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  1. Hello hello! Ive been looking over your appeal and the likes. Seems like you've been active and playing decently as far as I can tell, so.. Im going to accept this appeal with a word of warning. Considering your prior notes with antagging and escalation, you will not be antag banned again if you fuck up, you will be serverbanned. Other than that, I hope to see good things from you. Appeal accepted.
  2. Although your formatting is fucked, Im going to accept this under a few conditions. If you need to go, stow your gear where you got it, and go to cryo. Dont just drop somewhere, because you're hogging the slot, preventing anyone else to play it. If you cannot make it to cryo, you need to notify staff so we can help you, be it you need to go immediately, or if your internet or computer crashed. We're available on discord. Failing this, the ban will just be reapplied, and an appeal might be more difficult in the future.
  3. The escalation to a permaban here was well justified. You've accumulated a large amount of notes, warnings and bans in your short time here. Every time Ive seen you online, you've gone hard at any member of security that has detained you, both in character and in looc, insulting their character, their playstyle and them as a person. Security doesnt usually pick on people without reason, and in all the cases, you've gotten yourself in trouble one way or another. Even the round in question, you were questioning the HoS, how shit they were and how they could even hold a whitelist over looc. Ive had long talks with you, and I really hoped you would come around and ditch your bad habits, but it seems that none of that took root. Permabanning is our last ditch effort to curb a player's behaviour in a matter, and here we are. I do not really have anything else to say about the matter.
  4. I talked to him over DMs and Ive made it clear that this stops today. Any post or feedback negatively charged towards a topic or a poster will be met with harsh punishment, and they agreed that this was fine. We didnt feel there was any need to punish what has already been said that hasnt already been punished by the forum administrative system, but instead look towards a better future of valid critique and a friendly atmosphere.
  5. So we all know and love when your lungs ruptures from your O2 tank running out.. In stable atmosphere. There are numerous reasons why this is retarded and makes no sense. Your mask is not AIR TIGHT and you'd have to be pretty fucking determined to breathe so hard you rip a hole in your lungs when oxygen is lacking. Putting on a soft, void and rigsuit indoors does not obliterate your lungs, and by the mask logic this should definately happen. So my suggestion is to replace this idiotic feature with something more sensible. Like.. Accumulating CO2 poisoning if your tank runs out, causing you to pass out and die to oxyloss/brain damage, like it would "realistically". Oooor.. Just have the tank be voided and you start to breathe in whatever is in the area, be it air, phoron or THE VOID. Or even better: If you're in any kind of suit (Suit+helmet on), you die to CO2 build, and if you're without a suit, you start breathing whatever is or isnt in the room.
  6. This essentially. It acts as a buffer icly aswell as oocly, so Cook McJoe wont do robotics and administration has to get involved when it shouldnt be needed.
  7. Would it just be easier to remove radio usage then?
  8. Im sure you've all had an encounter with beepsky pushing something away from you while you were dragging it. Its extremely detrimental during medical encounters, and I'd rather see it gone. Just let that dumbshit pass under things like maintenance drones do, or just halt completely until the object has been removed or passed over it.
  9. This would not be an option, as you should only bump into the door to open it, but you'd be unable to close it. It wouldnt react to on-click effects, just.. Contact effects?
  10. There are some issues with character behaviour in relation to having your hands restrained. Firstly, you can use your radio, but you cannot open doors. This makes no sense at all. Secondly, if you lose both your hands, you can still operate the radio without issue. So I suggest either you're allowed to open doors if you have your ID on you by bumping into the door or Disallow usage of the radio while restrained, and yknow, when your hands are fucking gone.
  11. It has bugged me for the longest of times that all non-shell IPCs have the "Say" speech prefix instead of "States". They're machines, not constructed to mimic human life like the shell, so why would they have a perfectly human way of speech?
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