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  1. Great idea, maybe, but..! What if the wizard could steal an item off a person and into their own hand? Wouldnt that be awesome? It could be anything, really. Clothes, items in bags, items in hand, implants? Maybe.. You wouldnt be able to steal organs obvs. I feel it'd be a fun addition tooo.. The battle mage? Or just standard wiz. Or all? Share your thoughts!
  2. Why? Personally, I dont think it makes much sense that suddenly Central can sense a biological outbreak in the form of disease on station, and besides, people realize they're sick long before the announcement pops anyway. Yay/nay?
  3. I unno about this. Clonex is easy breezy to make, and in great quantities. Phoron is in near limitless quantities and people would just opt in to build more cryotubes probably? Its an interesting idea, but if you want to make things truly difficult, as I assume the point of cloning removal, retweaks and all around attempts of destroying traditional cloning, I think you'd have to make one of the key elements in the rejuvenation process retardedly hard to aquire.
  4. Havent really interacted with them, but from what Ive heard, they've been a very positive influence.
  5. Seeing Alb's response here, gonna go ahead and deny this. Feel free to check in with lore to check on the viability of such items being turned into loadout items.
  6. No. This has great usage if you want to follow through on a threat, or if people go "UNGA BUNGA KILL CAMERAS, DESTROY BORGS, IGNORE TALKING TO AI, RUSH CORE CYKA BLYAT" You simply delete them from existence. Its meant to be used for distractions or straight up harming/killing people. And as any tool, use it with a purpose and not just because you can. You already have this though, you hack your borgs through the robot control console, unlocking their illegal module. The rest of the suggestions looks great tho, especially the voice changer
  7. Shadow is good egg, Im sure he'll do great as a paperpusher 😄
  8. Gonna go ahead and accept this with the changed sprites that has been produced.
  9. Things are usually pretty bad at the point where you notice you've been or you're actively being poisoned. You should be more meticulous about your precious phoron reserves! Bugmemes aside though, Im 100% onboard with an alert delay with all kinds of poisons.
  10. I love it. More ghetto shit please, it is the lifeblood of scrappers
  11. You can get 120u beakers from any autolathe, and 300u beakers can be researched in R&D.
  12. Couldnt traitorborgs just be flash-proof?
  13. Simple idea, seeing we have a disturbing amount of morgue pods (24 in medical alone), I suggest that random corpses can spawn inside said pods. Be it 0-3 per round, maybe a low percentage even. There isnt always time for cloning, and sometimes people are left behind, so this makes sense, right?? The role would become active once they're put in the cloning scanner and the new clone would essentially attempt to rediscover themselves and make up a story or stay a blank trying to find their purpose. Medical will have a completely optional something to do if the staff complement allows it. And maybe said clone becomes a proper character because someone just had a spark of genius about a toon they thought up on the spot.
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