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  1. Ive talked with the other members of staff, and its been decided that you've had your chances. Appeal denied.
  2. As the banning staff member retired, Ill be taking this unban request. I see you already have three permas racked up from last year, and your reasoning to appeal doesnt seem to go beyond "Other people did it, so I can do it too." Why should I even consider your appeal here?
  3. We're going around in circles now, and I am not interested in doing so. We looked into the ban, and we corrected the erroneous part of the ban reason, whilst updating it to better reflect the situation. The verdict will not change, as you were in the wrong here. And with that, this complaint is concluded. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me on discord.
  4. Any roleplay was to be expected. You are far too hung up on this chart to see the issue with your lack of interaction. By the chart logic, if something violent happens, you are within your rights to grab a lethal gun, sprint up to the perp and execute him on the spot without uttering a word. That really isnt how you should operate. As for what I would do, I would attempt to talk to them, both in person or over the radio. You didnt really do much of either. And your statement of "If I hadn't run up on him he would have attempted to escape again, as he had done consistently for about
  5. Although this guide is elaborate and probably fine in most cases, it still does not give anyone the right to no-RP rush a situation. This is something you get punished for doing. We are a high roleplay server, not a decisive action server. Roleplay always takes precedence over action wherever possible. And in your situation, it was most definitely possible. The ban wasnt just over you grab cuffing someone in the manner you did, but as an escalation of punishment because you seem to have a hard time following our rules. I would strongly suggest that you play other roles than secu
  6. As a verdict to this complaint, there is some right and there is some wrong. For the wrong, we dont really feel there is much evidence here to prove that you were lying but instead it was more how you saw things from your end. As for the right, the rest is pretty much spot on, minus your major disregard for your own health and safety, where you grabbed and cuffed the changeling, ignoring the fact that they were shooting a blinding bone dart at you as well as landing multiple blows with their fists. The ban has already expired, but the reason will be adjusted to better reflect th
  7. Hokay, as discussed with the OP and stated by Tex here: There was no note placed, and there was no real need to question everyone involved. The relevant characters were prodded and the situation was swiftly resolved. Going to archive this in a day or so.
  8. @Cnaym who told you that you had been noted? And why didnt you get a confirmation on said note whilst you were getting the attack logs? I am also curious how you know who were and werent questioned, in addition to knowing what the ahelped issue was.
  9. Removing clothes was nuked from borgs in general. Not too sure how willing they'd be to reimplement it for a single module.
  10. Hello. Me and @CakeIsOssim have looked this over and as Matt said, you're more often than not tasked with other medical tasks that require you to be more mobile. The rule in which we are referring, believeable characters, applies to the setting in which a doctor in a small medical staff should not be wheelchair bound on a space station. There's nothing stopping someone who is disabled, especially someone with a high salary like a surgeon, from getting prosthesis. It is the future, and having a disability here is more or less by choice, as there is a plethora of options to choose from.
  11. Better option would be to swap the resident title for the intern. (With an age decrease) since they're meant to be green?
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