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  1. Personally, when I hit a wall and I dont know where to take my rp, looc for me, is an okay way to pass a little time, and maybe get an idea from whatever is being talked about an try to bring it into character.
  2. I can see the merit of this vs security, but as for everyone else, wouldnt contraband+minor assault/threat of murder or serious injury make all the baddies go away?
  3. Feedback thread for this: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9303 Medical's roles and responsibilities have been re-reviewed and updated as medical have had a lot of changes made to it, including removal of core and utility features, and tweaks to existing features. The removal of the trauma physician because it was the same as the physician Upped the age of the surgeon from 30 to 35 to signify that they do infact need much more training to operate on other species. So instead of going for needing mandatory extra xenobiology degrees, skills, records etc, this is all included in the 5 year bump.
  4. Helo fren. We return with a veridct. Hokay, so, there is a little right and wrong on both ends here. Firstly, there is no issue whatsoever in killing the vampire that converts you. If they choose to stick around to witness the monstrous, blood-crazed beast they've created, by all means, take that risk. However, the only real acceptable kill of their converter here, is pretty much to drain them dry if you should so feel like it, Your only priority as a new convert is to feed on whoever is close, not use your brute force just to kill someone or chase after a spesific target if there are others around. Secondly, it is entirely up to the convertee if they want to roleplay or just go straight for the throat of the vampire that turned them. The roleplay and escalation was there for the conversion, thats it. Antag rules apply should you bump into uninvolved crew if your converter bails. Lastly, the rejuvenation of the killed vampire. Im a little on the fence for this one personally, but i have faith in the admin's decision to do what they deemed best in the situation. You did infact break character by engaging and bludgeoning the other to death either due to misunderstanding how blood frenzy worked or be it something else. That being said, the warning stays, but will be adjusted to reflect the actual issue of the situation. Unless there are other concerns, this will be considered resolved.
  5. Its probably possible, although synthcode being a shitfest of spaghetticode, not sure how many devs would be brave enough to bother!
  6. I feel borgs have enough utility. They cant use either of these two, and therefore I feel they dont really need to be able to prep/make them as they're just a utility.
  7. Me and @BoryaTheSlayer will be handling this.
  8. Although I love seeing these ideas come to be, I think the act of throwing someone needs to be reworked first because I cant stand the meme of 5'2'' wetboy wrestles and throws the 8'12'' unathi swoleboi across the room without a sweat. But rework or not, I like the idea of more throw effects.
  9. Heyo, sorry about the delaaaay! Down to business. This is something you can somewhat hideously reproduce using loadout items, accessories and item naming. Not too big of a fan of merchant custom items either. Being the extremely RNG dependant role it is, loadout items will do. Application denied.
  10. Helo fren, Ill be taking your appeal today. Now, your history isnt the worst, but it could definately be better. If you wanna come back, you gotta read the rules and play nice. Fair dealios?
  11. ngl this seems tasty. True RNG so noone can get angry at anyone for voting for something they dont like. The ultimate mystery!
  12. Yuh, there's definate room for change/improvement when it comes to this topic!
  13. I feel this is a really hard thing to balance properly. Personally, I never ever take the AI's statement/testimony as fact. If there are no evidence or witnesses and everything hinges on the AI saying they saw X do Y, then there is literally no case. Dismissed. But the main issue I see with wrangling AI "Authority" is: The AI is meant to be an absolute, infallible overseer and you can without question trust what it is reporting and make any arrest based on its information. Balanced with Fair play, not partaking or encouraging validhunting and making the round overall a better experience for everyone involved. Maybe all thats needed is just a line somewhere for security to know that the AIs testimony is a corroboration at best?
  14. Hello! You should be good to join now.
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