure how that one works code-wise, but Im pretty sure it works through voidsuits and other protective means. Whats the purpose of security? To act as a counter-antagonist force, to shut down the antags. Either they do it through peaceful means, or violent means, the end is the same. The antag is removed from the round or stripped of their items/power. Im not sure why you're so opposed to removing/replacing the stunbaton with something or nothing. Much like the somewhat opposed change of having the AI's intercom as off by default so it wouldnt accidentally ruin its malf plans if it misspoke in local, people would argue "Just turn it off.", while here you argue "Just ahelp." Once an officer ungabungas the antag, you can ahelp all you want. The round is ruined for said antag, and possibly the entire round, depending on the antag type. You cant void what has been done, but we can prevent it from happening. The batons are still available in the armory as per OP's suggestion. They're not gone forever.
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