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  1. Pratepresidenten

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    In almost all cases, yes. Shows they've kept their nose clean and been a model player, with the exception of someone stopping to play, and just making an appeal many months later. Being relatively incident free is also fine, but some of the post-ban notes showed a few similar issues, although spaced out. We base our judgement on prior notes, warnings and bans, anything written that paints a player in a bad light will of course have a negative impact on the final verdict. Context and intent is important from both the player in question, and the staffmember noting it down. But with the explanation of these post entries, I have no issue with their secban getting lifted.
  2. Pratepresidenten

    Removal of Access: Cloning

    The chemist is just covered under "All medical staff", and according to this, with the exception of nurses, if you can access cloning and you have records to back up your ability, you can clone, seeing there are absolutely noone else to do it.
  3. Pratepresidenten

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    More cameras and MORE holopads! Holopads are lacking. Maybe more fire extinguishers too.
  4. Pratepresidenten

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    If they cant be cloned, what part does their soul anchor have in regards to continuing their life cycle. Are new hatchlings implanted?
  5. Pratepresidenten

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    Making a clarification to the post made by me and Yonni. Your main argument in this complaint is that you didnt believe you had a lot of notes in regards to validhunting and powergaming. I dug up the notes and warnings from 2 1/2 years back as per your request. And these two were post-security ban, AI note excluded as it was explained. As seen, only some of the entries are security related, and some might as they somewhat fit the bill but they arent specified. There is also the entries regarding your frontlining as Captain pre-ban. Truth be told, the 6 months after your secban you've been relatively incident free. It was overall severty of your notes, both before or after, that raised concerns if you were ready to come back. Maybe this wasnt the right call and you should be given a second chance seeing this is your first security ban. But as I said, there was an overall concern, and it would have been a nobrainer if you had been incident free after your ban.
  6. Pratepresidenten

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    I want to know: 1: How do they cope with cloning and obvious brain trauma. Being as advanced as they are, surely they'll have implants and augmentations not to necessarily correct brain damage, but to nullify(Cure?) traumas. Cannibalizing for parts returned and re-augmenting your fragile organic body with your former parts? 2: What is their technological level at? Are they twice as advanced? Thrice? Im assuming the polar bunkers is an ever-expanding project in aquisition of materials for construction and development, allowing them to continue their existence as they cant really drop on by the nearest hardware store. 3: Are all the Auts fanatical spiritualists devoted to Oss? 4: Are these Ork Techpriests, yes or yes.
  7. Pratepresidenten

    [Complaint] PratePresidenten - Andrean2017

    Hello again! Seeing you're after professional and short, Ill make it so. I wanted to ask you a simple question, and you explain your actions, with the exception of "No rule against it.", which gives me the impression that you're fishing for trouble. I choose to disregard it and give you a pass as your explanation was reasonable. Then you slap me with "This is IC complaint really and should go to the forums with it." and you basically tell me to fuck off unless you had broken an actual rule. You do not decide what is and what is not an IC or OOC issue. Staff decides this. Now, I will admit fault to one thing, and that is not knowing that having both valves enabled is safe, as I was told eons ago that this would cause a delam eventually, and I have operated on this fact since then. I might be on the wrong on that one, but that does not give you the right to belittle and call me ignorant. I only wanted answers to a few of my questions, but you chose to go the dismissive and snarky route. I tried breaking it off twice and give you a pass, but you made it difficult. So this is the route I chose to curb your attitude. Got the snipped set of logs for more neat viewing.
  8. Pratepresidenten

    [On Trial] BurgerBB's COMMAND Whitelist Application

    Thats fair. Good luck on your application! 😄
  9. Pratepresidenten

    [On Trial] BurgerBB's COMMAND Whitelist Application

    I have a question for you my dude. You've listed a possible Captain in roles of what you might be playing. Why is this only a possible role, and why arent you going for the HoS? Now you often rant about how sec/command hogs all the antags and tells everyone else to fuck off, wouldnt this be your golden opportunity to change this? To drop you into the role of HoS where you basically have absolute power to control security to benefit the whole station more?
  10. Pratepresidenten

    Unban Appeal

    Alright thats fair then. Its just that you have a lot of afk/ssd notes on you, and I attempted to contact you several times. But regardless, Ill unban you real quick as I have places to be, and its not entirely fair to you having to wait for several hours. But please, keep an eye on your internet and such, and play assistant or such when you know your net is dodgy, and we'll keep the issues in mind. Welcome back my dude!
  11. Pratepresidenten

    Nerf the multi-Z effect from large explosives

    I agree wholeheartedly in this. As it stands now, security is this "ooc safezone" due to departures, which is dumb as fuck. I also find it really odd that explosions travel downwards either, only two layers up. A layer up and a layer down from the center of the explosion would be just perfect.
  12. Pratepresidenten

    Repeated breathing sound, when on internals.

  13. Pratepresidenten

    Negativ9002 un-jobban appeal

    Hello there! Im glad you're taking a step to improve your playstyle for the better. However, I feel that you havent fully grasped what it means to properly escalate a situation based on staff notes youve gotten since your ban. If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to contact me over discord. Im going to deny this appeal, and I urge you to make a new appeal at the end of january.
  14. Pratepresidenten

    Vamp bite tweaks (o no!)

    Misleading as the title might be, the actual tweak that would be good is to enlarge the bite text for the victim of a vampire drain. Seen quite a few cases of people resisting out of a bite as they miss the text, be it inexperience or combat. And its neither fun to have your victim wiggle out of your grasp and call sec on you/beat you senseless, or be under scrutiny by staff for doing such be it accidental or due to unfamiliarity with the mechanics. Either be it bigger text or a different color so it can be more easily identified.
  15. Pratepresidenten

    Hold Security/Command To Antag Standards

    Security has direct obligation to be held to the same standard as antags as they're just another department like science or medical, unlike command that should be held to the same standard, as it is kind of a whitelist requirement for the role. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt atleast try to make a better round for everyone as security. You have great power to shut down antags, and you shouldnt dispence justice just because you want to win. The antags are players too. But then again, if you pick the murder and mayhem route, you're gonna get shot up by security.