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  1. Pratepresidenten


    Why is this not a thing. They're literally nymphs. Make it so
  2. Pratepresidenten

    Distress beacon for emergency response

    Huuuuuuuuuh. Then by all means, revive this idea for great justice!
  3. Pratepresidenten

    Add a stomach pump to the sleepers

    I feel that this is going to add a "Treat super quick and throw out of medical" mechanic. Diminishing roleplay to some extent. Now Im aware that this will be optional, and the roleplay option will always be available, but Im fairly certain people will most likely just use this option because its just easier. Then again, the absolute state of medical is either. A) Graveyard with absolutely nothing happening. Or B) Literally everyone on shift coming flooding in with internal bleeding, ruptured lungs and/or missing limbs while explosions and poweroutages are swirling around you like a hurricane of shit. As I have taken time to write this shitpost, I realize that this option would possibly make a good adition to B type scenarios, so Ill offer my support for some kind of stomach content deletion mechanic via the sleepers or other new types of machinery.
  4. Pratepresidenten

    Distress beacon for emergency response

    ..I do remember something along those lines. Whatever happened to it? Im pretty sure that.. The core idea of the ability was already coded. I think Ezuo had done a lot on it?
  5. Pratepresidenten

    Loadout preview

    Because sometimes you want to see how it looks with your department gear without having to click and swap about. QoL if any
  6. Pratepresidenten

    Loadout preview

    Allow us to see what our loadout selections will look like on our characters without the departmental equipment piled ontop of it. Should be available options to toggle loadout items AND equipment for your character in the character setup window. To make our lives so much more easier, and make mixing and matching gear and loadout items less of a pain.
  7. Pratepresidenten

    Shadow7889's Moderator Application

    I like this dude. Fun to play with, good chill, overall bro.
  8. Pratepresidenten

    Warbidon's Permanent unban appeal

    Hello and hello to you. Its been a long time now hasnt it. First off, I want to thank you for your honesty about effectively ban-evading and multikeying. Better to have it out in the open and all that. Now, as I understand it, you've had "Ownership" of the account since 2017, which I must admit, has not been a very good year for you. That being said, it has been a bit over a year now since your perma, and in the spirit of the holidays, I want to give you another chance. But the deal here is, this is not a clean slate for you in regards to former administrative punishment. You will also have to reapply for skrell and command if you want to play those roles again, as you did not earn these in the first place. So with that, you are effectively unbanned. Welcome back, merry christmas and keep your nose clean.
  9. Pratepresidenten

    Make the liver useful.

    The best deal here would be toxin buildup with a badly damaged liver (15-20 points?), and halved if damaged above 2? Im not too sure what the values are for damage through substance abuse or a thorough beating, but Im sure Burger has more insight into this.
  10. Pratepresidenten

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint - Yonnimer

    Uplink was spawned in after they fell into space, dropping their own uplink and faffing about for 30-40 minutes. It was an effort to get them back on track so their round wouldnt just be "Do nothing" as I know you hate.
  11. Pratepresidenten

    Make the liver useful.

    As it is now, the only type of damage that wont go down by itself is toxins. So make our spessmen more realistic and have toxins be processed properly too, seeing you have a functioning liver. I was thinking values would be somewhere along the lines of.. 10-15 minutes to process 1 unit of toxin? Could be more aswell I guess, its a slow process.
  12. Pratepresidenten

    Mira's Alchemist Set

    This seems like a cute and proper outfit, well worth questioning if you should bump into Mira! Plus one!
  13. Pratepresidenten

    Sign language clarifications.

    There's a bit of an issue differentiating between sign language and Nal'rasan (Taj sign language) for people that dont speak either. The text you get up is identical to one another, and it would be nice to be able to tell the difference between them. Perhaps make the the language include the usage of their ears, as I imagine Nal'rasan would. Alternately or additively make Nal'rasan a different color when used.
  14. Pratepresidenten

    Player Complaint - Alberyk

    Not that I play all that much command anymore, but whenever shit's absolutely hit the fan, and Im in medical, trying to mop up a slew of internal bleeding and legless screaming people, do I have an issue that someone steps up and takes charge with or without consulting me? Not in the slightest. This here. We're just skipping the extra step of having to break into the cap's office/bitch at the AI. Frankly Im happy when someone takes charge and deals with shit, as all of non-security is either barricading, hiding or working some form of disaster management. The few times Ive experienced this crew militia, Faysal and his ragtag band of misfits has come by medical and posted there until things were a little safer before moving onto the next department, leaving a posted guard behind or some of the sort. As it was stated somewhere else in the thread, diplomacy is always tried first, if that fails it escalates. I really dont see the issue with someone taking charge and guiding the crew when all else fails. Whats the alternative? Roll over and get slaughtered? I mean, I can see why the whole crew militia might feel unfair as the tables suddenly turn on antags, but I honestly believe it generates more roleplay than its counterpart, and thats what we're here for, right? Roleplay?
  15. Pratepresidenten

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Life happens, for better and for worse. Im glad you're making a change for your own betterment, but Im also sad to see you leave. Be well, Abo. You're wonderful ❤️