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  1. Hi. I asked the group of you that were dicking about with the bug, and you fussed up to have been the one to do it, so you got a mild hammer strike. Maybe I could have shot you a PM, but the verdict would be the same. As it says in the rules, in bold: Abuse of bugs, regardless of intent, is a punishable offence. And this here, is a very obvious bug. Spreading awareness has to start somewhere, and Im sorry it had to be you. That being said, I hope your whitelist can stay as Ive made a very public example out of you with this complaint, but it is not up to me.
  2. You should be good to join now.
  3. You're confusing PC with zombie powder. PC doesnt silence you, but it paralyzes like zombiepowder, and kills you at 3x the speed. As for spider poison, we could just make a new drug! Something paralytic, that doesnt murder you on its own in small doses inherent to spiders only. Something that acts moderately quickly, and maybe it can be extracted from butchering spiders and processing the meat?
  4. Man I cant wait for phoron to spill and cause fires when these rickety chemists are being super unsafe! Love the suggestion, and I hope to see it realized to see the useless goggles actually being used.
  5. I mean.. How often is this a thing? Why keep a now defunct drug that takes ages to kick in, where in the time you could probably have built an operating table or broken your way into someplace that had one. If it truly was an emergency and they needed surgery RIGHT NOW, it'd be better to dose them with tramadol and just have at it. Work with what you got if the situation is that fucked up. Im not completely against having like ONE bottle stashed in some MedID locked place within medical, but the odds of not having any type of chemist to make you some chloral/oxy is very low. Just my two cents!
  6. Thats just paralysis, Im pretty sure. You're there, perfectly capable of seeing and hearing. You're alive, just horizontal.
  7. It would be cool to tweak this, ye. Its pretty garbage for things that isnt lame imo. And considering surgery can deal with lung shit by Thanosing them into the sleep realm using neural suppressors, sopo is.. No longer useful or required? Specialized drugs, lethal or not can be used to knock someone out for a kill or abduction, so Im all for a removal/rework of sopo! Not a fan of this at all. It will only lead to problems if you mean allowing them to ghost around their body, even within a certain range.
  8. Do you mean like.. Potassium Chlorophoride, minus the lethal part?
  9. Alright. Minefield it is. Be sure to read the rules. Tread carefully out there, and good luck.
  10. Aaand we're back with a verdict. As it stands, youve been accumulating more staff entries than you have days played here, and thats really saying something. It doesnt really matter if they're just simple mistakes or you trying to improve yourself when you cant even keep from breaking the most basic of rules. You come to the server and you jump right into AI, which is the hardest role you can play without fully knowing how the server or role works, and while doing this you manage to net yourself 5+ notes, a warning and bans for bad synthplay, and this somehow did not raise any red flags for you? I dont know exactly why you've been playing AI as much as you have when you cannot remember past three minutes of interaction with someone. Sitting on and processing information is what an AI does, there is no way around that. As for the validity of the ban. If you cannot adhere to the rules, you get punished, if its still an issue, you get punished harder, and that is very much the case here. Should really have stepped away from synthetics after your first warning. Im going to let you choose your own destiny here, so you may pick from the following two options. 1) The safe option: You can serve out around three months of time banned and make an unban appeal if you want to come back after taking a breather and perhaps reading up on rules, forums and such. or 2) The minefield: I will unban you today, but you will be on a 3 month trial. If you break a single rule, even accidentally for whatever reason, you will be permanently banned with zero chance of appeal. Personally, I dont think you would last three months, so if I were you, I would serve my time and appeal at a later date. But the choice is yours @SPCR
  11. Read the rules! Most important thing of aaaaaall! Borg/AI laws are equal Have fun n shiz!
  12. The dot is only on... Rwalls tho? 👀 Rwalls for elevator+chem, normal wall on the bottom right, no dots
  13. Hello heloo, here with some late processing power. Im gonna lift this, but you need to stick to the one account that works best, and steer clear of shitty free VPNs or you might end up getting banned again. So welcome back, and keep your nose clean! Appeal accepted!
  14. Hooooookay! Then Im gonna lift this real quick. Just be sure to be careful about vpn stuffs or you might end up banned again! Appeal accepted!
  15. Helo fren, I will look into this soon! Wanting some input from my man @sonicgotnuked
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