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Community Answers

  1. There is already a post about this barely a week old. Go post there.
  2. As Garn said, its just my demeanor and attempts to be friendly to make the general bwoink experience less overwhelming and scary as it can be for some people. Im sorry that it caused you discomfort or grief. Ill be sure to have you in mind and only put on my "Strictly business" mindset if we talk in ahelps again! That being said, good luck on your application!
  3. Ill be taking your appeal. The permaban you're appealing here weaves too well in with the rest of your problematic behavior, which is practically refusing to change your character being hitler of different ethnicities. So due to your die hard devotion to play a nazi for le memes, you can stay gone. Appeal denied.
  4. On the topic of an appeal date, I will be retracting my "Appeal in 6 months" because Ive looked into your history around ss13's servers, and had I done this before your ban, I would have never given you the hope that you'd have a shot at coming back in 6 months, so that is entirely on me. In all the multiple appeals you've made, the same issues surface. You're an extremely toxic individual that has not learned anything from being banned from a multitude of servers, so it wont be any different here either. So to reiterate: I am retracting the 6 month appeal time, and I will not be unbanning you should you decide to make any appeal at any point.
  5. If you could clarify on this bit here, that'd be great. As for a "Complete and utter lockout on appeal", you can appeal next month as its been 6 months, which was noted in your ban reason. The idea behind it is that you're supposed to improve and come back better, instead of just appealing and get banned again straight away, which in your case would be unappealable.
  6. I am not sure what can be done here. The command whitelist rules clearly state: "Receiving too many administrative actions. Any temporary ban, job ban or permanent ban will result in the whitelist being removed." The tempban applied, even if unrelated to command play, was escalation of punishment for repeatedly logging out without using cryo, even with the appeal, its still a ban.
  7. Ive always been a big fan of mechanical skills for some extra realism as well as allowing more autonomy when it comes to skill things. If you literally cannot do something, you cant be bwoinked for it!
  8. Ill lift this, but as you pointed out, you should shuffle off to cryo or ahelp if you cannot. Appeal accepted.
  9. There wasnt an active fight anymore when sec got into chemistry as the pharmacist had already been neckgrabbed. There were no weapons or threats being flung around, no active harm to the hostage either. As soon as sec breached, the hostage was shot multiple times and the area teargassed. If they were actively trashing the pharmacist, then yes, they'd be obligated to step in. But this was not the case at all in my opinion.
  10. I took issue with bear preemptively priming a teargas grenade with minimal knowledge of the situation, forcing combat, spesifically in this case, more or less an instant takedown of the antag. The hostage had barely been bruised and they had moderately bashed the antag before they were wrangled into a neckgrab. Not too long after, bear comes in, aims, and shoots the hostage repeatedly before chucking the teargas grenade. As seen in the screenshot posted, the grenade was primed prior to any rp attempts, which struck a really bad chord with me. There was absolutely no attempt at any meaningful dialogue with the antag aside from two hello's which were ignored/missed because the antag was talking and actively fighting with the pharmacist. I found the excuse of being ignored very flimsy when it came to the escalation. I would not have taken issue to the engagement had it been the other burglar, so the problem boils down to bear failing to ID check the person and assumed it was the same guy, forcing instant combat with an uninvolved antag.
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