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  1. Ill lift this, but you need to know you're on thin ice here, and if you get perma'd again, you might have a hard time appealing it. Appeal accepted.
  2. Ive always wanted the AI to be whitelisted, so please, lets have at it.
  3. I unno man, its a limited slot due to their power. All access, able to pick any department and the capacity to access any department channel. I think two spawn-in wonderbots are enough, really.
  4. Your honesty is refreshing, so Im going to lift this. Just read the rules and be gud 😄
  5. The player in question was spoken to, after I had questioned the wrong janitor for some time, as burger failed to follow the rules outlined: When sending adminhelps, be CLEAR and CONCISE - it makes things a lot easier for us to deal with. Try to include character names if possible. As you very well know, we're having an influx of new players, and that means an influx of problems. Just ahelping This fucking janitor is really getting on my fucking nerves. Is not clear, concise or even remotely helpful in dealing with a possible violation of rules. You outlined four issues in the matter. 1: They're asking for space drugs. Not a crime as the drug is legal, also an IC issue that can be redirected to security if needed. 2: Getting in people's way. This is not against the rules either. Just tell them to get lost. 3: Drinking chemicals. This is an actual issue. 4: Cleaning an active crime scene. Also an IC issue. Now I am sorry for not being verbose in my initial response with you as I was handling 6 or so ahelps at the time, but I did ask in the same sentence what they had been drinking, which you werent all that interested in it seems. I was given the answer "Literal bleach" after some time, which isnt helpful either, until you finally gave me something useful, which was the space cleaner. So at this point, I went barking after the only janitor on scene after you ahelped about it, and I questioned them fruitlessly, which is why I returned for screenshots as I couldnt find any solid issues with them. And what do you know, it was the wrong janitor. So with this new and useful information, I could actually do my job. They were spoken to and asked to shape up, and play a sane, well-rounded character instead of an unrealistic, space cleaner chugging dipshit.
  6. Reporting Personnel: Arrashi Irrkosh M'rta Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Maintenance Technician Game ID: bZf-bVtb Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Amira, Officer: Witness - Arrashi M'rta, Maintenance Technician: Victim - Lorna Irrith, Detective: Offender Time of Incident: Real Time: ~3 PM, GMT+1, 3/13/2019 Location of Incident: Engineering, stationwide. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: So first he just comes to work, noone is fucking sent to set up engine as always, he goes to see if he can do it as he remembers, when some bitch screams on the radio that they are being killed. Someone is sawing their legs off they scream. He stops with engine and work on being safe in engineering instead. Security come over, ask why no power, he tell them he is busy, and they should fuck off and find murderer. They ask him who, he doesn't know who fucking screams on the radio. They come back later, tell him who again, and that they would make a deal. They will investigate only if he fixes power. Try to bribe him with his own safety to do work. He fixes power, he hears nothing from security, he sits in lobby all shift, fearing for life, not getting anything work done. Shift end comes, he runs to dock, hides. Synthetic officer tells him it was a fucking joke by detective. If he make fucking joke like this, security would come break his legs before he can say it was a joke. Just because security make jokes its suddenly okay? What the fuck. He doesnt come to work to be fucking scared of dying by some bitch security fucker making jokes. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Actions taken: Additional Notes: This report was made with the help of interspecies linguistics aide, Hannah Weiss.
  7. I like the idea of energy packs. Makes sense to recharge a smaller pack instead of the entire gun. Should work like a clip, fits in the secbelt, takes up a fair chunk of space if its not in the secbelt, like the baton and taser. I see a lot of objections against this becaus it would be OP due to reloading capability. But is this really an issue if you give the clips enough juice to match what the rifles has now? 15 shots per rifle. Seeing the inconvenience of reloading, we can give each pack enough juice for 8 shots. Thats 16 shots in total. Each rifle gets two packs spawned in the armory. Not really OP at all. You can steal the packs just as easily as the weapons themselves, but why steal the packs when you can just take the gun. More hassle to order new guns from cargo than get R&D to print new packs. The EMP downside is the same, you get hit, your gun drains, your packs drain. I dont see this as a huge buff or nerf, its a rework. The main mechanics of the laser rifle stays about the same.
  8. I dont think this suggestion would spark any negative feedback. Its terrible enough having to low-staff medical if someone is getting murderized while you're treating someone else for a bruised hand. Now you can be actively notified that people are dying! And mayhaps.. As a related concept, you can link your PDA to the console for notifications, much like the faxes and consoles to help out EMTs on the move. Just an idea to supplement/add to this already wonderous idea. As for the whole: Its a prime upgrade for the future we so wish we live in.
  9. Yes and yes. More borg variety. The sprite is pretty kyoot. 10/10 Would hang at bar for.
  10. This essentially. By the realistic time hypoxia sets in, you'll be passed out in paincrit already.
  11. Long hair is a tactical disadvantage? Yes pls.
  12. All of this is fine and well, but you've left out an critical absolutely critical part of medical, namely the cryotubes. People will just opt out from all the chems and just say "Just put me in the cryotube!!!11", and bingo bango, by the power of the magical mix of CryoClonex, they're healed in no time at all. You might argue that you cant use cryotubes in the field, and you'll be right. Sure you'll get to put some chems and bandages in before rushing them back to medical for the miracle cryobath and maybe put them on dialysis is they scream hard enough. I think most people will be brought to medical by medstaff or general crew if there's mass casualties, and there you meet the easy access cryotube for all your healing needs. What would be your suggestion to tweak this wondermix?
  13. So I had this absolutely brilliant idea. What if wetskrell/badkitty/etc magazines were.. Actual magazines. It'd have a proper magazine sprite, and get this.. It fits in your pocket. I suppose you dont wanna print books as magazines and vice versa, so I guess you could have the option when a book or magazine is put into the system that you can pick if its a book or a magazine, and it'll print accordingly.
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